Ms. Laura Pt. 02 Ch. 11

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Chapter 11

The first light hadn’t penetrated the curtains when I heard bare feet on the floor walking towards me. I opened my eyes to see Emily looking down at me.

“What are you doing on the floor?” she asked smiling.

She was only in the underwear from last night. Her thong was black and the lacey bra lifted her breast, making them look even bigger. I didn’t know what to say to her and fought the urge to stare at her beautiful body.

“Sorry I must have kicked you out of your own bed,” she chuckled as she found her blanket and covered her body, “I appreciate you letting me sleep here. It was very kind of you.”

I sat up and groaned, “no problem.”

She knelt down and looked me in the eye, “you look a little stiff. I could help you with that.”

For a second my aching back and stiff joints made me want to say yes, but I quickly realized it wasn’t the stiff she was talking about. My morning wood could clearly be seen through my shorts.

I covered up, “that won’t be necessary.”

She smiled and stood back up, “I need to start getting ready and call for my taxi. I’m leaving after breakfast.”

Emily walked away once again taking off the blanket and flashing me her nearly bare ass. Once she was out of the room I crawled back into the bed. My cock strained against its own skin in longing for this woman. At least she was going to be gone today. I could get some release with Ms. Laura finally.

Christmas Eve, I imagined all the things she could do to me today. Maybe she’ll have some Christmas themed lingerie or something. Whatever it was, there was nothing to hold back or hide. I was going to be almanbahis her slave and was going to be used.

I stroked my own cock for a minute, but stopped short of truly masturbating. I wanted to be more sensitive to her touch and give her the biggest load I could.

I fell asleep for a little bit, back in my warm bed. After the sun had finally came up, I took shower then came downstairs. In the kitchen I found Emily frying some eggs and bacon.

“Wants some? I’ll throw some extra on for you,” she offered.

“Sure!” I wasn’t going to say no to eggs and bacon.

After a minute of watching her cook I noticed she wasn’t making a third plate, “Where’s Aunt Laura?”

“I’m not sure,” Emily said casually, “my taxi gets here in about thirty minutes she’s going to miss me leaving.”

I walked closer to the kitchen entrance, “Should I wake her up?”

“No, she can be pretty cranky if you do that,” Emily started to serve up the eggs, “she’ll be up soon and if she misses me, I’ll see her tomorrow evening.”

I nodded apprehensively. We ate breakfast together and talked about each other’s families. When she wasn’t laying on the sexual tension thick, conversation with Emily was pretty natural. Eventually she got a text that her cab was outside and I saw her to the door. Part of me was going to miss having her around, but the other part of me was excited to finally be rid of her.

Once she was gone I walked back inside and gave a glance up at Ms. Laura’s room. The door was still shut and I heard no sound coming from it. I was in an awkward position. I wanted to run upstairs and tell her Emily was gone. almanbahis giriş We were finally free to let the freak flag fly, but doing so would be rude if she was just trying to get some sleep.

On the other hand I was alone in a strange house. I had really nothing to do and didn’t want to be nosy. After some casual walking around to get another look at the place I sat down in front of the TV. It was eight thirty. She would be up soon.

I laid back and started flipping through channels. Before long an hour ticked by, Ms. Laura was still in her room. No big deal, I need to stop being so impatient. I got into a movie and watch for another few hours before looking at the clock, eleven thirty. My gut turn a little bit, it was almost lunch.

The only thing more awkward than being alone in someone else’s house was stealing all their food while they slept. Hadn’t she gone to bed at the same time as us? Did she go to sleep right away or stay up watching more TV? I sighed. I was supposed to be her slave, and she can sleep if she wants to.

My resolve only last another hour. It was past noon and I hadn’t seen or heard from her. My desire to play our game was now eroding into concern. Was she alright?

This waiting was becoming unbearable. She would have been asleep for over fourteen hours by now. I was going to have to check on her. I stood up quickly and started up towards her room. As I did though, doubt still ran through me. What if this was game of her’s? What if I was going to be punished?

I came to the door and abased myself by getting on my knees. Staring at the paneling I thought about almanbahis yeni giriş it a little harder. If this was a game I might like the punishment. Taking a deep breath I knocked on the door then waited.

Counting backwards from sixty to not sound rude or impatient I waited for her to come to the door. Nothing happened. It was quiet. I again knocked a little louder and began my count. As I counted down again, coming to almost ten, the door opened.

What I saw greet me at the door was such I surprise I briefly lost my bearing and must have made a face of shock. Ms. Laura stood in front of me in a silk robe. She wore no makeup and her hair was a mess. A genuine look of exhaustion was written across her face, followed by embarrassment as she read mine.

She jumped back behind the door, “Oh Johnny, what’s wrong?”

I was scared that I may have offended her and stammered, “Sorry Ma’am I just thought it was getting late and I should check to see if you are alright.”

“Oh,” she said shocked, “what time is it? Did Emily leave already?”

“Yes ma’am,” I replied gaining back my confidence, “it’s almost one o’clock.”

“In the afternoon?” she asked again truly shocked, “shoot I didn’t intend to sleep this late. I’m terribly sorry. I wanted to get up with you guys and see Emily off.”

“It’s ok Ma’am,” I tried to reassure her, “you’re up now and we have the rest of the day.”

She made a frustrated grunt then sighed, “Okay, I’m going to put myself together. I suppose Emily being gone we get down to business.”

I smiled from ear to ear as the blood rushed from my head to my groin.

“Give me another half hour or so, then strip out of your clothes and put on the things I told you bring. I’ll meet you down stairs by the tree,” she didn’t wait for my reply and shut the door.

“Yes ma’am,” I said enthusiastically.

I then popped up to my feet and ran to my room.

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