Mother in Law’s Suitcase Ch. 04

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My eyes opened and I woke up, my hand slid out to the side of me and it told me that Sarah had already risen and I was alone in bed.

I thought back to last night and how turned on Sarah had become talking about her mum, it was definitely a new side of my wife that I hadn’t known to exist. I just hoped it wasn’t going to be a one off experience.

As I moved in the bed I felt the dry crusty cum from last night still on my body and the sheets and I remembered that I had chosen not to clean up, this morning that felt like the wrong choice. I slipped out of bed and into the bathroom.

Freshly showered and wearing just a towel around me I walked across the landing to look in Ann’s bedroom. Popping my head around the door left me feeling a little disappointed, there was no sign of her suitcase and the bed was neat and tidy. It seemed that Sarah was going to drop Ann back home after their shopping trip.

Somewhat deflated I headed downstairs to the kitchen for some breakfast and while helping myself to a coffee I noticed a folded piece of paper with my name written on it stuck onto the fridge door.

I opened the note and instantly recognised Sarah’s handwriting;

“Good morning kinky boy,

Mum and I were up early and have headed to the shops for some mother daughter time, and then I am going to take her straight home. I expect I will be back sometime after later this afternoon.

See you later.



P.S. I think we might just swing by that lingerie store ;)”

I read the note a couple of times, each time I was drawn to the postscript and the potential those words held. Nothing for it but to kill some time then, so I sat down with my coffee in hand and reached for the tv remote.

The back door clicked closed which woke me from my early afternoon nap, signalling that Sarah had returned.

I stood as she walked into the front room and then walked over to give her a welcoming hug and kiss.

“Had a good time?” I asked.

“Yes we did, it has been very nice and also very successful as you can see by the number of bags I have” answered Sarah lifting the bags to show me.

It was clear that she had enjoyed a successful trip judging by the number of bags she was carrying. I tried to see where the bags were from and my heart skipped a beat as I saw that she was holding bags with the moniker of “The Lace Place”.

I smiled at her “hopefully some nice stuff, I look forward to seeing it later. Would you like a drink?”

She nodded so I headed to the kitchen to make coffee and Sarah followed me. In the kitchen I asked Sarah how she had enjoyed being with her mum for the day.

“Great, in fact mum was super good today and in really good spirits, in fact she splashed out on some lovely new stuff.”

“Like what?” I asked innocently.

“A skirt, dress and a lovely blouse, I think she had some other stuff too by the end of the day.”

“Like what? …Lingerie…?” I managed to ask.

“Oh oh, kinky boy is back.” Sarah said playfully and then added “and to answer your question, yes she did, quite a lot actually.”

“Details, I need details” I pressed.

“All in good time.”

I picked up the coffee and together we walked back into the front room and sat down with our drinks. I sat sipping my coffee Anadolu Yakası Escort looking at my wife and thinking back to the events of yesterday.

Sarah look beautiful, she was wearing a light grey sweater which was quite tight around her breasts and showed the shape of them nicely. Not as big as her mum but a nice handful nonetheless. She was also wearing tight denim jeans which clung to her behind deliciously.

Finishing her coffee Sarah announced that she was going for a short sleep as she was quite sleepy after the early start and amount of walking she had done around the shops, gathering her shopping up she went up stairs and I heard the bedroom door close behind her.

About half an hour later I was sitting reading the newspaper when the phone rang, I reached over and picked it up.

“Hello” I said.

“Well hello back” I heard a familiar voice say.

“Oh hi Ann” I said “how was your shopping trip with Sarah?”

“Lovely, it really was enjoyable being able to spend some real time together and the fact that we went shopping for clothes was a nice added bonus.”

“Yes I though you must have had a nice time, Sarah was in a great mood when she got home, plenty of shopping bags too! In fact she was quite worn out and has gone for a lie down” I said.

“No stamina these young girls” said Ann with a smile in her voice.

“Not like you then Ann” I replied.

“No, not at all like me at all.”

Ann sounded like she was in a chatty mood so I thought I might indulge her a little.

“So tell me Ann, what did you buy today?”

“You really want to know? A bit boring for you isn’t it?”

“Not at all Ann, I really want to hear what you have.”

“Ok, well firstly we went into the dress shop and I got a lovely red dress and then into…”

I interrupted her “Ann, I need the details of each outfit if you want me to be able to picture them. Try again.”

“Oh! The red dress is short sleeved, has a vee neck and has a subtle lacy pattern over it. Hows that?”

“Close” I said “but need more, how long is it for example.”

“Hmmm. Well it came just above the knee when I tried it on.”

“Better, and now… the vee neck, how low does it plunge?”

“What??” she asked.

“How much cleavage does it show Ann.”

“Well… ummmmm…”

“Tell me Ann” I said slightly more directly.

“It shows a little cleavage when I stand and much more if I bend over” she explained “but Sarah thought it was not too much.”

“It sounds lovely Ann, and with a cleavage like yours you need to show it off. What else?”

As I was talking my cock was hardening in my trousers and I let my hand fall to my lap and start to squeeze it. Thinking that could be a lot of fun I pressed the speaker button on the telephone so that it was now hands-free and put it down on the table next to my chair. This gave me two free hands for what I had in mind.

“Go on Ann.” I encouraged.

“I also got a nice white blouse and then…”

“No Ann, details please” I said as I squeezed my cock. This was turning out to be a fun way of talking to my mother in law.

“It is a white silk blouse, lacy cuffs and a frill down the front.”

I unzipped my trousers and slipped my hand inside, feeling the warm pulsing Kadıköy Escort shaft.

“Did it fit tightly Ann?”

“What do you mean? It is my size.”

“Was it stretched tight across your chest…?”


“Your boobs…?”

“Um errrr”

“Was it stretched tightly across your TITS Ann?” I asked more directly.

“… yes is was…” she replied sheepishly.

At that I pulled my cock out of my trousers and gripped the shaft just below the head and gave myself a celebratory stroke up and down the shaft. The simple act of stroking my hard cock was heightened to a new level by the addition of Ann’s voice.

“I bet you looked amazing Ann” I said as I stroked my cock.

“Thank you.”

All the time my hand was caressing my hard cock, moving up and down the warm shaft with well practised ease. Looking down at the red head of the cock I was pleased to see a small bead of pre cum forming.

My cock twitched at Ann’s voice and I was picturing her in her new tight blouse and how it would stretch across her tits, that vision had me laying back in my chair with my eyes closed hanging on every word.

I was so distracted that I didn’t hear the door to the front room open.

“What else did you buy Ann? Did you buy new lingerie?” I asked.

“Yes I did” she replied quietly.

My hand started to move up and down by rock hard cock a little faster at that answer, my head tilted backwards and I sank deeper into the eroticism of the situation.

“Tell me more Ann, what did you buy? A new bra or a suspender belt perhaps?” I managed to ask.

“A nice bra and panties set and…”

“ANN! I need the details” I asserted.

Ann started to answer “A black lacy bra, nice full cups…”

As she spoke I felt another hand touch my cock! I sat bolt upright and my eyes jerked open and I looked to see what was happening. I couldn’t believe my eyes, Sarah was sitting next to my legs on the floor with her arm outstretched and it was her hand that was caressing my cock.

“…with a roses embroidered across them” Ann answered.

I hardly heard the end of that sentence as I was still shocked at Sarah, she looked up at me and smiled, putting her finger to her lips she “shhhhhhhh” me and then nodded to suggest I carry on.

“You have gone quiet” said Ann.

I was enjoying the feel of Sarah’s hand gently rubbing the head of my cock, smearing the pre cum all over it.

“That bra sounds divine Ann” I managed to say. My eyes were locked on Sarah’s as I spoke and then Sarah mouthed silently “ask her more” to me.

I started to relax a little and began to enjoy the sensation of Sarah’s warm hand feeling the head of my cock and then turned my thoughts back to Ann and our conversation. I thought I would go on as Sarah was indicating.

“What size is the bra Ann?”

“36 double d” she replied.

I looked directly at Sarah and replied “36 double d Ann, a little bigger than Sarah then…”

Sarah made a grimace which quickly turned to a smile and gave my cock a playful slap.

“Yes I am a little bigger than Sarah” said Ann “although I think that Sarah is quit well endowed too, a nice full 36C I believe.”

I smiled at Sarah “Yes I agree with you Ann, Sarah does have a nice pair of tits”.

Sarah İstanbul Escort looked at me and mouthed “WHAT??” and I just smiled and carried on talking to Ann.

“Oh I agree Ann, they are nice and full, a lovely round shape, quite like yours I would imagine”.

Hearing the conversation move to be about her Sarah started to wank my cock in earnest. Her hand exerting just enough pressure to make the strokes up and down feel so good to me. My cock twitched at her touch and each upward stroke caused a little more pre cum to leak from the tip.

I leaned back enjoying the feel of Sarah’s hand around my cock and marvelled at the situation. I thought I had better press on with Ann.

“And I bet your tits look lovely in the new bra of yours Ann” I said.

“I don’t know about that…”

I looked into Sarah’s eyes while she stroked and then said to Ann “I bet they would Ann, in fact why not slip the bra on and send me a picture on my phone and I can confirm it.”

Sarah’s eyes widened as she heard me trying to get her mum to send me a sexy picture of herself and I noticed that her eyes were staring at the phone, eagerly awaiting the reply.

“I can’t do that, it just isn’t right and what would Sarah say?”

“Yes you can Ann, Sarah wouldn’t need to know and I would delete the picture straight away, you know I would.” I paused for a moment and before she could think about it further I added “go on Ann, please. I would love to see you in your new bra and I know you would like to hear how it looks.”

“Sarah said it looked nice” replied Ann.

So she had modelled her bra for Sarah? I thought I must remember that for the future, it might be useful.

“…but…” I heard Ann say.

“But what Ann?” I asked.

“…but…it might be, you know, nice to hear what a man thinks… maybe it might…”. It sounded more like she was talking to herself than to me.

“Well do it then Ann and I will give you my honest opinion. You have my mobile number don’t you?”

“…Yes I do…”

“What are you waiting for?” I said with a slight urgency in my voice.

Sarah now had two hands around the shaft of my cock, her fingers intertwined as she stroked its full length. She was staring at the phone looking slightly dumbfounded at her mum and what she was about to do. I could tell that Sarah was turned on by this as her cheeks had reddened, her eyes were locked on the phone and I could see her nipples jutting out and being clearly defined against her blouse.

“Ok I will do it if you promise not to show anybody else and to get rid of the picture.”

“Deal” I was almost shouting at the phone.

“Give me a minute then…”

I relaxed back into my chair as the phone went quiet at Ann’s end. I was picturing her slipping into that bra that she had described and I couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

Sarah was pumping my cock now with both hands and at a pace which had me coming close to the edge but not quite over it. I loved the expert way my loving wife played with me and was able to prolong my enjoyment.

I smiled at Sarah and then glanced at the phone and back at Sarah to signal I was taking about he mum and mouthed “your mum is such a cock tease”.

Sarah smiled at me and nodded and mouthed back “I can’t believe it.”


Sarah’s hands squeezed my cock harder than normal as she heard the tell tale sound of a text arriving and I reached for my phone.

On the screen it said 1 MESSAGE FROM ANN. Eagerly I pressed the button to open the text…

To be continued

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