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My name is Lisa. I am 25 5’5 110lbs 32b red hair with piercing green eyes flat tummy with a firm little ass. I am sexy and I know it. And as bad as it may sound I’ve always thought if you’ve got it flaunt it don’t get me wrong I don’t dress like a total slut. However, when I walk in a room most eyes are on me. In addition, I love it even if I am not into men. I love the attention. That being said yes I am a lesbian. Nevertheless, enough about me the reason I am writing this is because I have started to be intimate with my best friend little sister her name is Nikki. She is a 5’4 107lbs 36c blonde hair blue eye all around firm little body. Nikki is what most guys refer to as a blonde bombshell. I know every time I am around her my panties became wet from admiring her beauty.

How it came to be that Nikki and I started playing was I had gone over to my best friend Crystal place to visit and the only one home was Nikki. Now I had known that Crystal had a job interview that day but I had figured by the time I would get there she would be home but to my surprise Nikki was home alone. When she answered the door Nikki was wearing a tight pair of black stretch pants you could see a perfect outline of her thong panties through the thin material with a tighter tank top and no bra like I said she is firm every where. As she smiled at me saying hi in the bright, way she always does. I tried to not make it obvious that I was checking her out for the hundred millionth times. I said hi back and asked if Crystal was home as she invited me in. Nikki told me no but I was more then welcome to stay and wait for her if I wanted.

As we walked into the living room Nikki asked me if Crystal and I had plans I told her no I just thought I would drop by and visit. At that she smile said ok and disappeared as I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV to try to pass the time and keep my mind of how good Nikki looked which intern was making me wet my panties like always when I admire her or think about her to much. Up to this night I had always tried to avoid making any moves on her due to she was to young at the time or when she turned 18 the reason changed to she’s my best friend little sister. However, it all changed that night. I flipped through the channels trying to find something but of course when I need to be distracted there was nothing on even mildly entertaining. As I bahis firmaları was about to turn off the TV and tell Nikki, I was just going to go she walked back in and said, want to watch a movie.

Nikki looked like she was about to pout if I said no. I caved right away. I asked her what she had in mind. She said I do not I will look for something with her bright smile back. Nikki walked over to the movie shelf bended over giving me a beautiful view of her behind. She was making it even harder for me to keep my mind away from wanting her. As Nikki looked, she swayed her ass back and forth a little. This drove me wild though I tried to keep my cool. Nikki looked back and said how about tomb raider with another bright smile. I said yes with a half smile half look of desire. Nikki put the DVD in, came, and lay down on the couch laying head on my lap. Great I thought to myself make this even why do not you Nikki. The movie promos started as I shifted a little because I was sure my wetness was through my panties and started into my tight jeans.

As Nikki hit play on the remote she looked up at me smiled innocently and said I hope you do not mind that I am lying like this. I told her of course I do not mind as my thoughts started to race. Knowing my wetness was through my panties now making my tight jeans wet. As the movie played, Nikki shifted a little then looked up at me and smiled then said I will be right back as she paused the movie. She returned moments later with her blanket resuming how she was laying with her head on my lap. She asked ready. I said yes and she hit play once more. As we watched the movie I noticed movement under her blanket and at first thought nothing of it until I noticed her hips raise then lower. Then nothing so again I went back to watching the movie trying not to think of how close Nikki was to my soaked pussy panties and jeans. Then I noticed her knees raise and part.

At that I moved my hand and arm under the blanket and placed my arm across her lower tummy near her waist and to my surprise I didn’t feel pants against my arm. Nikki was very still for the next half hour after that as I wondered if her pants were down or if they had just shifted when she lay down. As the battle went back and forth in my head I felt, Nikki arm and hand move under mine. As I looked over, I could see the blanket between her legs move a little kaçak iddaa and could feel the constant movement under my arm. As my mind raced without thinking, I placed my hand over hers as I could feel her hand and fingers work her tight little pussy. Nikki started to let out soft moans as she felt my hand on hers and when my hand replaced hers rubbing her pebble like swollen clit she moaned finally. This made me look at her with a little bit of shock.

As the shock wore off, I really started to work her clit rubbing it in circles pinching it. Then I dipped two fingers into her dripping pussy slowly pushing them all the way in resting my palm on her clit pressing against it. As my palm rubbed her clit I started to slowly pump my fingers in and out her tight wet pussy. Nikki was so hot pushing hard against my fingers and palm within moments I could feel Nikki pussy tighten around my finger. She start shacking and moaning louder till she climaxed as I felt that I pushing my palm down hard and fingers with in her as deep as they would go as she grinded my palm and fingers through her climax. Nikki tight wet pussy squeezing my fingers oh so very tight. As Nikki calmed she looked up and smiled at me with desire she said about time.

I was totally floored with her comment I did not know what to say. As I stair at her in amazement Nikki got up exposing her lower half. She has a perfectly shaven clean pussy which almost made me cum seeing. Nikki smiled at me saying you like what you see as she stood in front of me. All I could do was nod yes. Nikki smiled at me and moved closer then parted her feet further apart bring her pussy into perfect view. I could see Nikki pussy glistening as I leaned forward more out of instinct and desire then anything elas. As I slide my tongue deep with in her sweet wet pussy the only thoughts I kept having was hope Crystal doesn’t walk in on us and how much I was loving having her pussy in my mouth. Nikki tasted very good as my tongue licked lapped and curled in her pussy. My eyes had been closed from the moment my tongue had started to enter her and all I could hear is Nikki moaning yes yes yes I have waited so long for this.

At that my efforts increased I dove my tongue in and out of her pussy flickering over her clit then back into her pussy. Nikki was soon grasping the back of my head pulling me into her more as my tongue was kaçak bahis curling in her pussy coming out with my tongue tip flickering over her clit. I felt Nikki stiffen and grasp me for support as she gushed her sweet pussy juices into my mouth that I more then gladly accepted. Letting flow into my mouth and down my through. Nikki tasted so very sweet I knew that I would have to have more even after this wonderful night had ended. As Nikki slowly started to calm she sank into my lap almost curling up shivering with pleasure. I sat there holding her running my fingers through her hair letting her calm down from her intense climax. When Nikki had finally calmed down enough she turned over looking at me smiling a brighter smile then I had ever seen before from her.

I could feel my pussy begging for attention as Nikki was lying there smiling at me. Nikki must have sensed it to. With in moments she was off my lap undoing my jeans even more quickly as she realized that I had not only soaked through my panties but my jeans as well. As soon as Nikki had the five buttons on my jeans undone in one swift motion she had hooked my panties and jeans. Nikki pulled them down and off throwing them who know where I was to busy looking into her eyes as she looked into mine. Nikki wasted no time in diving right in spreading my legs wide right away lapping and licking my pussy deep. Giving my pussy, the attention it was begging for Nikki moving back and forth between licking my pussy deep and sucking my very swollen and exposed clit. It did not take for an earth shattering orgasm to rip through me making me almost shriek. Nikki drank down my sweet pussy nectar as if it was her last meal.

As Nikki toke, her last few licks she looked up at me our eyes meet and we knew this was not the last time we would be doing this. At that moment, I pulled her up to me seeing my juices glistening on her lips and chin as we kissed passionately tasting ourselves in each other making the kiss even more passionate. When we broke the kiss Nikki toke me by the hand and lead me up to her room where we kissed until we feel asleep in each other’s arms. Crystal never did show up that night later we found out she got the job and went to my place to try and find me when I was no where to be found. She phoned our other friends and went out to celebrate. Since then Nikki and I have starting dating. Crystal and I are still best friends though it was quite a shock to her when she caught Nikki and I making love. She was mad at first but we got over it like best friends do but that’s another story for another time.

The End

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