Mother-in-Law Breastfeeds Me

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My wife Julie gave birth to my first son a few days after New Year’s. Her widowed mother Violet (Vi for short) would come to our house often for the next several weeks to see how the 3 of us were doing. She especially wanted to make sure Julie would be able to produce enough milk for the baby. She did produce some, but somehow not quite enough. Even after the baby emptied both of Julie’s breasts, he would cry for more. So Vi would open her blouse and put the baby to her own breasts to calm him down. The ladies would then bottle-feed the baby some formula to compensate for Julie’s scanty milk. This went on for 2 weeks, until one day I heard Vi shout to Julie with excitement.

“Julie, I feel something. I’m lactating!”

“Wow, Mom! Can it be? Now we both can feed the baby from our breasts!”

“Exactly. Now we won’t have to worry about formula anymore.”

One week after that, Julie went out to shop for new clothes for the baby. But before she could get into the store, she slipped on some ice and broke her leg. That meant she’d be in the hospital for quite some time, so Vi would stay at our place for the duration and breastfeed the baby on her own. One evening I caught her doing so near the kitchen counter, her eyes closed. While she had the baby at one breast, the other one was fully visible to me: large, cream-white, with a dark-pink areola about the size of a 50-cent piece, and a nipple as big as the eraser of a pencil. It didn’t take me long to get one of the most intense erections of my life.

Then she opened her eyes and shouted, “Whoops, I didn’t know you were standing there!”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Vi. If you want me to leave…”

“Nah, that’s OK. You may stay here and xnxx watch if you want.”

And watch I did. As she guided the baby from one breast to the other, I watched a lock of her dark brown wavy hair billow almost as far down as the top of her breast. Then I stared at the breast at which the baby had fed earlier, and I began to wish I could suck from Vi’s ample breasts myself.

Once the baby had had enough, Vi put him in his bassinet to sleep, then said to me, “I see this has gotten you quite excited! In fact, I get aroused too when I do this.” She then took her blouse completely off and I took off my own shirt. For a long time we stood topless without saying a further word, with our eyes closed, our arms around each other, and her breasts pressing against my chest.

After we broke our embrace, we went to the living room. My mother-in-law sat on the couch and said, “Come here, honey. Lay your head on my lap.” Once I did as she asked, she lifted my head and offered me her left breast. After a few minutes of sucking, I could feel something warm and sweet filling my mouth. It had to be milk. I continued sucking until I could feel that breast drying up. Then Vi guided me to her right breast and I drank more of her sweet milk.

Suddenly I could feel the hardness in my pants intensifying. Before I could say anything to Vi, I shot a huge load of semen into my pants, enough to cause a pool to form on the outside of them.

“That must have been too much for you!” an astounded Vi commented, “But don’t let go yet, there’s still a little more milk for you to empty.” So I continued to suck her right breast for another minute or so, then finally it was empty.

As midnight approached, bakire porno Vi went back to the kitchen to retrieve the baby’s bassinet, then took him upstairs and tucked him into his crib. Then she summoned me up to the bedroom that normally was mine and Julie’s.

“Would you mind if I sleep on Julie’s side of this bed for the rest of my stay?” Vi asked, “I’d hate for you to be cold and lonesome for many nights straight.”

Too weak to resist her offer, I answered, “Awww, that’s very sweet of you. I’d love to keep warm in your arms.”

Both of us exhausted, we took off our remaining clothes and hopped into bed. I fell asleep on top of her, in her arms, my head between her breasts.

During the wee hours of the morning we were awakened by the sound of the baby crying. Vi went out of the room for a while to feed him. Once she came back in, we got a few more hours of sleep, this time with us lying on our sides and facing each other.

As the sun was rising, I woke up to find myself lying flat on my back with Vi on top of me. “Good morning, sweetie,” she said as she lowered her lips to mine and kissed me.

“Good morning to you, honey,” I replied in my own soft tone. Soon I could feel her hand touching my penis.

“Morning wood?” she asked, “Well, I know just what to do about that.” With that, she sat up, spread her legs over either side of mine, and gently guided my penis inside her vagina.

“Uh, Vi…are you sure this is a good idea?” I asked, “What if Julie finds out once she gets home from the hospital?”

“I doubt she’ll ever find out,” she assured me.

“But what if you get pregnant?”

“I’m in my 40s now. My chances bedava porno of conceiving are lower now than they were when I had Julie. Besides, it’ll be quite a few days yet before she gets home. So let’s enjoy ourselves now while we can. Now just relax.”

With that, she fed me once again from her beautiful, bountiful breasts. I sucked on the right one first; as I did, she said, “You know, I always thought you were cute,” sighing between phrases. “I dreamed of a moment similar to this ever since you and Julie married.” All I could do was moan ecstatically, for I was too busy drinking her sweet essence to make a coherent answer. Not until emptying that one breast could I say anything.

Just before switching breasts, I said, “Ah, forbidden fruit. The very fact that it’s forbidden just makes it taste sweeter!” Then I latched onto her left breast and drank more milk from it. This time I did manage to fully drain both breasts without ejaculating…yet.

But less than a minute after I let go of her breasts, I could sense the moment of inevitability once again. “Vi, I’m gonna come! What do we do?”

“Just let it happen,” she answered with a smile, “Shoot every drop into me!” And that I did, before she could finish that last sentence. Spurt after spurt of my semen splashed into my mother-in-law’s womb. When I was finished, I stayed inside her until the hardness went away from my penis. Then we snoozed for a while until once again we awakened to face a new day.

A month later, the day before Julie was discharged from the hospital, Vi confided to me that she did indeed get pregnant from our encounter. Once we got Julie home, Vi moved back to her own house. Eight months after that, Vi gave birth to a son who was half-brother/half-uncle to my son by Julie.

Now, dear readers, this story, like all my others, is totally fiction. It is not meant to reflect, nor be acted out in, real life. With that in mind, I hope you enjoyed it!

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