My Amazing Bi Morning

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As a married bisexual guy in his thirties, I sometimes place an advert in the erotic classifieds looking for a gay or bi guy to help me “expand my horizons”. The e-mail I received that morning was very encouraging, another bisexual man looking for a discreet hookup.

We exchanged e-mails over a number of days, each mail making me feel more and more that this had the potential to be an epic experience- his name was Rob and he had recently discovered his feelings toward guys and was experimenting with the idea.

As we discussed the possibility of getting together, he suddenly asked me how I would feel if his wife joined us. This was certainly unexpected, and as these things tend to be, seemed a little suspicious. Of course I went along with the fantasy, knowing that there was no way this was actually happening, but eager to see where this would lead. I tested him by asking me to show me a picture of her, and sure enough there was an image file attached to the next mail. She was not traditionally beautiful, but had smouldering eyes and a very sensual something about her that made me feel these two really mean business! I decided to take the plunge and agreed to a meeting at their house, figuring that owners of a guest house would probably not kill someone at their place of business.

We arranged for a meeting at 11:00 the next morning- I called in sick to work and set about preparing myself for the liaison. A good long bath to be as fresh as possible, my cock nicely manscaped, and a masturbation session just before I left to ensure I could last a bit longer completed the prep.

I managed to find their place easily enough, and pulled in exactly at 11:00. A knock on the door, and an excited scuffling from inside the house followed. As is my habit I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt with no underwear, and I could feel the beginnings of an erection strain uncomfortably inside the jeans. He opened the door with a jittery smile, reassuring me that I was not the only one who was extremely nervous. He was a bit bigger than I estimated in his picture but was good-looking and friendly. He told me he wanted to go get some beers and cigarettes to loosen us up, so I tagged along so we could get to know each other while wifey had a shower.

As it turned out, he had come out to his wife a few months ago regarding the feelings he was having toward men, and to his surprise this had turned her on so much that they were always on the lookout for discreet sexual encounters antalya escort with a guy who would be willing to please both him and her. I certainly was game for this! We arrived back at their house and I was introduced to Heidi- she was the same age as me (38) and surprisingly we both were four years older than Rob. She was very pleasant, and we spent more than an hour drinking and smoking on their verandah overlooking the city, openly discussing the reasons for why we were all here and how our lives had reached the point where we were looking for something new to try. We all got extremely relaxed but there was an underlying sexual tension all the time- who was going to make the move to suggest we go to the bedroom?

To my surprise, Heidi suddenly got up and said: “Well boys, are we doing this or what?”

We both got up and we went to their bedroom- they had put up dark drapes and had a huge bed, and was absolutely perfect for what we were about to do. Heidi took my hand and led me to the dresser, where she opened a box with a variety of toys, including a strap-on and several dildos and vibrators. She told me that they had been experimenting with different things for some time and that they were both very open-minded sexually. I had noticed…..

Rob was standing in the middle of the room drinking a beer, so we walked over to him and pulled in close, three people sharing something significant. I had one arm around each of them, so I took the initiative, pulling Rob closer and kissing him softly. The feeling of stubble against my face was a thrill as he reciprocated the kiss, harder this time. His tongue flicked gently against mine and I could feel myself becoming rock hard. I had to be careful to not neglect either one of them, so I turned to Heidi, running my hands through her mess of curly hair and kissing her passionately. I had expected her to be wary with her husband present, but she crushed her mouth against mine and pulled me away from him, pressing our bodies together. I could feel the softness of her small breasts pushing against me as our tongues entwined, prompting me to put my hand on her ass and pull her closer so she could feel my erection. In the meantime Rob had come up behind me and was grinding against my butt, his arms around me caressing my chest.

Clothes were coming off at a speed and within a few seconds all three of us were starkers. I was so hard it was almost painful as I lowered my head and encircled her left breast with my mouth. Her nipple was deliciously puffy and I was in heaven, circling her areola with my tongue and gently sucking. We lay down on the bed, me on my back, and kissed deeply again. Suddenly my cock just about exploded- I looked down and Rob had taken my full length into his very wet mouth and was sliding up and down- I had to ask him to hold back otherwise our playdate would have been over then and there!

I decided to turn my attention on him and turned around- Heidi hungrily grabbed my penis and started licking and sucking very gently at first as I came face to cock with Rob’s dick. It wasn’t huge but was very sexy, only problem was it was only semi-erect and he seemed to struggle to keep it. I started on his balls- he had also shaved and there was no hair getting in my mouth, which I appreciated. I took his sac in my hand and very gently slid his cock into my mouth. He gasped and I could feel the organ engorging with blood as his semi became a proper erection. I continued sucking, at the same time really enjoying the attention that I was receiving from his wife. She had taken a drop of lube and was now gently massaging my anus- I didn’t have to wait long before feeling her finger slip into my ass. It felt insane- here I was with a beautiful cock in my mouth with my own member being sucked on by a very sexual woman who at the same time was fingering my butt.

It was time for a change though, and she took the lead, lying down on her back and beckoning to me. I instantly knew what she wanted and wasted no time. I flipped around and took her leg in my hand, gently kissing and running my tongue up the length of her calf and onto her thigh. By the time I reached the top of her thigh she was quivering with excitement, and I was trying to hold back not shooting my load as Rob fingered me and played with my balls. I had my first look at her pussy then, and in all honesty, I had never seen a more sensual vagina- the lips were perfectly formed and framed the opening very invitingly. I ran my tongue from the bottom to the top, ending with a couple of flicks to her prominent clitoris.

She started laughing.

Giggling uncontrollable is a better description I supposed, and Rob immediately looked over and told me that’s what she does when she was climaxing. The next few seconds were a first for me, as a stream of clear liquid spurted from her vagina and coated the top her thighs and my mouth. This was my first experience with squirting and even having seen it happen in porn movies, I had never been able to get a woman to that point. I thrust two fingers into her and massaged her g-spot, and I could feel the liquid on my fingers as more dribbled out of her. I licked of as much as I could and turned to Rob, who was waiting to kiss me- we let the liquid run down our chins as we made out and I knew then I would probably never have this kind of experience again.

Rob was at that stage still struggling to maintain his erection, and as he went to the bathroom I turned to Heidi again. I had brought condoms and she expertly took one out and unrolled it onto my cock, then got on top of me and slid me into her effortlessly. She was incredibly wet. I took her all the way in and we just sat like that for a few seconds, before she slowly started to ride me. This day was now complete. Or so I thought….

After a few minutes of her thrusting and me desperately trying to not cum, she asked me to fuck her from behind. Rob had returned by now and had a glass dildo in his hand, which he proceeded to slide very gently into her ass, which was now up in the air- we very effectively double-penetrating her. She yelped one time and he pulled the dildo out, resulting in a very erotic plop sound as it came out of her. He then took a butt plug and went the same route, but this time left it in while I continued to fuck her, giving him an opportunity to cup my balls as I thrust. This was more than I could bear- I pulled out and whipped the rubber off, shooting a stream of cum over her asshole and back. It was literally the most out of control moment of my life- I could just stand there like an idiot and watch the sticky white cum dribble out of me onto her.

This was the moment Rob had waited for- he had told me earlier that he wanted my cum in his mouth and he proceeded to lick every drop from his wife’s rear. It looked incredible, but I was spent and could not appreciate the sight as fully as I would have done earlier. The session had taken much longer than we had anticipated and we did not have time to recharge for another go- Rob was very disappointed in his own performance as he had been unable to sustain his erection and I never got the chance to fuck him, as we had planned. I told him all of that was why we had to have another go at it, and they were both very eager.

I have had to abbreviate a lot of the encounter which took a long time, she had cum six times by the end and we were all wasted. The next time has not happened yet, but we have tentatively set up a meeting for next week, which I would love to share. I do hope it happens…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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