Mother and daughter re-union

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Mother and daughter re-unionMother and daughter re-unionWhen this happened is not relevant but this is a true story and the names are true as well…… As you may already know , I had a taxi business in a seaside town on the south coast of England. The main office was bang in the centre of town and the waiting room was upstairs one floor with a coffee machine and a cold drinks and choc bar vending machine which was very popular with the punters and being away from street level also offered an element of safety particularly for young ladies wanting to get home after a night of clubbing and getting pretty squiffy ! Two radio operators were always there inside a bandit proof sub office with a direct line to police panic button … this all contributed to a taxi business that was well known to be safe and well organised place to wait before getting one of the cabs to take you home or wherever ! We had a huge amount of regular customers and would say that 90% were on first name terms with us all and that made it a friendly and trusted company. On a pretty standard summer Saturday night I was radio’d back to the office and asked to come upstairs where I was asked by one of the operators if I would take a young lady home but she had no money and would come into the office the next day and leave the fare at the desk for me . She was about 18-20 ish and a very good looking girl too, long straight shiny dark brown hair, mini skirt, great legs, and figure with a designer bolero jacket and very sexy high heels, damn good looking too. Being a professional this had no bearing on my choice whether to take her home or not !!!!!! 🙂 Although if this ever happened I would always wait in the car outside until the customer sakarya escort had unlocked the front door and got in safely and turned a light on to let me know all was ok . If a guy was ever in need of this help I would hold a watch or ring as security for payment and let it be collected from the office on payment which was always an acceptable system with everyone that I ever did this for. Anyway her name is Gina and she offered to give me her keys apart from her front door key, unusual but I told her it was unnecessary and She said that her mother had to go into town the next day and she would get her to leave her fare at the office . She was very cheerful and outgoing but after 5 minutes of constantly thanking me I told her to shutup and listen to the music , she laughed and rifled through the cd’s till she found my Euphoria Gold cd , great choice I said.. yes I love this she said and turned the volume right up, we were laughing and both head dancing as we drove through the twilight hours. It took about 25 minutes to get her home and she jumped across and gave me a peck on my left cheek before saying thanks again and then got out , went into her front garden and opened the front door, it closed behind her and the light went on , she pulled a curtain across and waved and blew a kiss with a lovely smile. Job done . I didn’t clock on till around 4.30 on Sunday and the operator told me there was some money and a letter in the office for me whenever I was passing . I thought to myself, oh good, I know who that is from and went from job to job and it wasn’t hard to remember Gina from last night and recall how a thoroughly delightful girl she was and oddly her perfume came to my senses and escort sakarya I could feel a semi coming on as I was driving around. Around 6.30 it went a bit quiet so I popped into the office for a coffee and Julie, the operator gave me the money and letter. The fare was £9. but there was £15 for me , nice tip I thought ! … Julie was laughing and said , “You old dog you” , “What do you mean ? ” I asked, You made a middle aged woman happy obviously Julie said. Confused I opened the letter and It was from Gina’s mom thanking me for getting her daughter home safely and that she will hopefully meet me soon as she was going to use my taxi business only from now on . Signed , Carol.. Gina’s Mom , with address and a X kiss . So where is the lipstick kiss on the envelope and spray of perfume I wondered ….. optimistic sod aint I lol .A few days passed and it faded from my memory a little until I was radio’d to go to blah blah blah address for a 12 noon pick up. It must have taken a nano second for me to twig it was Gina’s address and for the first time in such a while I felt a little flick of excitement in my stomach and a chirp in my whatever ! I got there and waited a very short while in the car, saw a flick of curtain and the front door opened and a quite stunning woman stepped out, early forties maybe with a gorgeous pageboy bob haircut with curl up’s on her cheeks. Slim and not skinny, very nicely but not overly made up, elegantly dressed, great legs from knees down,,she was wearing a summer coat so I could not see higher but those of you who follow my profile already know I have a lustful thing about classy sexy high heels and this woman about 5. 6in tall in her shoes was ticking my boxes sakarya escort bayan as fast as a pinball stuck in a bonus trap banging 10,000 extra points 20 per second !! I got out and walked around to open the door for her ( I do this for all women usually) She made it plain she was a front seat passenger and smiled as she got in , I went round and got in as well … (Oh Fuck! I thought as her perfume hit me and sent signals to my loins with pleasure) So you are Stu then, my daughters knight in shinning armour ! , well if you mean a silver saloon yes I bantered back with a smile and you are Carol , its nice to meet you and it was a pleasure and it is again and thank you for a great tip . My my we are getting on well already she smiled back. Ok , where are you going ? Blah blah blah Hotel. She told me she is the reception Manager for that hotel and warm friendly chat with interspersed laughs ensued . A lot of eye contact was going on and my gaze could not stop taking in the sight of her now visible above the knee legs and her hot sexy shoes. I would have been happy to make her late and just wander around town in the car but there was no need to feel this was the only time we will meet. She took the whole pack of taxi phone number cards from the dashboard holder and said she would put one in every guests welcome pack and could I get more for her soon, “you know where I live now so when passing or free please drop by ” , It’s only Gina and myself there , my husband went over two years ago so you are welcome anytime” Her work times were 1pm to 9pm seven days one week and four day the next week on rotation and she was starting her seven day week today she told me. “Can you remember that or shall I write it down ? ” I replied, “bloody cheek, write it down for that” she did and added ‘Love Carol XX’ We got to the hotel and she thanked me again and I got a kiss on the cheek from her also …. “See you soon I hope Stu ” To be continued very soon .

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