Mountain Lodge

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This is my first story here of a fantasy I’ve had of late at a mountain lodge whilst being on a hike. It takes place on a mountain lodge in the open field with a wide open view over the mountains tops. I just visited the place.

All participants in this fictional story are of legal age. In my mind at least around 35 to 40.

The hut and the place is real, the story pure fiction.

Enjoy! —

I had been working as a chef at the hut for the past five years and I’ve been asking the owners for a kitchen help over and over again. An apprentice, a trainee, anything would do. Things really took off in the past two years as more and more climbers and mountaineers flocked to this particular area. Their imagination had been captured by tales of a long lost expedition and the promise of some valuable trinkets and a slice of fame in the local newspapers.

The local hunters are stationed in their own lodge and are all but excited by those stories. Some even think that they’ve started those rumors on purpose. Most climbers are regulars, yet even those dwell in the mysterious lost expedition every now and then. That drives business around here and the hunter’s lodge makes some money on the side as well.

I have my own room with the hunters at their lodge which lies a bit underneath the small hut. It’s easier to process the game the hunters bring in there, and around here it’s required by law that it is processed at the lodge; not that anyone would ever care to check. The kitchen gets really busy in the afternoon and in the evening when the climbers get back and start to settle in for the night. Mornings on the other hand are rather quiet as there is no one around. Not the owners, not the hunters and certainly no climbers.

I always imagined that I’d get a young apprentice; a female one. At least I hoped for one. Never had I imagined it to be someone as pretty as you. You’re around my age and you’ve been stranded here looking for a job somehow. You hired the first one you were offered as anyone would around here. A temporary substitute in the kitchen; my kitchen.

You’ve worked a bookkeeping job for the past few years, and cooking was more of a hobby to you. I’d take any help I could get and you weren’t that clumsy around the kitchen. Cooking for a living however is a whole different kind of deal, but you got the hang of it quite quickly and you’re rather diligent. For the first two weeks things were rather heated as you’ve been a bit overwhelmed, but now that you’ve settled in, things have calmed down considerably.

You’re still excited because your evaluation is coming up at the end of the month, and you still haven’t learned to butcher and process the wild game those hunter bring back. It is a job requirement but it just isn’t your thing. It hangs over you head like a big to do. Thinking that it will a part of the evaluation at the end. Something that you’ll absolutely have to do in order to keep your new job. Nothing could be further from the truth. We need help so bad, no one is even remotely considering firing you; me least of all.

At first you hadn’t even taken notice that you were on my mind as I do keep to myself and to my work; keep focused working at a steady pace. There were some relaxed moments here and there where we enjoyed a bit of time off together and laughed, reminiscing and getting to know each other. But it’s hard work for the both of us for the better part of the day. Still, I do check you out every chance I get. Even now after three weeks. And you are on my mind most of the day.

There aren’t many distractions around here and life drifts into routine rather fast. I’ve noticed you checking me out on every occasion that you’d get as well and you were quite flirty in general. You just had an open and accessible way about you which was natural and honest. Still you’ve chosen to make every interaction with me especially playful and flirtatious every single time.

A chef’s outfit is not that flattering to a woman’s figure and leaves everything to the imagination. You can’t really make out any distinguished features, let alone sneak a peak. I’ve seen you when you arrived and I can only imagine what has to be under all those layers of clothing and the apron. Most of the time I’m angry with myself for not taking your beauty in on the first day. It’s hard remembering every feature after three weeks and you were a sight to behold when you first walked in.

Every now and then you have to bend over to get some supplies, or a pan, or something else and you manage to grab my attention just before you do. Every single time. That’s when you have my full attention. The kitchen could go up in flames in those moments for all I care. Sometimes your pants slither and I can see your panties; and I yearn. For you, your ass, you tits; ripping those clothes from your body freeing your womanly features. In those moments I bite my lip a bit and get back to work with an instant hard on. Confined to my own imagination running amok. But that changed by chance on day; as faith Tipobet or luck would have it.

The hunter’s lodge lies a bit underneath the hut we work at. It has a porch with a wooden railing, then again the whole hut’s made from wood, and an open front garden with a big wooden table and a bench on either side. Again, all wooden. There’s enough room to fit the table and three pickup trucks in the front of the lodge and a small wooden fence just for the jest of it.

From the top floor, from within my room, I do get a view into yours. It’s far and it isn’t a perfect view but I didn’t complain as there is not shortage of binoculars at a hunter’s lodge. At first it was by mere coincidence yet by now it has become my morning ritual and I consider it a rare gift. No longer would I have to imagine you naked from scratch. I had seen your perfect body almost everyday and I could draw from it to get me through the day. This coincidental voyeurism became an obsession once I saw you enjoying yourself one morning.

You can always sleep in a little and take it slow as our shift in the kitchen doesn’t start until somewhere around mid day. Sometimes you just went for a quick fix. On occasion masturbating standing in front of the mirror before getting dressed. Other days you had full blown out sessions. More than once I imagined going over, taking you by surprise and have my way with you.

I could only imagine what went through your head while you masturbated in the morning but that wasn’t my go to fantasy with you. Over the past few days I started to imagine scenes and setups that were more to my liking. I started to imagine you mounted before me on the table outside, naked, with your ass smack in front of my face while I had my breakfast and enjoyed a free and open view over the mountains.

I could gaze into the distance as the sun would rise, just above your ass cheeks. Eating your ass out every once in a while, or spank it, just to get your pussy wet. Then I would wait until the cool breeze would dry it out and start over again. I’d have my way with you just before the first climbers would arrive. No one would see us fuck and we would get dressed in a hurry, cater to their needs and go about our jobs. All the while your perfect and slutty ass dripping my cum throughout the day.

The days pass and the last weekend of your first month has arrived. And with it your final evaluation and your having to process the game at the hunter’s lodge as some sort of rite of passage as it were. It had to be done in the morning as it took quite a while regardless of skill. More so if you were to teach and evaluate the work of someone else. It served as a perfect excuse to order you in at six o’clock in today.

I didn’t want you spending your lust on yourself and I watched through the window having my morning coffee to see if you masturbated. You didn’t. My mind was set. I was sure as hell that I wouldn’t have to expect any rejection or refusal on your part. You must be starving for a cock and a good fuck.

‘She has to be’ I keep thinking. I have the advantage over you on that part. I am prepared and know which buttons I have to push.

You enter the hunter’s lodge punctual as ever. In light of the work that one would expect for today, you picked out some rugged clothing; a shame. I had already seen what you were wearing underneath and it was a pure bliss taking your beauty in this morning. Especially knowing and thinking about what was yet to come.

I’ve been waiting for you with some freshly brewed coffee in the main dining hall of the hunter’s lodge. It’s a big open space with a makeshift bar and round tables. The sun has already gone up but I’ve kept the blinds closed in order to have the room dimly lit.

“Good morning! Slept well?”

I set you a cup on the desk in front of me. You stare right into my eyes, a bit excited, shocked and curious at the same time.

“Good morning. Sort of. Thanks!”

We both sit down at the desk and start sipping.

“So? What are we going to strip or process today? Am I saying that right?”

“The two of us aren’t going to do any of that. The hunters had some deer brought in. They’ve been hung and they are ready be butchered. That meat will come in handy on the coming weekend as we expect a rather large group of climbers.”

“Oh…oookay. Are you just going to show me? Am I only to watch and learn today?”

“You can watch if you’d like, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s nasty work and rather messy. I wouldn’t have you do it or be around it at all.”

You’re seemingly confused, and rightfully so.

“The truth is, you don’t need to learn how to take apart what the hunters bring in. You are doing a terrific job and there’s no need to ask anything more of you.”

“Really? I thought that I’d have to in order to get to keep this job. And I really want it.”

“We really need the help up here. You’ve been working hard and learned the ropes very quickly. Processing this meat isn’t even a formality. It’s a nice Tipobet Giriş to have, but no one actually cares. I can manage by myself quite well.”

“Okay…and what do you want in return?”

I imagine that you expect some suggestive answer from me at this point.

“Nothing; at all. This wasn’t a proposition. Just the quick facts. Everyone knows this around here. Even our employer. You can actually walk right back out that door and you’d be walking out of here with a job.”

“I don’t quite understand.”

You’re still trying to make heads or tails out of it. Apparently you have the job, you don’t have to handle the hunter’s game in any way, and nothing is expected from you in return. I’m quiet and continue to drink my coffee while I inspect your reactions and confusion. After a while the situation sinks in, you accept it and you hit me with the question that I’ve been waiting on.

“Then why’d you order me up here so early? Do you want to test me if I’d like to butcher the meat? Is this a test? Are you messing with me? Is there any other work to be done that I’m not aware of?”

More questions than I had anticipated but the important one was among them. It was in there somewhere.

“No, I’m not messing with you. You have the job and you don’t have to do anything at all.”

Now I most definitely have your attention and you’re curious as to what it is that you can expect for the next few hours until our shift starts.

“I asked you up here so early for a completely different reason. A selfish one. Plain and simple.”

I stand up slowly and walk around the table making my way to your side of the table. I just proceed towards you and I start to pull out my already stiff hard cock just before I stop right in front of you. You were still sitting at the table, a bit flabbergasted, with my dick right in your face. You look up, still sleepy, straight into my eyes with a little smirk on your face.

“You’re joking, right?”

“I’m certainly not. We’re all alone up here for the next few hours and I wanted to fuck you thoroughly ever since I laid eyes upon you. Even more so over the past few days.”

I can see your eyes and your mind wandering, asking yourself a thousand questions all at once; more curious than confused. You’re surprised at the prospect and the situation as a whole. I have no patience for long talks and explanations. Not in this state with a raging hard on pointing at your face.

With a firm and somewhat demanding voice I say “Listen”, grabbing your full attention.

“You’ve been on my mind for the past few weeks and I’m slowly going crazy. I yearn for you and I know that I’ve been on your mind as well.”

I deliberately omit any part of me spying on you and knowing that you need a good fuck.

“We have the lodge to ourselves and we don’t have to show up for work for at least another five hours. I want to fuck you every which way!”

As the simplicity of the situation sets in your eyes wander down on me and are now resting on my cock.

“You can do whatever the fuck you want. Turn right around and walk out that door. With the job. Or you can grab that dick, treat yourself, treat you pussy and savor everything that’s coming to you. Everything you desire and deserve.”

I give you a little more time but I can already see reason, questions and reluctance vacating your mind. I let you grab this chance by your own will as you won’t get much choice about anything else once we’re all in. Without much noise or words you grab my cock with one hand and start going down on it with your mouth.

At first gentle and carefully but that faded quickly. You’re going at it like you hadn’t sucked cock for ages and mine was the only one left in the world. You force it into your mouth all the while tugging and pulling on my dick with your hand. Fearing that someone would come and just take it away from you at any moment. Slobbing all over it. Sucking it clean, then slob all over it again. Drooling while you do it.

You’re lost in the moment and I doubt that you care at all for the fact that there’s a whole guy attached to that dick you try to swallow whole. And I, I loose myself enjoying your thirst and your ferocity sucking me off. This goes on for a while and I let you enjoy that cock on your own terms.

However, I’ve been fantasizing about you for too long and I feel that I’m about to cum soon. It just can’t be helped and I won’t fight it. There’s no reason to either. I grab your head firmly and keep you in place while I shove my dick all the way down your throat and I start fucking it gently.

It doesn’t have to be quick or intense. Just pulling it out a bit to shove it back down. Feeling you trying to swallow, then choking, then having to swallow again all the while my dick is moving ever so slightly out and down your throat. Slowly but steady and demanding.

By now you must have realized that I wont release the lock I have on your head and that I’m about to empty by balls deep down your throat. Tipobet Güncel Giriş With my grip and my movements I make it very clear that I won’t have any discussion about it. Surprisingly you don’t seem to mind. I had expected you to push with your hands against my abdomen to get some leverage just in case but I was wrong.

You reach behind me, grab my ass and almost beg me to cum; begging me to have it my way. And that does it for me. I was already close to orgasm but now you’ve pushed me over the edge with full intention. I hold your head, shove my dick as deep down your throat as it goes feeling your nostrils on my abdomen and I empty all of my cum inside; moaning and roaring as I do.

I can’t help but shake violently and thrust my dick down further every time I cum. Throbbing, pulsating, working against your throat, your mouth, filling you up, feeling the warmth of your mouth and the mixture of saliva and my cum. I unload one wave after another into you without restraint. You do your best to swallow, all the while choking with my cum dripping out of the both sides of your mouth.

The moment’s just perfect and a fitting reparation for all the numerous times I’ve lusted over you and you’d been just out of reach; teasing me. To be honest I had expected more of a struggle from you. On the other hand I had no idea what to expect. I have been taken by surprise by the tug of war that the two of us just went through.

You, trying to show off how good you are at sucking cock, deepthroating it and yearning for the guy to be demanding and just take your fucking mouth. Me on the other hand trying to take and keep the upper hand by holding your head in place and showing my dick deeper down your throat with increasing determination and lust every time.

As I take my dick out of your mouth you’re already smiling and looking at me. My cum still dripping from the sides of your smile. Your eyes glistening. The look and smile just get to me and I realize what you must be thinking at this moment. This was your fantasy more than mine and I’ve been lucky enough to be around; and bold enough.

‘All the better’ I think as I return your smile. This was no where near my limits. What’s down the road for you on the other hand in the coming days and weeks will most definitely push you to yours. This silent moment that we share has cemented the dynamic between us for the upcoming summer.

I help you get up and I somewhat wipe the mixture of cum and saliva from your chin and breasts. It’s more of a smear than a wipe which ends with you licking my fingers clean of the mess. Part of it I work into your hair as I say “Beautiful” in a soft and fulfilled tone. Seemingly stunned at the sight of you, your smile and those glistening eyes again.

“Undress yourself for me.” I say taking a step back.

I walk behind the counter and grab a beer. It’s still way to early for a beer, or any alcohol for that matter, but I want one just now. You start getting out of those bulky clothes you picked. Stripping down to your underwear. Just like you’d get undressed at home in front of the mirror.

By now I come back around the counter and sit down on a stool sipping my beer. I don’t pay you or your body much attention but rather stare you straight in the eyes with a straight face.

“I meant all the way girl. Get naked. And when I tell you to undress yourself for me, I do expect you to make it enticing.”

You don’t frown or protest but rather send the same smile and look from earlier my way as you begin to realize that there’s more to be expected. That there’s more in store for you than just a quick gag job in the morning. I was just taking a quick break for myself. Eagerly and with an even bigger smile you turn around, arch you back and present me your fine ass. Getting to your panties in a hurry.

“Don’t rush it girl!”

You bend over slowly as you pull them over your ass, stopping just as you’ve laid yourself bare before me. I enjoy the view. Even in the dimly lit room am I able to take every bit of you in. Until something catches my eye. I had expected you to be wet but you’re dripping. Your panties must have been soaked through and there’s still a clearly visible strand of your juices connecting them to your pussy. I frown a bit and sip on my beer. You step out of your panties slowly but with gusto; a mere formality at this point.

“Stop. Turn around and get on all fours.”

You comply without hesitation.

“Take your wet panties between your teeth and bring them to me.”

There isn’t that much space between the two of us but it is the jest of it and we both work hard not to grin like two crazies. You do as you’re told and I take the panties from you. Usually I would punish every drop you’d dare to waste out of your pussy. That’s more dear to me than you’d care to imagine. They are truly soaked and I’ll be damned if I let them end up in the laundry just like that; not today.

I sniff them looking again straight into your eyes and I take in the fragrance which I was forced to only imagine up until now. My mind goes crazy for it. A sweet promise of things to come. Delivered to me by your panties. My dick responds in kind almost instantly. I’m already hard again and I haven’t even been through half of my beer. I extend them back to you.

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