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Architecture student Bobbi is on summer break and finds the vintage motor inn of her dreams but really lucks out when the older owner is pretty hot himself. Summer romance and self discovery.

This is a Summer Lovin’ Contest story so please vote for me!

Mustang Sally

‘Mustang Sally you better slow your Mustang down.’

Jerry Robertson

I’ll admit I noticed the Mustang before the girl driving it. Poppy red 1965 Mustang convertible. I know this because it was the year I was born and it is a car I coveted all my life.

The girl quickly grabbed my attention. She stood behind her open door and seemed to study the office, then she looked up at the HiWay Motor Inn sign. She pulled her black cats eye sunglasses down her nose. The corner rhinestones winked in the sun as she looked at me through the front window. I would not pick her for a tourist, and certainly not in our little town.

When the interstate went in and bypassed our town, things went downhill. I worked here when I was a kid and of course it became mine after my Dad passed, which was right about the time my wife wanted me to sell it. I was kicking it around but then she died, so after that there was no reason to change.

The bell on the door jingled when Mustang Sally stepped in along with a puff of hot humid summer air . She smiled and removed her sunglasses. Chocolate brown eyes and hair made me want to see if she tasted the same. Where the hell did that come from. I’m dreaming, I laughed to myself, this girl is young enough to be your daughter.

“Hi! I just love this place!” I smiled, waiting for her to ask for a room. She had an elbow on the high check in counter and all I saw above it was white with red polka dot top. “You’re the owner?”

“Ah, yes, yes I am. Can I help you with anything?” At all. I hope.

·Not really, I always wanted to stop by. This is such a great example of googie architecture.·

Before I could reply, the phone rang and I went back to my desk to answer. While I tapped in the dates of stay and information in the computer, she came back and perched on the edge of my desk. She crossed her legs, and the white sandal dangled off perfectly manicured red toes that matched her capri pants that matched her car.

I had to ask them to repeat the information before I hung up.

She sat saying nothing and still smiling, giving me time to notice the midriff top she was wearing, which I had not seen since i was a teenager. This top was obviously current though and buttoned low, exposing a lot of her ample cleavage, and tied in the center of those wonderful breasts.

She held out a slim manicured and and said, “My name is Roberta Jeanette Thibideaux, but you can call me Bobbi for short. That’s Bobbi with an I.”

“I thought your name would be Sally.”

Roberta ‘Bobbi’ Jeanette Thibideaux

“All you want to do is ride around Sally”

On an impulse I turned into the parking lot of an old motor inn on the outskirts of town. I imagine before the interstate, it was a happening place. Today I suspect they do mostly hourly business.

As an architecture student, I noticed the googie style, popular in the fifties and sixties. The sweeping roof lines, and bold dramatic angles. The atomic HiWay Motor Inn sign that was spelled out in individual letters vertically soared high and could be seen forever it seemed. A wall of breeze block punctuated the style.

I parked and marveled at how this place had just been lost in time. No one had marred it’s atomic significance with renovations.

I hadn’t planned on going in, but the silver fox guy at the desk caught my eye. No one ever accused me of being bold, but here I was.

The bell on the door jangled loudly and would have caught his attention most anywhere on the property. There were twelve units in a U shape, with the office at the front on one side, the other looked as though it may be laundry and storage, so all the units were well back off the street.

At five foot six inches I’m not short, but the check in counter nearly came to my shoulders. It was the same sweeping curves as the roof line. I gazed around a room that I was sure had not changed from the day it was built.

I noticed him staring at me, with a bit of a frown. “Hi! I just love this place!” Whoa, girl, is that the best you can do. “You’re the owner?” I asked, knowing by now he would think i was totally nuts. His phone rang before I got in deeper. Especially after my googie comment.

I walked around the high counter to check out the rest of the room, but I could not help but check the handsome proprietor. He could have been my Dad, and did have a little bit of a Dad bod, but there was a latent maleness that usually only younger guys have. And what I was thinking about him was definitely not Dad like, I thought wryly.

While he took the call, I sat on the edge of his desk, which would normally be another bold ballsy move for me. I chalked it up to Şişli escort bayan the atmosphere of this place. His voice was raspy and deep bass. A voice i could listen to all day. A voice I could get rich by pandering him to women for phone sex.

He leaned back in his office chair just as I crossed my legs and noticed he was distracted by my sandal swinging off my toes. Although I saw no ring, I wondered if he was married.

He hung up and I introduced myself. I had to wonder what made him think my name would be Sally. Who the hell was Sally anyhow? But I decided then and there that had more important things to discover about him.

“I remember having gone by this place as a little girl and wondering about it. I guess I loved architecture even then.”

“Oh, you’re an architect?”

“Student. Another year and I will be. I’m on break.” Done with talking about me, I looked around the room. “This place looks as though it hasn’t been touched since it was built.”

“Not really. My wife wanted to do some updating, but my father was adamant it stayed the way it was.”

Wife. Ugh. I was afraid of that. Why should I care, I asked myself. Because he is intriguing, that’s why!

“Well no offense to your wife, but I’m glad you father wanted it to stay that way. I take it he has passed?”

He nodded. “Yes, both my wife and my father.”

I almost grinned but caught myself at the last moment. “Sorry to hear that,” was all I said, and he nodded, giving me the feeling it had been a while back.

I picked up a piece of mail off his desk. “So you’re Jerry Robertson?” I didn’t know if he heard me he was so busy watching my leg swinging next to his, but he did nod.

“Yes, sorry, I should have introduced myself.”

“Was your wife’s name Sally?”

“Huh… No, why?” He looked quizzical, then exclaimed, “OH! No. Haven’t you ever heard the song, Mustang Sally? Way before your time, so maybe not.”

“Ohhhhh, yes of course I have! I just didn’t put it together. I love that song! I have it on an 8 track in my car.” He started to say something but I interrupted, “Yeah yeah 8 track wasn’t factory until 1966 but it was installed as a hang on.”

“You really know your car, don’t you?” he said, impressed.

“Yes. It’s the only car I’ve ever known. My Daddy had it and passed it on to me. It’s all i have of him.”

“I’m sorry, honey,” he said sympathetically. I nodded, my eyes straying to his open shirt and the silver hairs glinting in the black fur on his chest. Thinking about how hairy he may be caused me to squirm a bit on his desk. “You can sit in a chair if it’d be more comfortable.”

“No, I like it right here, Jerry.” I liked using his name for the first time.

Jerry Robertson

So Roberta Jeanette Thibideaux was a college student. Still too young for me, or I was too old for her. Either way. Although she did seem to be flirting with me. But it could just be her personality. The friendly type.

She uncrossed her legs and let them dangle, and leaned forward a bit, which gave me a great view down the valley between her breasts. I got a glimpse of delicate white lace of her bra, which made me cross my legs to try to hide the growing bulge in my lap. Too late because I saw her smile.

“What have you designed? Buildings, houses…?” I trailed off knowing really nothing about architecture. Hell I didn’t even know this old motel’s design had any historical significance.

“I’ve designed most everything for my classes, but I love designing modern homes with touches of mid century modern. It’s very popular now thankfully.”

“Is it something that would be popular around here?”

“Nah, I doubt it, but I plan on working in Atlanta anyhow.”

An hour away. Oddly I felt a bit depressed at that thought. “Okay I’m sure you’d be busy there.” She nodded.

I excused myself and picked up the phone, spending the next five minutes explaining why I did not rent for short amounts of time.

After I hung up, she asked, “You got something against afternoon delights, a little lunchtime nookie?” I just stared at her, shocked. “Or you just don’t like sex,” she stated.

“Of course I do!” Although I couldn’t think of the last time I had a date that involved sex. Not many available women to choose from in this little town and most of them had known my wife and felt sorry for me more than anything. My wife had lingered with her cancer.

She leaned towards me, offering an even better view of those luscious globes, and said, “Then what do you have against them renting from you for a few hours of fucking?”

My eyes were mentally caressing those ivory skin breasts and her words coming at the same time made my balls ache.

“It just doesn’t…. What if…. ” I really had no excuse. “My wife would have flipped if I would have done that.”

“But she’s gone, Jerry,” Bobbi said softly, leaning forward to touch my shoulder. I nodded. It was long ago and I can think about her and talk about her without Escort Sultangazi the pain anymore.

“You’re right. Sometimes it’s just easier to do what we’ve always done around here and not have to think about it.”

“I get it.”

Roberta ‘Bobbi’ Jeanette Thibideaux

‘I bought you a brand new Mustang.. A nineteen sixty five, huh’

Jerry was a lonely guy, no doubt about it. He had accepted the death of his wife and moved on from that, but just has not really been living. The fact he got an erection when I unintentionally flashed him my tits, gave me hope.

“So you’re a sexy guy, Jerry,” I said, noting his reaction and wondering if anyone ever told him that. “I’d think you’d be using your own rooms here now and then.” I made it a statement and not a question. It still made him blush. He had a virility about him that would seem to be hard to temper. With a little nurturing….

He chuckled. “No, not me. Just a boring motel owner.” Those devilish blue eyes told me that once unleashed, this guy would be anything but boring.

“You don’t have any kids do you?”

“No, how did you know?”

“You’re not old like a guy that has been all wrapped up in his kids. Hard to explain.” I shrugged.

He looked at me for a moment. “So is that a good thing or a bad thing for me.”

Without skipping a beat, I replied, “Good. Oh it’s very good.”

·Then this is indeed my lucky day.·

I slid off the edge of his desk which left me standing close to his chair. ?ay I have a tour of one of the units? If you have time, that is.·

“Of course!” He stood up and had to brush against me when he went by.

He put an old Out To Lunch sign on the office door and locked it. We went to one of the back units.

As was typical back then, all the good stuff was on the outside. The rooms back then were meant for a quick bath or shower and a good night’s sleep before hitting the road again the next morning. It was fresh and clean smelling, but needed a little updating. Not remodeled, just new paint, curtains, that sort of thing.

I picked up the motel shampoo bottle and tossed it up and down in my hand. “You know, if you do decide to offer a little love shack room, I bet it would be a swinging door of traffic. I mean, who doesn’t like a little spontaneous sex right?” He nodded. “There are probably things you wouldn’t need in the room, like extra blankets, maybe other stuff…. Keep it simple and don’t use resources you don’t need.”

“Yes yes,” he said, thinking. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked around. “What else?”



“Paint, new curtains, blankets, and the like. You have the awesome terrazzo flooring, so nothing needed there. It’s in beautiful condition.” I walked around, considering everything. “The furniture is in great shape and of the era so I wouldn’t change that at all.”

“That’s all good and we can do that, yes.” I don'[t know if he realized he said ‘we’ but I liked it.

“You know we can get this in the media. There are followers of the atomic age, googie, space age, and ultramodern would love to stay in a place like this.” I stopped and laughed. “Just so you know that afternoon sex wasn’t all I thought about.”

This devilish blue eyes danced when he grinned and said, “I’ll remember that.”

Jerry Robertson

I felt like a moth around her flame, flying close, then backing off. What was it about her. I don’t remember ever having been this playful. But again, our age difference was at the forefront. Even if it was a game between us, I planned on enjoying it, for however long it lasted.

Her ideas for the units were all wonderful and I began to get inspired. She seemed to have an eye for it because of her love of vintage.

“Yes, paint and all the rest are possible,” I agreed. But she could have suggested anything and i would have agreed with her. “As long as you’re here to supervise it all.” I smiled.

“Yes! I’ll help! I’ll not only supervise but I’ll help paint and stuff. I love doing that!” She was flitting around the room like a butterfly while i enjoyed her breasts bouncing and sexy little ass in those tight red capris. “When can we start?!” She bounced up and down in front of me.

I smiled, not saying anything, just enjoying the impact of that luscious body my libido. She glanced down and grinned impishly.

“We can start anytime you want,” I said. “Anytime.” The sooner the better, I thought.

“Tomorrow? I can bring you paint samples unless you want to go look yourself?”

“No no no, it’s all yours, Bobbi.” I moved to the door. I hadn’t spent any money on this place other than general upkeep, and that was mostly behind the scenes, that i was willing to invest in this place.

Suddenly she hugged me and i was not expecting that. I wasn’t ready for the sweet smell of her neck, the softness of her hair, the creaminess of her skin, the firmness of her breasts into my chest. And I certainly hugged Taksim escort her tighter and longer than would have been normal for the situation, but she kept hugging me too, and I knew this was right. Whatever this was.

Roberta ‘Bobbi’ Jeanette Thibideaux

‘Guess you better slow that mustang down, huh’

Never expected that my whim this morning would turn into such an exciting project. I was irrationally excited to begin and stopped at the store after I left the motel.

I was somewhat surprised that Jerry was so agreeable to my suggestions. It made me wonder if it was just because he had been alone for awhile and had no one to do it for. I mean obviously an improvement in a business is always a good thing, but most people have to have an investment in it personally, even if it does include someone else.

It was apparent he had a physical reaction to me and I wondered if that was also because he’d had no one for awhile. Oh maybe he had been dating, but I suspected it was no more than a few dates here and there. I wanted to think he was interested in me, although I was likely too young for him.

I gathered a number of era appropriate paint samples and while at the store, got some pictures of possible window and bed coverings.

·Good morning! I brought you coffee. I hope you drink it. Just occurred to me you might be one of those weirdos that doesn? like coffee. I got sugar and cream in case you lean either way, or swing both ways. And since we need sustenance to get through this,·I tossed a box of donuts on the desk. He sat there, somewhat stunned. ?on? tell me you?e not a morning person?·

·Ummm, I am not a morning person, but you are waking me up. Quickly,·he said laughing. ?nd good morning to you too. You?e looking nice today Bobbi, and yes coffee is imperative.·

I admit I liked turning him on and dressed for that today. “Thank you,” i smiled appreciatively.

I sat on the edge of his desk and fanned the paint swatches out in front of him. I crossed my legs, today they were bare up to the short denim cut offs. I had a matching blue midriff baring tied shirt that was open from collar to the tie, creating a deep open V, giving a more revealing view of my breasts. I decided i was not going to play fair. I expected him to throw out stumbling blocks, but I was ready for them. I had set out to seduce him.

We quickly narrowed down what we liked, which I’m pleased to say were pretty much the same. We were not quite as in agreement over window and bed coverings, so I told him i would find some other ideas.

“Now we need to get the paint. I can give you a check you can pay with.”

“Why don’t you run and get it. I can stay here and check in any guests. It’s pretty clear how it works. I can call if I get in trouble.” He agreed and I tossed him the keys. “Here, take Sally.”

He didn’t argue, but walked out the door with a huge grin on his face, fired her up and off he want with a bright grin.

I checked in a couple of guests before he got back. “I see you got initiated as an innkeeper,” he said smiling.

“I did! These folks won’t stay long, ” I said, cringing and giggling.

“Really? How much did you charge them?” I showed him. “Wow, they paid that much.”

“Sure, they’ll pay for morning nookie. Or afternoon.” I laughed.

“I guess so!”

We started with the room next to the office so we could keep an eye out for any check ins and outs.

He grabbed a brush and began cutting in, and grabbed a roller. We were halfway around the room in no time.

“It’s so much brighter already!”

He stepped back and looked around. “I believe you are right!” I bent over to load the roller and started on the third wall. “You are a distraction though you know.”

I looked over my shoulder and he was pointedly looking at my ass. I knew the shorts had ridden up baring more than I normally would. For anyone but him that is. “Do you want me to change?”

“HELL NO.” I smiled and went back to painting. I like a man that didn’t beat around the bush. At least not until he was ready to deal with my bush. This man brought out my naughty thoughts, I’ll say that.

We got the first coat on the room and had to wait for the second, which i intended to do today. “Hey, I’ll help you change out those rooms while we’re waiting.”

It also took us no time at all to strip the beds, grab all the towels and take them to the washer. He started the washing machine and i went back to put clean sheets on. I was bent over smoothing the sheets and stepped back right into him. He grabbed my waist so neither of us would fall.

“Ooops, sorry, I didn’t know you were back there,” I whispered because neither of us had moved. I felt his erection against my ass. His hands tightened on hips. I relaxed back against him. He slid his hands up to my bare midriff and i gasped from the heat.

“Bobbi, I -“

We heard the crunch of tires in the parking lot and I jumped away as though I was stung. He went to the office while I finished the two rooms.

Jerry Robertson

Bobbi had no idea the thrill I got driving that gorgeous red Mustang, now christened Mustang Sally. A car was an odd connection between a man and a woman, I thought. But corny as it sounds, my life is already brighter with her presence in it.

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