My Best Friend

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For those of you who have read my previously posted story titled “Harvey” here is another half true, half fantasy story that happened to me in my younger days. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writing it… I would like to thank all of those who have sent me feedback, I not only appreciate it, I enjoy reading it as well… Ok… Story time…

I had a friend named Jeff. I met him through another friend when I was in Beginning Band in Junior High School. Jeff was in High School at the time, he played guitar and sang. I was (and still am) a drummer. Jeff and I became very good friends. When I say good friends I mean close friends. I would spend the night at his house, he would sleep over at mine. Jeff would pick me up from school all the time. He was one of the few friends my mother actually liked. Jeff was even my best man when I got married.

We played in many bands together from my early teens to about my mid thirties when we drifted apart. I had decided it was time to resign myself from the overwhelming demands of the working musicians lifestyle to become a better father and husband. My friend Jeff pushed on, chasing that illusive dream, that one thing all musicians chase. To as they say “make it”. Unfortunately I have not seen him nor heard from him in ten years and as far as I know Jeff is still out there chasing fame and fortune.

In the early days of our friendship Jeff used to take me everywhere. It didn’t matter to him that I was just a junior high school kid. Although due to my drumming skills it wasn’t unusual for me to be hanging with high school aged musicians and playing at parties and stuff. Jeff was different, he was a friend. Well when I was about 15 years old, we were off on one of our many trips to the beach or Tower Records in Hollywood or someplace else, I can’t really remember and Jeff told me he was gay. I wasn’t shocked or upset, I had suspected this and in fact it was rumored amongst our mutual friends. Jeff’s outing was a blow to some but to me it wasn’t a big deal.

I told Jeff that I really didn’t care, as long as he wasn’t going to go flaming queen flamboyant about it. Jeff was always a blue jeans and flannel shirt kind of guy. Jeff laughed and told me he was not going to change his lifestyle and image just because he was coming out to his closest friends, Ankara bayan escort and Jeff was true to his words. We remained friends and band mates for many years after that.

This story takes place after I was married, I would guess about 25 years old at the time. One afternoon I got off of work early, I drove by Jeff’s apartment. I saw his little orange truck with the white fan wheels and the old beat up surf board rack in the parking lot and decided to stop and say hi. I went up to knock on the door and I noticed that the inside door was open. I peered through the screen and saw Jeff laying on his bed. It was summertime and all he had on was a pair of shorts. He was laying with his feet toward the door and was positioned so that I could see the tip of his cock sticking out of one of the legs of his shorts.

I began to call out his name, but Jeff who was a deep sleeper couldn’t be roused. I tried to get in but the screen door was locked. I called out his name a few more times, no answer. I probably stood there for 15 minutes looking at the tip of his cock. I was recalling my earlier close encounter with Harvey (another half true half fantasy story I already shared with you) and for the first time since Jeff told me he was gay, I thought about sucking his cock. It scared me. He was my best friend. Then I realized I was completely aroused. The image of the tip of his cock is forever burned into my memory.

I could see Jeff stirring as I repeatedly called out his name. Finally he sat up in bed, I could tell he was irritated because I had awoken him from a deep sleep. He said, why did you have to go and wake me up, I was having a great dream. I looked at the hard on in his shorts and said, yeah I bet you were. Jeff looked down and laughed and said, see I told you so. Then he sat down on the edge of his bed and leaned back on his elbows, his hard prick still poking up in his shorts, he didn’t even try to hide it. I asked him what the hell were you dreaming about? He laughed and said you don’t want to know. Feeling aroused and a little brave I said, tell me man. Jeff laughed again and said no man, no way. I was to shy to just come out and say I want to suck your dick so I pushed him about his dream. Hoping somehow he would read my mind. After a few minutes of prodding Jeff finally said ok ok I will tell Escort bayan Ankara you.

Jeff began to tell me that in his dream he was laying on a beautiful sandy beach, underneath a palm tree while he was getting a blowjob from some good looking stud. He told me that it was so real that he could actually feel the guys tongue running all over the head of his stiff throbbing dick. By this time I was so aroused I thought my dick was gonna bust through my shorts. Jeff noticed this to and said I can tell my dream aroused more than just my cock. It was at that moment I decided to take a chance. I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I took a deep breath and started talking, I confessed to Jeff my curiosity and desire about sucking cock.

I could see the look of shock and surprise in his face, after all we had known each other for over ten years and I had never even hinted to Jeff about this before. Jeff said man I thought you were straight as an arrow. Then he smiled, a knowing, confident smile. Jeff said maybe I can help you, do you want my help? All you have to do is ask. I was so scared and excited that I was shaking but I knew what I wanted to do, I wanted to suck his cock. I was so nervous, my voice was quivering but I managed to croak out yes Jeff, I want your help. I want to suck your cock…

Jeff smiled then stood up and pulled his shorts down. He was standing there completely nude. His cock was hard and sticking straight out from his belly. It looked perfect to me, probably 7 or 8 inches long, cut, not real thick and the head was beautiful. I was sitting on the edge of the bed. Jeff walked up to me reached down and grabbed my hand and placed on his cock. I began to stroke him. Jeff asked me are you sure you want to do this. I could only nod yes. He said if that’s the case you have to promise me one thing. I asked what, he said you have to promise to finish what you start. What I mean is you must suck my cock to completion. That means until I shoot my load in your mouth. You cannot stop halfway through and tell me you don’t like it and can’t finish. You must promise me that. I said ok. Jeff said no, say I promise. I looked into his eyes and said I promise.

Jeff climbed back into bed, he arranged his pillows so that he could lean back against the headboard. After he positioned himself, he said Bayan escort Ankara ok I’m ready. As I was crawling up the bed between his legs I said Jeff, I just ask you one thing. Please tell me when you are going to cum. I want to be ready. Jeff looked at me and said it’s a deal.

I grabbed Jeff’s dick and began stroking it again. I could see his pre-cum juice leaking from his slit. I flattened my tongue out and ran it all the way around the tip, then across the top licking the pre-cum up. The taste was remarkable, I liked it. It was warm, salty but sweet too. I opened my mouth and began to take his cock in my mouth. First past the lips, then over the tongue till it hit the back of my throat. I marveled at the texture, his cock was so hard yet so soft and the tip was like velvet.

I began to move my head up and down and up and down, slowly at first, then faster. I would stop this every once in a while to use my tongue all up and down the shaft. I would lick under the rim of the tip then swirl my tongue around it like a tootsie pop. I could hear Jeff saying things like oh yeah, that feels good, lick it, lick it like an ice cream cone. Oh yeah, that’s it man, your doing good. I would lick then suck, then lick then suck. Jeff was gently thrusting his hips now to meet my downstrokes. His pre-cum was just flowing from the end of his dick. He told me I was about to get my first taste of man cum, are you ready, I’m getting close you better get ready.

Oh man, ohh I’m gonna shoot in your mouth. Jeff’s body went rigid, he grabbed me by the sides of my head and shoved his cock deep into my mouth, Then I heard him grunt out I’m cumming, I’m cumming in your mouth. Then I pushed my head down as far as I could on his cock, I felt it jerk in my mouth once then again, then I felt his cum hit me in the throat. I swallowed it, I had no choice. I pulled my head back because I wanted to feel his cum spurting in my mouth. I got what I wanted and more, His cock just kept on twitching and spurting and twitching and spurting this hot creamy white cum. I swallowed as fast as I could but some of his cum had escaped my mouth and just ran down his cock. I continued to lick his cock head until he made me stop.

The reality of this story is that I could not awaken Jeff so I got in my truck and drove home. I never did work up the guts to tell Jeff about my cock sucking curiosity. I like to think about this fantasy when my wife is giving me a blowjob. I like to pretend that its Jeff feeling all the pleasure that I am at that moment and that it is me giving him that pleasure…

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