Moving Day Ch. 02

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The truck was loaded and the movers had left for the house. Her new house, while smaller than the duplex she had been living in, was HER house. Well, hers and the bank that loaned her the money to buy it!

After touring the empty house, checking for anything left behind, Kaylie went into the bathroom and splashed her face with cool water. She looked in the mirror and reached for a towel. Surprised to find only thin air, she chuckled to herself. Of course, everything was gone. She ran her fingers through her auburn hair, trying to give it a less wild look and with a final sigh, left the house.

On the short drive to her new bungalow, she thought back to the afternoon. The mover, Jordan, who’s time and attention had been diverted by her, who had fucked her and laughed with her, whom she had never met before. He was now waiting for her in her new sanctuary, unloading boxes and furnishings. How was she going to face him?

Kaylie parked on the street outside the small, neatly manicured white home. She smiled to think she was finally “home.” She had saved for many years, had worked hard to reestablish her credit rating after the damage her ex husband had caused and was finally seeing the fruition of her dream. She walked slowly up the walk and almost lifted a hand to knock. Again, she giggled to herself.

She opened the door and could see the men in the dining room placing the table where she had hoped they would.

“Gee whiz, Jordan! She is a hottie!” Larry drawled in the local vernacular. “I bet she was good.”

Jordan glared at Larry and said, “Shut the fuck up, asshole. Regardless of what you may think, she is a lady and will be treated like a lady!”

Kaylie blushed and started to turn toward the door when Jordan saw her from the corner of his eye. The grimace on his face brightened with a smile.

“Hello, ma’am. I apologize for the remarks my partner made.” The words flowed smoothly and with confidence.

Kaylie was speechless. Her face, bright red with embarrassment, she cast her eyes to the floor. She fought tears as she wrung her hands in front of her.

“I am going upstairs to unpack a few things. Lock the door on your way out,” she mumbled.

Kaylie hurried upstairs and went to her bedroom. Boxes lined the wall furthest from the queen size bed. She longed to lie down and either have a good cry or sleep until this nightmare was over. Of course, she could do neither. She went to the wall and started taking boxes down. She placed them strategically about the room so as to facilitate unpacking. As the afternoon wore on, her clothing was folded and placed in her dresser, her closet was full of dresses and shoes and her bed was made. Still, not wanting to face the two men, she reached for the last box.

She pulled the tape from the box and pulled out the first object that her hand touched. As she was lifting the skein of nylon rope from the box, she heard a sound from behind her. She pushed the rope into the box and slapped the leaves shut over its contents.

“What are you doing here?” she said in a shrill voice, her cheeks flushed red with embarrassment and annoyance.

Jordan looked at her for a moment, his eyes softening, and said,” I just wanted to make sure you were okay. That is all, ma’am.”

“Well, you could start by not calling me “Ma’am!” Kaylie replied with a harsh glint in her eye.

“Yes, ma…Kaylie.” Jordan gazed at Kaylie, as if swimming in her essence. He felt a stirring, but something more. He wanted her to feel good, to feel better, to not have to face the humiliation that he had caused. Something about Kaylie, made Jordan want to care for her and protect her. He stepped forward slowly, yet with confidence. His hand outstretched toward her.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Kaylie. We are two consenting adults and it has been an emotional day for you.” His voice caressed her with its deep timbre and gentleness.

Kaylie felt a tear begin to slip down her cheek. Jordan reached out, and slipped his index finger over it.

“Don’t cry. Please, don’t cry.” Jordan pleaded in a hushed tone. He moved closer, inhaling the scent of her perfume combined with the musky odor of the aftermath of their sex. His arms reached for her and she, without hesitation, slipped into them. He held her as a brother would, stroking her hair and whispering comforting words in her ear. They stood for a few minutes, finding comfort and İstanbul Escort companionship in one another’s arms, in the arms of strangers, until Jordan led her to the bed. Gently, he sat her on the edge and held her. He slipped a finger under her chin and raised her face. Jordan leaned forward and tenderly kissed each eye, swollen and red from her weeping.

He looked down at her face, once again. Kaylie, feeling a sense of connectedness that had so long eluded her, lifted her mouth to his. He gently pressed his lips against hers while he caressed her cheek with his thumb. Short, tender kisses painted heat upon her trembling mouth.

Not wanting to further hurt this lady, this fragile flower, he pulled back from her. She questioned him with her eyes. Jordan smiled and said, “I don’t want to hurt you.”

Kaylie placed her hand at the back of his neck, whispering, “You can’t. You won’t,” and urged him to kiss her again. This time, Jordan’s kiss was more insistent. His lips played on her, the pressure changing with each touch. Kaylie reached around him and held him close to her as they kissed. His embrace tightened while his mouth pressed hers open, his tongue searching, sliding over her smooth, white teeth until it plunged into her eager mouth. Jordan’s hand stroked her side, slowly caressing the flesh between her hips and arms.

Kaylie felt that all too familiar tingling sensation. She sighed beneath his lips and raised her body as if to get closer. Jordan laid Kaylie back against the bed and lifted her shirt. His hands explored her stomach and her breasts. He took a breast in each hand and massaged them, caressing them and kneading them as he watched the nipples become erect. He lowered his mouth to a nipple and took into his mouth.

“Oh, Jesus, Jordan,” Kaylie whispered. “I want you so badly. “ She caressed the top of his head, grasping locks of hair and releasing them.

Jordan opened his mouth wide and took as much of Kaylie’s breast in as he could, sucking it hard, her sensitive nipple sent searing bolts of sensation through her abdomen to her wet pussy. Jordan felt a pressure between his legs, his cock growing with each moment he shared with this beauty. He groaned as he raised his head and began tasting her other breast. His teeth nibbled at the erect nipple as his hand slid down her stomach. He pressed the palm of his hand against her wet mound through her clothing. Instinctively, her hips raised themselves to meet his hand.

“Oh, fuck me, please, “ Kaylie cried out.

Jordan raised himself slowly in the air and began to slip her shorts from her full hips. Once her pussy was completely exposed, he slipped his uniform from his lean body. Kaylie’s hair was splayed over the bed and her face flushed with desire. She held her arms out to him. Rather than go to her, Jordan swept himself to his knees and buried his face in her glistening mound. He deeply inhaled the scent of her sexuality while his mouth opened, his tongue separating her labia until he mouth covered her clit. His tongue flickered the swollen bud, firmly and quickly causing Kaylie to convulse almost immediately.

“Oh Shit! My pussy …fuck my pussy, “ she shouted. Jordan didn’t lift his face from her. Instead, he plunged two fingers deep inside her aching canal and began pumping. Her hips bucked against his hand and face, her pussy clenching his fingers. Kaylie grabbed Jordan’s hair and began pulling. She didn’t know what she was doing. Her movements were frantic. He finger fucked her more rapidly, with more depth as his teeth grazed her sensitive, swollen clit.

Kaylie’s body was taut with the strain of the impending orgasm. Her hips rose from the bed, her legs bent firmly over Jordan’s shoulders. As the threat of orgasm approached, Jordan hooked his fingers and thrust them into her depths. He twisted his fingers with each entry and rubbed her G spot, hard and rhythmically.

“Oh, fuck!” Kaylie shouted through clenched teeth as she released her juices over Jordan’s hands and face. Her hips and legs convulsed with the power of the climax, her shouts continued. She freed Jordan’s head and laced her hands in her own hair, pulling and tugging as her head rolled on the bed. Her orgasm seemed endless as she spurted more fluid over Jordan, his fingers working her swollen pussy, his mouth molesting her clit until her body sprayed one final release and lay spent on the bed. Anadolu Yakası Escort

“You’re a beautiful woman, Kaylie, “ Jordan whispered as he touched her lips with his finger and delicately kissed her neck. His arms slipped around her and she cradled her there, whispering of her beauty and sweetness, telling her that he wanted to know her, the person, not just her, the sexual being. Kaylie shivered with delight, having denied herself a man’s touch, not daring to risk intimacy and closeness in so long.

Jordan’s glance found the bedroom clock.

“I have to go soon,” he kissed her cheek. “Is there somewhere I can get washed up?”

Kaylie nodded and giggled. “You know where the bathroom is.”

He helped her to her feet and kissed her deeply. He held her hand and led her to the door. Kaylie’s eyes questioned him.

“Larry has gone home. Perhaps you can show me where the towels are?” Jordan’s eyes twinkled behind his seemingly innocent suggestion. Kaylie nodded and followed. She couldn’t help but notice that his shaft was semi erect and felt her own arousal reignite at the thought of sharing a bathroom with Jordan. Kaylie took two towels, a bar of soap and shampoo from a box waiting outside the bathroom.

Jordan took it upon himself to start the water for their shower, as he bent over, Kaylie slipped her hand between his legs, tentatively touching his sac and the area between that and his rectum. Immediately, his cock responded to her touch. Jordan turned, taking Kaylie’s breasts in his hands, kissing each one. Kaylie’s lips found Jordan’s ear as he sucked the rosy tip of one breast between his teeth. Her breath heavy, he could feel the pressure building in his groin as her lips nibbled his ear lobe.

Jordan pulled away from Kaylie and helped her into the small shower stall. Touted as a “half bath”, Kaylie was certain it was just large enough for the two of them. They slipped into the porcelain and fiberglass structure, standing close to one another. Jordan stood below the showerhead and raised his head to allow the warm water to permeate his hair.

Kaylie began lathering Jordan’s chest, moving the bar of soap in circles over the silky hair adorning his muscular body. The circles increased in size and became an oval as she covered his torso in fresh smelling suds. Jordan looked down at her, his eyes soaking in the red headed vixen who so tenderly bathed him. She slipped the soap between his legs, pausing a fraction of an instant to enjoy the sensation of his erection underneath her ministrations. Jordan’s hands found her shoulders while Kaylie slipped the soap through his legs, over his sac to his ass. She caressed him with the bar and felt her own arousal building as she absorbed the intimacy of the act.

“Exquisite!” Kaylie murmured in a husky voice as she lowered herself to wash his legs.

The scented bar traveled over his legs and thighs while she fondled his balls with her free hand, not wanting to leave his sex unattended. Once she was certain Jordan was clean, she stood before him, her hand still touching his sex. She took it into a firm grasp and slowly stroked his length.

Jordan led her in a slow dance to maneuver her beneath the showerhead with him facing her, his back against the wall. Most of the water flowed over her, while some found him. She rinsed his body, never taking her hand from his turgid member. Jordan took the soap from Kaylie and began at her neck, soaping and lathering her body. He reveled in the vision of Kaylie; her pink nipples covered in white, glistening foam and guided the bar of soap to her sex.

He separated her labia with the bar and slowly applied pressure along her crevice. She shuddered with each stroke over her bud. Jordan pressed the soap against her opening, teasing her while she continued to stroke and fondle him. Kaylie looked into his eyes as her body shook before him. She spread her legs, pressing her mound against the object in his hand as if to try to fuck it. Her desire was building to unequivocal proportions.

“Please, Jordan,” Kaylie pleaded. “Please, I want you inside me.”

“How badly do you want me?” Jordan asked, not expecting an answer.

Kaylie grinned and said, “This badly!” She removed his hand from her gluttonous cunt and lowered herself to her knees. Burying her face in his balls, her tongue lashed out, tasting the residue of soap Ümraniye Escort and savoring the sensation of the soft flesh on her mouth. She tasted bits of the flesh, swirling her tongue over it until she took a testicle in her mouth. She sucked the ball and stroked his aching, hard member. Jordan could only see her hand moving the length of his shaft and her damp hair. He watched her head moving slowly over his body and groaned loudly. He spread his legs to allow her complete access to his manhood. She grasped his ass cheeks, pressing him firmly against her face.

Her strokes slowed and then quickened, slowing again. The rhythm was ever changing, as was the pressure of her mouth upon him. She moved her head back and looked into his eyes. Her expression was not the hesitant, shy look of an embarrassed schoolgirl, but carried the passion of a woman with long unmet needs. She pursed her lips over the tip of his rigid cock and slowly took him in her mouth. Holding the base of his member as a guide, she withdrew. Again, she took him in her mouth, pressing her tongue and lips along the bottom side of his shaft. She closed her eyes, becoming damp with pleasure as she began giving him head. Her head bobbed at his waist as her pussy responded to her own arousal. The warm water pelting both of their bodies, added to the sensuality of the act. Jordan heard unintelligible sounds escape Kaylie’s throat as she sucked him, harder and faster, her torso and legs quivering with excitement.

Jordan grabbed a handful of hair and directed the pace of the blowjob, pressing her face against him and pulling back. His cock thumped against the back of Kaylie’s throat with each thrust. His hips moved in rhythm with her mouth and the pleasure was divine. Feeling the pressure building and threatening to escape, Jordan pulled Kaylie to her feet, none too gently. Her turned her toward the shower wall and spread her legs. Lifting her slightly above his waist, he pressed her face against the cool wall of the shower and began pounding her with his sex.

His cock entered her, rough and demanding. He thrust deep, so deep, he crushed her against the shower wall. Her shouts threw themselves into the echo chamber created by the shower stall and resonated throughout the house.

“Harder! Fuck me, harder!” She cried out.

He pounded her with his body, the muscles in her cunt pulsating around his rock solid member, as if urging him to continue with each stroke. Kaylie grabbed the showerhead, her knuckles white with tension while Jordan pummeled her without mercy. Kaylie was helpless to his strength and her need. Her shouts became shrieks as the orgasm began to overwhelm her senses.

“Oh, Yes! Yes, Jordan!” she called out. Her body began convulsing with each slamming thrust into her needy cunt. In that last moment of rigidity, she screamed. Her juices poured over his cock, with the water that continued to flow over his body. She thrashed her head, nearly crashing it into the wall. Jordan clenched a handful of hair and held it still while she succumbed to another orgasm. Her screams had become whimpers while she lost herself in sensation.

Jordan could no longer restrain himself. His harsh fucking of this sweet lady left him pulsating and rigid with need for release. He drew back, one final time, watching the ecstasy on her face as he heaved his body against hers, pressing her between him and the wall. He jerked his hips several times, shouting with his release as she came one final time.

For several moments, they stood there with her sandwiched between he and the wall. He caressed her arms and kissed her head. She whimpered with pleasure and exhaustion. Jordan slowly pulled himself from her and helped her turn to face him. Her legs were weak, her head lolled on her shoulders. He enveloped her in his arms and kissed her neck beneath the artificial rain of the shower. A final kiss for Kaylie and Jordan stepped back.

“Hmm wonderful!” Jordan said quietly. “I wish I could stay, but I need to get home now, ma…Kaylie.”

Kaylie nodded her understanding. They stepped from the shower and hurriedly dried themselves off. Kaylie kissed Jordan at the door and said a quiet farewell.

“Thank you,” she murmured, her cheeks ablaze with embarrassment. Jordan smiled and waved on his way down the walk.

Jordan wondered to himself if Larry had told his wife he had to work late. He hoped so.

In a two-bedroom duplex on the other end of town, a man, naked and heaving from the most incredible blowjob he had ever received said, “I love it when he works late.”

“I know, Larry. If he didn’t work so hard we wouldn’t have time to play!” responded an attractive lady in her mid fifties.

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