Movie Night Ch. 06: Terri

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I was dozing. My left arm was under Riley’s head, to my left, and my right hand rested on her tummy, just above her wispy pubic hairs. I could hear her breathing, softly, also nearly asleep, or maybe actually asleep…couldn’t tell. My eyes, like hers, were closed. I could feel the heat of Riley’s right leg atop mine, and with a slight wiggle, knew that I was still inside her. The motion reminded me of the heat, reminded me of the act, and I responded just enough to feel her walls shift around me. The slickness was the next thing I became aware of, and reminded me that I had, some time ago, filled this sweet, wonderful young lady with my sperm…my life, now mixed with hers.

My hand moved up, and cupped her right breast. It was soft…tender…and the stimulation moved her head towards me in response. Our eyes opened within moments of each other, and we just stared deeply into another. There was really no need for words. Her eyes were big. Glowing. Soft. And those amazing freckles, well, let’s just say that they were hers and hers exclusively. No one could wear them like Riley, I guess. So Irish.

I smiled, and she responded with a simple kiss. It was just a peck, really, but the essence of her was in it, and she paused to gauge my reaction. I kissed her back, more strongly, and she responded. My left hand curled around her to feel her shoulder and stroke her hair, and Riley’s kiss brought forth her tongue, now seeking mine. She flexed her hips. I pushed in slightly, and the warmth of her ass against my groin caused me to thicken inside her. I felt her smile, though we were kissing, and so she did it again.

Succubus. She was stealing my soul, and I was ready to let it happen.

My right hand, cupping her left breast, now squeezed, and my fingers found the hardening nipple, pulling, rolling, and gently, ever so gently teased it up, pressed it down, pulled it forward. In an instant her areola had filled again, and her breast hardened at my manipulations. She stopped kissing me, her tongue in my mouth and our lips pressed firmly together, and she began to fill her lungs in shallow, rapid breaths. The feeling at her breasts had reestablished the connection to her sex, where not only my shaft, but the head of my cock had now begun to fill her more completely. We were warm under the blankets, safe, and now, connected as only lovers know.

“Mr. D…” was all she spoke, and I responded with a quiet “ssshhh, Riley…just let it happen, o.k.?”.

She didn’t have to move, just feel. I had her tightly in my arms, and began to increase the rocking of my hips, now fully stroking the length of my manhood again inside her, only this time, it was loving, not demanding, having already accomplished, I’m certain, what we intended. This was a time to love Riley, and we both felt it. The combination of our mating earlier had her super slippery, and though she was still very tight around me, it was sensuous, as though a soft, wet, velvet glove were caressing me.

Moving my right hand off her breast, and slowly rubbing small circles over her chest, down across her tummy, I caressed around her belly button, dipping in slightly, and probing it deeply. Riley’s eyes closed, and she arched her bottom towards me, silently asking for deeper penetration, her erogenous zones guiding her body’s needs. I responded, and the act caused my earlier semen to press out, coating her thighs, coating my testicles, now once again pulling up and forward, knowing what would be asked of them yet again. The motion caused the blankets to stir, expelling the scent of our lust across our bodies, and we both smelled the same thing at the same time. Riley took a breath through her nose so deep I could hear it, and I’m sure both our bodies reacted similarly. The smell was that of two souls mating, again, full of readiness and acceptance.

Both of Riley hands found and removed my finger from her belly-button, and pressed them downward, flat across her tummy, where I stopped, and pressing my hand flat in to her belly, smiled openly at her now, our eyes again connected, and she blushed with her own smile, knowing. She didn’t let go, and simply pushed my hand further, to the top of her bush, and holding my hand with her right, used her left to grasp my rod as I stroked out of her, coating her fingers with the mixture of her cum and my sperm. As I pressed firmly to fill her again, both our eyes closed, her left hand separated the upper folds of her labia, spreading the mixture and coating her clit.

I needed nothing further. My two fingers quickly found the protruding nub as my thumb played in the hair above it, and I began lazy circles around it with each stroke in and out. Riley moaned softly, opening her mouth and letting it ooze out of her. I thickened further now, and Riley’s left hand on my exiting shaft confirmed this. Each time I pressed in, only her fingers covered mine where I was so diligently administering to her clit. With each exit, her hand would follow my shaft out, squeezing, sikiş izle pulling, and I felt the veins distend.

‘Rhythm…find a rhythm’, I thought to myself, and let Riley’s body and breathing guide me to what, exactly, she liked. Turns out, it was two circles around her clit to each slow, deep stroke, in or out of her feminine well. I wasn’t in a hurry; neither was she, and for the next several minutes we just let the heat and pressure build. Our position on the couch was perfect; we fit together like lovers do, and kissing again, I could feel a renewed sweat forming where we touched. I kissed her shoulder, my tongue bathing her skin, licking up the scent and salt of her pheromone-laced moisture.

The first pulsing rhythms of Riley’s cuntal walls around my shaft surprised me, as she wasn’t gripping me ‘that’ tightly, but maybe it was just the lingering wetness from our earlier time together. In any case, it stopped her kiss, and she exhaled fully then bit my lower lip. Her abdomen also tightened in a wave as her clit fully retracted in my fingers, her labia now erotically squeezing and kissing my shaft.

This was the permission I needed, and with just the thought of her orgasm, I squeezed my ass cheeks forward, ending somewhere deep inside her. I, too, paused, clenched tight against her bottom, as each contraction of my testicles combined with the glans around my cock shaft to deliver several more loads of thick, viscous seed up the length of my manhood rooted…ending…releasing…deeply inside Riley’s womb.

My Riley.

My lover. This wasn’t sex anymore. This was two lovers mating.

I realized that now. I was in love with this amazing creature in my arms, and this was only to be the beginning. Riley smiled into my soul as we each felt our lives connect again, her eyes welling with moisture, allowing a soft moan to slip through pursed lips.

My own orgasm wrenched my body, and pressing into her more as we each relented, we kissed deeply, regaining our lungs, regaining breathing. We hadn’t disconnected; hadn’t moved more than a few inches either way this whole time really, and the heat from her pussy around my distended cock shaft was so intense, I couldn’t tell where my nerves ended, and her body began. I glanced at the clock on the wall. 6:10. Riley simply fell slack, again, and turning her head up, nestling her face next to mine, I listened as her breathing deepened, and mine drifted back into the haze of half-awake, half-asleep.

It was Susan’s voice, now waking us both, gently “Dad…Ri…Time to wake up. Mom called a few moments ago. She’s picking up the other kids at school. She’ll be back in about 20-25 mins.” Riley had turned to face away from me, and my lips were on her shoulder as Susan was speaking.

“Mmmm-hmmm”, I acknowledged Susan’s voice “getting up, Suz. Thanks. What time is it?”

“7:15, Dad. Petra and I were going to wake you earlier, but…you know…” and turning to see her above me, was that amazing smile, both of them still dressed in the intimate lingerie. “We didn’t want to interrupt you two.”

Petra sat down at the end of the couch, and gently pulling the covers from behind us, then over us, proclaimed “umm…it seems as though you found a way to get something done.” She had a monster smile on her face. Staring at our union, Petra watched as Riley moved forward, the motion causing me to finally dislodge. What happened next was a bit surreal.

Susan touched Riley’s shoulders and voiced out “Riley, wait..”, and hearing the call to attention, Petra kneeled forward, expecting the minor flood that was to occur, probably both of them knowing from experience from our earlier trysts what was about to happen. As Riley stood, Petra’s right hand reached down and capped Riley’s pussy, her fingers pressing slightly up and towards her ass, her hand forming a small bowl just under her sex. Riley stopped, and Petra pressed up, exclaiming “you’re gonna make a mess all over the floor, girl, believe me” but it was to no avail, and as Riley processed the phrase, Petra’s hand filled quickly with the product of our twice union.

Riley, looking down, smiled, and her Irish spirit came marching out “Ooooo…yessss!” as my essence filled Petra’s hand, but now leaking through her fingers, began sliding down Riley’s thighs. Closing the gap to Petra, Riley grasped her forearm low, and held it in place with both hands. Now, slightly spreading her legs, smiling like an Irish leprechaun, she lowered Petra’s hands just far enough and squeezed her hips forward, the resulting shift causing her tummy muscles to contract the space, and several more streams “glooped” downward, more thickly into the pool of liquid in Petra’s hand.

Riley was brash. Smart-assed as she stared down Petra “hmmm…P…what’cha gonna do with all THAT?” Even Susan wsa smiling her own devilish smile, but her heart was playful and light, almost daring Petra.

Riley’s eyes flickered between Petra’s eyes and the substantial brazzers collection of cum in her hand. Riley’s grip on Petra’s hand was solid, her digits white, and Petra’s arm red where they connected.

Petra spoke next “Riley…”, but was interrupted by Susan “Lay back, Petra”. Riley guided Petra’s body back while holding her arm dead-level, not allowing a twist or a turn. Susan showed how much she was still the ringleader of this group “I don’t think we should let any of that go to waste, Riley. What do you think?” Petra was sitting now, her legs, still clad in the fishnet and heels, feet on the floor, but her weight pressing her ass into the couch pillows, and staring at the cooling seed of life that Riley was guiding down towards her lap.

“Lift your legs, P.” Riley knew. Susan was now alongside Riley, and we all 3 watched, silently, as Petra reclined, scooted her butt forward, and as she lifted her spikes onto the couch frame just under the cushions, spreading her legs slightly, her crotchess panties split open with her expanding labia. Her sex had flowered in front of us all.

Riley smiled deeper “payback’s a bitch, huh?” She already knew what Susan intended, and how to do it. Releasing Petra’s arm, Riley smiled at Petra and said “just relax, girl…I’m gonna help you out!” and used two fingers, one from each hand, to gently enter and spread Petra’s exposed sex, now up-turned. This invasion by her friend caused her hole to spread, but Petra gasped at the contact, and relaxing, now opened more fully.

I was mesmerized, and Susan noticed. “Do you want to help, Daddy?” she smiled at me, and I could only glance at her before looking back. I don’t think I even nodded. Petra’s breasts were squished by the brassiere and her nipples were now just peaking over the tops. Her own head, craning to watch what was to be a very lewd act, was flushed red, but she was willing. Nobody said anything, we just watched as Riley guided Petra’s hand hand directly over the heat of her labia, and Petra, making a fist as she rotated her hand inward, let gravity present the seed-laden sperm drop, dollop-by-dollop, into her crease, and slide effortlessly down into the continuum inside.

This was perhaps the most erotic thing I had ever seen, knowing it was my seed. I was entranced. This was nasty, and my hormones responded in kind, gently pulsing new blood into my flaccid member.

Petra’s hand, now void of the flowable liquid, descended, and in a scraping motion beginning at the base of her palm just below her clit, pulled her hand to her fingertips, pressing any remaining juices off and allowing them the same ingress to her open sex.

Borrowing her earlier phrase, Riley spoke up “and that’s where THAT belongs, Ms. P!” She had a HUGE grin on her face, and as Riley’s hands removed themselves, I heard that insane giggling from this trio of friends. I was on my knees somehow now, to Petra’s left, and Petra noticed my shaft, still wet from having exited Riley a moment ago, only now semi-turgid, and I think, filling fast. Closing and lowering her own legs, and now turning slightly towards me, Petra’s cum-laden right hand surrounded my cock, and her mouth descended upon me as she gripped and stroked me just twice. The wetness and warmth of her hand was fluid-like, and I liked it. A lot. I didn’t know what to say, and simply closed my eyes as Petra’s tongue and hands caressed me in a thousand ways.

Daft in the rapture Petra was providing, it was Susan who approached me, turning my head to face her, and kissed me deeply. “Gawd, Dad!” Petra’s hand slid over my balls, caressing them, and Susan kissed me again. “You’d better go get cleaned up, Mr., or you’ll have some serious explaining to do. Better now let Mom catch you and P like this.” Each girl disconnected, then departed up the stairs, and I watched the most amazing set of asses climb the steps together, again, again, giggling.

I collected my clothes, and also departed up to my own bedroom, relishing the shower.

The next day, Friday, was uneventful. More work around the house, got the stupid furnace fixed, and was reminded about grocery shopping and more. Good time with family, and we ended the day with a great meal and discussion about college..

“You know, girls”, Tammy said over dinner chicken, “I like the idea of you three sharing that big house off campus. Shame that Gramma had to pass, but this solves the problem of renting it out or selling it.”

Couldn’t agree more, although I knew a bit more about the story than Tammy, and was wondering how time would catch this discussion up amongst us all.

Moving away from the table now, and beginning to collect plates “You three of have been like sisters all along. I sure am going to miss having you around.” Glancing at Riley and Petra dining with us “seems like you two girls have spent more time here in the past 5 years than with your own family. I hope you continue your friendship well into your adult lives. fake taxi porno I’m sure you will.” Again, giggles filled the room from all three, and I couldn’t help but smile as well.

Tammy, now looking back, asked “what? What’d I say?”

“Let’s just say, Mom” Susan took the lead, “that we three are as close to you and Dad as we can be. We love you both, and you don’t have to worry about us.”

Riley jumped in next “Yeah, Mrs. D, we think of you as our second Mom, and as Mr. D as a father”, and closing the distance, gave her a hug, and me a wink. Again, loud laughter from the three girls, and Tammy glanced my way. I couldn’t look back.

Saturday morning. Tammy slept in, I couldn’t sleep. Something was bugging me. Couldn’t quite put a finger on it, but it was messing with my mind. I asked myself if it could be the obvious fact that I probably got all three young ladies pregnant over the last few days, one of whom was my daughter, but despite that…no…that still wasn’t it.

WHAT…what was it again?

I took a 3 mile run. Showered. Replaced the alternator in my truck, ate lunch while Tammy took the girls college-stuff shopping, and went upstairs to use the bathroom. Passing by Susan’s room, I decided to just make certain they were keeping their end of this game fairly in bounds. Opening the door; what a mess. There were girl-clothes everywhere, spread throughout the room, hanging on door-knobs, on the bed…I even recognized Riley’s panties on top of the nightstand.

I smiled a bit…yep…’those’ panties… fuck…yum. In the open closet, I glanced at the shopping bag, their lingerie items overflowing from it. The bag was imprinted “Le Joli Minou”. My French wasn’t that rusty, and in any case, the graphics gave it away “The Pretty Kitty” Tall and dark, with gold, flowing letters, a picture of two long legs in lingerie, one a female’s leg, with a cat’s face at the sex, and it’s tail forming the second leg. Pretty hot. At least, unmistakable what they’re communicating. Oh, well, sex sells. Nothing new there.

I settled into my afternoon coffee with the Saturday paper, and Tammy and the girls came bounding back in. Apparently, shopping does this for them. Personally, I’d take the peace and quiet any day, but to each his own. Tammy walked past, pecking my cheek with a cheery “we’re back!”. As she turned the corner to the living room, each girl followed behind with a bag, stopping to whisper “I love you, Daddy”, and then kissed me, full on the lips. Again, Riley was last, and her kiss was deep.

“Wanna see what we got”, they each spoke, grinning as though they’d won a prize. “Ummm…well, Susan, your mother is upstairs, right…” fearing the worst, and not wanting to be so bold.

“Relax, Dad” it was Petra, hands around my neck from behind me, we just wanted you to know we were thinking of you. Her fingers pointed to Susan and Riley at the sink. Riley was holding an unopened box of pregnancy tests, and Susan’s fingers were on her mouth, smiling, but indicating “ssshhh”! The girls took turns looking at each other and giggled wildly.

My face blushed deep red, and I asked “What are you doing? What will your mother say if she finds those?” Susan approached me and said, “look, Dad, we’ll keep it hidden. We can’t take them yet anyways, we just wanted to see the look on your face.” All three girls giggled again, then placing the box in their bags, shuffled up the steps.

Later, probably about 5 or so, it was Susan who finally brought me back into focus. “Remember, Handsome, we have the Rollins party to go to tonight. Have you decided what you’re wearing? They have some big news to share, and I think it’s a semi-formal thing.”

Fuck Me. THAT’S what it was.

The Rollins…Terri…and visions of her red lipstick lips wrapped around me swallowing each and every stream of my cum flooded my mind.

“ o.k.?” Tammy asked, noticing my absence from the conversation. “Yeah, oh..yeah, no..that’s fine…I hadn’t forgotten. I was just going to go casual, but nice…clean…you know. Any idea what the announcement might be?”

“No idea, but I do enjoy our time with them. I heard from the Swansons that they might be moving…some new job out-of-state, I hope not. I really like them.”

Absentmindedly, I replied “Oh, moving, well, that might not be all bad then .”

“What? What are you talking about? I thought we were good friends with that family?”

“Huh? Oh, we are. Sorry. I just meant, well, it may be good for them, that’s all.” Changing the subject now, “What about the kids, Tam? Are they coming with, or is this an adult-only thing?”

“Well, the youngest three are staying home, but I think Susan and those other two goofballs will probably join us. They’re all inseparable. I heard Susan and Riley mentioning something about helping Terri with her “situation”…I wonder what that’s about. “

“No idea. Anyways, I thought Terri and these three Musketeers weren’t all that close?”

“No. No. It might have been true through some school years, but since they’ve all gotten summer jobs, and now, getting ready for college, I think it’s changed them. They all seem much closer. We just don’t see much of Terri here, that’s all”

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