Mother’s Friend Ch. 07

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Ron’s fantasies of fucking his mom played over and over in his mind on many nights after he returned to college. Despite dating semi-regularly and being surrounded by many beautiful coeds he still found that his fantasies tended to return to the most forbidden of targets.

After completely striking out during their trip and on the night alone together afterward he had given up hope of ever making his wishes a reality. Instead, he talked regularly with Sandy and lived his own deviant desires vicariously through her. Ever since the trip she and her mother had become somewhat regular lovers. At first Pam had resisted continuing their encounters but she finally succumbed to Sandy again one night after she had been out drinking with some friends.

On that night Sandy had sensed her drunkenness and suspected she might be more willing to participate. Sandy began by massaging her mom’s shoulders and although Pam initially protested to Sandy’s wandering hands she put up no resistance when Sandy’s hands slipped down and began caressing her tits. In fact, Pam let Sandy fondle her tits for only a few moments before she turned and met her daughter with a wild tongue kiss. They frantically tore off each other’s clothes and ended up taking turns sucking each other’s pussies to intense orgasms on the couch. Only when they had both been satisfied did they go up to Pam’s room and slowly bring each other to a second orgasm much, much later in the night.

Sandy took great pleasure in detailing her encounters with her mom. They had so far only been together a handful of times in the few months since the trip, but it seemed that every time was powerful and very satisfying for both. Sandy confided in Ron that she wished they could be together more but wanted to move at a pace that seemed comfortable for her mom.

As for Nancy and Pam, Ron often thought about the two of them together. His own mom never said anything to him specifically other than saying that she was going out with Pam. Once Ron tried to get her to reveal more of their night out but she resisted so he dropped the subject.

Pam, however, once during a drunken encounter with Sandy confided that she and Nancy were regular partners. Pam told Sandy in fairly graphic detail about how she and Nancy had become lovers and went on to talk about how great Nancy was during sex.

Hearing these details about his mom only further stoked Ron’s desire and fueled many wild fantasies of him fucking Sandy and his mom at the same time. Sometimes he even thought about being with his mom, Sandy, and her mom all at the same time. Sandy talked with Ron often about her desire to join their moms and have a three way with them, but so far she hadn’t been able to create the right situation.

Things stayed like this for a while longer until Ron’s 21st birthday was only a few weeks away. He knew that his friends would plan a wild night out for him just as they had done every other time one of them turned 21. It wasn’t as if they didn’t drink at all before turning 21 as they all regularly drank at parties and Ron himself had been drunk more times than he could remember. However, something about the ceremony of turning 21 still required that everyone over 21 take the birthday boy out and get them drunk as quickly as possible.

It was just over a week before his birthday when Ron got a phone call from his mother. They greeted each other and Ron felt that familiar excitement that he now experienced whenever he first saw her or heard her voice.

She told him that she thought that turning 21 was a special thing and she wanted to be able to share that moment with him and their family. Ron rolled his eyes and tried to hide his disappointment as she went through the long list of relatives she had invited to join them on the night of his birthday. Most of them were aunts, uncles, and cousins that he only spoke to about once a year, if that, at Christmas. He tried to protest her plan but she quickly shut down his counter saying that she had already made the invitations and that she was disappointed at how ungrateful he was being.

“Besides,” she concluded, “you can get drunk with your buddies any night of the week after you turn 21. I would think that for one night you could be happy being with your family.”

How did moms always know how to heap on the guilt? Ron sighed silently and agreed to spend the night going along with her plans. When she gave him the rest of the details he had to admit that he was impressed with the level she had gone to. She had rented a banquet room at a very nice hotel in the same city as college. She wanted to have a big family dinner and night together to celebrate his day and then most everyone would be going home either that night or early the next morning.

His birthday happened to fall on a Friday, and so the big family dinner and party would be Friday night. Nancy had made hotel reservations for Friday and Saturday nights and said she wanted to spend the weekend rokettube visiting with him after the party. Again, this wasn’t what Ron had envisioned for his birthday weekend but he agreed to it thinking that another helping of mom’s guilt wasn’t what he needed or wanted.

Nancy instructed him to dress up for the dinner and so he waited for her in his one good suit. She pulled up to his apartment right on time and he climbed in her car. They exchanged greetings and she told him that he looked very handsome. He knew it was an innocent comment but it still made his cock tingle slightly.

They quickly made the drive to the hotel. When they climbed out of the car and walked in Ron took the opportunity to glance at his mom’s outfit. She looked very classy and sexy at the same time. Her top was blue satin that buttoned up the front. She had left the top three buttons open so when the shirt gapped just right he could see some of her cleavage peeking out. Her skirt stopped just below her knees but a slit up one side showed off teasing glimpses of her leg as she walked. She completed her look with nylons and high-heeled shoes that caused Ron’s cock to twitch from the sexy sway it put in her ass as he followed her inside.

“Let’s run up to my room quickly so I can grab something,” she said as she took his hand and led him over to the elevator. She released his hand as soon as they got to the elevator but Ron’s cock had already jumped and started to search for room in his boxers. After they stepped into the elevator but before the doors closed Ron scanned the lobby and entrance to the restaurant expecting to see some of his relatives. He didn’t see anyone he recognized before the doors closed and blocked his vision.

They rode the elevator up for a while and then Ron followed his mom down the deserted hallway until she stopped and pulled out her room key. She ran the card through the reader and pushed the door open when the green light came on. Ron followed her inside the dimly lit room, all the curtains were closed so the only light in the room was what had managed to creep around the heavy curtains.

He expected her to go to her suitcase or into the bathroom to get whatever it was that she had forgotten. Instead she stopped and turned around to face him. He could tell by the look on her face that she was getting ready to say something, but her words came slowly.

She reached out her hands and took both of Ron’s hands in hers. “Ron,” she softly began, “I want you to know how very proud I am of the man you have become. Now that you are 21 you are truly a man and no mother could be more proud of their son or love them more than I.”

They stood staring deeply into each other’s eyes as silence filled the room after her heartfelt words. Ron was deeply touched by what she said and the sincerity with which she said it and didn’t know how to respond.

Before he really noticed her movement he became aware of his mom drawing very close to him. Her lips met his in a kiss that initially started just like the hundreds of quick kisses they had exchanged. However, almost as soon as their lips met her mouth immediately softened as she pressed up against him.

Ron’s mind spun trying to understand what was happening. There was no mistaking that the tenderness and length of this kiss was not one normally shared between a mother and son. He struggled to understand what that meant and then, as if to answer his unasked question, his mom’s lips parted very slightly and her tongue began to probe very gently against his lips.

At that moment Ron threw himself completely into the kiss. He wrapped his arms around her back and parted his lips allowing his tongue to begin a slow dance with hers. She moaned almost imperceptibly as their kiss grew more heated and she wrapped her arms around him. Ron lost all track of time and would have been content spending hours wrapped in her arms hungrily kissing her.

After many more long moments locked together one thought made Ron pull back momentarily from their kiss. “What about the party?” he asked quietly.

“There is no party, Ron,” Nancy answered in a sultry tone that he had never heard from her before. She looked straight into his eyes and added, “Happy birthday,” just before they resumed their kiss with a newfound urgency and passion.

For another long while they remained like this until Nancy moved her hands up to Ron’s shoulders and slipped them under his jacket. Without ever parting their kiss she softly pushed his jacket off his shoulders. Only when his arms were free did she part their kiss and carry his jacket over to one of the cushioned chairs in her big room. She folded the coat gently and laid it down in a move so teasing and yet motherly at the same time that Ron’s head spun and his knees almost buckled at the thought of what was happening.

Nancy returned to him and began to slowly strip him. She first removed his tie followed by his shoes and socks. His shirt and asyalı porno undershirt were next to go and Nancy paused for a while and let her hands wander over his chest and stomach. “What a fine man you have become,” she whispered almost to herself.

Ron let out a long moan when her hands moved to his belt and began to loosen it and undo his pants. Very slowly she started pushing his pants and boxers off together. She knelt in front of him as she pulled them down and Ron thought he heard her moan softly when his rock hard cock jumped out of his pants and swung back and forth before her.

He stepped out of his pants and she stood up letting her eyes lazily wander over his naked form. Ron had never felt more alive and excited than he did at that moment. He feared that he might actually cum from his anticipation of what was about to happen.

“Sit down,” she whispered to him as she motioned to the bed. Ron followed her instructions and sat on the edge of bed watching her excitedly as he moved slowly over to him. She stopped in front of him and again gazed down at his naked body. The fact that she was still completely dressed in her sexy outfit was driving Ron crazy. He stared wantonly at her exposed cleavage and groaned when he noticed that her nipples had grown hard and were standing out visibly under her top.

She gracefully dropped to her knees directly in front of him and before Ron could fully comprehend what was happening he felt her fingers wrapping lightly around the base of his cock. He groaned immediately and then let out an excited gasp when he felt her mouth around the tip of his cock.

She held him steady like that for a few moments as if she was savoring the sensation of having him inside her mouth. She then opened her lips slightly and Ron felt her tongue begin to wildly bathe his cock. He stared down at her and watched her tongue as it moved from the base of his cock all the way to its sensitive tip before she began to wantonly lick the tip. She repeated this several more times and Ron thought he would cum, but just as he felt himself losing his control she stopped and changed her technique.

She again wrapped her lips around his shaft but now she released him with her hand. She began to slowly bob her head up and down on him and Ron was keenly aware that the only part of her currently touching him was her lips.

She quickly settled into a tempo that made it clear to Ron that she wanted him to cum. There was an urgency in the way she moved and sucked on him that he could feel. He was already so excited that it didn’t take long for him to realize he couldn’t hold back any longer.

“I’m gonna cum,” he gasped unsure of what she would do.

As soon as he spoke she again wrapped her hand around him and slightly increased the tempo of her blowjob. Feeling her react so wantonly to his warning pushed Ron immediately over the edge and he grunted loudly as he started to cum.

When the first jet of his cum streamed into her mouth she slipped her lips back until just the tip of his cock was still inside her. She began to pump him steadily with her hand as he shot load after thick load of cum inside her mouth. She took as much as she could in her mouth and only when her mouth was completely full did she allow her lips to part slightly and some of his cum to spill back out over his cock.

Ron stared wildly as he shot the last of his jets into her mouth and watched the heavy white fluid leak back out from between her lips and become quickly rubbed along his shaft by her hand. When she knew he had finished cumming she pulled her mouth away from him and luridly swallowed his cum as he excitedly watched. After she swallowed what was in her mouth and slowly collected the remaining cum from her lips with her tongue she began to lick his cum off her fingers.

After cleaning her fingers she lowered her head to his softening cock and began to lick up the cum that she had allowed to slip out of her mouth. Ron groaned loudly as her tongue slowly and teasingly moved over him and he softly said, “I have wanted this for so long.”

“I know,” Nancy answered as she smiled and looked up at him. “I have wanted this too, but the time was never right.” She got up and lithely moved next to him on the bed. She put her hands on either side of his face and looked him deeply into his eyes as she said, “I wanted this so bad on our trip this summer,” she paused and smiled at the lustful gleam in Ron’s eyes, “but the time was never right. I wanted this to be just between us. Being with Pam and Sandy was great, but I wanted to experience this, you, all for myself.” They kissed softly before she continued, “It was so hard for me to not jump you that night at home after the trip. I wanted it so badly, but somehow that felt like an ending and I didn’t want our first time to feel like an ending.”

Ron sat silently and listened to his mom’s heartfelt and exciting words. Knowing that she had azeri porno wanted him as badly as he wanted her excited him wildly. He leaned into her roughly and started a frenzied kiss as his tongue pushed into her mouth and began to excitedly wrestle with hers.

Nancy let the kiss continue for a brief while before she pulled away and smiled teasingly at him. “Patience,” she playfully scolded. “I haven’t unwrapped your present yet.”

She stood up off the bed and turned around to look directly at him. Ron groaned lustfully as she slowly began to unbutton the cuffs on her satin top. Once they were opened she slowly and teasingly pulled her top out of her skirt. He next expected her to begin unbuttoning the front of her top but instead she reached behind her and unzipped her skirt. Ron moaned softly as she let her skirt fall to the floor and stepped out of it before teasingly kicking it aside.

He immediately saw that her nylons stopped about mid-thigh and he guessed she was wearing a garter belt. Her shirt was long enough that it covered her down to almost the middle of her thighs and she slowly teased him by playfully raising her shirt or sticking out her legs.

Finally, she began to unbutton her top starting with the top button. She slowly worked her way down holding the top closed as she went. When the last button had finally been opened she slowly opened the shirt and let it fall off her shoulders and onto the floor behind her.

Ron gasped at the sight of her and she smiled widely at his reaction. Her tits were beautifully held by a lacy blue bra that only held the bottom halves of each. He stared openly at the soft, round curves of the tops of her tits and let his eyes slowly move down her body until they stopped at her neatly manicured pussy hair. She hadn’t been wearing any panties!

At that moment all Ron could feel was the uncontrollable need to feel her pussy under his mouth. He sprang up from the bed with a quickness that surprised Nancy and immediately guided her onto the bed lying on her back. Before she had time to guess what he was doing he moved between her legs and pushed her thighs widely apart. When his tongue first touched her dripping wet pussy Nancy let out a long, deep groan.

Part of Ron wanted to softly explore her pussy and her whole body since he was now finally living out his most forbidden fantasy. However, his lust for her had grown so intense that all he knew was that he wanted to make her cum as hard as he had just done. He eagerly worked her already excited pussy into a frenzy. Ordinarily he would let his lover hang on the edge of her release momentarily as he prolonged her orgasm just a few moments more, but now he let the tip of his tongue wildly tease her clit until she was groaning loudly and he knew she was ready to cum.

Immediately he lowered his mouth over her clit and gently sucked on it. As he did this she exploded into an orgasm and pressed his face tightly against her with her hands as her hips bucked up off the bed into his face. She groaned over and over as he continued to play with her clit and to fuck her slowly with his tongue long after she came.

By now Ron was completely hard again and he was ready to finally commit the taboo act that he had been wanting for so long. He raised his wet face from between her legs and crawled over her. She seemingly knew exactly what he was doing as she looked up at him with eyes that gleamed her lust and approval.

He pushed himself all the way inside her pussy with one long thrust and then paused as both of them gasped and then moaned from the sensation of their forbidden union. “Ohhhh, God, yes,” she gasped.

They began to fuck each other as slowly as they could in their excitement and passion. Both kept their eyes open and watched each other as they easily settled into a comfortable tempo. Ron was immediately struck by the ease with which they seemed to find a comfort level fucking. It was almost as though they each instinctively knew how to move and at what speed to optimize their pleasure.

Their fuck continued like this for far longer than Ron would have believed possible. He had just finished cumming in her mouth a short while ago but his cock was rock hard and he was wildly excited even before they started their deliberate fuck. He concentrated on watching his mom under him and on controlling himself.

He quickly lost all control, however, a few minutes later when Nancy groaned and then whispered, “Do me. I want to feel you cum.”

In all of his fantasies where she had spoken those words he never imagined them to sound as hot and sexy as they just did. With a loud groan he started to fuck her harder and faster and she urged him on as she repeatedly groaned her approval.

Before too long Ron knew he was going to cum and gasped, “I’m cumming!”

“Yesssss!” she cried out. “Give it to me!”

Ron started cumming with a long moan and initially held still with his cock all the way inside her as he filled her pussy with cum. “Keep fucking me,” she gasped urgently. He began to stroke firmly in and out of her again as the rest of his cum filled her. He could already feel the extra wetness inside her from his cum as he stroked back and forth.

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