Mrs. Nelson’s One Piece Pajamas

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When I was in college I would often sleep over at my friend Bill’s house. I liked going over there because his mom was very friendly and she always had ideas for fun things to do. Mrs. Nelson was a big, healthy Minnesotan who spoke like they do up there with the weird way they pronounce “o”s like the Canadians. She had a cute face with a turned up nose and she would always muss my hair when I arrived.

“Oh, look who it is! Little Johnny!” she would say to me in a humorously condescending way.

This time when I went over there we had a barbecue and then went back inside to play cards. She fed us deep fried cheese curds and Bundt cake as we played and talked. She got up several times to serve us and then excused herself and left.

“Your mom is the greatest!” I said to Bill as I stuffed more of her delicious food into my mouth.

“Yeah.” he replied, his voice muffled with food as well.

Then Mrs. Nelson came back dressed in a full length one piece pajama jumpsuit and asked us how we were doing. We grinned and nodded and kept gobbling, but I couldn’t help but notice Mrs. Nelson’s body. It was as shapely as ever, but something about her hips and butt seemed exaggerated. I continued to watch her discreetly as she cleaned up the kitchen, but it wasn’t until she bent over to open the oven door that I finally realized she was wearing a diaper under her flannel pajamas!

I looked at Bill and he seemed oblivious.

“Well, you fellas sure did polish off this plate of food!” she said as she came back and stood over us.

“Yes ma’am”, I said smiling sheepishly.

Then Bill stretched his arms over his head and yawned.

“Thanks mom.” he said as he got up.

“All ready for your toasty beds now!” she asked as she picked up the empty plate.

“Oh yeah”, he replied, “see you in the morning.”

“Good night, Mrs. Nelson.” I chimed in before we both headed up to Bill’s room.

That night I had trouble sleeping as I tried to figure out why Mrs. Nelson would be wearing a diaper. She wasn’t that old so why would she need it? I couldn’t ask Bill about it and I doubted he had even noticed it. I began to have strange feelings toward her as I lay there. What did she do when she peed in it I wondered?

Then as I listened to the rise and fall of Bill’s snores, I drifted off to sleep with the image of his mother’s big, padded, wiggling rear end in my head.

The next morning Bill was gone when I woke up. Then I remembered he had an early class that day. I sat up in bed and rubbed my head. It was weird not having him there. What was I going to do now? When I got up I saw the note on the dresser.

“My mom says she’ll make a cheese omelet for you. Don’t be late!” it read.

So I got dressed and washed my face and went downstairs.

On my way I was met by the smell of onions cooking. When I arrived in the kitchen she was at the stove still dressed in the same pajamas.

“Well! There’s the sleepy head!” she said with a smile.

“Good morning, Mrs. Nelson.”

“Did you have good dreams?” she asked.

The question was sort of eerie since I had had several dreams about Anadolu Yakası Escort her. I looked and saw she was still wearing the diaper.

“Ummm… I don’t really remember.” I said self consciously.

“Oh! So you were having THOSE kind of dreams!” she suggested with a wry look.

I think I must have turned beet red before I managed to reply.

“No.” I said in discomfort.

“It’s okay, John, we all have them.” she consoled.

She brought a heaping plate of eggs and potatoes to me and sat down. I heard the diaper crinkle beneath her as she did.

“Aren’t you going to eat?” I asked.

Oh, I’ve already had my yogurt. Gotta watch the figure.” she insisted.

She sat there watching me as I raised each forkful.

“This is really good!” I finally said to fill the silence.

“Thanks, John. I’m always happy to have you over. You’ve been such a good friend to Bill.” she said, staring thoughtfully into my face.

My discomfort increased. She shifted back and forth on the bench seat and the diaper made noise again. I looked down towards the sound a few times

as I chewed. I began to fidget with nervousness. I couldn’t seem to stop myself from focusing on her diaper. I wondered what it looked like and how it felt. Was she peeing in it right now?

“What’s the matter, John? You’re twitchin’ like a racehorse at the derby! Is there something you need to tell me?”

Was she doing all this on purpose I thought? My eyes kept diverting down toward the diaper. Why was she doing this to me? Finally I dropped my fork on the plate and covered my face with my hands.

“Oh John! What is it?” she pleaded, shifting over to put an arm around me.

The diaper crinkled loudly again.

“I’m sorry.” I blurted, “but…”

“Yes, John?”

I knew there was no more holding it in. I was going to burst if I didn’t come out with it.

“It’s just… I know you’re wearing a diaper!” I blurted.

There was a long silence. Then slowly I peered around my fingers to take in her expression. I expected shame and horror, but her face was filled with wonder and amazement. I brought my hands back down.

“You understand, don’t cha!” she exclaimed.


“Oh yah, you’ve got a thing for diapers too!” she announced.


“It’s okay, John.” she assured, “Come with me.”

I slid over and stood up and she guided me by the arm to her bedroom.

“My parents made us wear diapers all through childhood so they became second nature to us. Each night we had to change into them so the beds would stay dry.” she confessed as she lead me to a divan, “Have a seat here and I’ll show you.”

She walked over to her night stand and removed a large over-stuffed diaper from the drawer. She brought it over to me like she was sharing hidden treasure. I took it from her and felt a surge of excitement.

“So these are the ones you wear?” I asked as I opened it with fascination.

“Yah, pretty sturdy, huh!”

“Yes.” I replied absently as I delved into its tactile universe.

Then she went to a bureau and returned with a pair Bostancı Escort of one piece pajamas like the ones she was wearing.

“Here’s some P.J.s for ya. Go ahead and change in my bathroom.”

“You want me to put the diaper on?” I asked slowly.

“You betcha!” she replied.

I was shaking when I got into the bathroom and shut the door. What was she trying to do, turn me into a diaper freak like she was? But then the diaper felt so good in my hand and gave me a sense of excitement I’d never known before. I removed my clothes and pulled it up between my legs. My butt would be safe now and padded like Mrs. Nelson’s. I fastened the sides of the diaper and slid into the pajamas which fit me a bit loosely in the seat. In the mirror I could see the diaper was still quite visible beneath. Now all I had to do was open the bathroom door and face Mrs. Nelson. I emerged and she glowed with happiness at the sight of me.

“Holy guacamole! Now I’ve got a playmate!” she declared ecstatically.

We skipped out into the living room and sat down together on the couch. I was seeing her in a completely different way now as she sat next to me making faces. She was just a dumb girl and I was going to show her I was better. Then she pushed me over and straddled me.

“Wanna wrestle?!” she propositioned.

“Hey! You’re a cheater!” I yelled.

But Mrs. Nelson was more than a girl and she had the strength to prove it. She soon had both of my arms pinned behind my back. I struggled hard but she had good skills. Try as I might, I couldn’t break her hold on me. Finally I managed to roll her off the couch and I had the advantage briefly as I was able to hold her around the waist from behind. Her diaper scrunched as I swung an arm between her legs to try and turn her, but she was steady as a sawhorse. I was quickly winded as she fought off all my efforts to pin her.

When I stood and backed away to catch my breath, she came at me in a crouch, arms wide. She surged into my mid-section and drove me back. Then she shifted behind me and maneuvered me into a full nelson. I flailed from side to side but she kept me in control with her amazingly strong legs and hips. With my upper body neutralized, the advantage became hers. As I struggled she brought me down slowly to a face down position on the floor.

“So, did yah ever think you’d get beaten by a girl!”

“You wait until I get up!” I retorted.

“Holy smokes! I think he’s mad!” she taunted.

Mrs. Nelson then turned me over and grabbing my legs behind her, pushed my shoulders into the floor as her crotch hung over my face. From this cradle position I was immobilized.

Her strength and agility surprised me and I assumed she had learned all these moves wrestling her siblings as a girl.

“You’re not so confident anymore, smarty pants, are yah?” she said as she held me down compliantly.

I didn’t reply to her this time since I was still struggling for air.

“Is the baby gonna cry now?” she continued.

“Is he gonna poop his pants?”

So this was the game she had played as a girl with her brothers when they were all in Ümraniye Escort diapers on those Friday nights!

Her diapered butt was almost on my throat now. But luckily she became bored with this position and she let me loose to breathe momentarily.

She shifted back and let my legs drop and sat on my stomach as she held my arms pinned above me.

She bounced her wide, crinkly ass on me as she looked down into my face.

“It’s okay, everybody has to lose sometime.” she lectured as she bounced.

Suddenly I understood why I was so excited by the diaper. It was the receiver of all lost control. It was the thing to hold as proof of defeat. It was the prize of my opponent. The thing she held up like the head of Goliath. And one day I would have Mrs. Nelsen’s diaper as my prize if I practiced and seized my opportunity.

My urine was soon flowing like a stream of contentment into the over-padded diaper that caressed me. Mrs. Nelson was in a state of excitement as well. Her bouncing soon turned into grinding and I wondered if she was relaxing her own muscles at that moment. Her eyes were closed and her face concentrated as she moved. She was waiting for me to release everything, and as I watched her, I did. I was the defeated sibling and my defeat was now expressed in fullness and completeness. It flowed like hot lava, lava that she sensed and grew energy from. She too would release, but in a different way. The orgasm would rumble down from her brain into the seat of her physical power between her legs. And it would linger and rise as my diaper grew full.

“Oh by golly!” she exclaimed as she grabbed at the padding of her diapered ass, “Fill it up for me!”.

When it was done she fell away to one side of me, wasted. And seeing her there panting made me understand what the next move was. I got over her and unzipped my own pajamas and hers. Her pale, voluptuous body was now exposed to me. She tried to crawl away but I was still able to pull her diaper down and off. My erection came up and out on its own and it was soon planted deep in her sweaty box.

“Oh gosh!” she said as I began to repeat the penetrations forcefully.

The beaten man with the diaper full of his own waste was now the man fucking her cunt! I worked over her like a beast possessed, taking in each little coo and gasp as my member expanded inside her. I knew this had been the end goal all along. She wanted my fucking to be vengeful and hard because that’s the way it had always been before. I spanked her big, round, firm, ivory ass as she held it up for me to fuck. Her butt crack was dark the way I like it and her cunt was still muscular and taut. It wrapped around my cock like an anaconda.

Then the thought came to me, “I’m fucking Bill’s mother!”

But that thought passed quickly as my balls began to tighten and my root began to pump its contents into her. She was whimpering something, but I couldn’t hear her over my own grunting.

I pulled myself out of her still hard and fell back against the couch. I looked at her and she looked at me in dazed disbelief. We were both diaper fetishists and we never really understood the extent of it until that day.

A few minutes later Mrs. Nelson was able to rise to her feet, and being the good host that she was, she offered me food.

“How bout some nice deep fried cheese curds, John?” she asked.

“Wow! That sounds great, Mrs. Nelson!” I replied.

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