My Boss

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I was attracted to her the first time I saw her. She is about 5′-8″, slim build, small tits, nice ass, long brown hair, blue eyes and long legs. She is not what you would call beautiful; it’s more of a natural beauty. She wears very little make-up if any at times. I guess that is what attracts me. She is a little over forty but sometimes dresses like a twenty year old, which is not a bad thing because she has the body. And until recently I discovered she has a pierced belly button, very, very sexy in my book. The only flaw that she has is that she is my boss! What a bummer. Nobody’s perfect. So fantasies will have to do. Her name is Tina.

It all starts about a year ago. Tina hosted a party for a co-worker who was leaving the company. The party was held at her home and all the stops had been pulled for this party. Plenty of booze and excellent food, which she had prepared. Practically the entire office showed up.

Tina was wearing a white cotton dress, which in the correct light was somewhat transparent revealing that she was wearing thong panties and a light bra. Visions of her without the dress filled my head most of the night which also gave me a hard-on. Since her husband was around I was limited to fantasizing. The good rum I was drinking surely helped my imagination. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. On several occasions I tried to get close to her slightly brushing up against her and each time it would send a jolt down to my crotch. I imagined what it would be like to grab hold of her and grind my cock against her ass.

As the party progressed she looked like she was getting a good buzz going. I had noticed that her wine glass never got empty. Anyways, as the night grew late most of the guests had left except for a couple of diehards. Her husband had passed out on the couch and was merrily snoring away. Some of the couples were dancing to the music coming from the outside speakers. Tina was more or less dancing by her self. Grinding her hips to the beat of the music. I sat at the table trying to imagine her doing this without any clothes on. Needless to say my cock was stirring in my pants. Tina made her way over to the table and as she attempted to sit down lost her balance. I grabbed her by the hips as she fell into my lap right on to my stiff cock.

A surprised look came over her face as I panicked. I thought for sure Tina was going to get pissed and ask me to leave. I removed my hands from her hips and expected her to stand immediately. Instead she sat there and looked me straight in the eyes and wriggled her ass against my cock.

“Someone is having a good time. Is that from watching me?” she said with a sly smirk.

“Uhh….yeah it is. You have this affect on me. Tina, I think you are one of the sexiest women I have ever met. I’ve been fantasizing about you from the first time I met you.”

An awkward silence fell between us as I thought to myself that I had already said too much. She continued to sit in my lap with my cock pressing into her lovely ass.

“Tell me. Tell me what you fantasize about.” She said as she looked me in the eye again and grinding her ass on my cock. As she adjusted her self her dress came open exposing her legs to about mid thigh.

“Well….it starts as I come into work early one day and notice that your car is already in the parking lot. After I get settled for the day I go to your office to say good morning and to see if there was anything you need me to take care of right away before going on to my other projects. As I look in to your office you are bent over looking into your filing cabinet with your back to me. You are wearing low rider jeans and a portion of your beautiful hips are exposed.”

“You think my hips are beautiful? I always thought they were too wide.”

“No way. They are one of your sexiest assets.” I moved my hands to her hips and gave them a gentle squeeze. The softness of her skin under her dress shot a rush of blood to my cock making it even harder.

Tina shifted her body once again to where she leaned her back against my chest, which now placed my cock directly into the crack of her ass. Her legs parted slightly and her tanned thighs were now exposed to me through the slit in her dress.

” Keep going. I want hear more.”

” I say good morning and you turn around a little startled. As you do I notice for the first time that you have a pierced belly button. This drives a shot of lust to my cock as I find that pierced belly buttons are so damn sexy. I tell you how much I like pierced belly buttons. My cock begins to swell in my pants as I continue to look at your belly piercing. You lift your shirt slightly higher so that I can get a better look, exposing more of your flat stomach.”

” My stomach is not flat. Here see for your self.” Tina takes my hand and places it on her stomach. “See I have fat here. Go ahead feel it, don’t be shy.”

I rub my hand over her feeling the slight pouch hidden beneath her dress. She has that little mound left from child bearing bahçeşehir escort that most women can’t seem to get rid of and race to have removed. I for one find it a sign of a real woman. As I continue to rub her tummy I take a chance and move slightly lower to the top of her panties. Tina does not resist and lets out a little moan. My other hand is resting on her exposed thigh, lightly stroking it.

“Mmmm, that feels real nice, but keep going with your story” she says in a slight whisper.

“You ask me if I like your piercing and I tell you that it looks very sexy and that pierced belly buttons are a real turn on for me. You glance down at my crotch and comment that it is apparent. By now my heart is throbbing in my throat, as our conversation gets a bit more intimate. I go out on a limb and tell you that I think your entire body turns me on. You move slightly closer to me and I stand frozen. My arms hanging limply at my sides even though all I want to do is reach out and grab you, my cock throbbing in my pants.

You ask me what I would like to do to you. I tell you how I would love to kiss and lick every inch of you and finally have mad sex. I notice that your nipples are now erect and straining against the thin fabric of your shirt.

We are now standing toe to toe with our lips mere inches apart staring into each other’s eyes. I finally cannot hold out any longer. I take you by the hips and pull you close. Our lips touch slightly in a brief kiss. We break apart and I look deep into your eyes looking to see if you want to continue. I see that your eyes are filled with the look of a woman who is ready for sex. We kiss again passionately lips parted tongues intertwined. My hands move under your shirt caressing your skin which feels like silk to my touch. Your body trembles as we continue kissing.”

“Wow that is really hot. How long have you felt this way about me?”

“I have felt this way for at least the past year, but never had the courage to do anything about it form fear of getting fired” I replied. My hand by now had moved higher up Tina’s thigh and was getting fairly close to her panty-clad pussy.

Tina spread her legs further giving me an open road to her steaming pussy. I moved my hand closer until my fingers brushed against her panties. I gently rubbed her slit up and down through the fabric of her lace panties adding pressure to her clit at the end of each upward stroke.

“Take them off!” she breathed in my ear. Tina lifted her hips and I slid her soaked panties down her legs. I brought them to my nose and inhaled deeply filling my head with her musky scent. I then put them to my mouth and sucked whatever juices I could.

“Play with my cunt slowly while finishing your story.” I moved my hand to her pussy and felt that she already was very wet and that she was shaved, another big turn on for me. I moved her dress aside so that I could watch as my fingers played with the petals of her pussy. I would have liked nothing more than to have those pouting lips in my mouth.

“I slide my hands to your ass and take a cheek in each hand and pull you tight against me grinding my hard on in to your pussy. Our kissing becomes more heated as you wrap a leg around one of mine and grind your hips into me. You reach down and begin stroking my cock through my pants with a strong grip. I take your shirt and with one motion pull it over your head and without stopping reach behind you and remove your bra exposing the tits I have longed to suck.

Your nipples are hard and aching to be sucked. I take one into my mouth while I tweak the other with my fingers. You throw your head back letting out a long moan as you tell me how good it feels and to suck harder. As I suck on your tits I unzip your jeans and let them fall to the floor. I run my free hand to your ass and trace a finger down the crack to your pussy. Your pussy is slick with your juices and I bring my finger to my mouth to taste you.

I clear your desk and have you lay down while I sit in your chair. I move between your legs until your pussy is even with my mouth. I take your legs behind the knees and push them forward exposing your pussy completely. I start kissing your inner thigh moving closer to your pussy and then I switch to the other thigh but not touching your pussy. You plead with me to suck your cunt and clit. I can see your juices leaking out of you making your pussy lips shine. Your pussy lips are swollen with blood just aching to be sucked on. Then with the flat of my tongue I give you one long lick starting with your asshole and ending with a quick flick on your exposed clit. You tell me how wonderful it feels and not to stop.

I now begin to devour your pussy, sucking both lips into my mouth and stretching them until they pop out. I lick up and down each side of your pussy while rubbing your clit with my thumb. You start arching your back thrusting your pussy harder against my mouth. I rub a finger up and down bakırköy escort your pussy before I gently slide it inside of you. You let out a loud moan and tell me to put another finger in. I do as you ask and begin to slowly finger fuck your cunt. I move up to your clit with my mouth and suck on it flicking the end of it quickly. Your hips begin to gyrate and try to match my rhythm. I insert a third finger. I can tell you are close to cumming. You plead with me to fuck you faster and to suck harder on your clit. I give your clit a few gentle nibbles, which takes you over the edge. I suck up all of the juices flowing from your cunt.

As you lay on the desk coming down from your orgasm I stand and release my engorged and throbbing cock from my pants. You sit up and take hold of my cock and begin to stroke it. You reach down to your pussy to get some of your cum and coat my cock with it. I push you back down on the desk as you tell me to shove my cock deep into your cunt.

I take hold of my cock and rub it against your swollen outer lips and tapping your protruding clit with the head. I slowly insert just the head between your inner lips savoring the feeling of the pussy I have so longed to fuck. You push up with your hips trying to get me deeper inside your pussy but I resist, as I want to enjoy every inch of your cunt.

Finally I am completely buried in your pussy and I can feel your muscles contracting around my cock. My cock feels as if it were inside a silk glove. I begin to slowly pump in and out of your pussy grinding my pubic bone against your pussy at each down stroke. You wrap your legs around my ass drawing me deeper in to you. You scream out that you are about to cum and urge me to fuck you harder. I take hold of your legs and push them forward letting me to penetrate your pussy deeper. Soon I can feel your cunt muscles milking my cock as your orgasm nears. You scream out that you are about to come and to fuck you faster. I look down to where our bodies are joined and am amazed at the amount of juices that are flowing from your pussy. The site furthers my lust for you and I begin to pound your cunt as fast as I am able, you cum for a second and third time.

I tell you that I want to take you from behind. You jump off the desk and lean over with hands on the desk and ass in the air. You tell me to hurry and shove my cock back up your cunt. I grab the hips that I had dreamt about and with one stroke impale your pussy completely. You moan out loudly as to how good it feels and that you love the way my cock feels sliding in and out of your cunt. You urge me to fuck you hard and that you want to feel my hot cum deep inside you. I reach around and rub your clit as I feel my cum traveling up my cock. Soon I begin to cum deep inside your cunt filling you completely as we orgasm together.”

“Holy shit was that ever hot!!! My pussy is soooo fucking wet!!!” she said as she ground her ass down onto my cock. “I need you to fuck me NOW!!”

I glanced over to where her husband lay sleeping.

“Don’t worry about him, he’s out till morning. Now lets go to my bedroom I need that cock of yours up my cunt.”

Tina took my hand and led me to her master bedroom suite complete with a large Jacuzzi tub. The room was located at the opposite end of the large house and would afford us a good deal of privacy. The center of the room was occupied by a large king sized bed.

No sooner had we entered the room Tina stripped off her dress and stood in front off me hands on hips. “Well am I everything you fantasized about?”

My eyes roamed her body from head to toe taking in all her beauty. For a woman that was over forty and has had two children her body was just as I had imagined. My cock responded with the site before me. “You look great! Just as I had dreamt about.”

Tina came over to me and kissed me deeply as she began to remove my clothes. She practically tore of my shirt and ran her hands over my chest giving my nipples a quick squeeze before kissing each one. Next she knelt down before me and unbuckled my belt and lowered my pants and boxers releasing my cock. Tina grasped it lightly and licked her lips before taking the head into her moist mouth. I became slightly light headed as she inched my cock deeper into her mouth until she had its full length down her throat.

“Ohhhh…fuuuuck that feels great, suck that cock Tina” I moaned as she began to suck me. I put my hands on her head and began to fuck her mouth. As she sucked me Tina played with my balls with one hand and she could feel I was close to cumming. She let my cock slip out of her mouth “I want you to cum in my mouth, I want to taste you” she gasped as she stuffed my cock back into her mouth.

“That’s it baby here I come. I’m going to fill your throat” I thrust deeper down her throat as my cock exploded. Tina tried to swallow as much of my cum as possible but some slipped past her lips as I kept on spurting. I had never cum so başakşehir escort much in my life as I did then. Tina licked my cock clean and kissed each of my balls before she stood up.

I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply. I could taste my cum in her mouth and was surprised that I didn’t mind the taste at all. “I want to suck your pussy,” I whispered in her ear as I reached down to stroke her cunt.

Tina went to the bed and laid down spreading her legs. She reached down and spread her lips exposing her slick inner lips and swollen clit. “Come and lick my cunt, I want to feel your tongue on my clit.”

I made my way between her legs never taking my eyes off her glistening pussy. I put a hand under each of her ass cheeks and raised her pussy to my mouth like a delicious desert. I ran the flat of my tongue slowly from her puckered asshole to her clit savoring the taste. I licked each of her outer lips separately taking them between my lips and stretching them out and then letting them snap back. I then twirled my tongue around her protruding inner lips. Tina was humping her hips against my mouth as I did this.

“Inside….stick it inside me, fuck me with your tongue” she moaned.

Before doing so I nibbled at her clit for a bit. Tina’s head was thrashing from side to side and clutched the bed sheets in her hands as I attended to her clit. Switching to her pussy I stuck my tongue in as far as I could and began fucking her with it. I placed a finger on her asshole and was gently pushing on it to see how she would react. She flinched a little and I pulled my finger away.

“No…no keep doing it, nobody has done that before, it feels good,” she panted.

Encouraged I dipped my finger into her pussy to lubricate my finger and began to play with her puckered hole again until it slipped in till the first knuckle. By now I had slid two fingers up her pussy with the other hand. My finger in her ass had now slid in completely and I was now fucking both holes at the same time.

“Ooooooo….I’m going to cum. Ohhhhhh….damn fuck me faster” she moaned.

I now slipped two fingers up her ass and a third in her pussy and continued to pump both openings. Tina’s body tensed as her orgasm hit, covering my hand with a generous amount of her cum. I removed my fingers and began to lick up the juices that were flowing from her pussy.

“That was fucking incredible, I’ve never cum like that before, but I want that cock of yours up my cunt,” she sighed.

I moved up and gave Tina a deep kiss letting her taste herself as I positioned my throbbing cock to her entrance. I slid just the head past her inner lips wanting to go slow, but Tina wanted more and raised her hips impaling herself with my cock. Her pussy was quite tight and my cock felt like it was in a velvet glove. I didn’t move wanting to savor the warm wet feeling of her cunt for a bit. I could feel Tina’s pussy muscles pulsating around my cock. I began to slide in and out of her grinding my hips at the bottom of each inward stroke trying to reach deeper inside her. Tina spread her legs as far as physically possible to let me reach her most inner depths.

“Ohhhhh….yeahhhh that’s it fuuuuuuck me deep baby!!! My cunt is soooo hot and wet for your cock!!!” she screamed.

Her talk heightened my excitement and I began to fuck her without abandon. The sounds of my balls slapping against her ass and my cock sliding in and out of her pussy filled the room.

“Aaaaaaahhhhhhh…I’mmmmmm cumming” Tina yelled out as she wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me tight against her trying to get me even deeper into her cunt as her orgasm exploded. “Dooon’t stop, faster, faster, fuck me faster!!!!” she screamed.

There was an incredible amount of juice flowing from her pussy, which made splashing noises as I continued to fuck her as fast as I was able. Tina’s orgasm seemed to last forever as she bucked and thrashed beneath me. Finally she went limp, her breathing labored as she started to come down from her orgasm. I was still not ready to blow my load. I got off of her and lay down on the bed pulling Tina on top of me. She straddled my hips but instead of lowering herself onto my cock she slid up towards my head dragging her leaking pussy along my body leaving a trail of pussy juice until she was positioned directly above my mouth.

I started licking the insides of her thighs that were covered with her cum as Tina looked down into my eyes. Her eyes were glazed over with lust as she planted her pussy down onto my eager mouth. I sucked her swollen lips into my mouth and played my tongue over them gently giving them an occasional nip. My nose was in direct contact with her clit and she began riding my face. Her musky scent was intoxicating and I became light headed as I continued to suck all the juices out of her cunt. Not to leave my cock unattended Tina had reached behind her and was stroking my cock with a strong grip.

My balls were starting to tighten up and needed release. I took her by the hips and pushed her off my face and towards my cock. Tina knew what I wanted and quickly moved back over my cock and with one motion sank down the entire length. She began rocking her hips back and forth grinding her clit against my pubic hairs. I grabbed her ass and started thrusting my hips into her. I could now feel my own orgasm approaching as we bucked in unison.

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