Movie Night

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They both wandered into the 7-11 and started wandering down the aisles. It was movie night tonight and they needed to stock up on munchies. Jason wandered down the chip aisle and grabbed a couple bags and headed for the fridges at the back to get something to drink.

Emily pondered her choices in the candy aisle. She grabbed a premixed bag of penny candy and grabbed a fist full of suckers and lollypops. She headed for the till and looked back to see what was taking Jason so long to make up his mind.

He came wandering up the middle aisle; arms full of his choices. He put all his items on the counter with Emily’s and pulled out his wallet. He paid the guy behind the counter as Emily collected their bags off the counter.

When they got back in the car and began to drive back to the house.

” So which movie are we going to watch first?” Emily asked.

Jason grinned from ear to ear. “I picked up a couple good ones this morning but I’m not going to tell you what they are. It’s a surprise!”

She smiled and stated she trusted his judgement but if it was a war movie she’d simply have to kill him.

He adored her fun loving nature. Like a puppy that thinks it’s a guard dog. She’d act like she was the biggest meanest person in the world but it was almost comical coming from her 5’2″, 110 pound frame. Her green eyes did lend themselves to her mischievous nature but if you knew her you’d know she was all bark and simply no bite.

When they arrived at the house. Emily carried all the bags in and brought them directly into the living room. She tossed them on the coffee table and plopped herself down on the sofa. Jason came in a few minutes later.

She had already opened up a lollypop and was diligently sucking away on it. A coy smile came across her face as she noticed him watching her out of the corner of his eye. She twirled the stick between her fingertips as she pulled it out of her mouth. Sucking back a little she made it come out with a little popping noise.

That caught his attention fully. His head snapped around. “Don’t start with that.” He cautioned.

“Or else what?” She said mischievously.

He let it go and didn’t say anything. He had picked up two movies that morning: A romantic comedy and a porn.

He figured if she was going escort kartal to get what she wanted he would get what he wanted.

He walked up to the DVD player and opened the unmarked case. As he slipped the disk onto the tray she started to inquire as to what he had chosen.

He turned around and smiled right back at her. He didn’t answer and simply walked back to the sofa knowing the first sign of the previews that she would know what special little movie he had chosen for her.

The lights were already off in the living room with a soft glow of light coming from the kitchen so the could see what they were doing. The TV began to glow and she knew right away from the music and the frame of the shot around some girl’s butt that he had put on some smut television.

No doubt he thought she would play along, and he was probably right.

She smirked. “I suppose you want me to play along with this silly little game of yours.”

“What?” He asked. His attempt at innocence was not fooling her one bit.

“Don’t play coy with me, sir.” She started playfully, “I bet you think that putting on this little film would make me want to get down on my knees and start sucking you off.”

He shrugged and smiled. “Kinda.”

She slowly leaned in to kiss him and as her lips touched his she started to slide off the sofa. She got down on her knees between her legs and started grabbing for his belt. She slowly pulled it to one side for the buckle to unlatch and tugged at it seductively and she looked over her shoulder to see what had caught his attention.

On the screen was an attractive young blonde giving some young stallion of a porn star a blow job.

“Oh, I can do that!” She said enthusiastically.

She turned her head around and pulled at his pants. She tugged them down around his ankles and reached for his swollen cock. She tilted it towards her lips and looked up.

Silently she stared at him while she took his long shaft into her mouth. She worked it to the very back of her throat and noticed his eyes roll into the back of his head. She could hear the moans from the man on the screen but could notice Jason’s breathing get heavy and deep but without any sound.

She pressed her tongue hard against his shaft as she worked it out of maltepe escort her mouth.

Then with an exhale she was rewarded with Jason’s whisper of “Oh, God, yes.”

She grinned with self satisfaction. She could put that little slut on the screen to shame with the way she sucked dick. It was a matter of pride.

Just as she was working it into her mouth again she felt his hand grab her hair and force her face down on him. She gasped just at the right moment as in his eagerness he filled her throat so she couldn’t breathe. She tried to take another breath but found herself choking on his full erection.

He let go and she came up for air.

She began to avidly suck up and down on his cock while he placed his hands behind his head and watched the movie he had chosen. For a few minutes they both enjoyed her favourite past time: sucking him off.

“Get up here.” He said, “I want to taste that wet little pussy of yours.”

She began to kiss her way up his body. All the while removing her shirt and pulling her skirt up. She kissed up his torso, flicking his nipples with her tongue while she crawled up onto the sofa. She reached his lips and lingered for a moment but knew what he was after she crawled further up.

He began to kiss the parts of her body as they passed his lips. As she crawled up he kissed her breasts, felt them, kneading them in his hands. As she placed her first knee on the top of the sofa he could smell her warm snatch coming closer to his face. She extended her second leg and braced herself against the wall.

His hands grabbed her cute ass and pulled her sweetness towards him. His tongue flicked at her clit and he sucked on it softly. She began to force herself closer. He buried his face in her opening. Letting his tongue open her up wide and press against the heat of her warm temple.

He started pulling her down on his face. He licked up and down from one end to the other tasting all she was letting him have. He slid down and got out from underneath her.

She looked back to see him kneeling on the sofa behind her now. Over his shoulder she could see the man on the TV had his victim pinned against a sofa and she was avidly touching herself as he pumped in and out of her.

“Get your little ass down here.” Jason pendik escort bayan Commanded.

Emily lowered herself from on top of the sofa to kneeling on it still facing the wall. Jason poised his throbbing cock and her hot little entrance. He skilfully opened her up with one hand; spreading her lips wide and exposing her hot pink pussy. He used his other hand to slip the tip of his cock inside her.

He put one hand out in front to brace himself and used the other to reach around and grab her breast. He slowly pushed himself deep inside her. Taking slow long strokes he could feel her hot hole tensing around his member.

“Tell me how bad you want it.” He said.

“Oh fuck me!” She burst out in a defiant breath, “Fuck me hard. Make me your whore.”

With that he moved both his hands to her waist and grabbed her roughly. His thrusts were quick, full and hard.

She began screaming and begging for him not to stop. She screamed for him to make her come.

With feverish, uncontrolled thrusts her used her like a doll. He used her hole like a whore’s and with a scream so loud the neighbours would have though he killed her she pushed back and came all over his hard cock.

“Now it’s my turn.” He said with a sly grin on his face.

He pulled out of her and turned her around. He pulled her by her legs to the edge of the sofa and he stood over her. He put his fingers in her mouth to keep her quiet. With her hips tilted so slightly upward he had the perfect position to drive his solid frame into her.

The was no gentle nature about the way her took her there. He forced himself inside her with such a force she whimpered.

He hammered her relentlessly as she sucked back on his fingers. He body was being forced into the sofa with each thrust and her hands were holding onto the cushions for dear life. Just as he was about the come he took out his throbbing cock, leaned forward, removed his fingers from her mouth and sent his load shooting down her face.

From her eye to her chin he left a trail. She wantonly used her tongue to try and get as much of it in her mouth as she could. As he stepped back she used her fingers to get the rest and taste what he had done. She reached down to her wet, abused hole and stuck her fingers in deep.

He watched as she enjoyed the taste of herself mixed with his load.

He smiled. She looked up and with a smirk asked “Can we watch my movie now?”

He laughed and said “Only because I’m done with you.” He winked as he grabbed for his pants and walked out of the room.

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