Mummy Has Left Us, Daddy! Don’t Cry

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I am glad Mummy has left Daddy and I.

On the morning of the second day past my 24th birthday I was woken up by my Mum mooching in my lingerie drawers.

‘What are you looking for, Mummy?’

‘My pink chemise, have you borrowed it. I can’t find it anywhere!’

‘Try the next drawer it may have been put in there by mistake. It’s a bit early in the morning to be going out on a hot date.’

‘I want it because I am packing to leave your Daddy!’

* * * *

It was the outcome of a trauma filled last twelve months for her. Things have not been like they used to be since my 48 year old Mum had decided that enough was enough and she no longer wanted to be the sole female member of my Dads card school and thinking it was time to leave, Now she has gone!

Before she went she handed over the keys and the reins to me and just like all absconding Mums do when they leave their one and only 24 year old daughter behind, she wished me the best of luck and warned me to stay out of Daddy’s perilous bed.

She was gone by Monday lunchtime. At 11.20pm the following evening I was summoned to remove my nightdress and to attend my Dad’s nocturnal needs.

I was greeted with bedding thrown back, arms wide open, and a, ‘I want to fuck you grin’ and a very big hard cock, out-thrust pussy-wards to meet me. The fact that I had been fingering a tune on my clitoris, thinking about him laying in the other room all alone had something to do with my eagerness to participate.

On a score basis of 1 to 10 my dad was an expert 15+ when it came to bed sports. The times I had tuned in to my parents nightly overtures of bed boards hitting stucco walls and my mums squeals and rhythmic moans and groans and her cries of, ‘Yes! Do it, do it deeper. harder faster, fuck me! Darling!’ told me my Mum had a real appreciation for his rumpy-pumpy prowess. Needless to say the Little Green Goddess, was I, their most nearest and dearest, who was supposed to be sleeping in my bed. Instead, I was twiddling with my plump vulva. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t an almost elderly virgin! Far from it. I was the original Queen of one night stands, or lay downs as I hated doing it standing up. Knee -jerkers are not my cup of tea, times I did let it happen, I found I had a stutter afterwards, even worse the feelings of amalgamated juices running into my silk stockings. Stains which took some explaining too Mummy. Now, the ex-chief washer and rinse of my silk stockings. Now that I would be washing my own I am glad I have given up the practice. I had a feeling that I would not have much use for lingerie from now on. I know for a fact Mummy used to attend the card meetings totally naked.

As for the number of guys who have notched a conquest taking me over the years is anybody’s guess. Problem is I have no idea what I am looking for? No doubt you guys out there will have a name for me, that is if you need to christen me? I would Escort bayan have been willing to settle with my Dad. His partner for life. At least that is what I told myself as I watched Mum’s car and loaded trailer going away in the distance. I had no delusions that he would strive his utmost to remove my thong and delve deeper into the secret of the sperm he donated 24 years or so ago.

I was conscious of my Mum’s perfume still clinging to the bed mixed with the aroma of my Dad. His arms clamped me like a steel vice to his overly warm naked body. I trembled when his hard cock nestled into my groin. He kissed my eyes, nose, ears and then our lips finally contacted, not as kin, we came together has lovers. His tongue was long, serpent like. Playfully I used my own to stop his tongue from entering. Then it was a tongue wrestling match and a saliva swapping, spit dripping tussle.

His hands were those of a truly great explorer. A pathfinder extraordinaire. His fingers traced every pimple, indentation, ridge and furrow of first one of my breasts and then the other. he spit on his palm to give each of my nipples the centrifugal treatment so that the nipple grew like a bullet and was tugged in all directions by the drag of his wet palm. Each tingle was sent by carrier pigeon to my vaginal nerve centre. Already I had the need to expose my pussy to him, I opened my legs to prevent access delay.

The message was received because his fingers fluttered downward with featherlike touch as his lips nibbled my right nipple I lifted the breast to feed his hunger. Offering him the breast made by my Mother and himself. When their loins fused together my tit was born for him. Born for him to suck succulently. He teased it with furtive tongue as his fingers reached my labia. Wet lips to a portal desperate for the penetration of the phallic sperm carrier of the father.

My hand suddenly found itself filled with his cock shaft, I had seen it but its size did not register until the moment my hand clasped it. My feeling senses measuring as I moved my hand exploringly along it’s full mind blowing length. This is the cock which gave my Mum so much pleasure and me sleepless nights and fantasy-full dreams. I was sublimely happy that at last the dreams were going to come true. The knob was wet and slimy with his pre-cum, my mouth watered. I had the desire to suck it and to be sucked in turn. I moved and spread my thighs around his mouth as I engulfed his rampant prick into my own mouth.

His busy lapping tongue was slurping away my inner juices as I felt his mushroom shaped cock-head smack against the back of my throat which made me baulk to vomit mode. I over came it. I had swallowed other cocks and I was going to swallow my Daddy’s if it was the last thing I did. My attempt coincided with his finger penetrating my asshole and a sudden cock lunge. I gulped and felt it being shoved hard downwards so that his Bayan escort loins pressed against my nose. His thick pubic hair was tickling my lips and nostrils. The smell of my Fathers loins! The need to be fucked was on me now. I was at the point of beseeching my Daddy to fuck me. His balls were already tight up to his strong thick shaft to the point where he had to slow down his movement almost to a halt. he was wise. I wanted his dick inside me. The way he was teasing my asshole, I knew his choice of holes could be either, either or all. He already had it in my mouth, just two to go.

I wasn’t really fussy for anal sex as my two previous asshole visitors had left me wanting. The first guy didn’t get it in, he died at the wee brown gate with premature ejaculation sickness. The other guy was successful at bridging the gap but shot his bolt trying to pull it back out. Another two-second wonder. He begged me to marshal his forces for another attack. The nerve of some guys! I used my strap-on up his ass instead. I think I hurt his feelings when I told him that his next bed partner should be a very macho male. Then again, I don’t know, I may have made him a happy man. There was a time when I thought I was a lesbian.

I gulped again when he suddenly withdrew his dick from my mouth we were still joined by a string of saliva. I tried to gobble it back into my mouth as my taste buds were onto a, ‘I want to taste his spunk craze.’ He moved and grabbed both my ankles and twisted me round so I landed on my back with my legs up in the air and he was knee-walking in between my thighs. I looked him keenly into his eyes and he wasn’t seeing me. He was seeing my gaping wet slippery pussy and naught else. I closed my eyes and went with it. It filled my cunt like a stabbed knife. I gasped for breath as it filled me up until his balls hit my ass. I screamed out as it hit and rented something inside me. He slammed my legs wide open and rammed in to the hilt so his loins were crushing into mine. I had never been fucked so deep before or so brutally. The impact seemed to explode my lungs and I moaned with my mouth wide open.

‘Oh Daddy! Oh you are hurting me it’s so big! You are raping me! Oh! Yes! I’m okay! Keep going! Daddy, keep fucking me! Oh I want this, I want this! Fuck me, Daddy! I’m cumin and you are cumin I can feel you cumin in my pussy!’

He sagged his weight down on top of me and his dick felt as if it was staying hard. I flexed my vaginal muscles around his rod, squeezing it. He answered with a twitch of his cock which made me giggle. I squeezed him again and he replied and we were laughing into each others mouths.

‘Have you ever had a cock up that delicious asshole of yours, Daughter?’

‘Oh! No, Daddy! Never! Did you do that to Mummy?’

‘You know I did! I knew you were listening at our bedroom door. Your Mum used to make sure you heard every word. I used to ram her ass harder Escort just to make her shout out louder. All the time I was fucking her ass, it was your ass I was wanting to fuck. Your Mum left home because I told her I fancied you and not her. I was always aware of you prick teasing me. Your Mum knew my hard cocks were materialising because you were flashing your pussy and ass at me. One night she told me to come to your bedroom and fuck you and she would hold you down while I did it. When I called her bluff she said she was kidding.’

‘I wish you had done, Daddy then Mummy would still be here. I would have shared you with her.’

‘I will be gentle with you, please roll over onto your belly for me, Darling. I have to have you, this ass of yours has been driving me mad since you were a teenager. I have just got to bugger you.’

‘What about the card school, Daddy? Will I have to do what Mummy did with all them men? They all fucked her, didn’t they? How many members are there in the club?’

‘It wasn’t compulsory for her and neither will it be for you. Once they have all had you once you will find it will be addictive as a drug. Same as asshole sex, once you have had it you will be hooked on it. As for members, they cum and they go if you’ll pardon the pun. There is about ten just now, I think. I think your Mum has been fucked by at least twenty men other than me since we have been hitched. You are young, you could exceed that figure, Darling.’

He was moving his cock out to the ridge of his knob and then slowly pushing it all the way back up me until I could feel his bollocks hitting my pussy and his crinkly pubic hair tickling my naked vulva. The walls of my asshole were being dragged backwards and forwards as if concertinaing. The rippling feeling within me was making my vagina tingle too. I had the need for further stimulation so I started to rub my clitoris frantically. He must have felt my need because he speeded up fucking me and then it was as if it was a race to the post accented by Daddy slapping my thigh with his bare hand. I started to slap my pussy too and I felt the build up of an orgasm which seemed to be involving my whole body down to my toes and even coursing a tingling in my ear-lobes. I was getting hot and cold alternatively until I was gasping for air and my heart was palpitating, my ass counter-thrusting on its own volition. Daddy’s ejaculation was strong and spurting, he gasped and shouted at each inward thrust. He collapsed forcing me flat to the bed and we both sucked in vital air into our spent lungs.

Laying there underneath Daddy which in itself is a very intimate moment, my well fucked anal passage involuntarily contracting, feeling his penis gradually shrinking inside me. My thoughts went to Friday evening when I knew I was going to be bruised and abused by four men including my Daddy and wanton as I am I could not help thinking of the ways I would be taken and the combinations which I would experience. My pussy was tingling and shedding more juices just thinking about it.

Friday night has not happened yet so I can’t tell you about it. I’m glad Mummy left Daddy and I.


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