Mrs. Martin Ch. 10

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Ch. X: Bumps and Grinds

Susan suddenly feels sick at her stomach and anger quickly over comes the excitement Ed’s kiss had brought her. There on the picture was Dave with his hands behind his back and all he had on was some black underwear that had a special sleeve that held his manhood with the tip sticking out in front of him. He was on his knees, kneeling in front of this woman with black boots, a corset that only lifted her breast and garters that hung down and held her black stockings. She recognized the woman as one of the legal clerks that worked in Dave’s office. Susan dropped the picture and her hands went to her face as she started to cry.

Ed placed his arm around her shoulder and held her tight, as Nancy reached up and took hold of Susan’s hands. “Don’t worry sweetheart, we are going to get that son-of-bitch, but good,” said Nancy. “Come on, let’s go to the lady’s room.” Nancy pushed on Andy and he stood up to let her out. Ed stood and as Nancy held her hand, Susan scooted out of the booth. Nancy placed her arm around Susan and the headed for the ladies room.

About ten minutes later the ladies returned and Susan had a smile on her face and the tears were gone. The men stood up and the women took their seats. “What do they have in those ladies room’s? Prozac? Two women can go in there all sad and upset and come out happy and giggly like nothing ever happened.” said Andy.

“No Prozac, she just told me we were going to eat and then we would all go to her house and play ‘Bumps and Grinds” said Susan. She had no idea what Bumps and Grinds was but she had to say something.

“Yea, that’s what I’m talking about. This is a lady after my heart. The hell with eating – let’s go now,” said Andy as he stood up.

“Sit Down!!! You big Neanderthal,” said Nancy as she pulled Andy’s arm. “You shouldn’t have said that, we’re going to need rope to hold this one down to eat dinner.”

Dinner came and they laughed and joked and had a good time. Then it came to go and of course Andy jumped up and yelled loud enough for everyone in the restaurant to hear, “Bumps and Grinds time.”

Nancy spun around with her fist out and hit Andy square in the stomach. “You big oaf, she was only joking and probably does not know what Bumps and Grinds even is. Do you Susan?”

“Well, no, but what is it,” she asked

“It’s a board game, where the players drink and strip, and women usually loose,” Nancy whispered in Susan’s ear.

“Ohhhhh,” said Susan, “well I happen to be free tonight, it might be fun.”

“Where’s your car babe? I’ll drive Susan to your house, and we will see you there in a few,” said Andy as he took Susan by the arm and headed for the door.

When they got to the car Andy opened the door and said to Susan, “bet you don’t ride in the passenger side very often?”

“Not often,” answered Susan, “but it is usually great when I do.” She was quickly taken back to Saturday night and the joy she gaziantep escortlar had that night in the passenger seat.

They pulled down a long drive to a large house, and parked in front. Andy escorted Susan to the door and then opened it. They walked down a small hall to a large open room with plush furniture and a bar one end of the room.

“What would you like to drink,” asked Ed as they entered the room.

“Make mine JD and coke,” said Andy.

“I’ll stay with wine if you have it. May I help you Nancy,” asked Susan as she observed her hostess was lighting several candles.

Andy had come up with a game box and sat down in the middle of the room. He took out the board and it reminded Susan of a monopoly board. Then he took out two decks of cards; one pink and one blue and set them on the board.

“No, it’s all done now,” said Nancy as she sat down with Andy to her right. “You sit right there as she pointed to the spot across the board from her. Ed handed Andy and Susan their drinks and Nancy said, “will you get the lights dear?”

“Sure hon,” replied Ed. He turned out the lights and sat down at the empty side of the game board. The rolled the dice to see who would go first. It would be Ed first, Susan second, Nancy third, and Andy last.

Ed rolled first and landed on a draw a card square. ‘Lose One Turn’ “Darn what a tough start,” said Ed.

“Yea, right, really breaks your heart,” said Nancy.

Next went Susan; she landed it on a ‘Take A Drink’ square.

After her Nancy rolled and landed on the same square as Ed. She reached over and drew her card, ‘Kiss The Person To Your Left’ “Oh no,” she said as she stood up.

Susan quickly saw what Nancy was complaining about. Andy quickly pressed his mouth to Nancy’s, but just as quick his left hand shot down and started to rub up the backside of her leg under her skirt. Nancy pushed away and said “not yet lover.”

Now it was Andy’s turn. He landed on a draw a card square. He picked it up and read “Rub the bare leg of the person to your right.”

“Well rub” said Nancy.

“Show me the bare leg,” said Andy

“But I’m wearing panty hose,” complained Nancy.

“So take them off,” said Andy, “you’ll have to sooner or later.”

“OK,” and with that Nancy stood up, slid her hands under her skirt and slowly started working her panty hose down trying not to show to much. Andy reached over and started to slide his hand up her leg, Nancy promptly slapped it and removed it.

Since Ed lost a turn Susan rolled the dice, she landed on Draw a card square. She picked up the card turned bright pink and then read, ‘Remove One Piece of Clothing, Leave your shoes on.’ She stood up and slowly unbuttoned her blouse.

“Come on, take it off,” urged Andy.

“Be quite, Andy,” said Nancy.

Slowly Susan peeled it off her shoulders and let it dropped to the floor. She then sat back down very aware that all the other eyes in the room were fixed on her large breast with her hard nipples poking through the lacy thin material. “It’s your turn Nancy,” she said as she handed the dice across the game board.

Nancy rolled the dice and again got pick a card, she read ‘Kiss a person across from you’. She and Susan stood up and moved behind Ed. Susan reached out and pulled Nancy close to her. Her breast rested on the older woman’s breast as he pulled her close to her. Nancy felt the firmness of Susan’s body as they came together, then she looked up and their lips meet. Their tongues swapped in and out of each other’s mouths and both women felt the heat rise in them. The soft satin of Nancy’s blouse caressed Susan’s bare skin compelling her to bring Nancy closer and not let go. Finally Nancy broke the kiss and in a deep almost whispers said, “let’s finish the game, we’ll have time later.”

The game progressed to the point where Nancy had only a bra and panties left on, Susan had only her skirt. She had chose to remove her garter and stockings but keep her skirt since Tom had told her she could not ware panties. Ed still had his shirt and pants but Andy was down to just his pants.

Nancy had the dice and she rolled a four, which took her to a draw a card, square. She picked up her card, read it to herself, and then stood up.

“What does it say,” asked Andy.

Nancy just looked at him and smiled as she undid her bra and let it fall to the floor releasing her nicely rounded breast.

“Yea, it’s about time you let see those puppies, you know I love to play with them,” said Andy as he reached over to touch her.

Nancy quickly slapped his hand before he could touch her and said “after the game, now roll the dice.”

As Nancy sat down across from her Susan could see a little wet spot on Nancy’s panties. This and her perky nipples getting hard mesmerized her. She was awakened from her trance when Andy brushed her nipples with his hand as he handed her the dice and said, “here’s where you lose that skirt.”

“It seems all you ever land on is the drink squares, a real man would be trying to lose those pants,” Susan fired back. She rolled the dice, five, “One, two, three, four, and five, oh nooooo,” she said as she landed on a draw a card square. She slowly picked up the card with mixed anticipation, not all the cards said to remove clothing. She read the card, and reached for the button on the side of her skirt. She pushed it through the buttonhole, slowly slid the zipper down and let go as the material floated down her legs to end up in a pile at her feet. “What happens now,” she asked as she raised her arms and stepped out of the pile of material at her feet.

“You’re the winner,” said Andy as he stood and took her in his arms. Their lips meet and she felt his strong hard chest crush her soft breast as he pulled her close.

Susan collapsed in his arms as he laid her down on the thick soft carpet. She was aware of another pair of strong hands massage her breast, while smaller soft hands spread her legs. The stimulation was have the desired effect, when a tongue touched her love button, Susan went out of her mind and intense waves of pleasure rocked her. “Yeessssssss, Ohhhhhh Yesssss, Fuuuccccckkkkkk Meeeeeee, Pleassseeee Tommmmm,” she screamed.

Nancy looked up and thought to herself, “Tom, whose Tom? I’ll have to ask her about that one.” She moved out from between Susan’s legs so that Andy could take her place.

Susan felt the head push into her soft virginal lips as strong hands turned her head and another male organ tried to make contact with her mouth. She reached out and grabbed it and guided it to her tongue, where she licked the shaft. She could feel a small mouth licking and sucking her nipples and a shaft working in and out of her. She sucked stiff member in her mouth as the waves of pleasure started ripple through her body again. She pulled her head back letting out a moan as Ed’s dick slipped from her mouth. “Ohhhhh Yesss, Fuckkkk Meee, Fucckkk myyyy Asss,” she cried as her head rocked from side to side.

Andy grabbed onto Susan’s shoulders and rolled over on his back, Nancy pulled Susan’s tight cheeks apart while Ed positioned himself to enter the dark hole.

Susan’s rear resisted only slightly to the intrusion, as she was filled like she never had been before. She exploded in joyful pleasure as she shook and both men filled her with their juices.

After they had recovered Ed got up and Susan rolled off of Andy, Nancy kneeled at Susan’s head with the soft, neatly trimmed hair of her love mound rubbing Susan’s chin. Nancy bent down and started to lick Andy’s love juice from Susan. Susan looked up started to suck and nibble on the little button in front of her. Andy stepped in front of Nancy and lifted her head to his member that was starting to get hard again. Nancy took it in her mouth and started to suck and lick the combination of the juices that were on it off.

When he had grown hard again Andy pulled out of Nancy’s mouth and entered her hot love box while Susan continued to lick Nancy’s clit. Andy’s sack banged against Susan’s nose, as Nancy lost all strength in her arms and collapsed as waves of pleasure swept through her body. Susan tasted Andy’s sweet juice as he pulled out of Nancy and collapsed against the couch. Ed went over and lifted Nancy up and said to Susan, “you are welcome to spend the night, we have plenty of room.”

“Thank you, but I need to go home and check on the boys,” replied Susan as she put her arms around Nancy and pulled her naked body close to hers. She looked down and their lips met and her tongue darted into Nancy’s mouth. She tasted the mix of juices in her mouth as their naked breast rubbed against each other as they held each other tight. As their lips parted Susan said, “and thank you.”

“Thank you,” said Nancy, “and remember Thursday.”

With that Susan put her skirt and blouse on, picked up the rest of her clothing and headed for the door.

To Be Continued…

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