My boss and Her Cousin

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My boss and Her CousinMy Suppervisor and her Cousin……… This happened in 2002So it started out with me working at a lil small gas station job. My supervisor we will call Misty and I was doing a little fucking around. She would come by after my shift and her lunch break. We were just little fuck buddies, she was married so thats as far as it was going. Well one day she comes by and her cousin we will call Macy comes with her. Now this woman looked fucking hot. So Misty introduced us and I later found out that Misty has told Macy about our little get togethers and she wanted to see who her cousin had been fucking. Like I said Macy was dam good looking blond hair nice ass handfull size tits that I love, while her cousins were these big tits not into but at that time tits are tits. So we met and a couple days later Misty and I were talking and I got on line I had her on video chat and Im stroking my dick while we are talking. We were talking for awhile when she says her cousin is there and she is watching me stroke my hard dick and she is liking the show. Not thinking anything about it I ask if she likes to play too. Well that did not go over good and Misty gets mad and tells me to ask her myself and disconnects. oops So I think that our playtimes are now over oh well. So Im online a few days later just surfing around and bing I get a msg. I look and its Misty saying hello, I say hey whats up. She says her and her cousin want to know if I still want to play, I say sure what day are you coming by. She says no do you still want to play with me and my cousin. Dam right. So I say yes I would love to are you k**ding. Macy gets on the line and tells me they are serious and if I can come tonight. I look at the clock and see its going on 1130. I tell them after they give me dirrections that it will take me 2hrs to get there and I am bringing my videocamera and poleroid which they had no problem with. I get there a little before 2 and Misty meets me at the door in a little babydoll out fit with her tits just spilling over that gives me an instant hardon that I was getting on and off on the way up. I even pulled over to let it out so I could stroke it on the way, but put it away down the road. So I grab my camerabag lordbahis güvenilirmi and meet her at the door walk in put my things down pull out a tit and suck on it while I run my hand down and check and see she is not wearing panties. I rub her shaved pussy and it starts to get wet so I slide my fingers inside and finger fuck her up against the stove. From the kitchen I can see hercousin pretending to be asleep on the couch with just a button up shirt on. I lick the juices off my fingers and take her into the livingroom with me. I say sothis is your cousin that wants to play as I reach down and raise her shirt up to look whats undern the shrt. She was just playing asleep. We say hello and I ask are we just playing or are we going to play. The say come on but first to let you know we are not touching each other I say kool with me lets go. so Igrab my bag and we head to the bedroom. Well Macy jumps on the bed after taking off her shirt. I set up my video camera and load the film in the instamatic and say Im ready. well Macy is on the bed and takes her lil black panties off and twirls them around to say come and get it. It being a long ride I hit the record button and lean on the bed open Macys legs and damn at first sight wow. Its like wow you know seeing her on the bed was great but dam thatwas a beautiful pussy with a little strip of hair showing me the way. I tell you from the first lick I wanted this womans body to be the last I ever tasted. It felt like I licked that pussy forever but later watching the show over and over it was just a few minutes. Now this was not the first time I have slid my tongue into a pussy from bald, hairy, tight, loose, sweet, tart, sweaty, to where it seems they have not cleaned it in months. But this was a pussy you wanted to be found dead next to. It was perfect. I could not get enough of I could not stop licking to get another taste. I felt her fingers in my hair stroking my head. then her hands went to the back of my head pulling me into her harder, oh yes thank you I wanted to be pulled into her as far as she would pull me. I wanted to be no where but there. After a few minutes she pulled my head away telling me enough.Her cousin decided to go lordbahis yeni giriş into the livingroom while we got to know each other. I was getting ready to slide into this smooth wet pussy, I have my dick in my hand giving it a couple long hard stroke pumping that blood in it good swelling up my mushroom head turning it a deep reddish purple with a clear drop of juice coming from the tip thats how hot I was for this beautiful creature before me. Well she scoots out from under me I rollover and get on my back. She starts kissing me grabbing my dick and starts stroking it some more, damn her fingers felt so good on my dick. macy slides over to my side and softer than a butterfly starts licking down my shaft till she comes to my balls, she lift my dick out of her way and just proceeds tolicking on my ballsack. Damn I look down and it looks so hot. Macy repossitions and takes my dick ito her mouth, I have NEVER felt anything as great as I did when she started sucking me. I tell you it felt like she was only there to make love to mydick. The way her eyes shined when she looked up at me and a little smile that came across her face. Macy came off my dick for just a second still stroking me she said “you can cum in my mouth if you want”. Noway. Macy goes back to slowly making love to my dick for just a little while longer comes off with a soft pop looks into my eyes and ask “did you like that”?Nothing in my whole life has ever felt so great.but how do you say that at that moment I could not say anything to say my life. Like a 10 year old all I could do was nod my head like a idiot. Macys tits they had some sag I guess like all mothers do but they felt great like they were built to fit perfectly in my hands and thats where they were. Its like everytime I loooked they were in my hands or mouth. Well she swings her leg over me Im thinking to slide me into her but she just wants to hold and stroke my dick for just a bit looking at it in her hands. Well she slides over to the other side gets into a nice sitting possition I guess where she thinks the video camera can get a good shot on whats to come. She brushes her hair out of the way of her face and again pulls my dick to the side and lets lordbahis giriş her tongue slowly softly lick my ballsack. At first I could not even tell what she was doing. Licking all over my sack letting her tongue feel the weight of my balls in there then up my dick again so soft till she got to the head. I reach down and start to run my hands thru her hair. She looks up at me smiles and say does that feel good, I ease her head back down giving her the answer. Macy starts putting more power into her dick sucking her art. Well by now Im just totally lost not knowing what is left of my life nothing can ever compare to this. Then I hear some talking and its Misty coming in looking for some cigeretts. I look over Macys head that is still sucking my dick while her cousin is asking her. I can not even keep my attention on what they are saying. From watching the playback on the video I saw that Macy just took my dick out enough and long enough to tell her where they were then I felt the warmth again. Well Misty got her cigs and once again left. Macy went back to giving me the best pleasure in my life. This went on for a few minutes til I had to ask her to give me a lil break, She thru her hair out of the way aand went to licking and sucking on my ballsackagain and sucking my balls into her mouth and pulling on them while stroking my dick for just a couple minutes. All the time in my mind Im thinking of things to take my mind off how great this feels. She takes me back into her mouth and I start with “MOM, baseball, Shuanda” things that will make you loose a hard on quick right.Well Macy is no quiter and starts sucking me harder and faster. Im trying to slide more of my dick into her mouth so she feels I am ready to cum. Im squeezing her tits in my hands ohing and ahing making sounds I cant remember trying to hold on for one more stroke one more suck. All the while she is humming umm uha I feel her sucking and sucking pulling offf the head with another pop telling me yes go ahead and cum I want it. So she goes back down and just takes me deep and sucks and sucks. I let loose of the cum I am trying to hold onto but her will is greater than mine. I unload giving her shotafter shot all the while I feel her sucking and pumping my dick making sure my dick is as dry as it started. She holds all of my cum in her muth till she drops my softning dick in my lap gets up and goes to flush it. More to this storyPart 2 Mistys Turn….Macy holds camPart 3 Macys Turn….Misty holds camIf you like please comment or email

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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