Mr. Alberto’s Party Ch. 04

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“And now, sluts and studs, our surprise judge, Miss Elle Johnson. Elle is the eighteen year old daughter of that fine slut, Lorraine Johnson and her husband, stud contestant Edward Johnson, and she is the niece of stud contestant Jack Bingham.”

Bette and Lucy had stepped in front of the closed curtain when they were introduced as judges, and received big applause from the audience. But now, for me, the curtain opened and there I stood in the middle of the stage in my slut outfit. On my right was a row of men wearing only spandex tights with the fronts cut out, doing for them below the waist what the cutout tops did for Bette and me above the waist. Each contestant had a number pasted on his tights, on the left leg above the knee. Daddy was number eight and Uncle Jack was number seven. On my left, sitting at the judges’ table were Bette and Lucy and out in the semi darkness of the auditorium was an audience of like a hundred people. A loud shriek rose above the cheers I was getting. I knew my mom’s voice when I heard it. Daddy and Uncle Jack said nothing. They just stared at me. Uncle Jack had a big grin on his face to go with his big hardon but Daddy looked totally dumbfounded. He kept blinking as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

As I said, I had come to the party because I wanted to give my parents a good shock. I wanted to teach them a lesson for the way they acted so prim and proper all the time when really they were horny people who went to secret sex parties. I could tell they were shocked all right. I was starting to feel a little guilty about it, to be honest, when I realized there was a commotion in the audience. It was pretty dark down there so at first I couldn’t see very well but I could tell that a couple of Mr. Alberto’s Jamaicans were moving in one of the rows and grabbing a person. It was my Mom. She was standing up and making a scene. A spot light came on and everyone could see her clearly, waving her arms and struggling with the Jamaicans while my Aunt Ginger sat next to her, laughing her head off.

When the Jamaicans got my Mom back in her chair, Mr. Alberto picked up the microphone.

“We want Mrs. Johnson to watch her daughter’s performance, I am sure, but she must control herself. One more peep, Lorraine, and the boys will gag you and tie you to your chair. And you won’t have any more sex today either. Do you understand, Lorraine? One more peep.” Mom was quiet after that.

So what did Mr. Alberto mean by my “performance”? I was supposed to be just a judge. I guessed he also was referring to my job of helping the men with their hardons by looking sexy for them in my slut clothes. I had been glancing at the contestants, naturally. I had never seen such big cocks before, not that I had seen that many of any kind. Most of the guys looked like they were in their twenties or thirties and they had muscular builds to go with their big cocks. Daddy and Uncle Jack were like the oldest ones there but I was kind of proud of them because they looked pretty good for such old guys. Uncle Jack had a total hardon and it was very big, I mean very, and every time I looked at my uncle I saw him staring back at me. Daddy needed some help, though. He was in good shape and he had muscles like the other men but he was pretty soft where it counted and small because of that and his face was red with embarrassment. I thought I should try to get him in the mood more, since this was my responsibility, but I didn’t know really what to do and it was hard to think of such things with Daddy being the person I had to think about them for.

“Give us a little show in your cute skirt, Elle,” Mr. Alberto said into his mike.

“Yeah, show us something, daughter slut,” some guy yelled from the audience while other people laughed and shouted.

“Ok,” I said, and I did a quick turn. I felt the skirt swish on my thighs uşak escort and I guessed it swished enough because this big cheer went up from the audience when they saw I didn’t have any panties on. The open jersey, if that’s what it was, made me topless and the tiny skirt made me bottomless, too, for all practical purposes. I felt tingly all over when I heard the audience applauding me and when I felt the eyes of the cock contestants on me, especially Uncle Jack’s eyes and double especially Daddy’s eyes. I did another twirl and made my skirt swish even higher this time. More cheers, plus guys in the audience yelling things about me. I should tell you that I am darkish blonde but I am very light blonde down there, with just a little tuft at the top and some silky strands at the sides. I’m sure that people on the stage got a pretty good view of me. I thought the audience couldn’t see much since they were pretty far away until I noticed people looking up. Mr. Alberto had video cameras with zoom lenses positioned in different locations in the auditorium and above the stage was a big screen like they have at basketball places for showing replays on the scoreboard. I couldn’t see that screen from where I was on the stage, but the audience sure could. They were watching close-ups of me without my panties on.

One of the contestants raised his hand.

“Yes, number three?”, Mr. Alberto said.

“Well, I don’t want to complain, sir, but can the kid really be fair with her own father and uncle in the contest?”

“Good question, number three. I expected someone to ask that. Miss Johnson what is the answer?”

Mr. Alberto handed me the microphone. I felt embarrassed all over again.

“Well, I believe in fairness, I really do. And I promise to do my best. I would say that right now I would give Daddy the lowest vote of anyone. He will have to a lot better than he is doing now to get a good vote from me.”

I guess that answer was okay because people in the audience clapped and laughed and number three laughed, too.

“You won’t hear any more complaints, sweetie,” Lucy whispered in my ear. “They all want to fuck you.”

“Well, I hope you don’t mean my own Daddy and my own uncle, when you say that Lucy,” I whispered back.

“I mean them the most,” Lucy laughed.

The first part of the contest was called “The Tights Competition”. The contestants took turns walking up to the front of the stage and then past the judges’ table, showing off their cocks, and their balls too, I should add, and they made these macho poses. I had a paper with their numbers on it, not their names, and the other girls did too. Uncle Jack was number seven and Daddy, who was last, was number eight. As Daddy was waiting for his turn I could see he was worried about his hardon. Or maybe he was worried about Mom or about me. I wasn’t sure. He just looked plain worried. I think Mr. Alberto noticed this too. I saw him looking at Daddy and then he picked up his microphone.

“Everyone in this room, in the audience or among our contestants, would be advised to give his or her best effort to have a good time in this contest and be in the right spirit, because anyone who isn’t will hear from some of the Jamaicans afterward, if you know what I mean.”

Well, I didn’t know what Mr. Alberto meant but I guess Daddy understood because he sort of straightened up, not his you know what but the rest of him, and I could see him trying to get himself in a better spirit. Unfortunately, he didn’t have much success. When it was Daddy’s turn to do his tights competition, his hardon was still pretty soft and it sort of dangled as he walked and as he went slowly by the judges’ table, Bette and Lucy made little snickers. They had seen seven hard cocks in a row, and so had I, with Uncle Jack’s very interesting one being the last, so the girls thought Daddy’s was a joke compared to what they had just seen. Then Daddy was in front of me and I gave him a big smile of encouragement.

“Mmmmm, stop for a second number eight,” I said.

“It’s too bad he is feeling shy, number eight. I bet he would get a good score if he was braver.”

I made a little stretch while Daddy stood in front of the table looking at my breasts and listening to me tease him. He could see that I was looking where I was supposed to be looking, being that I was a judge and all. The contestants weren’t allowed to talk during the competitions, so Daddy could only stand there and do what I told him to.

“Turn sidewise number eight. I want to see him from the side, please.”

“I bet he wants to get big like the other ones. He doesn’t want to be the only little one here, I am sure of that. I am hoping he will be big. I am hoping that a lot, number eight.”

I was speaking in this soft voice and I didn’t know if it was making Daddy excited but it was making me excited! Well, apparently it did at least encourage Daddy, because Daddy began to get bigger. His cock grew longer and bigger all over and very much harder and pretty soon it was sticking straight out just like it was supposed to, and when Daddy looked down at himself I could see he felt a lot better about the situation. I was glad, because the next competition was about to begin and I wanted Daddy to catch up if he could. I sighed as I wrote down my score for him. Two points. I had given the other contestants eights, nines and two tens. Uncle Jack got a nine from me, and I was glad when I saw that the other girls gave him nines, too. It showed I was being fair, as well as being a good judge of men’s cocks.

(Stay tuned for Chapter V) Chapter V

I was already feeling bad about giving Daddy only two points for the Tights Competition after he had made a pretty good comeback from his verrrrry limp beginning. I realized I should have given him credit for that and that I was being too hard (ahem) on him. I guess I was a little disappointed that my own Daddy didn’t do as well as the other contestants and have a big hard cock to begin with, and maybe I was still cross at him. Anyway, Lucy nudged me on my shoulder.

“That is just your worksheet, honey. You have to the write scores on the pink card there before they are official.”

“Oh, what a jerk I am,” I laughed. There was a pink card sticking out beneath the worksheet. I pulled it out and saw the contestants listed by number and also the names of the different competition categories. Phew, there was still time to be fair to Daddy. I wrote in my scores and gave him a six in the “tights” column.

Next were the “Measurements”. A contestant didn’t get points for his measurements unless there was a tie at the end and then the contestant who had the best measurements won. The contestants stood in a line in the front of the stage while we judges measured them one by one. Lucy brought a ruler and Bette brought a cloth measuring tape.

“Elle, you hold up their cocks while I measure them for length and Bette does the width, okay?”

“Oh,” I said, getting nervous all over again. I didn’t think I had to do something like that. My agreement with Mr. Alberto was to be a judge and look slutty for everyone, it didn’t include holding up cocks. We even had it in writing. On my ride to the mansion, Stanley had given me this paper, like a document, and I read it and signed it as my agreement for getting one thousand dollars. I had felt funny about getting paid money. It made me seem like some kind of professional sex person so I had decided to give the money to our church, which is where our family should be going, I thought, instead of to a big sex party, and only keep like enough money for a couple of CD’s I really wanted.

Anyway, I looked over at Mr. Alberto who was sitting at the side of the stage but he wasn’t paying any attention to me. He was writing something in a little notebook. Well, just holding them up seemed not as bad as having to measure them with a ruler or putting cloth measuring tape around them and then determining the measurement. I mean I wouldn’t have to really do any work or keep track of anything. I felt all fluttery and nervous and knew if it was me I would probably drop the ruler a hundred times and get the tape all messed up and forget the measurements before I had a chance to write them down. Plus, if I refused to do anything, people would be mad.

“Ok,” I said getting down on my knees in front of Number One, while Lucy got down beside me and Bette stood behind us waiting for her turn. It was good in a way that I was on my knees because I was feeling woozy. Then I looked at what I had to hold up and I got even woozier. Number One was a small guy, about thirty years old, who looked like he was all muscle and one of his biggest muscles was sticking out like some kind of a weapon. I was surprised that such a small guy would have such a big you know what. I took a big breath and put up two of my fingers. I was afraid to touch it but I did and like an electric shock went right through me. It was stupid to be this worked up about just touching one, I thought, but I couldn’t help it. Well, it was almost straight out already and didn’t need hardly any holding up at all so I just lifted it a tiny bit with my two finger tips. Then I closed my eyes and held my breath while Lucy moved in with her ruler.

“Eight and one third inches,” Lucy said.

Bette took Lucy’s place on the other side of Number One’s cock and I kept my closed as she put the tape around it. I felt her fingers brushing mine. “Four and a half inches,” Bette said.

We all wrote down Number One’s measurements on our score cards and moved over to Number Two. I thought it was nice of them to have these little cushions lined up in front of the guys for us to kneel on. I settled myself on my cushion and looked at the biggest hardon I had ever seen in my life, even in pictures, and you could see already it was going to be the biggest one in the contest. The guy who had it was about six feet six and he was black, he was one of the Jamaicans. Every year, Mr. Alberto let one of the Jamaicans be in the contest, as a kind of treat for them, and this year it was this guy’s turn. His badboy was so long and heavy it couldn’t stick out, it just hung like a horse’s thing and I had to use my whole hand to lift it up. I practically fainted when I did it.

“Stop trembling, Elle. Hold it steady,” Lucy said. “Hmmmm, thirteen and one half inches.”

As we moved up the line of contestants, I became more and more conscious of the two contestants at the end, my Uncle Jack and Daddy. I kept taking glances at them and worrying the whole time. And then we were there, Lucy and me, shifting ourselves onto the cushions in front of Uncle Jack. I looked up at him and Uncle Jack grinned at me. He couldn’t say anything. That was against the rules and he would lose points or might even be disqualified if he talked. So he just gave me this big grin, like he always does; only this was what you could call a unique situation so I wasn’t sure exactly what his big grin meant.

I tried to smile back at him. Then I looked at his cock and put my fingers under it and gave it a little lift. The skin was warm and beneath the soft, warm skin was the hardness that took a person’s breath away. I glanced up, but instead of looking at Uncle Jack, I looked at Daddy. Daddy was watching me. He had a pained look on his face. Daddy also had a really good hardon. So I didn’t know what that meant either, to be having both of those things when he was watching me holding Uncle Jack’s cock on my fingers.

“Seven and three quarter’s inches,” Lucy announced.

Then Bette was there with her measuring tape.

(Stay tuned for more of the story. Thanks)

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