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mum & sonsI just got out of the shower when the door opened and my gran walked in on me,“bloody hell” she cried out, Mum was just passing and dashed in behind her,“what is it” she asked in a panic,“that” gran pointed at me,“what am I looking at” asked mum,“that, that thing between your sons legs” she cooed softly,I was smiling, my plan had worked, I wanted gran to see what she was missing and I was willing to show her,“ho that” mum said, “I see it every day, he walks about here naked”“you could have warned me” gran said stepping forward a little,“just for you gran” I said wiping myself down with a towel,“just wait till he get excited, then you can say bloody hell” remarked mum, Gran turned and looked at mum,“you have seen your son with an erection” gran asked,“she sure has” I remarked, “I don’t hide my manhood from my mum”, “I bet you don’t” she said looking from mum to me and back,A smile came over her face like a light went on inside her, as my cock started to get bigger the smile got bigger,“so, do you help him out” she asked her daughter,Mum looked at me and I smiled, gran see me nod at her,“well yes I do but not the way you think” mum replied to her,My cock was hard now and gran had to sit down on the toilet seat,“the last time I see something like that it was on a horse” she looked at my cock like it has mesmerised her,Licking her lips she looked up to me,“so Steven, what do you and your mum get up to” she asked, I looked at mum waiting for her to say something but all she did was shrug her shoulders, “well gran it is like this, mum likes my cock, and I like older women, so we make love together” I said watching her face,Gran turned to mum,“it this right, you have sex together” she asked amazed,“yes, I know that it is wrong but I could not resist having that inside me, god it is so great” she said softly,“you know it is i****t” gran remarked,“yes of course I do but what the hell, we are having so much fun so hell with it” mum remarked,“don’t forget about me, I am having the time of my life, you see gran we both need etiler escort this, we are not hurting anyone and we enjoy having sex together” I said with now a very hard cock,Gran looked at me, “I can see why, you are a big boy, so I can understand why your mum likes to have sex with that” gran replied looking at my cock,“I tell you mum, it is so nice to have that thing inside you, it make you feel so womanly, so sexy and above all, horny as hell” mum said licking her lips,Gran looked at my large cock again,“the last time I had something like that inside me I brought it from a shop” gran laughed ,Mum moved forward and took hold of my cock,“well mum, why don’t you try this, it will make you feel a whole lot better” mum said,She looked up at me and I was thinking what must be going through her head,“it is ok gran, if you want we can make love, I would really like to do it with you” I said to her,She looked at me, and then to her daughter, “go on mum, try it, what have you got to lose” mum said, Mum took grans hand and put it on my cock, “it is like riding a bike, once you have done it, it becomes easier” mum said, Gran started to toss me off, slowly at first but she soon got into a rhythm and was pulling me with experience,“you can always kiss me if you want, I would like that” I said to her while I watched mum strip naked in front of me,Gran dropped to her knees and cuddled my cock, then she started to kiss the shaft, this was followed by the licking, mum came up to me and kissed my lips, “god, I feel so horny” she said rubbing he tits over my naked body,Gran was already into her stride, her lips were over my helmet and she was gently sucking on my manhood, “this is such a lovely cock” she said between mouthfuls of my cock,“you don’t need to tell me, I have had that inside me so many times and I still can’t get enough” mum replied, Mum stroked my naked body, turning me on more and more, she knew what I liked and she played towards this,Gran had taken me out of her mouth and ümraniye escort was rubbing my cock over her face; mum took hold of her hand,“come mum, we will be better on the bed, then you can see what it is like to have that inside you, tell you, you will not be disappointed” she lead the way to her bedroom.When we got there mum jumped on the bed and opened her legs wide, gran stood and the bottom looking down on her, now it was my turn to get them onto the bed and fuck them both together,I came behind gran and started to kiss her neck, she flung her head back, slowly I started to stripe her, once I got to her bra and panties I turned her towards mum, she had a smile on her face,“how do you feel mum” she asked,“Un-believably horny” she panted,I unclipped her bra and let it drop to the floor, her nipples were large and hard but not that big, I took them up with both hands and gently squeezed her nipples, she cooed,After fondling her tits for a little while my attention was on her panties, slowly I slipped them from her hips and they dropped to the floor, exposing her naked body for the first time,“wow, mum, you shave, I thought you would have a fluffy bit, I looked about her and she was smooth,“you both make me feel horny, now get on that bed, I need to give you something that you will enjoy” I said watching her lay down alongside mum,I took hold of my cock and wangled it at them,“who wants to be first” I asked,“me, no me” they both pleaded, “gran, I think I will fuck you first then mum you should be nice and wet so I will slip in very easy” I said getting onto the bed with them,Gran opened her legs wide, showing me her beautiful slit, I pushed the tip of my cock up to her cunt and wiggled it a little, the juices were oozing out of her as my cock rubbed up and down her lovely crack, she whimpered out as she took the first part of my throbbing cock, mum looked at me and smiled, as my cock disappeared deep into grans pussy, she cried out, slowly I rhythmically rode her sarıyer escort for several minutes, my knob had got the feel of her on the end of my dick, then I started to pump her faster and faster, then I slowed down, then I start the process over again, I found that this turned them on quiet quickly, I took my hard cock out of her and mum came up and sucked the bell end, gran was watching with a smile on her face, I pulled my cock from mum and slipped it back into gran, omg she cried out as I banged away at her cunt, suddenly she erupted into an orgasm, then again she cried out omg as I pushed my cock as far as it could go inside her, she took the whole cock deep inside her hot pussy,“omg, that was something else” said gran slightly out of breath,Mum tugged at my cock so I didn’t waste any time getting my cock from my gran to my mum, mum held onto my bum tightly as I pumped her fast and hard, harder she screamed and I banged her as hard as I could, she flung her hands thought her hair and scream that she was coming, gran had taken hold of her tits and was playing with mum, mums panting made me feel the love juice started to come up my cock, “I am going to come” I called to them both, Mum whipped my cock for her juicy cunt and came to me on all fours, “you need to see this up close” she said to gran,Gran was alongside her and I was wanking feverishly, When I came it was an explosion of sperm jetting from the end of my cock, the first cum sprayed all over mums face, I quickly turned my cock at gran when I unloaded my second load, this also got her in the face, more and more came out, mum watched till it was slightly trickling from the end then she took my cock and shoved it into her mouth where she greedily sucked me dry and clean, After they cleaned the sperm from their faces I collapsed onto the bed between them and they joined me, cuddling up to me they seemed to be satisfied with being fucked, me I wanted to go for another session, mum lent up on her elbow and looked at gran,“well mother, what do you think” she asked, “bloody hell sweet heart, your son certainly knows how to give pleasure” she was still smiling,Mum stoked my naked body and I started to rise, “there you go mum, do you want to be fucked again” she asked her,Gran looked at my nearly hard cock,“you bet, I can’t get enough of it” gran said taking hold of my cock and tossing me off.

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