My Big Futa Sister Ch. 03

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Author’s Note: Be sure to read the previous chapters.


I once again had trouble sleeping thinking about the day I spent with Allison seeing her suck herself and swallow her cum. To top it off, I bump into Allyson, my ex girlfriend who once meant the world to me. Seeing her for the first time since we broke up six months ago was kinda hard on me since I still kind of hold a flame for her. I eventually go back to sleep for another couple hours before I had to wake up to get ready and pick up Allison to head to Aunt Abbie’s wedding. I grab my suit and head to my car to head to Allison’s house. I arrive at her house and she’s ready to go and we go into my car and we head to Pennsylvania for the wedding. I checked last night for any motels nearby to check in to. We figured since it was about 10 minutes from Philadelphia we can see the sights a bit the day before the wedding plus the wedding started at 10 am that day and we wanted to be there and not be in a rush.

“Hey Nick, I’m still pretty tired and didn’t really get a lot of sleep last night, you mind if I sleep at least part of the way do you?” She asked after she gets in my car.

“No not at all.” I respond.

It was little over a six hour drive so I don’t blame her. She slept roughly through half the trip then we switched to her driving then me catching up on sleep. We eventually get to the motel around 2 pm and we check in. We settle in after a couple hours then we do some sightseeing in Philadelphia, have dinner then we head back to the motel room. It was really nice. To the general public we probably looked like just a normal couple on a date but we were siblings and I kinda wish it was an official date. We just watch TV and talk more before we go to sleep. The room unfortunately had only one bed so I volunteered to sleep in the chair. Even though unbeknownst to Allison I wish I could sleep in the bed with her but she more than likely would think that’s weird so I just kept the thought to myself.

Next morning we’re getting up and we head to a local restaurant to have breakfast. After that we head back to the motel room to get ready to go to the wedding. I get in my suit and step out of the bathroom so Allison can get ready. After a bit she steps out looking as stunning and beautiful as she did the first time she put the dress on at the fashion store. “You look very handsome Nick.” She said smiling.

“Thank you Alli, you look nice too.” I said smiling back. We get in my car and we head to the wedding which was at my Aunt’s fiance’s house in his backyard. His house was very nice. A big backyard, a nice and big three story home. We arrive around 10:30 am and we mingle and catch up with relatives we haven’t seen in a very long time and meet Aunt Abbie’s soon to be husband who was a good guy. It was about 11:00 am when final preparations were being made and the bridesmaids and groomsmen were being assembled. About 20 minutes later I receive a text from Allison.

“I need your help with something fast! I’m in the bathroom third door down the hallway. Make sure the coast is clear. Please hurry Nick!” I quickly head there and made sure no one was around the hallway. I knock on the door and she let’s me in and I come in on her with a raging erection and it’s pitching a major tent in her dress. I stood there shocked and in awe at it. “It was just as I feared Nick, I have an erection and it’s not coming down!” She said panicking. “What am I going to do? I could masturbate but I may get the dress dirty and I don’t want the family to see me like this.” She’s still panicking.

“Did anyone see anything?” I asked.

“No. I felt it getting hard and beşiktaş masöz escort I immediately went in here.”

“Alright I may have an idea but first I have confess something.”

“Ok, first what’s the idea?”

It took me a few seconds to think of a way to tell her the idea but I basically just bluntly said it. “How about if I suck your cock and then swallow your cum?” She stood there shocked and wide eyed and then I told her my confession. “Allison, I’m in love with you. You’re beautiful, smart and I had these feelings for you on and off since I was a teenager and when I thought I was over it, you’re back in my life again and I just missed you so much. I’m sorry but that’s just how I always felt about you since then.” After a second she reached out and hugged me smiling as she’s pressing her erection against me.

“Oh Nick, I feel the same way. You’re the only guy who loves me for who I am no matter what and I’ve missed you so much too. Also, I know you spied on me when I was in the shower that one time.”

“You mean…” I started to say

“Yes.” She interrupted. “The time I was stroking my cock and came on myself. I saw you in a closet through the slits of the door and decided to tease you and give you a show.”

“Haha, well it worked. Your erection is still hard. So are you ok with my idea?”

“Yes. We better hurry though, the wedding will start in 20 minutes. You better get on your knees.” I then get on my knees and she lifts her dress up and pull her boxers down to reveal her raging erection right in front of my face. All 15 inches of it was right there and I couldn’t believe this was actually about to happen. “Hey, what are you waiting for?” She asked in a playful tone. With that I start to lick the tip and she’s quietly moaning to herself. “Oh, that feels nice. Put your mouth over the head.”

I proceed to do so and slowly go further down her shaft til it hits my throat. “You think you can go down further little bro? You still have a ways to go.” I try to go further but it causes me to gag a bit but it eases up after a few seconds. “Here I’ll help you.” She says as she puts her hands on the back of my head to push further down. I gag a bit more but I go about 10 inches down and for the rest of the cock not in my throat I stroke it as I’m bobbing my head. “Oh fuck, keep going. You’re doing great. I’m getting close.”

I was living my longest fantasy and it was amazing. As I continued to blow her, I put one hand under her balls to cup and rub them while fingering her soaking wet pussy and that drove her wild. “Oh that’s it, I’m gonna cum. Keep your mouth over my cock.” She says as she’s now pushing my head to the base unexpectedly. All 15 inches of her cock were now inside my mouth and throat. “Here it comes.” I grab and squeeze her luscious ass to brace myself. She then moans as she shoots stream after stream of her thick cum down my throat and directly into my stomach and I just gulp it down. “Keep it all down Nick. I’m almost done.” Her cock convulses several more times before she pulls out, I gasped for air and I squeeze her cock to get the last drops of cum. It tasted very sweet. I then lick her cock to clean off any cum and saliva that was on it.

My stomach was engorged due the amount of cum she unleashed. It was almost unbelievable. “Oh my, that was a lot of cum wasn’t it?” She said surprised. “Thank you so much Nick, you’re the best. You better hurry and rinse your mouth. I don’t want my sweet little brother’s breath smelling like cum, even if it’s mine. After the wedding and when we get back to the motel room, we can really enjoy ourselves beşiktaş otele gelen escort and not be in a rush for anything. That would make this day perfect.” Her erection goes down as she’s talking. She then cleans herself off and she starts to head back out with only five minutes left til the wedding starts. She gives me a kiss on the lips before she heads out. She then licked her lips after she kissed me. “My cum tastes good doesn’t it?” She said giggling and then winking. “I love you Nick.”

“I love you too Alli.” I rinse my mouth and head out a minute after she left. We attended the wedding and a good bit of the reception afterwards until it was about 4pm then we left to go back to the motel. As soon as we walked in the room and closed the door, we went at each other making out and stripping each other’s clothes off while heading towards the bed. I laid on top of her and kissed her neck for a while then I started sucking her DDD breasts. Licking her erect nipples while squeezing them in my hands. I then guided my tongue from her breasts to her soaking wet pussy and ate her out after moving her balls aside. Her pussy juices kept flowing and I couldn’t get enough of it. “Mmmm, Nick. Fuck me now!” With that, I took my seven inch cock, teased her entrance a bit then started fucking her. While I was fucking, her I licked the head of her fully erect cock and stroked it.

“Don’t cum yet little bro. I want us to cum together. It’s my turn now.” We switched positions and she was blowing me. Licking the shaft and rubbing my balls. She bobbed her head slowly. I was close to cumming just from her blowjob several times and I think she knew it and was teasing me. Obviously she had practiced with her own cock. Then it was time. “How about you lube it up for me before I go inside you?” I lick her entire cock and give her a blowjob. “That’s it baby. Don’t make me cum yet though.” I continue to blow her and I even deepthroat her like I did at the wedding. I get her cock lubed up ready for her to violate me. “Ready Nick? I’ll be gentle with you since it’s big.” She slowly entered her cock into my previously virgin ass and started moving slowly. Her thrusts were getting faster as she was pounding my ass. My insides felt like they were getting rearranged as she inserts the entire 15 inches inside me. She kept going slower after awhile until she stopped and pulled out. She then turned around and laid on top of me and we started to 69. I took her entire shaft down my throat while fingering her pussy. She was bobbing her head on my cock. “I’m about to cum Nick.”

“Me too Allison.”

We both came into each others mouths and we both swallowed each others loads. Her load wasn’t as big as it was earlier but it was still a good amount she unloaded and it filled my stomach again. “That was a pretty big load you had little bro.” Allison said licking her lips.

“Well not as impressive as yours was.”

“Either way, that was great. I’m so glad we did this.”

“Me too sis.”

“Ya know Nick, why don’t you move in with me? I don’t mean to pry but are you still behind on rent in your apartment? I saw the late notice when I was looking for the wedding invite.”

“I figured you saw that when I noticed that in there, but yes I am and I would be happy to move in with you. Work has been tough with hours getting cut.”

“Things will get better I’m sure, but now you’ll stay with me and not worry about having no where to go.”

“Yeah. Thank you Alli. I love you.”

“I love you too Nick.”

We made out while we cuddled up with each other other and slept the rest beşiktaş rus escort of the night. Next morning I woke up around seven and we had to leave the motel today and I started to pack up my things. Allison woke up a little while later. “Hey.” She said still in a sleepy tone. “Wanna go again before we leave?” I get back in bed with her and we start making out again until we both get hard. I start off with doing anal with her while she was facing me and I was stroking her fully erect cock. I licked the head while I was thrusting in her more and more. “Cum in me!” She moaned. I came in her ass and pulled out and my cum was leaking out of her asshole.

I then laid down on my back on the bed getting ready for her. She entered me and started thrusting while she laid on top of me. I was handling her breasts as she was fucking me. I was squeezing and sucking on them while I noticed my stomach was bulging where the head of her big cock was hitting. She felt incredible as she kept slowly fucking me. “Oh little brother, you feel so good. I’m gonna cum. Get ready.” She then blasted me with her huge load inside me. Her cum made my stomach once again inflate a bit. It was then flowing out of my asshole. “I always cum huge loads don’t I little brother?” She said smiling. We rest and cuddle on the bed for a little while before she got up. “Join me in the shower? Then we can head back home.”

We take a shower together and clean each other off. Me rubbing all around her sexy body and she was rubbing all around me. “I bet you wished you were in the shower with me that time you watched me stroke my cock didn’t you Nick?” She giggled. “We can reenact that when we get home. You’d like that wouldn’t you.” I then nod my head. “You’re such a little perv bro. I even saw you peeking at me when you were at my house the other day.”

“Oh, uhhh…” I stammered

“Shhh. It’s alright Nick. I know you couldn’t help it. Besides I’m glad you did, then we wouldn’t be at where we’re at now. We’re gonna have a great life together now.” She said then kissing me.

“Yeah, I agree sis.” We got done in the shower then we got dressed and packed up to leave the motel. We check out and I take first turn driving back home. She fell asleep a little bit before we got to the halfway point and I wasn’t feeling tired so I decided to just drive the rest of the way home. I wake her up when we got to her house around 4pm. “We’re home sis.” I say as I gently nudge her.

‘We are? Oh wow I must’ve slept awhile then.” I walk her up to her house and we kiss. “Hey Nick, how about we wait and reenact the shower fantasy to celebrate after you move in. Would that be okay?”

“Sure, I would want you to be fully ready for it for then. I should be ready to move in, in about a couple days when the lease expires. Don’t masturbate until then.” I said as I winked.

“Don’t worry. I won’t. I want to save up as much as I can.” She giggled. We then make out a little bit longer then I had to leave.

“I’ll see you in a couple days Alli. Love you.”

“Can’t wait Nick. I love you too.”

I drive back to my apartment to take a short nap then start packing up. Since I’m behind on rent, I’m gonna have to get a small loan to pay it back. “Aside from that, things are finally looking up for me.” I then get a text message. I look and see it’s from Allyson, my ex girlfriend.

“Hey can we talk about something?” The message said.


Author’s Note: Hey all, I know a bit of a cliffhanger here but I felt that this was the best spot to leave off on. Again, any constructive criticism is welcome. Unlike the last two Chapters, I’m actually literally just now starting to write Ch. 4 as this was being published so my weekly update on this story may be a bit slower for a bit. I do apologize for any inconvenience on that. I would’ve gotten this Chapter done a lot sooner so I could start on Ch. 4 a few days before this was published to stay ahead but found myself lacking on time this week. Thank you for reading.

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