Mutual Benefit Ch. 02

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“Don’t wait up,” I said as I kissed my beautiful wife good-night.

“Give Rog my love,” Lori said.

I nodded as I headed out the door, thinking my friend Rog was already getting enough love from one of us without her joining in.

Rog was one of my oldest and dearest friends going all the way back to high school, and I’d known his wife, Carol, almost as long. When we all lived in the same town, Rog and Carol and Lori and I were almost inseparable, going out to bars, sports events and shows together, and taking turns holding weekend suppers and barbecues. Our friends eventually took high-paying factory jobs on the other side of the county and moved away to their new town. Our get-togethers became less frequent.

On a rare pub night one night about a year ago, Rog confided to me that his wife’s sex drive had dropped off and he wasn’t getting any pussy. He was frustrated and desperate for release. He was almost too good to cheat, but only almost; he eventually let me blow him. I felt just a little bad exploiting him to fulfil my long-brewing desire to suck a cock, but once we got over the weirdness, we looked at the activity as mutually beneficial, fulfilling our differing needs. After breaking the ice that first time, we began to meet once or twice a month. I performed oral on him each time without any expectation of reciprocation. He had recently told me that I sucked cock better than anyone in his experience, even his wife; I was flattered and aroused by the compliment. I couldn’t return his compliment with comparisons, as his was the only cock I had ever sucked, but I did praise his dick and his endurance.

Needless to say, we kept our liaisons secret from our wives and the world. After all, neither of us thought of himself as gay. I’m sure Rog told himself, given the choice, he would pick Carol’s willing pussy over my eager lips and tongue. I had a strong desire to worship cocks, but I was not attracted to men as a whole; I still had an active, healthy sex life with Lori.

This was our first pub night of the month. It was a cold Friday night in November and I was ready to unwind after a stressful week at work. I needed beer almost as much as I needed cock.

There was spring in my step. I wanted to get out of the cold and into the warm car as quickly as possible, but there’s no denying I was also excited about drinking beer and swallowing semen.

I arrived at the passenger side door only to see that the seat was occupied. I couldn’t see who it was, as the passenger window was fogged up on the inside, but it was obvious I needed to get in the back seat. I was disappointed; did the extra passenger mean my sperm feast was cancelled?

I opened the back door and got in quickly, sitting behind the passenger.

“Hi, Rog,” I said. “Good to see you.”

“Hi,” Rog said with a nod. His voice sounded nervous. “You remember Gill, don’t you?”

Gill turned around and it took me a moment to place him with his face lit only by the glare from the dashboard.

Gill and I were barely acquainted. He was a couple of years ahead of me in high school and we had some of the same friends, including Rog and Carol, but, for whatever reason, we only rarely socialized in the same circles. I remembered a couple of such occasions: once, when Lori and I attended a wedding several years ago, we were seated at the same table with Gill and his wife, Marina; she was a real beauty. We met again at Rog’s father’s funeral a short time later. From our brief conversations, I believed Gill was some kind of salesman.

Gill and I exchanged greetings. He was a handsome man in his mid-fifties. He was clean-shaven and had a full head of curly brown hair. His build was average, neither truly fit nor fat, but somewhere in the middle. And his middle was his weakness; there was a noticeable (but not obese) bulge of beer belly there. Jeans showed below his winter coat.

“Gill and Marina had dinner at ours tonight and when he heard about our little pub crawl—”

He invited himself along, I thought.

“—his wife gave him permission to come out with us.”

“That’s great,” I said, sounding more enthusiastic for Gill’s presence than I felt. After all, a third party pissed on my plans for alone-time with Rog’s cock.

We pulled out of my driveway and, a few minutes later, we were parked outside our usual watering hole of choice. We hustled inside and were lucky enough to find a recently-vacated booth; the seats were still warm. The waitress cleared the table, sanitized it, and took our orders. Soon we were all washing the week’s dust out of our throats.

Gill was a responsible driver; he had only one beer and stuck to soft drinks for the hour that followed. Gill and I indulged ourselves considerably more. With the social lubrication of alcohol, I found I liked Gill much more than I had before. He held forth on a variety of subjects from current affairs to sports to entertainment. He was interesting to talk to. By contrast, Rog hardly said anything. His escort bayan gaziantep brow was furrowed and I thought he looked worried. Was he bummed out that Gill’s presence stuck a pin in any blowjob plans he might have had for tonight? I shrugged it off and kept drinking; his doing, not mine. I lost count of the beers I finished. I wasn’t exactly hammered, but I was certainly feeling no pain.

Eventually, Gill looked at the time on his phone.

“Eleven o’clock, Rog.”

“What’s that?” I said. “Pffft. The night is young.”

“I promised to have him back at my place for one,” Rog said.

“So… it’s less than an hour’s drive. Plenty of time. Let’s stay ‘n’ drink.”

“Sorry,” Rog said.

“No can do,” Gill said, reinforcing Rog. “We have a stop to make before we drop you off home.”

“What stop?” I asked.

Rog signalled to the waitress to bring us our bills. I was distracted from the question of where we were stopping and why, as I applied my impaired concentration to counting out the right number of bills and change to pay for my drinks. By the time I was finished squaring up with the waitress, my companions were already in their coats. I quickly donned my own coat and followed them out into the cold.

We trudged through a light skiff of snow to reach the car. Rog opened the back door and pulled out his snow-brush. He gestured to me to sit down inside. Rog closed the door for me. A second later, Gill opened the other door and joined me in the back. Even through a haze of alcohol, this seemed strange. Why hadn’t Gill resumed his seat in the front?

After brushing the snow off the car, Rog settled into the driver’s seat and started the car. We pulled out and Rog started driving down a nearby rural road which led to one of our secret “parking” spots.

“Where are you going?” I asked nervously, for the first time experiencing a premonition of what was to come.

“I think you know,” Rog said in a shaky voice.

“Tell him,” Gill told Rog.

Rog hesitated and then sighed. It was still several long moments before he spoke.

“Last week, Gill and I got together and had a few drinks. Uh, quite a few actually. We got talking and the subject of sex came up. I swear I didn’t mean to say anything, but we started talking about our wives and their… techniques. When we got to discussing blowjobs, I guess I let slip that the best oral I ever had was not from my wife. Well, Gill is a persistent guy and he went after me to tell him the whole story. I tried not to, but I guess I was a little proud of having a tame cocksucker servicing me. Sorry to call you that; you know I don’t mean it out of disrespect… Anyway, he got it out of me that the best hummers of my life had been given to me by another man. He asked who the man was. I held out for a while, but eventually I thought, what the hell, you two don’t even know each other, or so I thought. I didn’t expect him to recognize your name, but he did; he remembered you from high school and a couple of events you’d both attended. The talk turned to how good you are with that dirty mouth of yours and Gill asked me to set up tonight for him to find out for himself…”

Rog, you dumb fuck, I thought.

It was a good thing that Rog didn’t get drunk when he and his wife were having an evening of bridge at our house, as we had done last month; I imagined him telling my wife all about the oral skills I frequently practiced in the back of his car. In my imagination, her reaction was not very encouraging.

“Well, I’m sorry, Gill. You’ve been misled. Whatever Rog told you, I’m not in the habit of, uh, blowing guys.”

“Not guys, no. Just one guy. About every two weeks for the past year; I hate to tell you this, but any behaviour practiced that regularly… well, that’s definitely a habit.”

The car motored on toward its destination. I felt a little trapped in the back seat with Gill, but he didn’t try to lay a finger on me. In truth, I was more pissed off with Rog than Gill. I didn’t even bother to ask for Rog to take me home; Rog should have been on my side, but he was the one driving me to our secret place for me to service a virtual stranger. I felt outnumbered and powerless.

And I have to admit I also felt aroused.

Rog turned off the rural road onto a long-forgotten driveway that led through the bush to an old, burned-out farm. We parked up behind some bushes off the trail. With the lights out, the car would be invisible from the road. We had used this site before, but there had never been a third party with us before. Inside the car, the dashboard provided the only pale, thin light.

I hardly said another word after my failed to attempt to dissuade Gill. He must have taken my silence for compliance. He was very confident.

“I’ve always heard men make the best cocksuckers,” Gill said. “Show me what you got.”

We both unbuckled our seat-belts and I turned to face Gill.

“If I do this for you, you need to forget all about it afterward. That nitwit and I can’t afford to let this get out.”

“You’re not in a position to bargain,” Gill said bluntly. “As I see it, if you want me to keep quiet, you’ll need to keep me sweet. That means blowjobs on demand. Keep doing a good job and I will keep your secret safe.”

If life was a movie, Rog and I likely would have overpowered our blackmailer and buried him in these woods, but neither of us were killers. Such a thought didn’t even occur to me at the time.

I looked at Rog in the rear-view mirror. Our eyes met, and his looked worried. Fuck him, I thought. This was his fault; him and his big mouth. It should be him back here blowing Gill. Well, I’d suck Gill’s brains out his cock and leave Rog with blue-balls. I’d settle with Rog later.

Gill, with a salesman’s eye for vulnerability, saw surrender in my eyes.

“Good,” he said.

He opened his coat, unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly. I couldn’t help but take an interest in what popped up. His prick was bigger than Rog’s, bigger than mine. If that was the only criterion for judging manhood, Gill was the manliest of us all. My mouth watered involuntarily. Fuck, what a cocksucker I had become! Gill saw the glint of hunger in my eyes and smiled. He leaned back and made himself comfortable.

I didn’t keep him waiting. I wasn’t averse to sucking cock, after all, so falling on such an attractive example was no hardship. There was plenty of room in the back and I comfortably sprawled across the seat, positioning myself to easily take him in my mouth.

The feel and taste of Gill’s penis was different than Rog’s. Gill’s dick stood taller and felt harder, and it was the first time I had ever licked a cock with a foreskin. I was fascinated, fondling the loose skin in my hand as I absorbed his knob into my mouth. His skin tasted slightly salty, but there was nothing offensive in either the flavour or smell of his cock; the scent of his natural groin ‘spice’ was pleasant and alluring.

Gill groaned with delight as I spun my tongue in spirals around the head of his cock. I lowered my head over the organ and took more into my mouth, massaging the underside of the penis with my vibrating tongue. I began to bob over him, carefully covering my teeth with my lips and sucking his cock, letting the inside of my cheeks massage his member with the silky softness of a vagina. I enhanced my oral efforts by fondling his big, hairy balls with one hand and jacking him in the other.

“Oh, fuck, that feels amazing, you little slut,” Gill whispered down into my ear.

I could feel eyes other than Gill’s on me. Without seeing, I knew Rog was looking over his shoulder into the back seat, taking in the action. Rog didn’t think of himself as gay merely because he let himself be sucked by a man, so I wondered if he found the sight of a man going down on another arousing in its own right. Did it waken any cock-sucking desire in him as it would for me?

This situation had enflamed me. Yes, I was angry with Rog for being so careless with our secret and I feared Gill and his threat to disclose that secret to our wives, but I was also deeply aroused, more so than I had been since the first time I blew Rog. Here I was, a married man, blowing another man while another watched. Being watched was terribly erotic. If I wasn’t bent over my work, my own boner would have been painfully obvious.

“Fuck, you have a dirty mouth, cocksucker!” I smiled at Gill’s compliment, but never paused in sucking him off.

I found myself performing this blowjob with growing zeal. The feel of the strange, new cock and the different scent of his crotch-musk turned me on even more than I would naturally have been already. I think even the blackmail aroused me; the fact that I had no reasonable choice but to fellate this man I barely knew made me feel hot and dirty.

“Keep it up, faggot,” Gill said.

The name-calling was a new thing for me. Rog had often whispered words of encouragement and gratitude, but he treated me with respect. I wasn’t sure how to feel about being called a faggot; I thought of myself as a straight cocksucker. In the end, I went with it; I couldn’t help that each time he called me a fag or a queer, my cock seemed to twitch with a special pleasure.

My head bobbed over Gill’s crotch with greater speed and desperation. We had been at this for ten or twelve minutes; he’d already outlasted Rog, who usually came in eight to ten minutes, if not sooner. Despite his stamina, Gill was getting close. The metre of his breath had quickened and he emitted low, sensual groans that conveyed the growing pleasure gathering in his loins.

“Oh, fuck,” Gill said. “You’re one dirty, little cocksucker. I’m gonna come in your mouth, queer.”

Music to my ears. I enjoyed everything about giving blowjobs but nothing was more exciting for me than that moment of the recipient’s ejaculation. Gill cried out as his balls pulled up; his penis throbbed and pulsed in my mouth. His load blew down my throat and filled my mouth with the sweet and salty taste of semen.

I nearly came myself. This would not have been very unusual; I had come in my pants sucking Rog several times in the past. Instead, Gill’s orgasm subsided before I reached my own and he pushed me off his cock, now overstimulated by my continuing efforts.

“Wow, you flaming little queen,” Gill said with a smile. “I should have cultivated this friendship sooner.”

In spite of myself, I laughed. I admit he turned my head a little when he called me an ‘amazing cocksucker’, but my resentment of Gill had faded as I performed on him. I was no longer afraid he would share any secrets; he had just joined our secret pact. I knew I would continue blowing Gill on demand, just as he said. I was willing to admit him to our club and to service him. Rog, on the other hand, was in the doghouse with me; it was Gill who stabilized us in our new situation.

“I am part of this boys-only club now. There’s no reason for anything else to change.” He was tucking himself back into his pants as he spoke. Rog and I watched and listened for what he would say next. We both knew who was calling the shots in this little ‘club’.

Rog and I may have looked partly reassured by Gill’s words, but I was still annoyed that my old friend would have foolishly disclosed our confidential relationship to anyone.

“Nothing really has changed. To prove it, I want to watch you two do what you would normally be doing on one of your nights together.”

A moment later, Rog and Gill had switched places and it was Gill’s turn to look down from the front on the action in the back. My irritation with Rog proved short-lived, as my arousal was on the rise again. It was always an erotic experience to suck Rog, but this time was different; I would be watched by another man as I blew my second cock in fifteen minutes. I felt like a dirty whore and I loved it.

There was something different about tonight’s experience with Rog. As I leaned across the back seat to blow him, I felt his hand fishing in my pants. He freed my cock and began to jack it. For the first time, I was receiving some kind of reciprocation. I had never minded being the giver in our sexual relations, but this was a welcome change. Perhaps it was Rog’s way of apologizing for his foolishness, and as apologies go, handjobs are better than words.

Rog was a hard-working man who worked many labour jobs before securing his current factory job. His hands were strong and hard. His callouses stimulated the nerves in the head of my cock. His welcome grasp on my member was quickly lubricated by my own pre-cum. I sighed as he tugged on me gently, but the sound was muffled by Rog’s cock thrusting upward into my mouth.

Just five minutes later, I came in Rog’s hand as his sperm overtook my tonsils. We both shuddered with pleasure and sighed. I think having Gill for a spectator had excited Rog as much as it excited me, stimulating him to a faster orgasm than usual. We lay in the afterglow, coming down from our orgasms, in Gill’s full view. You could see there was a lot going on in that man’s head.

Rog and I cleaned ourselves up with the rags Rog kept in his car for just this purpose. Once our pants were fastened, Rog moved up to the driver’s seat. He started the car. I was alone in the back. Rog finally showed a little backbone to Gill.

“You know you can never tell anyone about this,” Rog said. “It would be as bad for you as it would be for us.”

“Not really, Rog.” Gill spoke very casually. “You may not know this, but my wife and I have an open marriage with very few rules. If you were to bring this little exploit up to Marina, which would be as good as exposing yourself anyway, she’d just try to top you with stories of one of her own extramarital, nymphomaniac, bisexual adventures. Feel free to test that. Besides, she wouldn’t be surprised by anything you could tell her because I tell her everything; she gets off on hearing it. I’ll just leave out your names when I tell her this story, as a special favour to the two of you.”

Rog drove us down the old trail and back to the rural road; from there, we would get back on the highway and drive to my place. Gill checked the time on his phone and looked at me.

“Eleven-forty-five. Time enough to get you home before midnight, and time enough for Rog to get me back to his place by one. I wonder… What will Marina have been doing all this time?”

He looked meaningfully at Rog, who stared back puzzled. I understood Gill’s meaning though; he was implying that Rog’s wife might not be safe from Marina’s sexual predations. I wondered if he knew that Carol had lost most of her sex drive with the onset of menopause… and then I wondered if he knew something I didn’t.

Then I shrugged, because I had enough to process already. As of now, my mouth was a cocksleeve for two men instead of one. How did I feel about that? The experience so far had been enjoyable but what might be around the corner? What if Gill made good his threat to expose Rog and me if we didn’t keep him a satisfied member of the circle? What if dingbat Rog got drunk and spilled the beans again to someone else? What would my wife say and do if she found out I’d been unfaithful with another man?

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