Moving Times For All The Family

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I can still remember how jealous I felt when my sister Lucy started going out with boys because I knew that one of them would eventually steal her away from me. It was Mark who stole her away.

Mark was different from her other boyfriends. He was the first one who did not treat me like her annoying little brother, which I was. He played football with me and it was because of him that I got onto the school team. He became my hero and I was happy for them when they got married.

Years later Lucy and Mark persuaded me to move out of the small rented house I was living in and buy a place of my own. Lucy came with me to look at the properties and when I narrowed the choice down she came back with me to look at them again.

Coming out of the property that was top of my list we walked down the stairs and met a woman coming up. Lucy stopped abruptly. I was looking at the woman and not at Lucy and I took another step. Lucy and I were on the same step with my front squashed against her back. I put my hand on Lucy’s hip to steady myself.

Susan introduced herself. She was beautiful. Looking at Susan while my sister’s fantastic body was squashed against mine was too much for me and my penis grew stiff. I knew that Lucy could feel it pressing into her backside. We could have moved apart if we had really wanted to but I was enjoying it and I assumed that Lucy was too.

At the moment when Lucy and Susan shook hands a small gap appeared between Lucy’s back and my front. It disappeared just as quickly and Lucy came to rest against me again. Lucy moved her backside against my penis and while she and Susan talked I pushed my penis against her backside.

“What was all that about?” I asked when we were in the car.

“It was nothing. Just some fun.” Lucy replied.

On the day of the move we started very early because Mark wanted to leave by midday. No one else was about and it was deathly quiet as we carried the first piece of furniture into the lobby and up the communal stairs. We did our best to be as quiet as possible but even the quietest sound was magnified in the stair well.

While carrying another piece of furniture up the stairs a front door opened just as we struggled past it. Susan came out while putting on her dressing gown. We had woken her. She had sleep in her eyes and her hair was a mess but she looked beautiful. Beautiful enough to give us a mouth full of abuse and get away with it if she had wanted to. She said nothing but just stared at Mark.

Mark took the initiative. “I’m sorry that we’ve disturbed you. We’re trying to be as quiet as possible but the stone stairs magnify the slightest sound. You will forgive us, won’t you? Only a few more trips and we’ll be finished. You won’t hear us again. We won’t make another sound. Promise.”

Her big baby eyes were fixed on Mark’s well honed chest. She stumbled over her words. “It’s err…alright. The noise err…it err… woke me…and I came… oh… out to find out what it was.”

For a moment I thought she was going to stretch out her arm and touch his chest.

“I’m sorry that we woke you. Thank you for being so understanding. We’ll let you get your beautiful face back onto it’s pillow.” Mark replied.

Susan blushed. If I had spoken I would have made her angry but Mark seemed to arouse her.

By midday we had finished carrying in the furniture and all of the bigger boxes. Mark left leaving Lucy and me to carry in the smaller boxes.

– – – – – – – – – – o O o – – – – – – – – – –

It was fun being alone with my sister. It brought back many happy memories of when we were growing up together.

Lucy began to make fun of me and accused me of being anal because I had written on each box the room that it came from and what was in it. My handwriting is terrible and even I could not read what I had written on some of the boxes. She pretended to read what was written on them by making up a room name and contents.

“From Master Bates’ bedroom; a box of flavoured condoms and a… WHISK!” Lucy looked at me. “I hope they’re not all used young master Bates.”

I replied in my poshest voice. “My dear young lady I’ll have you know that my condoms are fresh and clean. My housekeeper washes them thoroughly after they’ve been used.” The box may have contained a whisk but it certainly did not contain condoms. I had used my last packet earlier in the week.

“Oh! That’s disgusting.” She whined.

Lucy struggled with the next box. “What have you got in here?”

The unlabelled box had belonged to our grandparents. Resting against her stomach it pulled her shirt down exposing most of her breasts. She saw me staring at her tits and smiled. “Are you going to answer me?”

“It’s not mine. When I helped nana and granddad move we found some boxes in their attic. They asked me to look after them. I took them home, put them away and forgot about them. It’s probably full of granddad’s photographs.”

“Let me know if you find any interesting pictures.” She said.

Our grandfather was a good photographer halkalı eve gelen escort and took at least ten pictures when one would do. The bad part was that he would describe every picture in detail explaining why it was different from the one before. Being his grandchildren Lucy and I suffered a lot from these talks.

I carried in the last of granddad’s boxes while Lucy started to open the boxes in the kitchen.

– – – – – – – – – – o O o – – – – – – – – – –

In my mailbox I found the usual selection of junk mail and a menu from a local Chinese restaurant. Lucy and I phoned in our order and ate sitting next to each other on the sofa. One of granddad’s boxes was open in front of us and we looked at the pictures while we ate.

“Boring! Boring!” Lucy turned over each picture until one captured her attention.

“Do you think I look like her? Mum and dad keep telling me that I do but I can’t see it.” She held a picture of our grandmother that had been taken when she was the same age that Lucy is now.

“Yes, you do. If you were to dress like that and do your hair the same it would be impossible to tell you apart. Seriously, you look so much alike you could be twins.”

We continued looking through the pictures.

“Ooops! I don’t think we were meant to see this one.” I quickly turned the picture over.

“Let me see.” Lucy put her hand on mine and turned the picture back.

I put up only a token resistance. It was a picture of our grandmother with a couple. The man was lifting the woman’s shirt over her head. The woman was not wearing a bra and our grandmother’s hands were on the woman’s bare breasts.

Together we turned over the next few pictures. “Do you think they were…” I did not finish the question.

“Do I think they were what?” Lucy asked her voice sounding softer.

Our hands met as we went for the next picture. Lucy turned it over and without thinking I put my hand on her thigh and felt her body heat through her thin skirt. She leaned closer to me so that I could see the picture and my fingers came to a stop against her pubic mound. I kept my fingers there for a second before taking my hand away. There was nowhere for me to put my hand.

“It’s ok. You can put your hand back on my leg.” Lucy said.

I put my hand on the inside of her thigh and squeezed it a playfully. Lucy smiled and as she leant forward to take another picture from the box her thighs moved apart and my fingers came to rest against her pubic mound again. She did not say anything about my hand.

Our grandmother and the man were undressing the woman. Lucy put the picture down and leaning forward to pick up another picture her breasts touched my arm.

“Wow! I would never have guessed it. Would you?”

Lucy looked at me quizzically. “I knew. I thought you did too.”

“WHAT! When did you find out?”

“When I was nineteen. Aunt Mandy told me. Mum and I were arguing about Mark. I knew nana would understand. I was going to storm out of the house and go to nana’s. Mum said I couldn’t go because they had visitors. But I was determined. Mandy was staying with us and explained that nana and granddad were having a sex party.”

“Why didn’t anyone tell me?”

“Because you were far too young. You were only eleven. I’m surprised you’ve only just found out. Granddad and nana obviously thought you knew, that’s why they asked you to look after these pictures.”

“Do you think mum and dad know about these pictures?”

“They know. Mum refuses to talk about what nana and granddad do so she certainly won’t look at these. Dad’s known for years. They’re his parents. It doesn’t bother him.”

In the next set of pictures our grandmother was being undressed by the couple.

“So that’s what you look like naked.” I laughed holding up a picture.

“If what everyone says about me looking like nana is true then I do look like that.” Lucy was not bothered that I was staring at a picture of a naked woman that looked exactly like her.

“You’ve got fantastic breasts.”

“Thank you.”

“I could fuck her.” I said looking at the picture.

“Are you talking about me or nana?” Lucy asked. I did not answer.

There were pictures of our grandparents having sex. I saw my grandfather’s penis for the first time and realised where I got the gene for my big penis.

“Is your penis as big as granddad’s?” Lucy asked calmly. “I’ve often wondered.” She realised that she had said too much and hesitated before she let me in on her secret. “It’s not the first time I’ve seen granddad’s penis.” Without warning she placed her hand on my crotch. “Your’s feels big just like his.”

Spreading my legs I allowed my sister to feel my hardening penis and I pushed my hand onto her pubic mound. Moving her legs apart she allowed me to explore her mons.

She unbuckled my belt, unzipped my trousers and pulled my pants down releasing my cock. Running her fingers gently over the tip of my penis then along its halkalı grup yapan escort shaft she finally cupped my balls in her hand.

I pulled my shirt over my head and dropped it onto the floor. I was naked. My penis was solid and lay flat against my stomach.

Putting my hands underneath her skirt I moved along her bare thigh stopping at her knickers. Our lips met in a soft and gentle kiss while I fingered her vaginal lips through her panties. “You can take them off me.” She said.

Lucy held my cock in her small hands while I pulled her knickers down her legs and flicked them aside. I rubbed her breasts with one hand and put my other onto her back to undo the clip. “It unhooks in the front.” Lucy said.

Lucy unclipped her bra. Her breasts looked fantastic just like our grandmother’s breasts did in the pictures.

“Your penis looks just like granddad’s.”

Moving my sister’s legs apart I knelt in front of her and ran my tongue along her opening while she fingered her clitoris. I moved her fingers away and kissed her clitoris before playing my tongue on it. After a while Lucy gasped. “You’re good. You’ve done this before haven’t you.”

“Shell we go into the bedroom and fuck?” I looked up and saw that she was her covered in sweat.


– – – – – – – – – – o O o – – – – – – – – – –

We went into the bedroom and fell onto my bed. Lucy guided my penis up and down her slick opening. We kissed for the second time. This time a hard open mouthed sexy kiss. She was so wet down there that when we moved my penis slipped into her. She did not try to stop me entering her.

We were fucking bareback.

Her vagina tightened on my penis. Putting her arms around me she held me tight and pushed herself down onto my penis. With our bodies pressed firmly together I pushed up and my penis moved deeper inside her.

With each stroke I went deeper. I came first and Lucy immediately after. My penis became soft but was still big and I kept moving it gently in and out of her.

“Thank you that was wonderful. That’s the deepest my penis has ever been inside anyone. Weren’t you worried?” I asked.

“No. I’ve taken a big penis before?” We looked at each other and I suddenly realised who’s penis it was.

“Granddad?” I asked and stopped moving. My penis slipped out of her.

Putting my fingers onto her vaginal lips I collected my cum that was oozing out of her and I took my cum covered fingers up to her mouth. She licked them and guided my penis back into her vagina.

“I’ve just fucked my brother.”

“Who else in this family have you fucked beside me and granddad?”

“No one.” We fucked again and fell asleep.

– – – – – – – – – – o O o – – – – – – – – – –

We were woken by the ringing of the doorbell.

“That’ll be Mark.” Lucy got up and calmly walked out of the bedroom and over to the front door. With her hand on the door handle ready to open it she looked through the spy hole. “It’s Susan.” She said and walked back into the room. Lucy put on her skirt and shirt and was searching the floor by the sofa. “I can’t find my bra and panties.”

I wrapped a towel around my waist and gave Lucy as long as I could before opening the door. “Hello. Come in. I was just about to have a shower.” I said.

Susan held out a bottle of wine as a welcome gift and I heard Mark come up the stairs behind her.

Turning into the room I saw Lucy’s panties lying next to the photographs. I dashed over and recovered them just before Susan and Mark came in. Lucy saw me take them into the kitchen.

“Where’s my bra?” Lucy mouthed.

“I don’t know.” I mouthed back.

My new neighbour and Mark sat together on the sofa. It was obvious they liked each other. As an excuse to stay longer Mark suggested Lucy take a shower before they drove home.

Lucy and I went into my bedroom. I left the door open for Mark’s benefit but Lucy closed it.

“Won’t Mark be suspicious.”

“Of course not.” Lucy said. I dropped my towel and Lucy took off her skirt and shirt and my penis became stiff at the sight of my sister’s beautiful naked body.

“I think you need a cold shower.” Lucy said.

“Or better still another fuck. Do you think our grandparents still have sex?”

“Ask them.”

“I can’t do that.”

“Yes you can. They trusted you with their erotic photographs.”

Lucy stepped into the shower cubicle. “Come in here with me.”

“What about Mark and my neighbour? They might hear us.”

“They’re flirting with each other they won’t hear us. Anyway Mark won’t mind. I’ve got a lot to tell you about Mark and me.”

“Were you telling the truth when you said that the other big penis you had was granddad’s?”


“When did you and granddad have sex?” I assumed it was only the once.

“The first time, about six years ago. Mark and I wanted to spice up our sex life. I decided to get advice from nana and granddad because aunt Mandy said they were halkalı masöz escort into that sort of thing.”

“So how did you and granddad come to have sex with each other?” I asked between kissing my sister’s beautiful breasts and sucking on her nipples.

“We went with them to a club. We agreed not tell anyone that I was their granddaughter. We met a couple they knew. They were a nice couple and we explained that this was our first time. The six of us went into a private room and the couple agreed that Mark and I could just watch if we did not want to take part.”

I was being turned on by what I was hearing and pushed the tip of my penis against her opening.

“The man was fucking nana and granddad was trying to fuck the woman but the woman was having difficulty taking his big penis.”

Lucy steadied herself by putting her arms around my neck. I pushed my penis into her and she eased herself down onto me.

“Mark and I started to fuck. I touched the man’s backside and he ran his hand over me. I was enjoying it. Suddenly Mark and the woman were together and granddad and I were on our own. We knew we couldn’t do anything together so we joined in with the others, but it was a mall room and all our bodies kept bumping against each other and it was impossible to know who was touching who.”

“Why didn’t you stop?”

“I was enjoying it. Only the four of us knew that I was their granddaughter. No one seemed surprised when I touched granddad’s penis. Then nana said ‘see if you can take it’. I sat on granddad and pushed myself down on his penis.”

We were fucking when we heard the bedroom door open and Mark call out to us. Lucy began to fuck me more vigorously as though she was excited by the fact her husband was going to see her being fucked by her brother.

He laughed when he saw us. “I was going to ask you if you would mind if I arranged to see Susan. But as you’re already having fun I’ll assume it’s ok.”

“Yes.” Lucy sounded as though she was about to cum.

I was excited by him watching me fuck his wife and I came while he was standing behind me. Lucy clung to me as she came.

“You look as though you both enjoyed that.” Mark said before he left the room.

Lucy and I dried ourselves and because we did not hear Mark and Susan we assumed they had already gone downstairs to her place. We walked out of my bedroom without putting on any clothes. Mark and Susan were on my sofa. Kissing. Susan broke off the kiss. Her eyes opened wide and she put her hand up to her mouth. “Oh god! You’re both naked!”

“We thought you had already gone.” I said.

Susan picked up a photograph. “I see your as big the man in this picture. Are you related?”

“He’s my grandfather.”

She looked again at the picture in her hand and then at Lucy. “And you look just like the woman. Are you related to her?”

“She’s my grandmother.” Lucy replied.

“No this is you two. You’ve just made the picture look old.”

– – – – – – – – – – o O o – – – – – – – – – –

Susan was not bothered by our nudity and neither Lucy nor I got dressed.

With Mark and Susan sitting on the sofa Lucy and I sat opposite them on the floor. We opened the bottle of wine that Susan had brought as a welcome gift.

Leaning against Mark Susan picked up another picture. “Oh!” She looked at Lucy and me. “Your having sex in this one.”

Lucy, Mark and I laughed at her reaction.

Susan picked up another picture. “Interesting pictures.”

I began stroking one of Lucy’s breasts making the nipple go hard and she started stroking my penis.

“Do you think they are going to put on a show for us?” Susan asked Mark.

“I’m sure they will.” Mark replied. I knew this was more of a request.

Lucy moved around and put my penis into her mouth. I saw Susan open her eyes wide and watch Lucy’s head move up and down as she gave me a blow job.

“Shall we all go down to my place. It’s tidier and we won’t have to compete with packing boxes for space.” Susan said.

Lucy and I put on the minimum of clothing to walk downstairs.

– – – – – – – – – – o O o – – – – – – – – – –

Lucy and I were undressed first. I lay on the floor and Lucy continued to give me a blow job.

Susan watched us while she got undressed. “I’ve never had anyone as big as you.”

“You can try him after you’ve had me.” Mark said.

Lucy came up for air and smiled at her husband.

“Can you take him all the way inside you?” Susan asked Lucy.

“Yes. Remember the pictures upstairs. I’ve had experience with my grandfather.”

Susan laughed at what she thought was a joke.

While Lucy sucked on my penis I watched Susan and Mark undress. Mark’s penis was already stiff.

“Let’s all go into the bedroom.” Susan lead the way.

I lay on one side of the bed with my sister between my legs sucking my penis. Susan lay beside me with Mark on top of her. In the mirror I saw Lucy place a hand on Mark’s backside and bring her hand down between his legs where she held with his balls.

I put my hand onto the outside of Susan’s thigh and and rubbed it gently. Susan brought her hand across my stomach and ran her fingers through my pubic hair and touched my penis.

Susan turned her face towards me. I sat up and we kissed while she was being fucked by Mark and I was receiving a blow job from my sister.

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