Mrs. Moon

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A private detective visits her client.


I pulled up to the ornate gate. The house, a huge faux-historic mansion is still a half mile off. I beep to get the attention of the guard located in the shed like guard house. His eyes pop open in shock and I can hear a giggle from below the window.

“Here to see Mr. Moon.”


“Valary Tran.”

The young man goes over the list on his desk. His face gets steady redder, he’s approaching climax.

One hand reaches below my sight. It moves back and forth, the girl’s head in his grip.

“You can enter.”

A buzz goes off. The gate swings up. I don’t move. I pull up my shirt, giving the guard an impromptu look at my B cup breasts. It sends him over the edge. He lets out a grunt and I drive off.

I pull into the half circle driveway and head up to the door. I ring the bell and a piece of classical music plays. The door opens and an older man wearing a full tuxedo stands before me. We stare at each other for a moment.

“Valary Tran.” I offer.

“Yes.” He nods demurely and leads me through the house.

We walk silently through a never touched all white living room, three 150 thousand dollar contemporary paintings, and a bathroom with what appears to be a gold toilet. We arrive at a door tucked away behind the staircase. The butler knocks once and a deep voice answers out. The door opens fully and the butler ushers me in and closes the door behind me.

Behind a huge walnut desk sits the imposing, but aging, figure of Dae-Song Moon, media conglomerate.

“You have information for me?”

I hand him the flash drive. He plugs it in and clicks on the first file. It’s a picture of his wife, Ji-Yu Moon. The twenty-five year old stands out on the busy shopping center streets. Among the throngs of soccer moms in yoga pants and overwhelmed nannies, Ji-Yu’s natural beauty makes her Escort Bayan sundress look like a ball gown.

Dae-Song clicks for the next picture. Ji-Yu enters a laser tag venue.


Ji-Yu hugging the owner.


Ji-Yu entering a back room.


This picture from a window. The viewer looks down on Ji-Yu. Her dress is gone and she is surrounded on all sides by four eighteen year old guys. Standing front and center, Ji-Yu’s nose pressed against his blonde pubes, is a young man with a birthday boy crown. His friends, all in different states of undress, stand around cheering.


This one a video. The young men chant.

“Cum! Cum! Cum!”

The birthday boy tries to resist, but his friends’ motivation and the Korean beauty’s excellent tongue skills, are too much. As he groans, one of his friends, a handsome Puerto Rican boy with a dick the width of a soda can, pulls him away. The birthday boy shoots his load, a heavy one, on Ji-Yu’s face.

The woman moans and wipes some off her eyelid and slips her fingers in her mouth. The boys go crazy.

“I’m next” Yells a dark haired, blue eyed boy. He practically pulls the birthday boy away to shove his thin dick into Ji-Yu’s mouth. The video ends abruptly as his tip touches her lips. Dae-Song lets out a groan. I glance over and see that his dick is out and that he’s jerking himself. His dick is beautiful and I maneuver myself around the desk and drop to my knees.

“Keep going.” I instruct him.

I take his dick into my mouth and begin sucking him off. He sighs as the next video starts. I can tell from the audio what’s happening. In this one a short, thin, black boy shoves his nine inch cock into Dae-Song’s wife of seven months. The billionaire begins humping my mouth in time to the youth’s quick, rough strokes. I can hear Mrs. Moon’s high voice squealing and moaning. That is until the Puerto-Rican Bayan Escort boy finally gets his turn. Her squealing turns to muffled moaning around his thick member.

I unzip my tight jeans and pull them down as far as I can. I had rubbed my pussy to the files before coming here, but it seems two orgasms weren’t enough. From the computer I hear the black boy begin groaning. Mr. Moon’s humping becomes more insistent.

He mumbles something in Korean at the same moment the black boy cries out. My mouth fills with his seed. Mrs. Moon’s cries of orgasm are cut short as the video ends.

“Sit on it.”

Mr. Moon’s voice is hoarse with need and I pull my jeans to my knees so I can follow his command. At 65, he can still go two rounds. His seven inch dick is harder than steel. I impale myself on him and have to bite my lip to keep from crying out. I click the keyboard.


Now Ji-Yu is on her knees. The birthday boy is behind her, fucking her ass with long, steady stokes. Underneath her, enjoying the sensations of her pussy on his dick, is the Puerto Rican boy. The dark haired boy is thrusting his dick in and out of her lipsticked mouth. Sitting just a foot away is the black boy. One of his hands plays with Ji-Yu”s nipples while the other strokes his meat back to life.

Seeing Ji-Yu with all her holes filled makes me cum. I go limp on Dae-Song’s dick and he begins bouncing me up and down, one hand grasping my hip, the other roughly grinding my clit.

“I can…feel…your dick…through her pussy.” The soda can dicked boy gasps out. “It’s awesome.”

“Her asshole is crazy tight man. I think I’m going to shoot.” the birthday boy answers.

“Donovon!” Mr. Moon bellows out. Within the span of a second, the butler, Donovan, is at the door. His dick is already out. The pale, eleven inch organ is fully engorged. He is at the side of the desk before I can blink. Mr. Moon opens his Escort mouth and Donovan sticks his impressive dick all the way down the man’s throat without resistance. The media conglomerate gives his butler’s dick ten strong sucks before they climax simultaneously. Dae-Song’s administrations on my clit speed up and I scream at the top of my lungs as I’m overwhelmed by a powerful orgasm. I slump back against Dae-Song.


The boys are reaching their crescendos. The dark haired boy cums first, his eyes screwed shut. Ji-Yu dutifully swallows his cum and suckles on the boy for a few more minutes before he pulls out. The black boy has moved behind his friends, his face close to the action between Ji-Yu’s legs.

The boy in her pussy cums next. He begins slamming into her in time to the dick in her ass.

“Dios Mio!” The boy’s eyes flutter shut. Feeling him filling her triggers Mrs. Moon. She screams out as she cums. The black boy is jerking his dick at lightning speed and practically collapses as he pumps about a tablespoon of cum onto the floor. The birthday boy is the last to blow his top. He takes one of Ji-Yu’s nipples into his mouth and bites down as his body jerks. Ji-Yu’s body shakes as she experiences another orgasm. They lay on the floor, a panting mess. The video ends.

Dae-Song pinches my nipple through my shirt. I take this as my cue and stand. Donovan has already disappeared somewhere. I awkwardly work my skin tight jeans back up as Mr. Moon fixes his own pants.

“Was what I found satisfactory?” I ask the old man.

“Very much so. Follow her around one more week.”

“Yes sir.”

“You know the way out?”

“Yes sir.”

I find my way out, confirming that it is indeed a gold toilet. I hop into my car as a cha-ching comes from my phone. $10,000 dollars from Dae-Song Moon. I drive out of the driveway and the half mile down to the guard house. Ji-Yu peeks out of the window from atop the young guard’s lap.

“Hi Val!” Ji-Yu calls out.

I wave to her.

“You and Mr. Moon have a good meeting?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“I’ll be at the rec center Saturday. The local team won the championship.”

“I’ll see you then.”

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