Mummy Trained Me Well

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Do you remember starting my training all those years ago? Picking me up from college in your car, your skirt riding up in your seat so I could see your stockingtops. Of course I was nervous, only being eighteen at the time, but also so aroused as you drove us home, knowing Dad wasn’t going to be home for hours.

When we got home I would be ordered up to my bedroom and told to strip. There I would wait, naked until you told me to come to the bedroom. You looked magnificent in your tight white blouse, just holding your Motherly breasts in place. My cock would be rock hard as I looked at your tiny black mini skirt that rode up over your black seamed stockings. On your feet would be your four inch black patent stilettos. I would be ordered to walk in, hands behind my back, cock erect in front of you.

In your hands is a pair of your black kitten heeled slippers. I stand right next to you and with your manicured fingernails you examine my cock and balls with great interest. You then ask me what I am.

“I am Mummy’s shoe and stocking slave.”

You nod and then hang one of the slippers over my erect cock. The sight makes me quiver. You then grab my cock tight.

*SWISSHHHH* you cross your legs and my cock pulses in your hand.

*WHAP!* Your remaining slipper whacks against my bottom. I cry out and try to keep myself from crying. As you hold my cock tightly, the slipper hanging from it whacks against my full, sensitive balls.

You laugh.

*WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!* the slipper slaps against me as I shake and cry. I feel more sperm flooding my balls.

I’m then made to lie down. With the slipper removed you move one shoe on top of my cock and press down. The other you move to my mouth and i begin to suck gratefully on the heel. I moan with pain and pleasure as I do.

Your heels now both move to my cock. It is time for you to test me.

“Mummy’s red slingbacks tell me about them…”

“Mummy has Christian Dior red coral slingbacks. They were a present from her lover, Sally. Mummy enjoys wearing them when going out to dinner with women she wants to fuck.”

“Very good… Mummy’s black sandals?”

“Mummy has Jimmy Choo patent black sandals with a three inch heel. She likes to wear them while seducing young men that she works with. She loves to go to conferences and work away with a young man to fuck. She loves lying to Dad about it after too.”

“Excellent! And my grey peep toe heels?”

“Mummy has grey peep toe Prada pumps. She likes to wear them when meeting other Mothers who play with their sons. Mummy enjoys rubbing them up and down the legs of the other Mums as they discuss seducing sons.”

You were pleased, you stood up and pulled the miniskirt up over your hips and then slowly lowered yourself on to my face. My cock still strains as you begin to grind against my face and I lick and lap at your pussy. The ache in my balls continues as you get yourself off on your Son’s face. My tongue laps at your clit and you moan.

It doesn’t take much for you to cum as you rock back and forth sınırsız escort on my face, your stockinged thighs squeezing my head, your head back, crying out, your hands gripping my hair. I love my Mummy soo much.

The following evening I am lying in my bed reading. I know that in a minute Mummy will be coming in to tuck me in. Now I am eighteen she has a special way of doing it.

I hear her lightly tap at my door. I tell her to come in. She is wearing her soft satin gown, which is a light grey colour. On her feet she has a small heeled slippers on and I can see from her nylon covered toes that she is also wearing stockings.

“Just popped in to say goodnight,” she says, shutting the door behind her. She sits down on the chair next to the bed and with a *SWISHHHH* crosses her legs so her elegant stockinged leg stretches out where I can see it. She puts her fingers to her lips to show that I must be quiet.

Her hand reaches under the duvet and easily locates my hard cock. She grasps it and I wince a little. She then leans over and whispers to me. “Have you cum since I made you last?”

I shake my head.

“I see. Mummy would very much like it if you had a wet dream tonight. Do you think you can have one?”

This time I nod. Mummy smiles, she strokes my cock slowly.

“A nice wet dream about Mummy, making you cum, that would be nice wouldn’t it?”

I smile and nod once more.

“Daddy is going away this weekend. Does that make you excited? I’m very excited. A little man with a hard cock all for me to play with. That sounds very nice.”

I nod once more. Mummy smiles again and then begins to shake my cock more vigorously. I gasp, but she puts her finger to her lips once more.

“Do you know what I’m going to do, John? Mummy’s going to get all dressed up so your little cock will be nice and hard. I’m going to tease you and make your little balls boil. Mummy will make you cum all over her stockinged legs then. Mummy bought some new stockings just for you to make your little man’s mess all over them. Would you like that, baby?”

Nodding, I shut my eyes as I can feel the cum begin to rise in my cock. Mummy knows best and she relinquishes her grip on me. She leans over and kisses me on the forehead.

“Sweet dreams, my dear.” And with that, turns out my bedroom light and leaves.

That night I am dreaming about Mummy. She is stood over me in her skirt suit that she wears for work. Black with a white blouse. I am naked on the floor in front of her. She is grinning at me in that frightening, arousing way. The toe of her high heeled patent black leather shoe presses down on my balls. I expect pain, but none comes. Instead I feel intense pleasure. She then begins to flex her foot up and down, pumping my balls like it’s the pedal in a car. Suddenly the cum shoots out of me. It

splatters all over my body as she pumps it with her foot out of my balls. It shoots from me in long, satisfying spurts.

When I wake up, I find a sticky mess all over my boxer shorts.

In taksim escort the morning I want to tell Mummy the good news. I throw on my dressing gown and rush downstairs. Mum is in the kitchen wearing that same skirt suit from my dream.

“Mum, Mum, I did it-“

“Did what, Son?”

Horrified I turn and see my Dad taking one final swig of tea before heading out to his car.

“Oh I, um, solved this maths problem, Dad.”

Mum smiles at him and kisses Dad on the cheek.

“Have a nice day, dear.”

Dad rolls his eyes and jogs out of the door, leaving Mummy and me alone.

I sit down at the kitchen table as Mum watches Dad’s car pull out and then she turns to me.

“Did you have your wet dream about me, John?”

I nod enthusiastically and then undo my dressing gown. I proudly show Mummy the big sticky patch on my boxer shorts. She is pleased.

“Good boy!” she says. “Tell me about the dream…”

I explain what happened in as much detail as I could recall. It seemed to please her even more. She walked over to me and kissed me on the cheeks again. “Wonderful! What a lovely dream. I have so much that we can share, darling! So much!”

Mum then told me to have a good day at college and I would see her tonight. We couldn’t wait for the weekend.

Two days came and went. I was in agony waiting to see what Mummy wanted to play next. Eventually it got to Saturday morning and Dad left for his trip away. We both stood at the front door and waved him off. As I closed the front door, Mummy began to walk up the stairs. She stopped and turned saying to me “You will report to my bedroom in fifteen minutes…. naked.”

The minutes dragged by as I waited in my room, having undressed. When the time was up I knocked promptly on Mum’s bedroom door.

“Come in,” she said.

I walked into the bedroom, the light was dim with the curtains drawn. Mummy was wearing a black bustier that made her breasts wobble delightfully as she walked. Her legs were encased in sheer black stockings with a seam, that made them look soft, shiny and inviting. They were held up by a black suspender belt which was arranged around her black panties. On her feet were black leather pumps but taller and shinier than the ones she wore for work. She wore two long gloves that went past her elbows, they too were black and satin.

Without being able to utter a word, she told me to enter and kneel down. *SWISHH* she sat on the edge of the bed and crossed her legs. I mewed with pleasure as she arranged herself in front of me. She smiled.

“Mummy is very pleased with the way you’ve behaved this week, John. I think you deserve a reward.” She extended her leg out to my chest, I stared down at the sexy, pointed shoe in front of me. “Kiss it,” she said. “Kiss Mummy’s shoes.”

I was a little shocked at first, but after an initial pause I started to kiss the shoe in front of me. I gently cradled it in my hands and tasted the pleasure of kissing leather. As I planted little kisses on the tesettürlü escort shoe Mummy spoke to me.

“I’m glad you like my shoes, John. These are special ‘boy breakers’. No boys can resist their charms. It’s been so long since I had a boy to play with and now I have you.” She grinned at me. “My shoes have been hidden away for so long, John I am sure they are quite dusty, keep kissing them, cleaning them… Yes, a couple of years since I had a boy to play with. Mummy does crave virile young cock, making that cock hers… There have been may strong-willed boys over the years, tearaways and mischief-makers. Mummy broke them all in the end. Mummy made them spurt…”

I was trying to take this all in as I kissed her shoes, but I felt light-headed and overcome with desire. She told me to stop and to rest my head on her lap. I did as I was told, loving the touch of her black nyloned legs against my naked skin. I felt her shoe press down on to my balls ever so gently. She stroked my hair. I moaned softly.

“I can feel how full your balls are, John. A slight tap of Mummy’s shoe and she knows. Just like she knew you were ready after your first couple of wet dreams. I’ve longed for this moment since. You see, Son this is a special love that only a Mother and Son have. I will protect you, teach you, nurture you and yes, arouse and satisfy you. You will adore and worship me in return. I can give you all this, no other woman you ever meet will be able to do this. Understand?”

“Yes, Mummy.”

“In years to come you won’t have any girl trouble, Son. You won’t need to visit a prostitute or a dominatrix or anything like that. Mummy will have given it to you all. And all you will need to do is ask, if you need it… and you will need it.”

I tried to make sense of Mummy’s words but the touch of her legs and shoes on my body and her arousing perfume made my head spin.

“Do you need to cum, baby?”

I nodded. Mummy smiled that frightening smile.

“Beg for it.”

Without warning I was pushed away from her lap and on to the floor. I fell on my back and looked up at her towering over me, her high heel pressed down on my chest. I was suddenly frightened.

“Please, Mummy, please! Make me cum!”

She pressed harder. “Beg little man, beg Mummy to make you cum!”

“Please, make me cum, please Mummy please!” Tears were forming in my eyes. Mummy purred with delight. She told me to kneel up. I did so quickly, spluttering through my tears. She pressed my head to her breast, my tear-streaked face squashed against her fleshy globes. Then she clamped my cock between her nylon thighs tight. I squealed and kept crying. She moved her legs back and forth rubbing the smooth nylon against my weeping cock.

“Cum you dirty little boy, cum! Ruin Mummy’s stockings with your dirty little man cum. Spurt all over Mummy’s legs! Be a good boy and cum thinking of Mummy. Mummy is your goddess now! Spurt it, spurt it all now!”

“MUMMYYYYY!” I yelped as my cum shot and splattered all over my Mum’s legs and the dark stockings. I cried as I came and she held me to her chest, by tears rolling down her large, firm tits. I clung to her for my life, I never wanted to let go. She squeezed me tight and held me, rocking gently back and forth.

“There, there, baby. Mummy’s made it all better. Mummy’s made everything better…”

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