Mother-in-law Lust

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Hi I am a 46 year old married man from England who has been having sex with my mother in law for a couple of years + a couple of other older ladies. I know technically my affair with Georgina (my mother in law) is not incest, but I note that this subject seems to come under this banner rather than the mature section, I think probably because it is Taboo.

Our affair started just before Christmas of 2006 with a one off session which wasn’t repeated for several months, but since April of 2007, sex has been a regular thing all behind the back of my wife (her daughter).

Ever since I have known Georgie (as she likes to be called) she has flirted with me just a little bit. This has mainly included sexual innuendo, the odd little squeeze of my bum and once when we were all on holiday together in Tenerife, accidentally on purpose, dropping her bikini top in front of me. As a healthy man, this has of course turned me on and every now and then I would find that my sexual fantasies during masturbation included Georgie. However she has been married to the same man since she was 18 and I have a wife and 3 (now grown up) children, so it seemed that there was no way things were ever going to go further.

However that all changed the day after my mother in law had satellite TV installed in December 2006. Her and Ken,(her husband) had arranged this, but it coincided with Ken being away on a walking trip with friends in the Penines. The night the Sky engineer had installed the dish and box, Georgie rang up my wife, Liz, to tell her she couldn’t remember all the things he had said and she wasn’t sure how it all worked, could we help. Liz promised Georgie that I would be round the next day to run through it more slowly.

The next afternoon I went round to my in-laws bungalow which was 5 minutes away by car and Georgie let me in. At that point there was nothing to suggest that within the hour I would be having wild passionate sex with her. She was dressed in a white blouse with a thick cardigan on top and a pair of dark blue trousers, she looked as she always did, quite a typical grandmother. Anyway I turned on the TV and went through the basics of the remote control, helping her to use the TV guide on the satellite box to choose channels and also explaining how she could record satellite channels on her VCR. It was all quite innocent until I made an error, which I am obviously glad I did now.

I realise that many of you reading this are probably not from England so I will explain in detail. Sky TV (the main satellite TV providers here) have a TV guide which you access through your remote, Channel 101 is BBC1 Channel 102 BBC2 etc. Back in 2006 the channels from about 900 onwards were on the pages at the end of the guide, but also because they were at the end and the guide rolled on, they came just before the page with most of the main channels on such as the BBC channels. The channels from 900 onwards are adult channels (Red Hot TV, Playboy TV etc). Thus when I was flicking back through the guide pages to get back to page 1 I went too far and displayed a page full of adult channels. Now of course it was only writing and they were there for my Mother in law to see anytime, but as I flicked back to the page with BBC1, BBC 2 etc on, Georgie said “Hold on, back up, what was that you clicked on.”

I have to admit that at that point I felt very nervous and just said “Oh there are loads of channels on Sky, most of them are just crap and some you have to pay extra for.”

“Yeah I know, but I want to see what those channels were,” she said.

Instead of flicking to the page I decided to bite the bullet and tell her hoping she would be embarrassed and forget it.

“Well Georgie, there are some adult channels you know, but not really suitable for everyone.”

To my astonishment she laughed, “Oh dear John Hutton you are a prude.”

I smiled weakly and pressed the remote so that BBC1 would come on to the TV.

I then handed the remote to Georgie.

“So,” she said “What you’re saying is beylikdüzü ucuz escort that if I want I can watch porn in the comfort of my own living room.”

She might not have been embarrassed but I felt my cheeks reddening.


“How?” she asked.

I wasn’t sure if she was making fun of me or if she wanted to know if I really knew how to access the adult channels or what she wanted really, but I decided just to tell her.

“Well, from what I know, you have to wait until the channel goes active, usually late at night, then you can access some channels by just putting in your PIN number, others you have to subscribe to.”

“Do I have to pay extra?” she asked quite seriously.

“Yes, whether you watch for 1 night or subscribe, it costs money.”

Georgie then flicked a button on the remote to bring up the TV guide and flicked back a couple of pages.

“Wow there’s lots to choose from, Television X, Climax and look at all those Red Hot channels, Amateur, 40+ wives, Lesbian, Ken and I can have some great fun,” she said.

I was quite surprised at this point, both Ken and Georgie were 64, both retired and I just didn’t see them still having sex, in fact they had separate bedrooms in the bungalow.

“I suppose you think I’m a bit strange, but to be honest Ken needs quite a lot of stimulation for him to get an erection these days and this might just be the tool that helps”, Georgie continued.

Again I smiled and made some incoherent noise, but the more she talked, the more I could feel a stirring beginning in my loins. To hear my wife’s mother talking about sex was beginning to turn me on and for a second I had a flash back to that beach in Tenerife.

“Have you ever watched any of these channels?” she asked.

My silence was deafening.

“Don’t worry I won’t tell Liz, I’m hardly likely to go boasting to my daughter that her husband helped me tune in to porn movies,” she said.

“Well once or twice when Liz has been away on business I have just watched a little bit,” I admitted.

Georgie cooed and giggled like a school girl.

“Worth watching?” she said.

“Okay, not too bad.”

“But did it have the desired effect, did it get you turned on?” she asked me.

“Georgie, not really the right question for your son in law.” I announced.

A broad smile came across her face and there was a real glint in her eye now.

“Are you embarrassed about watching porn, embarrassed about having a wank?”

The usage of that last word by Georgie stunned me but at the same time it produced an almighty twitch in my groin as my cock started to grow.

I laughed now “I don’t believe you just said that, is that how you talk to Ken.”

Georgie took a step closer to me at this point and said, in quite a husky voice,

“No, but he is past the wanking stage, I just want to know if you have a little wank now and again whilst watching porn on TV.”

My cock jerked more into life as I looked into her eyes and saw real lust there.

“Yes whilst Liz has been away I have watched porn and I have masturbated whilst doing so, that’s the truth.”

“What do you like watching?” she asked.

“Georgie, I um…. Ought to go really.”

My 64 year old mother in law took another step, so she was now just in front of me.

“Do you like watching the films with older ladies in, I know you have always liked looking at me?”

At this point my cock was rock hard and the feeling of lust within me for my wife’s mother was just too much. I reached out and dragged Georgie into my arms, pressing my lips against hers. She responded by slightly opening her mouth as we kissed with passion and as the kiss continued I felt the tip of her tongue pushing against me and I responded in kind until our mouths were open and our tongues danced around each other. I dropped one of my hands to her left breast and started to fondle and knead it through her blouse and bra.

She broke beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort off from the kiss and threw her head back,

“Oh yes John play with my tit darling.”

I started to kiss her wrinkled neck and moved my head down to lick her as far as I could towards her chest. She reached down and unbuttoned her cardigan and two of her buttons on her blouse, so that I could kiss the exposed flesh of her breasts above her bra cup.

“Oh John please I need you to fuck me,” she gasped as I poked my tongue into the top of her bra to try and reach her nipples.

Georgie dragged me back to her sofa and she literally fell on to it and I followed her down. I removed her cardigan, then her blouse and reached behind her to undo her bra. She herself tore it away exposing her white 36 inch D bust and lovely dark pink hard nipples. I nuzzled into her, kissing her naked breasts and flicking her nipples with my tongue. Just doing that alone was nearly bringing me to my climax and I knew that if I was going to make this last I would have to try and calm down a bit, but it wasn’t going to be easy. Having illicit sex with your mother in law is many men’s fantasy and although it wasn’t a regular one for me, it was proving too much to cope with.

I moved back to Georgie’s lips and after a few more very wet kisses said,

“Are you sure this is what you want? What about Liz, what about Ken?”

She pulled me to her and we kissed passionately again.

She was virtually gasping for breath in excitement now and said,

“Darling I have wanted you for 20 years, I have laid in bed dreaming of your cock inside me, I don’t care about anything else right now, I just want you to fuck me.”

That was it as far as I was concerned I moved back to Georgie’s lovely big tits and started to suck on them. She reached down herself to fondle them as she helped stuff as much tit as possible into my mouth.

“Is that good baby? Do you like sucking Georgie’s tits, are they better than Liz’s?”

I just nodded as I chewed on her hard nipples, as I did so, I reached for the buttons on her trousers which I unfastened and Georgie lifted up her arse as she helped me slip them down. She was wearing a plain pair of white cotton panties, nothing sexy there at all, but I could clearly see her pubic mound and tufts of silver black hair were sticking out of the sides of her knickers and therefore it was an awesome sight. With my right hand I started to rub the front of her knickers and sliding my hand down I ran my finger the length of her pussy.

“Oh John, that’s good, work on my pussy with your fingers darling,” Georgie gasped.

I continued to suck her nipples, alternating from one side to the next and at the same time use my right hand on her cunt. I felt her panties start to moisten and I was pleasantly surprised at this. I don’t really know what I expected, but I somehow didn’t think a 64 year old woman would get a wet pussy. At this I decided to go for a closer inspection, so I left Georgie’s breasts and started to lick her through her panties.

“Ahh yes,” Georgie moaned “Get your tongue in darling.”

Georgie reached down and pulled the gusset of her panties to one side revealing her lovely pink crack surrounded by a mix of silver and black hair. My wife Liz keeps her pussy hair free at all times which I love, but the sight of this mature cunt was simply wonderful. I dived in with my tongue, running it several times up and down her labia before plunging in. I licked and sucked at Georgie’s cunt, flicking her swollen clit with my tongue.

As I did this she was groaning and moaning and calling out my name until she let out an almighty grunt and my mouth was filled with her cum. Her hot juice squirted into me and I gulped it down as fast as it came out, as her orgasm finished, she shivered and said quietly,

“I need you inside me now.”

I stood up, unfastened my jeans, dropped my boxers and climbed on top of beyoğlu escort my mother in law.

“Fuck me hard darling, fuck me like you’ve never fucked anyone else before,” she whispered in my ear.

My cock easily penetrated Georgie as I eased her panties down and I was soon riding her wildly. It only took a few thrusts for me to spill my load into her, but I was so turned on there was no way I was going to stop. Fortunately my cock didn’t deflate completely when I came and after a bit it sparked into full life as the lust within me for this old lady flooded my whole body. I didn’t cum again inside her and it was only exhaustion that made me stop in the end and eventually I collapsed on top of her.

“That was wonderful John,” she said stroking my hair, “Thank you so much, you have made an old lady very happy.”

I covered her face with kisses, pulled myself up and decided to let her have one more treat. I slid down her body to her pussy again which was now oozing white globules of spunk. I started to lick her taking some of my own cum in my mouth then I moved back to her mouth to share my spunk with her.

After the first taste, she said “Oh John you are a naughty boy,” then she hungrily kissed me again, gulping down the cum that I forced into her mouth with my tongue.

After a few minutes of kissing and cuddling, she decided that her old body needed to move a bit and she stood up. I remained seated and my cock lay half limp between my legs. Georgie looked at it hungrily and I reached down and stroked myself.

“Ken never lets me watch when he does that,” she said, “In fact I have always wanted to watch a man play with himself, have a nice wank for me babe.”

I leaned back into the sofa and ran my fingers up and down my shaft trying to bring some blood rushing back to my penis. Georgie stood open legged in front of me, gently running her fingers through her pubic hair, down to her pussy. Standing up without a bra on I noted how her tits sagged and perhaps for the first time that afternoon I noticed that she was getting on in years as I looked at her body with its creased skin. This only served to make me feel even hornier as I realised that I had actually fucked not just a mature woman but a real granny. As I looked and played with myself, my cock jerked into life and Georgie egged me on,

“Oh darling that is wonderful, play with your lovely dick for your horny Mother in law, make yourself shoot your spunk over Georgie’s titties.”

My pre-cum dribbled from me and I rubbed it into the end of my cock.

“Mmmmmm, Georgie loves that darling, don’t stop, just watching you is going to make this old lady cum.”

Both of us were masturbating wildly now and as Georgie rubbed away at her clit, love juice started to drip from her at first and then turned into a dribble and then a gush onto the carpet as she reached a self inflicted orgasm. The sight was just too much for me and I felt my balls tighten as a long rope of spunk shot from the end of my cock to fall at Georgie’s feet. As I ejaculated, Georgie continued to finger fuck herself until she dropped on her knees in front of me and took my cock into her mouth, sucking the last drops of my cum into her.

When she released me I could tell she’d had enough. She looked shattered and I knew that our session was over with.

She sat down and looked at her carpet which was wet with a mixture of our cum, then she laughed “Bloody hell, now I’ll have to get that cleaned before Ken gets back.”

She sat next to me on the sofa and I put my arm around her and we just sat for a bit and then quite suddenly she started to cry.

Guilt took over then and she was worried about Liz and Ken and even though I tried to explain it would all be okay, she hurried me away.

For the next few weeks and especially over Christmas things were very awkward between us and this carried on well into the spring, but in April of 2007, lust took over again for her ( I was desperate for her all the time) and she seduced me into her bed. Since then we have had regular sex, usually once a week, and I have introduced Georgie to lots of interesting sexual experiences, which I might share in a sequel to this story.

In the meantime I hope that you have enjoyed this account of how our affair started. I am not a professional writer and only write this for my enjoyment and hopefully yours to.

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