Mother In Law And Her Sisters

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It’s just four days before Henry’s wedding. There’s so much to do already. He’s surprised to get the invitation from Jade’s mother. She wants him to have dinner with her two sisters and her at The Olive Garden. She says it’s a family tradition to welcome the new bride or groom to the family and get to know them. She and her sisters always do it. She’s pushy, won’t put it off.

“It has to be today BEFORE the wedding. It’s all planned. Now be a dear and just come over to the house at six o’clock and we’ll go from there. We’ll all be here waiting for you.”

He’s tried to get along with Jade’s mother Justine and mostly they do. After all, she’s going to be his mother-in-law for a long time. She’s likable enough. They’ve had some conflicts though. She can be so stubborn. Sometimes she thinks the same of him. Their latest was over some silly detail of the wedding. He felt like she’d already made the choice for he and Jade before she even asked them about it then manipulated them out of what they really wanted. Still, he tries to keep things in perspective. The detail isn’t so important. But it leaves a little tension between them.

So here he is, pulling into her driveway just before six. Her sisters’ cars are already parked. He walks to the entrance and rings the bell. He sees the door is half way open. There is soft rock music plying from somewhere in the house. He hears his mother-in-law-to-be’s voice call out.

“Is that you, Henry? Come on in! We’re all in the parlor waiting for you.”

He closed the door and walked in. A short entry hall led to a foyer. The stairs were straight ahead. To the right is the kitchen and dining area. He goes left into the parlor. Justine is standing there wearing nothing but a very see through and lacy black camisole and matching panties. The scent of her feminine, flowery perfume wafts around him.

He stammered, “But, but, but, Mrs. Bertino!”

She holds out her arms and says, “Surprise!”

Her sisters Hilda and Leana are standing a few feet behind her in the parlor. They echo the “surprise” welcome. The room lights are dimmed and there are a couple of candles lit on the table by the sofa.

Justine is a good looking woman, still trim and shapely in her early fifties. There’s just a little bit of a bulge in her tummy and her brunette hair has started to lighten but not much else gives away her age. Sometimes he’d notice her sex appeal when he’d catch a particularly flattering glimpse of her. Sometimes he’d even fantasized a bit about what she’d look like naked. Nothing serious beyond normal male curiosity and that thinking about sex every six seconds thing. Except that one time. That night after her cousin’s pool party, alone, right before he fell asleep. He started thinking about peeling her bathing suit off of her. Soon he was rubbing himself and didn’t stop until he imagined them both satisfied. And, damn! Right now she looks so sexy in her nearly naked nightie.

Despite Henry trying not to let his thoughts run wild the hot babe pointer in his pants is starting to wake up. Then he notices that Hilda and Leana are in their nighties too. They look like three hookers in a brothel. His hormones are taking over even as he thinks this can’t be right, that they must have something different in mind. After all it’s Jade’s mom. And her aunts. His excitement won’t be dissuaded.

Jade’s Aunt Hilda is her mother’s younger sister. She’s the shortest of the three and the chubby one. Not fat but a bit more than a little extra padding. More like over-stuffed padding. She’s wearing a red baby doll nightie with black trim. It’s underwire keeps her ample D cup breasts spilling out the tight fitting top. The matching bikini panties are full with her plushness. Her black shoulder length hair glistens in the soft light. Henry has admired her prominent chest and well rounded body before. It’s hard not to. Even when she’s not trying to dress sexy her appeal has a way of showing itself off anyway.

The older sister, Aunt Leana, is a bit taller. Her fifty eight years have added a few inches to her waist but her hips have expanded proportionately. Her figure hasn’t lost any of it’s appeal. Her hair, nearly all gray now, is elegantly styled and there are a few wrinkles on her face. Henry hadn’t really seen Leana as all that sexy the few times he’d been introduced to her before. Her usual business attire doesn’t really let her assets show. She’s wearing a long white nightie with a plunging neckline, snug fitting around her torso and hips then more flowing around her legs. The shapely curves revealed by her nightie and the little points of her nipples gives him a new appreciation for her.

He certainly wasn’t expecting this! He feels a little guilty at feeling so much desire for them. But they’re all smiling and inviting as they greet him. Justine leads him into the room.

He says to Justine, “So, we’re not going out to dinner, then?”

She says, “Well, Henry, you know how the guys threw that stag party for you last porno izle weekend, with the stripper in the cake or the whore in the van out back or whatever guys do these days? We’re throwing you a doe party! I bet you’ll think this is way more fun!”

“Suddenly I’m not that interested in dinner.”

Hilda laughs, “Oh, you can still eat out if you want.” They all giggle at the joke. She jiggles when she giggles. It tickles his cock when she jiggles.

“Here,” Leana says, “You’re the guest of honor so you get to sit right here in the middle of this nice big sofa.” She waits until he sits then continues. “And, since you’re marrying her daughter, Justine is first and sits next to you.” Justine sits next to him, snuggling her ass as close to him as she can get. She puts her arm around his shoulders.

“And Hilda will sit on your other side for now.” Hilda snuggles up on the other side.

“I get the feeling you’ve done this before,” Henry says.

Justine tells him, “For all our daughters’ grooms. I told you it’s a tradition.” She held her finger to her lips. “It’s a secret. It started by accident before Leana’s oldest girl’s wedding. Well, let’s just say things happened when we were teasing her fiancee and flirting with him. I can’t tell you. It’s a secret. Every wedding after that we did it on purpose.”

There’s a bottle of wine with four glasses on the table. Leana fills the glasses. She offers one to me then they all take theirs.

She raises her glass, “Here’s to your last days as a free man. May you live them well – these memories are going to have to last you a lifetime!”

They all clink glasses and drink.

Justine says to him, “They’ll have to last a life time because you better not be doing this as a marred man.”

He’s not quite sure if that’s a joke or a threat but he likes where this is going.

Hilda says, “Something is very wrong.”

He thinks this must be where their tease ends. She’s backing out. He knew it was too good to be true.

She looks at Henry. “Don’t you see it Henry? Well, I do. I mean, here we are, the three of us, all half undressed in our nighties. Showing you all our lady parts. And you’re still all dressed up! We can’t see ANY of your man parts. That’s just not very fair of you, is it? A sexy guy like you all bundled up and hiding your goods parts. We need to fix that! Here, Justine, help me.”

She takes his tie and starts undoing the knot. Justine starts unbuttoning his shirt. The scent of their perfumes, the feel of their hands, how fantastic their breasts look in their nighties so close up were overcoming any doubts Henry had and his cock was hard enough now to be straining at he confines of his pants. They pulled his shirt off. Then Justine pulled his tee shirt up and off over his head.

Hilda says, “He has strong arms. I like that.”

Leana adds, “Oh, I do like that! And he’s cute, too. Jade is getting a good one, isn’t she? Lucky girl.”

Justine starts undoing his belt and unbuttons his pants. He’s sure she can feel his horniness as she pulls his zipper down. Leana helps her pull his pants off. His swollen cock makes a tent in his undies.

Hilda teases, “Oh, look. I think he likes us!”

Justine adds, “He likes us a lot!”

Leana says, “Well, Hilda, I think he’s properly dressed now, don’t you?”

She replies, “Yes, just about right.”

“Good. We can begin.” Hilda reclines on one end of the sofa up against the arm as her sister speaks.

“Will the mother of the bride step up?”

Justine stands and faces him. “Henry, the mother of the bride wants to know if you can live up to your intentions with her daughter. Do you think you have what it takes to satisfy her?”

Henry asks, “Do you mean Jade or her mother?”

Leana laughs and says, “You’re just supposed to say I do!”

“I DO!” he says eagerly.

Justine looks into his eyes and says, “Then I think you better show me just what those intentions are young man.”

Leana goes to the other end of the sofa and sits while Justine slowly slides the straps of her cami down off her shoulders and pulls it down to let him see her breasts. His cock is standing straight up. He soaks up the sight of their smooth skin and soft roundness. He wants to touch them. She kneels down in front of him and rubs his cock through his undies. Then she pulls them down and takes his cock in her hand.

Leana says, “Oh, Justine, that’s a big one!”

Justine bends over and takes his cock in her mouth. It twitches in delight. She starts licking up and down his shaft getting it wet with her saliva. She rubs her tits on it. Then she puts her hand on his balls and rubs them, slowly working her hand up until she’s stroking him at the base of his shaft. She puts the tip back in her mouth. He puts his hands on the back of her head while she strokes and licks him. When he starts to rock his hips in rhythm with her strokes she stops.

Justine sits up and says, “He’s all amatör porno warmed up girls. I think he’s ready!”

Hilda says, “He’s looks more than warmed up. He looks hot.”

Justine tells him to sit further back on the couch. Then she stands up and takes her cami all the way off. He can see her hot pussy lips and trimmed bush through her panties. His cock bobs in delight. She slowly peels her panties down in strip tease fashion giving him quite a show of her femininity. Then she gets up on the sofa with one knee on each side of his legs and straddles him. Her wet pussy rubs up and down along his hard cock.

Henry glances at Hilda and sees she is watching them and rubbing her tits through her nightie with one hand while the other is in her panties. He looks the other way and sees Leana is gently rubbing her tits. Then Justine rises up a bit and holds his cock straight up as she guides it into her cunt and lets it fill her up as she slowly lowers herself.

He blurts out. “Oh, god, that’s so fucking hot Mrs. Bertino!”

She leans forward and kisses him. Then she says, “You can call me Justine tonight. You’re fucking hot yourself. Ever since I saw you at cousin Ernie’s pool party last month I’ve wanted this night to come. You wore that tight little Speedo suit. That bulge between your legs made me so horny. I know it’s naughty of me but you are so sexy. And so young. It’s just so hard for Frank to satisfy me now. That night, after he was asleep, I came down here on the sofa and dreamed about you while I pleased myself.”

“You know what Mrs. Ber, er, I mean Justine. You looked hot that day yourself. That tight two piece suit you wore clung to you so much and outlined everything. I had to be careful. I started to get hard every time I looked at you. Everyone would have seen what was on my mind wearing that Speedo. I started thinking about you and how sexy you looked in that skimpy suit when I was alone in bed that night. I jerked off. I couldn’t stop once I started. But I didn’t ever think anything would really happen.”

She rocks her pelvis while they embrace. His cock twitches for her.

“Oh, god, you feel so good on my cock.”

They kiss again. Long and passionately. She hasn’t felt a hard cock in her since before Frank’s prostate surgery two years ago and she is in heaven.

“I like your big hard cock filling me up.”

Hilda has her baby doll panties off and is playing with her clit. Leana has one hand on her breast while the other rubs her pussy through her nightie. Justine sits up and begins grinding her hips on Henry’s cock. Forward and back, left, right, around. Henry reaches up and puts his hands on her tits while she rides. He arches his back pushing into her in time with her grinding.

Hilda gets up and taps Justine on the shoulder. “Quit hogging him sis! Give someone else a turn.”

Justine eases herself off his cock. “I’m not done with you yet.” She winks at him.

Hilda gets in front of Henry and puts her hand on his cock. Her hand feels hot on his skin. She strokes him gently. The sight of her bouncy boobs peeking out the top of her nightie makes his cock twitch in her hand. She likes it and gives it a squeeze.

She says, “Justine, you didn’t tell us how hard he is! Don’t you love that about the young ones? I wish Ralph would get this hard for me more often.”

Hilda climbs up, leans on him pressing her boobs into his chest and kisses him.

“Do you like my chubby tits?, she asks him. “I’ve seen you looking at them before.”

He puts his hand on one and says, “It’s kind of hard not to notice them. And, yes I do. They’re very sexy. You’re very sexy. All of you.”

His gentle massage sends a shiver down her spine and tickles her pussy and makes it wet. He kisses her tit and sucks her nipple through her baby doll top.

Hilda sits up, straddles him and presses her wet pussy on his hard cock, her thick bush brushing the tip. He feels her wide, lush pussy lips and her hot wetness on his shaft and his hips quiver in excitement. She reaches down and maneuvers him into her cunt hole. He eagerly pushes into her. She gasps as her clit rubs against him, his long shaft rubbing deep inside her womanhood. She’s got so much pussy, all rubbing so delightfully in his crotch.

He says, “Your big plush pussy is so fucking sexy Hilda. I love the way it looks and how hot those pussy lips feel between my legs while I fuck you.”

She gushes, “You make me FEEL sexy. Oh, god. I almost forgot what that’s like.’

She undoes her nightie top and slowly takes it off. Free of support her busty boobs hang free and wide. Henry reaches out with both hands and savors the milky smoothness of her soft, warm skin and big firm nipples. She sways her hips to and fro wagging his cock inside her.

“Oh, god this is so good Leana might not get a turn!”

He looks over at Leana. She has her long nightgown pulled up around her waist. Her finger is running up and anal porno down her rather long pussy slit while she watches Hilda fuck him. He looks to the other side. Justine is lounging, legs crossed, her hands massaging her tits, eyes closed.

Leana says, “Oh no you don’t Hilda! I’m all warmed up and it’s my turn with him.”

Hilda slowly grinds her hips against him a few more times, getting all the pleasure she can while Leana gets up and comes over to them. She starts to get off but he puts his hands on her waist and holds her in. He thrusts his pelvis up and down a few times giving her pussy a good pumping. Then he lets her go and she raises herself slowly until his dick pops out.

She kisses him and says smilingly “Don’t go away. I still want more of that.”

“Me too!” he tells her.

Leana brings him a glass of wine. She sits across his lap, puts her arm around his shoulders, and says, “Have a little wine, relax and catch your breath, honey. We don’t want to wear you out. Not all at once, anyway. And the best is yet to come.”

Leana always seemed like the more sophisticated of the three. She dresses a bit better and sometimes has a bit of a snobbish aire to her mannerisms. Not that she isn’t usually pleasant. She is. But always demanding the best, not settling for less. It showed even in the selection of her classy long night gown instead of the steamy sexy choices of her sisters. He sips a little wine and then offers her some. She smiles at the offer and takes a sip then puts the glass on the table.

“That was a nice touch. It’s nice to be with a man who has some manners.” she said. They kiss.

She gets off his lap and pulls up her nightie just enough to straddle him and rub her pussy on his cock. He can feel her juices spread as she slides her wet slit along his shaft. The silky fabric brushing on his skin is sensuous. She leans down and kisses him.

“Hilda’s right. You are a hard one! I wish I could rub myself on you like this all night long. And then make love to you until the rooster crows. If my sisters wouldn’t say I’m hogging you I would.”

Her pussy lips feel hot on him. Not big like Hilda’s but just as soft. And she has a way of rubbing her clit at the base of his tip that makes him gasp. Then she’d slides it all the way down to his balls. He reaches up and starts sliding the straps of her nightie down on her arms until her tits are uncovered. He starts moving his hips in sync with her watching her tits sway with their motion. They’re smaller than Hildas, maybe even than Justines. With a bit more pointy than round shape, still hanging high on her chest.

Henry tells her, “Your tits are very, very sexy, Leana. Rub them on my cock, honey. Tittie fuck me.”

“Oh, you’re a naughty one,” she says, “And playful. I like that.”

Leana gets down and kneels in front of him. He sits on the edge of the sofa, knees wide apart. She presses her chest to him squeezing his cock between tits. They feel soft and so hot on his cock. She slides herself down until she’s rubbing his balls. Then back up and down a few times.

Henry moans with pleasure. “Oh yes, hon. Just like that. Oh, yeah. Now suck me, Leana. My dick aches for your mouth.”

She slides all the way down until his balls are between her boobs and licks his cock. It twitches for her. She puts her lips around it. Her tongue swirls around the tip.

“Oh BABY! Mmm. Oh, god.”

She takes more of him in her mouth and he lets her suck him for a few minutes.

Then he says, “That makes me red hot for your pussy. Ride my cock like your sisters did. Fuck me with that hot cunt.”

He slides back a bit and she climbs up on him again.

“Take that nightie all the way off. I want to see your pussy while you fuck me.”

She lifts it up and off over her head.

“That’s more like it. You have such a pretty pussy Leana. I like it. Make my dick disappear in it!”

He holds his cock straight up while she straddles him and works it into her dripping wet cunt hole. It’s a tighter fit and he has to push a little to get it in. He rocks his pelvis a few times as she settles down on him.

Now Justine has her feet up on the sofa, knees apart. One hand is rubbing her inner thigh and the other is fingering her pussy. Hilda is sitting, sipping some wine. Her other hand rests on her lap, keeping herself warmed up.

Leana starts a gentle up and down motion, rising and settling back down.

He says, “You squeeze me so tight honey. Oh, yea, like that, honey.”

He pulls her down and kisses her. He arches his back and pumps his pelvis pushing him deep inside her. He relaxes and pumps again. She starts moving her hips in rhythm.

She moans, “MMMmm. I do like fucking a man who’s sober and can keep it hard.”

“I like keeping it hard for you.”

Justine says, “Oh, you have to share him some more now. I want him again.”

Leana pulls her hips forward to let me slip out then just as I’m almost out she sways here hips, keeping it in just a little longer. Then it’s out and she gets off.

Justine lays on the sofa next to him, her legs spread. She reaches her arms out to him.

“Fuck me with that big thick cock you gorgeous hunk of man!”

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