Movie Night Ch. 05

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For the reader: Be forewarned that this story presents a subject that is considered risqué in most circles. If you are not prepared to read about consensual incest (maybe not technically but at least socially) between step-father and step-daughter please move on to a different story. The story is one of fiction and the characters are all above the age of consent. I have tried to write it as realistically as possible but it should be treated as the fiction that it is, no more, no less. If you have not read Chapters 1 through 4 of the story I highly recommend it to “set-the-stage” and give the reader a sense the circumstances leading up to this chapter. The story is truly designed to be read in entirety and is mainly broken up into chapters to provide an easier reading experience. The ice has been broken and innocence is lost, but where will it go next? I hope that the slow and tentative build-up has given a truly erotic, believable experience to the readers. This is the first story that I have ever written so I do look forward to any comments or constructive criticism that you may have.


The next week and a half was extremely busy for me at work with a number of projects that I was responsible for coming to a close. Leaving by 5 in the morning and arriving home after 8 at night didn’t leave much time to spend with the family nor allow for a lot of thought to the events of the past few months with my step-daughter.

It wasn’t until the following Thursday that I got home before dinner having finally concluded the projects. As we sat down to dinner, it seemed like the whole family wanted to catch me up on things at the same time; my wife’s women’s group activities, my step-daughter’s work and school, my step-son’s art club at school, and my son’s sports and scouting schedule. I was having a little trouble trying to take all of it in at once but it was readily apparent that an awful lot had been going on and knowing how overloaded I was, my wife had simply decided to make the decisions and fill me in later. We usually know how the other would act and support each other’s decisions with the kids to avoid the “mom and pop” routine so I didn’t expect any issues.

The first change that would affect me was a change to our “movie night” making it two. The previous weekend had a repeat of the prior hard-charging chore completion on Saturday morning so my wife had decided that if we were to continue we could do both Friday AND Saturday night movies each week. I didn’t mind but I secretly wondered how much my step-daughter had spearheaded this effort.

Friday night came quickly and the family settled down to an all-star action film. My step-daughter arrived this time in a short nightgown that elicited remarks from my wife very quickly since this was the first time that she had ever worn quite adult looking sleepwear in our presence.

“What is that?” my wife asked.

“What?” was the reply.

“You know what, young lady.”

“Mom, it’s no big deal. I just found it very comfortable so I got it.”

Just as my wife started to open her mouth to say something my step-daughter virtually ended any argument by continuing “it’s not like it shows anything more than my normal nightshirts…” which was, indeed a true statement. It looked to be made of black silk and even in the full light of the room was dark enough that I couldn’t see through it. There were straps across the shoulders but the neckline was high enough to not really show any cleavage and the bottom came down to mid-thigh. The only “objectionable” thing that I could see was the way that the material draped her breasts. It may not have been terribly revealing but I, for one, thought that the way the material hung on her frame and stood out against her pale skin and light colored hair was sexy as hell.

At that, my wife simply muttered “well…” and turned away, apparently with no further argument to her attire…

Realizing that the discussion was over, she turned toward me and slid under the covers rubbing the sexy material against me.

As she lay down, she made a bit of a show settling in under the covers as the boys came down and turned the lights out. Unbeknownst to everyone else in the room, that show was for their benefit and was really only to hide the fact that in reality she had shoved my tee shirt up over my nipples and at the same time, manipulated maltepe escort my sweat shorts down until they were at my knees. Her final act had been to use one of her feet to hook the shorts and push them down until they were just above my ankles. She did this so deftly that I was really in no position to say anything without causing a lot of trouble for both her and me so I simply allowed her ministrations and neither did, nor said anything.

On top of all of this, my step-daughter had applied a small amount of a subtle perfume that’s scent was simply intoxicating. The combined effect was downright sublime. My dick was rapidly reaching hardness and, unfettered, was pointed up at my chest. I could feel her bare legs against mine and the smooth silk of the nightgown against my skin. I was already quite enjoying the feeling of it rubbing my nipples, stomach, and dick and the movie hadn’t even started yet.

I knew that she had been getting more forward as of late but this was taking things to a whole new level. Each movement that she made was driving me toward ecstasy and, in turn, was slightly raising the hem of the nightie.

Only about fifteen minutes into the film, I felt the hem slide above the tip of my dick. As it slid over the tip, my cock, now completely unconstrained, popped out a little and nestled in the crack of her ass. I let out a subtle gasp as I felt her bare ass cheeks against my skin. All the while I had been feeling her supple breasts through the silky fabric of the nightie and could feel her hard nipples slightly tenting the material. She spent the next few moments moving her ass up and down around my dick before reaching between her legs to grab my member and position it between her thighs.

Believing her to be naked under the nightgown, I was again worried that she intended to go further than I was prepared but was saved by the silky sensation of panties as the tip of my dick made contact with her crotch. It was already soaked with her juices but I realized that it couldn’t be anything more than a small g-string or thong. Visions of this and how she must look had my mind reeling.

I found myself a more active participant and didn’t wait for any guidance from her. I slid my hand up the smooth silk and began rubbing her breasts and toying with her nipples. They had become extremely hard like pencil erasers and were quite sensitive judging by her reactions to the light pinches and flicks that I was giving them.

As she started grinding her hips, the sensations of both her thighs wrapped around my dick and the silk of her nightie sliding over me combined with her intoxicating scent had me reeling. There was no doubt that I was enjoying this way too much but I simply couldn’t help how great it felt. Based on her shallow breathing she was enjoying it as well.

She continued her gentle rocking for about 45 minutes, occasionally pausing to allow us to come down a bit, and it was a miracle that I hadn’t exploded all over her thighs. The next thing I knew, she had disengaged herself from me and hopped up while asking her mom to pause so that she could go to the bathroom. A few minutes later she returned and slid back under the covers with me.

As the movie started to play, I felt her grab my cock and return it between her thighs. As I felt the bareness of her ass and thighs I gave a slight thrust forward and was greeted with a new sensation. Where I had expected to contact her panties, I was suddenly met with slippery warmth. It became readily apparent that my step-daughter had removed her panties while in the bathroom and I was now sliding between the outer folds of her sopping wet pussy.

To say that it felt sensational wouldn’t be doing it justice. She was extremely wet and her juices were freely flowing over my dick, allowing it to slide between her legs with ease. I was a little nervous at the new development and stopped my thrust only to feel her quickly respond and move back toward me until her ass was firmly against my hips.

She continued to roll her hips and I could feel myself sliding back and forth through her slippery folds. Occasionally I would even feel a slight bit of resistance at the tip as I slid forward making contact with the underside of her clit.

She seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself and was thrusting a little harder against me when mecidiyeköy escort her labored breathing stopped and her thighs clenched around me. Feeling a sudden gush of warmth around my cock, I realized that she had just cum from the repeated contact with her clit and the feeling of my dick in her folds.

Eager for release, I wanted to continue but apparently she was too sensitive from her orgasm and kept her body tightly against mine preventing further movement. We remained like that for the remainder of the movie and as it came to an end composed ourselves.

Despite not having cum, I slept very soundly that night, awash in the memories of that night. My imagination was running rampant and was combining thoughts of that night with visions of her almost naked body in the red lingerie merged together. I found myself truly lusting after her and was anxiously awaiting the following night’s movie.

The next morning, I couldn’t look at her without imagining her soft folds and lithe body against mine. She did give me the occasional knowing grin but the day was uneventful and quite normal.

As the evening came to a close and the family movie approached, I felt like a teenage boy ready to go “park” for the first time. My nerves were aflutter and I kept checking to make sure that everything was set for that evening…shower — check, shaven — check, teeth brushed — check… I made sure to wear loose fitting shorts and even considered going shirtless but decided against it in the end. I was checking my watch with frequency and caught myself pacing at one point.

Anxious as I was, I was the first one in the family room and had to wait for everyone else to come down. My step-daughter was the last to arrive and looked extremely plain compared to her sexiness of the night before. She had on no makeup, had her hair tied back in a ponytail, and was wearing an old oversized tee shirt that came down to just above her knees. I almost felt disappointed thinking that it meant that nothing was likely to happen. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

She snuggled up to me under the covers and for the first 20 minutes remained like that. For the first time, I found myself the instigator as I ran my hand up her sides and across her breasts. I was quite happy to feel that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

I don’t know if she had been waiting for me to initiate things or if she had merely felt that enough time had passed but she started to respond quickly. As I felt her nipples hardening under the shirt, her hand came between us and began rubbing my dick through the shorts. It didn’t take long before she grew tired of the interference and reached her hand inside them. She shoved the back of her wrist against my waistband and I took it upon myself to let go of her breast and use my hand to slide the shorts over my hips. As I returned it to her breast, I ran it up the smooth skin of her thigh and across part of her ass, slightly lifting the bottom of her shirt as I did so.

She played with me for a few minutes and then let go, bringing her hand around to her front. I could feel her legs part slightly followed by the graze of her fingertips against first my scrotum and then around my shaft. After a moment or two of stroking, she pulled me between her thighs and began that subtle roll of her hips that she had perfected so well.

Her body was positioned slightly higher on mine that normal so all that I could feel at first was the envelopment of her thighs. After a few thrusts I began to feel the tip of my dick emerging in front of her and felt a slight tickle of her pubic hair. I found myself ecstatic that she had come down without panties and couldn’t wait to feel her folds surround me.

As we continued our undulations, I finally felt my head come in contact with her pussy and was greeted by a very different feeling than the previous night. Her lips remained closed and I could actually feel my dick pressing against, rather than sliding through, her pussy. Despite being a quite different sensation, I was thoroughly enjoying it and was starting to ooze precum. That little bit of lubrication changed everything…

On the next thrust forward, I felt myself start to slide between and part her lips. As soon as it did, I found a gush of her juices against my dick like floodgates had been suddenly opened. She let merter escort out a soft moan and left her mouth slightly open, breathing heavier. The angle of our bodies had me sliding up through her folds right across her clit in full contact the entire time. The first time that the tip hit her clit, she let out a little gasp and followed it by some almost imperceptible coos. Thank goodness for a good surround sound system to help drown out the slight noises that she was making.

For the next while we continued like this with me grazing her clit with long, slow strokes while I fondled and rubbed her firm breasts and played with her hard nipples. To me at least, it was obvious that my step-daughter was in sheer bliss.

On my next thrust, I felt her shudder in a mini orgasm that shook her entire body and paused to allow her to fully experience the sensations. After a moment, I pulled back again to resume our thrusting, and upon going forward realized that her orgasm had slightly changed the angle of our bodies together. I felt the head of my dick penetrate between her lips and quickly align itself with my step-daughter’s pussy and begin to enter the channel to her womb.

I had not intended to penetrate her so stopped immediately but felt like her pussy sucked me in a bit and the entire head of my dick was enveloped in her hot, wet pussy. Scared, I started to pull out only to have her quickly reach her arm behind her and grab my hip firmly, stopping me from moving.

We both remained completely still with the tip of my dick buried inside her. Her mouth hung open a little and her breathing had become rapid and shallow. Her eyes had opened wide in shock but then slowly started to gently close as a smile developed across her face. For what seemed like an eternity, we stayed like that, until finally she turned her head slightly toward me and whispered “leave it.”

“But…” I quietly responded, “what about…”

She cut me off. “It’s OK. I’m safe. Let me. I want this.”

She must have been having extraordinary sensations because in between each little comment I could feel her pussy give my cock a good squeeze and hear her let out a heavy breath.

Slowly, she began to resume a slow movement of her hips and I decided to remain still and allow her to control the penetration. After a few moments, her motion slightly increased and I could feel myself start to slide in and out of her tight grip. Very slowly, I could feel that the depth of my penetration was increasing and after about a centimeter felt the tip of my dick hit resistance.

Now, based on the few things that my step-daughter had told me before as well as her reactions tonight, I shouldn’t have been surprised but reality had hit me that she was a virgin and I was pressed against her hymen. As much as part of me wanted to, I didn’t feel right taking her virginity…especially not here, not now. Her first time shouldn’t be like this.

“Sweetie, not like this,” I breathed.

“No,” she agreed.

For the next while we really didn’t move much. I continued to play with her breasts and occasionally she would withdraw until I was barely inside of her and then slide back until I was pressed firmly against her hymen.

Realizing that the movie was almost over, my step-daughter reached up to grab my hand that had been playing with her breasts and brought it right down to her groin. For the first time, I could feel her wispy pubes at my fingertips and began to lightly tickle them.

Apparently wanting release, she pressed my hand firmly against her and put my index finger directly over her clit. Realizing what she wanted, I took over playing with it as she thrusted back and forth over the tip of my dick, slowly increasing speed as her orgasm approached.

Right as the climactic scene of the movie peaked so did my step-daughter. I could feel her pussy clench around the head of my cock, throbbing as each wave of her orgasm hit. Her grip was so tight around me and the orgasm so powerful, I found that I couldn’t hold back any longer and came, unleashing a powerful torrent of cum inside of her. The feel of my hot juices in her pussy only seemed to drive her wilder and we continued to cum together in orgasmic bliss.

As soon as the movie ended, she hopped up off of the couch and headed toward the stairs. Apparently forgoing kisses, she said “goodnight everyone” over her shoulder. Right as she hit the base of the stairs, I realized why she was departing so hastily…I saw a slight reflection from the light of the TV on her thigh and realized that she had our cum running down her leg. At that moment I couldn’t think of anything hotter in the entire world.

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