Ms. Tanaka Fixes Me Ch. 02

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Chapter 2- Ms. Tanaka Takes Charge

Ms. Tanaka stood up, straightened her sheath dress and bowed to her daughter Hiroki to say goodbye. They exchanged a few final words in Japanese that I didn’t understand, gesturing at me and smiling then Ms. Tanaka laughed throatily and demanded the rest of my clothes. I took my pants off from around my ankles and gave her my shirt, leaving me feeling pretty ridiculous still in a pair of Hiroki’s pink stretchy tanga panties with a lacy mesh front. She patted me on the head and said, “Leave those on. I’ll be back” and left the room.

Hiroki studied me for a moment, shaking her head, “So, I’m planning to be traveling for at least two weeks, so you’ll have plenty of time to prepare for our future. It is very important for you to listen to my mother and obey her totally.” She came right up to me and wiped her still damp fingers under my nose. My cock reacted quickly to the familiar stimulus.

“You hentai(pervert)!” Hiroki exclaimed, reaching down to stroke my cock slowly, helping it rise completely, “You have no idea what you’re in for- my mother is very creative and diligent and her methods will have you begging for my return. But you know what? You’re going to love having her debase and humiliate you, won’t you, my hentai netorare shiko shiko (pervert jerkoff cuckold)?”

With that, she touched my face, patted my now rock hard cock through the damp crotch of her panties and went out the door. As I heard her drive away, my predicament grew clear to me and I felt a grip of fear pierce my sexual and sensual reverie- I was in a strange woman’s home (my girlfriend’s mother, but we’d only just met) wearing nothing but panties; no belongings, cell phone, wallet, or anything. No time to leave, even if I wanted to. Ms. Tanaka heels clicked loudly in the hallway, drawing near. She entered the room, still in her elegant sheath dress, high-heeled boots and black leather gloves, now carrying a black leather weekend bag, which she placed on the sofa. She turned to me, my cock straining against the mesh front of the panties as she came closer, her light perfume of ylang ylang and sandalwood enveloping and exciting me. I struggled to know where to look as my desire and fear clashed- she was stunning and had a clear, determined look in her eye, “Oh,” she started as if surprised I was still there, particularly with my cock now obscenely stretching the lacy front of the panties, “It seems that tiny chimpo really love panties. How typical for a yowamushi(sissy). Is that what you are? A sissy? Should I call you yowamushi-kun (sissy boi)?”

My face flushed and my hands involuntarily covered my cock. Her words which cut through me and I was deeply humiliated and embarrassed at being on display. Ms. Tanaka’s tone turned sharp as she stepped close and pulled my hands to my sides, “You are never allowed to cover your chimpo, do you understand me?” I stood stock still, cock even harder at her total dominance of me as she drew me over to the sofa. “Now, yowamushi-kun, ” She continued, her voice softening, dangerously, “Do you understand why you need training?” Her gaze held my eyes, the question hanging there for a second as I composed my thoughts, wondering the least embarrassing way to respond.

“Um,” I began, “Because of Hiroki?”

Ms. Tanaka’s eyes turned downward slightly, disappointed by my response, “Try again, tento-wo-haru (tent popper).”

“Because I need to obey her?” I tried.

Ms. Tanaka released her breath slowly to express her frustration, her voice elevating, “It’s not about my daughter. It’s not about me.” She sat down on the sofa primly, shimmying up her dress until it revealed the top of her dark grey stockings held up by a garter belt, a stark contrast to her creamy white thighs. My cock hardened further at the sight. She drew her hand along her thigh invitingly, waited a beat, and then, in response to my non-response, “My patience is limited,” gesturing with her elbow length glove over her lap.

I bowed my head, brain working furiously to reconcile my desire to submit completely to this goddess and my fear of submission and all the implications to my masculinity and identity. Ms. Tanaka pointed to her lap impatiently, so I relented and lay down across her thighs. “Hmmph,” Ms. Tanaka said as she slowly started rubbing my pantied ass, “Some pantybois aren’t very smart, are they?” One finger crept up under the waistband of my panties and pulled them down, her index finger dragged through my crack, causing me to shiver with pleasure. “Yes?” asked Ms. Tanaka, a victorious smile in her tone as her legs spread slightly to allow my little dick to drop between her thighs, tightening them again as my cock met the top of her silk stockings, the friction forcing a moan from me as I thrust down slightly trying to draw more pleasure. Her right hand came down hard as her left arm held my body in place. “Ugokanai de (don’t move) sissy!” Her hand spanked me again, the pain sharp, and again, and Tipobet again, quickly gathering pace as her hand moved around my buttocks, distributing punishment evenly. I groaned with each blow, feeling the warmth grow as she spanked me harder, my cock like diamond as every smack dipped my dick through the slick stockings, the pleasurable friction in dynamic tension with the growing pain in my ass, which quickly grew intolerable as she hit down harder and harder, the sharp spanks echoing in the big room.

I reached back with my hands, “Please stop, Tanaka-sama! I can’t take it!”

Her hands roughly pushed mine away but the blows paused…for a moment. She bent over, unzipped the weekend bag, withdrew a rectangular leather paddle and smacked the sofa seat in next to my head with a loud THWACK! She held the paddle in front of my face, waiting, “Well, Tiny? What do you need?”

I was silent, knowing the answer but still unwilling to break. Ms. Tanaka wrapped her right hand around my scrotum and slapped the paddle gently on my ass. I jumped a bit, the sensation both sharper and fatter than her hand. The paddle came down, harder. I squealed loudly, thrusting downwards in reaction to the contact, cock tight between her thighs, now slick with precum, my motion arrested by her control of my scrotum. She paddled me again and again, persistently developing a rhythm and increasing pace slowly, my butt jerking up and down until she tightened her grip on my scrotum, pulling downwards until I couldn’t move at all, “Ugokanai hentai (don’t move pervert)!” The paddle now beat out a steady rhythm on my ass, cock edging from the friction of her stockings until I couldn’t withstand the sensory overload. I was about to blow, damn the consequences, when Ms. Tanaka stopped abruptly, releasing my cock from her thighs. She put the paddle down and had me kneel in front of her, watching her. Ms. Tanaka’s right hand moved up over her panties and then dipped below the waistband, a slippery sound emanating as she pushed her hand in deeper, eyes closed in reverie. I was transfixed as she moved her hand quickly beneath the semi-transparent fabric. Her free hand flew up into her bra, pinching her nipple sharply. Breath quickening, her movements intensified, expert at self-pleasure and with a loud cry, “Iku! Iku! (I’m coming)”, Ms. Tanaka peaked. Her eyes opened, fixed on mine as she withdrew her hand and rubbed her fingers on my top lip, “Inhale.”

As I drew breath through my nose, the scent of her arousal flowed through me, cock swollen tight. “Smelling the manko (pussy) of your girlfriend’s mother, ” Ms. Tanaka spanked my cock, making it jump, “You are such a dirty hentai!” Spanking my cock again, harder, laughing as it keeps springing up.

My cock, now almost purple with need, oozed a large drop of precum, which she took on a finger and smeared on my bottom lip. She reached down again with one gloved finger to vibrate the frenulum just below the head of my dick, “Why do you need training, shiko shiko (jerk-off)?”, she asked. My cock dripped precum, which she gathered on her finger and smoothed it around the head and then her finger stilled. My hips involuntarily pushed forward to create friction against her finger.

Rather than stop me, she laughed, saying, “Tiny chimpo ready to cum, isn’t he?” Her voice sharpening, “Look at me!”

I looked at Ms. Tanaka and in that moment, saw her absolute control over me and my desires. I finally understood what I needed, “I need to be trained because I have no control,” I started. She nodded, waiting for more. My hips moved faster, thrusting towards her, frustrated by the little friction I was getting from her single digit. “I need to be trained to control my cock”

She smiled at me malevolently, “You need to be trained to control your what?” She asked.

“I need to be trained to control my chimpo,” I responded, moving my cock faster against the slick leather of her finger, the sound obscene in the quiet room other than my heart roaring in my chest.

“Not quite, shiko shiko (jerk-off) boy,” Ms. Tanaka’s forefinger and thumb now trapping my dick, jacking it slower than I needed, “You don’t have a big cock, do you?” Her hand slowed almost to a stop, my rising orgasm slowed, urging the response I knew she sought.

“My tiny chimpo,” I answered, “I need to be trained to control my tiny chimpo.”

The stroking rapidified anew, “I’m going to turn you into a useful kerai (servant) for my daughter…and for me. I love training undisciplined pantyboys and I can’t wait to break you.”

My dick was now standing up at a forty-five degree angle, precum flowing freely.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you sissy?” she asked, fingers moving faster, knowing my response, “You are going to shiofuki (squirt) your tiny chimpo whenever you get even a little excited, binbin-daze(Mr. Boing Boing)! But you will not shiko shiko(jerk-off)!” Her fingers encircled, then gripped the head of my penis, forcing Tipobet Giriş a gasp from me. After a moment she let go and again placed her finger under the head of my cock, “You will only come when I allow you to and when you are rubbing your chimpo on my finger. Do you understand?”

My thrusts desperate now, pumping my little dick across Ms. Tanaka’s finger, trying to increase friction. I nodded my head fiercely in agreement.

“This is going to be so easy, tiny,” Ms. Tanaka laughed, “You little pantyboi hentai just can’t help yourselves, can you? Over the next few days, whenever your little chimpo gets hard, you’ll have to beg to fuck my finger until you cum. Will you do that?”

I nodded again, “Please, Ms. Tanaka, I need to cum!”

“Fuck my finger, sissy!” Ms. Tanaka commanded, “cum if you need me to control you, to own you, to make you my pantyboi kerai (servant). Cum if you want me to humiliate you and make you a netodare hentai (pervert cuckold) who begs to eat nakadashi (creampie).”

My cock lurched at her profanity, my breath drawing shallow and fast as I ran my cockhead along her finger, the point of friction between the head and shaft almost burning from the friction. She placed her cupped palm below the head and whispered harshly, “Cum, tiny, you disgusting little hentai! Shoot your seieki (semen) like the tiny chimpo sissy you are. Da-shite(come)!”

Her words flung me over the edge.

My whole body froze, taut with tension and with a guttural cry I came; both revelatory and a bit painful from my overstimulated frenulum, my orgasm hit hard, “Thank you Tanaka-sama, thank you!”

Her laughter was her only response, a high, pealing laugh at my display. My cum shot hard into her cupped hand then, as the spurts slowed and cum continued oozing, my breath returning to normal, she took her finger from below my softening dick and held it up to my lips, glossy with a big pearl of jizz at the tip. “Look at me, tiny chimpo! Ms. Tanaka demanded, “What a hentai you are. Lick!”

As my tongue extended to lick the droplet of sperm, Ms. Tanaka thrust her finger into my mouth and I sucked hard for a second until she pulled out her finger with a loud pop.

I started to move to get up but Ms. Tanaka pushed down on my shoulder. I stopped moving, waiting for her instructions. She reached down to the bag, pulling out her mobile and pointing it at her cum filled palm, pearly goo turning clear as it pooled, then pointing it at my face, “Now, hentai, what do you want?”

I can’t describe the humiliation of fucking your girlfriend’s mother’s finger to orgasm while she berates you and then being forced to ask to lick up the jizz now cooling in her cupped palm. The emotions flushed my face red as I looked at her face beyond the phone. Her eyebrow arched expectantly and I drew a breath to voice this final humiliation, “Please, Tanaka-sama, may I lick up my semen?”

“Not much enthusiasm for your reward and for all the pleasure I allow you, tiny,” she responded, a smirk crossing her face.

I bowed my head, then raised it again, “Arigato gozaimas (thank you so very much) for my undeserved pleasure that you allow me, Tanaka-sama. May I please have the privilege of cleaning your hand of my seieki (semen)?”

She nodded her assent and I dropped my head to start licking.

“Sissy,” Ms. Tanaka stopped me, “Look at me!”

I brought my eyes up as I dipped my tongue into the sticky mess. Loud laughter came from the phone. Hiroki. Ms. Tanaka was video conferencing my debased moment with her daughter.

“Lick up your mess, Tiny!” My girlfriend ordered, “Such a hentai…and in front of my mother!” she mock scolded me, knowing the humiliation made my excitement that much greater.

I licked as they laughed at me and directed me through getting all traces of semen off of the glove. Finally finished to their satisfaction, Ms. Tanaka patted my face with the now clean glove and pointed the lens at me closely, “Wish my daughter a good trip, tiny!”

“Have a safe trip, Hiroki-sama! I love you!”

“I know you do, Tiny,” replied Hiroki, “Now you be a good yowamushi-kun (sissy boy) for my mother.” With that the video stopped, replaced with a selfie Hiroki just took, her skirt pushed up, the outline of her hand under her white panties, one finger clearly plunged into her cleft..

“Don’t worry, sissy, ” Tanaka-sama assured me, standing up and straightening her dress once again, “You’ll see your mistress again soon. Now follow me.”

I got off my knees and followed Ms. Tanaka as she walked through the house, the main public areas grand and exposed on all sides with walls of glass. She turned into the dining area and kitchen which faced a beautiful traditional Japanese garden. I was dumbstruck by the beauty of the house, yet also mesmerized by Ms. Tanaka’s tight butt as she moved swiftly into what appeared to be the residential wing.

“This,” Ms. Tanaka gestured Tipobet Güncel Giriş to a room fronted by glass that looked over a pristine valley and to the ocean beyond, “is my room. You are never to enter my room without permission.” The tour continued past a spa-like bathroom and to the end of the hall. She opened the door on the right, “This is your room, ” issuing me in with her hand.

I followed her gesture into the room and gasped as she flicked the light on. The large room was entirely pink- soft eggshell pastel pink walls, flamingo pink linoleum floors with white fur accent rugs, a mirrored armoire, dresser and mirrored vanity in matching dark pink and a four poster metal framed king-sized bed in high gloss dark pink with a barbie pink mesh canopy and a barbie pink satin comforter. Off to one side was a sparkly pink vinyl tufted chair and matching otttoman with silver legs, pink straps and cuffs askew on both. One wall was entirely mirrored doors of what appeared to be closets and I could see past the bed to a wide glass sliding wall connected to a bathroom decorated in identical pinks. A huge drum light covered in translucent pink satin washed the room in yet another layer of pink. The color and the sissiness of the room sharply contrasted the subtle and elegant design of the rest of the house and then I realized the room’s purpose: to strip away all masculinity and manhood. I stopped, stunned, a shocked expression on my face.

“Don’t you like your new room, sissy?” asked Ms. Tanaka, a deceptively light tone in her voice, “Once my daughter told me about you, I got the room ready after four years of not being used. It was my late husband’s favorite place…and now will be your favorite place.”

“Tanaka-sama,” I almost started crying, reality setting in, “I don’t know if I can do this…this is all too much for me…I don’t want to be a sissy…” The tears flowed freely as fear took over desire.

“Tiny chimpo, ” She interrupted not unkindly, Ms. Tanaka’s tone now maternal “I know this is a scary change for you and all change can feel difficult, especially as you say goodbye to your old life.” She moved into the room and sat down in the armchair, patting the ottoman in front of her. I followed and sat down facing her, my butt sliding easily across the slick vinyl. She reached out and took both of my hands in hers, “But this is what you want and surely you know it’s your destiny…and both Hiroki and I recognize what you need and have the expertise to help you. And do you know how fortunate you are? I’m CEO of a medical device company with thirty years of experience on top of an MD/PhD. We’ve invested years of R&D into neurofeedback and AI for our products. But do you know what that technology is amazing for? Sex tech. We’ve been evolving and adapting our AI and neurofeedback and microsensing capabilities into toys and experiences. So you’ll be the beta beta tester of new products for us!” Ms. Tanaka laughed at her joke, “We’re on the cutting edge and you get to be a part of that as well as benefit from my experience.”

My tears stopped as her words convinced me that not only this is what I wanted and needed but also that I was in the best possible hands. I wiped away the tears from my eyes and smiled at her.

Ms. Tanaka continued, “Sissy, I trained my husband for decades- you remind me of him so. Know this: I will train you very hard, ” Her fingers gripped mine for emphasis, “So you can be proud to be our sissy sabanto (servant). Isn’t that what you want? To serve and worship us and to be worthy of us?”

I nodded slowly, recognizing the truth as I heard it. My shoulders and tension dissipated with the knowledge of how rare a privilege it was to have such an experienced and capable patron to guide me into my deepest felt and most secret desires.

“Thank, Tanaka-sama,” I finally answered, mustering up my most polite Japanese, “I apologize for my emotional outburst.”

She released one of my hands and pulled me up with the other, “It’s okay, tiny, ” her expression went from maternal to dominant, predatory, “First things first, we need to get you cleaned up.”

As she walked towards the bathroom, Ms. Tanaka instructed me to unzip her dress as she paused at the threshold. I pulled the zip down and she stepped deftly out the dress and held it for me to hang on a hanger. She turned to hand me her leather gloves as well. She was stunning- perfectly curvy, alabaster skin, large cleavage pushed high by a grey lace silk bra, her butt wrapped in matching lace panties and a garter belt holding up the stockings encasing her legs. She slid off her heels and stepped into the bathroom, pausing to put each foot up on a stool as she slipped off her stockings, leaving her in panties, garter belt and bra. I was mesmerized by her beauty and captivated by her ease and confidence. She reached up and pulled down a body length bright pink pvc apron, which she slipped over her head and secured with a tie around her back. She reached into a pocket and put on the pink latex scrubbing gloves contained within. Ms. Tanka then put on a pair of pink wellington boots that were sitting on the floor and pointed to the large glass shower enclosure, commanding me, “Strip and get in.”

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