Morning Wood Ch. 04

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Ch. 4 Popcorn, Movies, and Sex.

Art was just putting the last of the prepped food into the fridge when the doorbell rang, he glanced at his watch, six fifteen, yeah she’d probably just taken awhile getting ready. He slipped out to the door, moving too close to the wall, his black cargo pants caught on the doorway and he was jerked back for a moment. He grunted in annoyance and disentangled himself, then moved to the door.

Guinne was looking around absently as she waited for him to answer the door; his Dodge Charger sat in the driveway to his townhouse, she knew in the garage was his baby, some muscle car that she never remembered the name of. She looked up, the building was three stories tall and she could see his bedroom window up there at the top. She hoped that she’d be looking out of it later. The door slid open interrupting her and she grinned at her brother. Her smile broadened a little when she saw that he was wearing the black Star Wars t-shirt she had bought him for his birthday.

“Hey big brother,” Guinne said as he moved out of the way to let her in.

“Hey Guinne,” he shut the door quietly and turned to her. He barely had time to breathe after he spoke as she slid her arms around him and pressed a firm kiss to his lips. He almost pushed her away, the kiss unexpected, but as it lingered on, he melted into it. Guinne’s hands lifted, mussing his hair lightly, the dark curls that he shared with their father so unlike her own red locks.

Slowly she pulled back, smiling at him and blushing a little bit, her eyes darted to the floor, as Art’s skin turned red with his own blush. That had been rather forward and he couldn’t help but wonder and worry about what might happen tonight. He pushed the thoughts away though and motioned at the living room. “Go pick us out a movie, I’ll go make us some drinks. You still a gin and tonic girl?”

“Of course,” Guinne smiled and turned heading to the living room. Art’s eyes lingered on her as she did, the little black skirt she wore brought images to his mind that seemed to make it a bit difficult to breathe. Guinne could feel his eyes on her, and the thrill of it could be felt deep in the pit of her stomach. Her lips curved into a mischievous grin and she looked down at her shoes, acting like she had just noticed that they were untied. She bent at the waist, it was a little difficult to reach her shoes this way, but she was just pretending to tie them anyway. Her skirt lifted a bit as she bent, revealing the milky smooth skin of her backside, faint freckles kissed those round and juicy cheeks. Art swallowed thickly, as a bit more was revealed and he got a glimpse of the white panties she wore and the swollen pink lips that peaked out between the sides of them.

Art blushed deeply as he turned and went into the kitchen; his sister was wearing crotchless panties? What did she think was going to happen tonight dressed like that? Art pulled open the door to his freezer and removed a bottle of gin that was on the shelf. Turning around he walked over to the mini bar set up near the doorway, and leaned against it. His erection pressed against the cabinet, images of his sister’s hairless lips fueling his desire. Art glanced down, pulling back a bit and adjusted it so it was less noticeable. He flushed thinking about it, maybe something would happen tonight, it was pretty obvious she wanted it to, and he couldn’t help but want something in return.

Art called into the other room, “The movies are on top of the television.”

Guinne had moved and sat down, but when he called out she got up to pick a movie. She looked through them picking up each one and reading the title. The top two were sci-fi flicks, the last was what looked like maybe a romantic comedy. She pondered all three for a moment, putting her elbows on top of the TV as she considered. Guinne noticed something back there, a DVD case, and reached out pulling it from where it was sitting, she grinned faintly, she was pretty sure it was some porno movie. It was called ‘Under the Sheets’ and had two naked women and a naked man in bed on the cover.

Guinne considered just putting the porno on, but decided that maybe it was better to ease into it; they had a long night ahead of them, or could if she played her cards right. So she popped ‘Serenity’ out of its case and stuck it in the DVD player, she’d seen it before and knew that Art had too, but it was a good movie. Neither would mind watching it again. Guinne moved back toward the couch, as she heard popcorn popping in the kitchen, she smiled and hopped onto the couch, kicking her shoes off and tucking her feet up underneath herself.

“What are we watching?” Art inquired as he entered with a bowl of popcorn in one hand and the two drinks balanced on a small tray in the other.

“Serenity, I figured who doesn’t like to watch River kick a little ass?” Guinne smiled at him, as he sat down at the end of the couch, a few feet from her. She wrinkled her nose at him a moment, chewing her lip. Should she move down to him? Or was he purposely putting space between them? After a few moments Guinne moved over on the sex izle couch, so that she was leaning up against Art’s side. He placed the two drinks on the table, and slid his arm around her waist without a word.

Guinne snuggled into his side a bit and stuck a few pieces of popcorn into her mouth; chewing quietly as he navigated the menu on the DVD and got it playing the movie. His mind was a little distracted, every inch of his body acutely aware of the fact that her breast was pressing against his arm and that her hand was resting on his thigh, inches from the erection he was trying to hide.

Somehow, the two managed to get through the entire movie, though Guinne did manage to work in a few kisses along with their cuddling. When Art had her pick out the second movie, she decided on the somewhat romantic comedy ‘Lost in Translation.’ Art had mixed them a few more drinks during ‘Serenity’, and they were both a little tipsy by now, but had switched to Pepsi so they wouldn’t get too drunk. Neither of them was much of a heavy weight though and their three drinks apiece had definitely loosened some inhibitions. By the middle of the second movie, they weren’t really watching it; they had shifted so that Guinne was half lying on Art, half sitting next to him, with her arms wrapped around him. Occasionally they would kiss, but for the most part, they were just enjoying the warmth of each other’s bodies, the peaceful feeling of holding each other.

Things were slowly drifting toward a bit more than snuggling, as Guinne started to place gentle kisses along her brother’s neck, gently nibbling at the soft flesh there. Art was a bit hesitant, but Guinne moved slowly, trying not to press too much, trying to take it slow with him. They both wanted more, she could feel the wetness between her legs and his erection pressing against her side.

Art and Guinne’s lips were locked together, their tongues teasing and tasting each other’s; when the room suddenly went quiet. Art pulled away, the silence startling him and looked around and then his eyes went to the television, the movie was over; the DVD player had gone into standby, indicating it had been over for more than just a couple of moments.

“I have no idea what happened in the last half of that movie,” Art murmured, with a faint smile on his lips. Guinne giggled softly at him, and pressed a gentle kiss to his lips.

“Don’t worry, I don’t either,” Guinne confessed, having to smile at the fact that they had been so wrapped up in each other that the rest of the world had simply vanished.

“Well, it’s getting to be dinner time anyway, why don’t I go make it up and you can put in another movie for us to watch while we eat. Deal? Or check what’s on cable, if you prefer… up to you,” Art smiled at her as he gently disentangled himself from her arms. He wanted to shift his erection so it wasn’t so obvious, but doing so would have drawn just as much attention, so he just smiled at her and slipped out of the living room, once in the hall adjusting himself to a more comfortable position.

Guinne had to bite her lip to keep from giggling as she watched him try to hide his erection, letting it out when he was out of the room, a soft and cheerful sound. Not that she could blame him; she knew that her own state of arousal was as high if not higher than his. She glanced at the last two movies sitting on the television, and then slid off the couch and picked them up. The other sci-fi movie or what she was pretty sure was a porno flick? She did want to eat, and found it a bit odd to watch porn while eating. Guinne tapped her chin absently, considering what to do; Art had said she could check the cable for something on as well.

“That works, something on TV, then some porno,” she murmured to herself.

“Did you say something?” Art called from the other room.

“No, just thinking aloud,” Guinne replied as she put ‘Under the Covers’ into the DVD player, stopping it and switching over to the cable box. She flicked for a few minutes, and then finally left it on a ‘Futurama’ double feature, lying back down on the couch. Her hand drifted down between her legs, feeling the dampness all along her wet slit. Guinne wanted so bad to finger herself, she wanted even more for Art to come in here and fuck her. She got neither though, as she pulled her hand away and leaned back with a sigh. First dinner, then they could move onto something more fun.

Art had prepared everything in advance, all he really had to do was warm the various dishes up, it took him less than ten minutes to get it all ready, and a few minutes later, he entered the living room with two plates. They ate as they watched ‘Futurama’, the time letting them cool off a bit, and letting them laugh a bit. By the time the second was done they were finished with dinner, so he took the plates into the kitchen and then returned, dropping down next to her once more.

“Now what?” Art asked, looking over at his sister, who had a faintly mischievous look on her face. He wondered what was going on in her head, but Guinne didn’t say anything to his question. She just pushed alt yazılı porno him over onto his side, and used her toes to push his shoes off.

“Lay out, I’m tired of sitting up, then we’ll watch another movie,” Guinne instructed him, they had often lain like this watching a movie when they were younger, so Art did as he was told, laying out on the couch and making room for her to lay in front of him. Her backside pressed right up against him, causing the erection that had subsided some during dinner to spring back into full arousal. She rested her head on his arm, as he snaked them around her, one sliding under her head, the other around her waist. Guinne held the remote, but hadn’t started the movie yet.

“Were we just gonna stare at the blank screen for a bit?”

“I thought we might,” Guinne replied, wriggling her bottom a little and causing Art to moan softly, “I just wasn’t sure if the movie I put in was one you rented or not, I found it behind your TV.”

“I guess one of them could have fallen back there, I don’t know, what is it?”

“You’ll see,” Guinne said with a grin and hit play, the movie started out with some attempt at acting, not very good acting, but it tried. After a few minutes, the two main characters were going at it. “Interesting film here Art, not sure what’s going on with the plot though.”

“Hmmm?” Art said, feeling a bit awkward, he knew what movie this was, and it was not one he had rented. He seriously considered turning it off, but decided to play along. There was no way that Guinne had put it in without knowing what it was.

“Well, it seemed like Rick there was mad at Suzanne, but now he looks quite pleased with her. Maybe it has something to do with her sucking on that lollipop he has in his pants?” As Guinne spoke, her hand slid between them, and was squeezing and rubbing against his erection.

Art swallowed a bit thickly and shifted so he could look at her face for a moment; then back to the screen, where Suzanne was standing up and bent over a chair, “I guess she’s got the skills necessary to change his view on their argument.”

“I guess she does,” Guinne murmured, this was the moment of truth she knew. Maybe they could stop here, maybe they could forget the other day. But if tonight happened, it would have to be real, she knew it would. She rolled over, turning away from the TV, and shifting so that she was laying on top of Art, he moved with her, so that he was lying on his back. Her hand hadn’t left his erection, rubbing at it through his cargo pants.

Guinne’s fingers moved up along his crotch, tugging the button open on his pants and pushing the zipper down. His cock was still hidden away by the flannel boxers he wore and gently she tugged at their waistline, freeing his erection from its bounds. It stood up straight and tall, pointing to the ceiling, her fingers wrapped around it, remembering how it had felt the other day, enjoying the soft and firm feeling of it. Part of her wanted to just slide him between her legs and fuck him until he filled her with his hot cum, but she knew that would scare him too much. She was a little worried that even this was going to freak him out, but he wasn’t pushing her away.

Guinne slowly worked her way down Art’s body, occasionally looking up into his eyes, smiling encouragingly as her hand slowly slid up and down his engorged cock. He was a lot harder than he had been the other day, she noted, assuming it had to do with the several hours of teasing they had just been involved in. Then she was there, her eyes were filled with his thick, juicy cock, a little damp from the precum he was oozing.

Guinne’s breath was hot on him, Art felt like he was about ready to explode at any moment, but he closed his eyes and tried to think about other things, he wanted to last at least a few more minutes. And then her mouth was on him, her wet tongue darted over his tip, her fingernails scratched along the base of his erection and then began to gently rub and massage his sac. Guinne paused for a moment and peered up into his eyes, she could see the lust and desire in them, but the vulnerability and the fear was there too and he smiled at her, reassuringly. He wanted this, he knew he did, despite his earlier protestations; despite all the taboo that surrounded this, he wanted it.

“Like that?” Guinne asked, but Art just flushed a deep red and nodded faintly down at her. Guinne couldn’t stop the faint giggle that this inspired in her, closing her eyes for a moment, and then gently kissing the tip of his erection. “I think my big brother does like me sucking on his cock.”

Art flushed even more at her words, slightly embarrassed by her dirty talk, but also turned on even more; he peered down at her as she opened her eyes and looked back up at him. He stared down at her, not sure what to do, how to react to her words. Did she want him to talk back? He wasn’t used to a lot of talking, “I think you might be right,” was the best he could manage.

Guinne was more than happy to continue down the path she had set before them, the wetness between her altyazılı sex izle legs growing at his obvious pleasure. Her lips parted and once again wrapped around his raging hard on; she began to slowly work her mouth up and down his length. Her fingers wrapped around the base, moving with her mouth, as she couldn’t fit all of him into it. Just as he was starting to think he couldn’t take much more she pulled away from him, smiling up at him. His hips bucking a little at this, her hand still held him and he fucked it a moment before her hand settled onto his hip to stop him.

“Calm down big brother, don’t you want your strip tease before you give me that nice hot load of cum?”

Art swallowed a bit thickly and nodded, not trusting himself to speak for the moment, Guinne smiled at him, as she climbed to her feet. She turned away from him and bent forward, her legs together; he could see the slit of her wet cunt between her legs, as well as the puckered little hole of her anus. Art fantasized about just standing up and plugging into one of those tight little holes, but he didn’t. He lay back watching as she peered back over her shoulder at him, standing up slowly and then turning toward him, she gripped the bottom of her t-shirt, slowly inching it up her stomach. Then dropping it and winking at him.

She lifted the front of her skirt, and then feigned a blush and covered her mouth as she dropped it once more. Art’s hand drifted down between his legs and he began to stroke himself, but Guinne reached out and swatted his hand, “Mine, you leave that alone till I’m ready to play with it again.” She nodded, and leaned up kissing him hard, her tongue teased at his a moment before she pulled away. Guinne walked a few steps away, her hips swaying seductively.

Art’s head was swimming; the smell of them filled the room, that smell that couldn’t be mistaken for anything but sex. Parts of him were still telling him to get up and leave, to forget this ever happened, but she was so amazing, so beautiful. Guinne was a thick and gorgeous woman, and he loved her so much, he always had. Sure this wasn’t what that love had originally been, but couldn’t he let it evolve into this?

Guinne’s hands went to the buttons that held her skirt in place, and she undid them, turning back toward him as she did. A few steps forward made the skirt slink down her legs and fall to the floor. Art wasn’t able to continue thinking about anything but her after that. He could see her beautiful pink little pussy; her pubic hair was cut into a little strip right above her clit. Like an arrow pointing him to her beautiful pussy. Guinne grinned at Art, and then slowly she slid her shirt up freeing her plump breasts from their constraints, and tossing her shirt at Art. Her nipples were long and erect, her areolae were puffy and nearly the size of a half dollar. Art had seen her breasts a few times as they had grown up, but it had been a long time ago and they were much nicer than he remembered.

“Jeez, Guinne, I’m gonna cum just watching you,” the words were barely audible, and as he spoke them his skin again grew red with his embarrassment.

“You better not, you wasted enough of that the other day, and this time I get it all.” Guinne nodded to this, and moved closer, “Sit up big brother.” Art did as he was instructed, and shifted to a sitting position, as Guinne knelt between his legs she leaned forward and rubbed her breasts along his length. She didn’t feel like looking into some lubricant, so they would have to save him titty fucking her for later. For now, she had a very hungry mouth though and she wrapped it around his engorged erection again, starting with the head and slowly working more of him into her mouth.

Guinne’s fingers ran along his stomach and then down along his thigh, finally cupping his sac and gently rubbing and teasing it with her hand, a finger rubbing at the spot between his sac and his anus, causing him to buck his hips a little. She could feel his balls tightening in her hand, and she moaned with anticipation.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum Guinne,” Art moaned the words, and true to them a moment later his hips were bucking a bit and he was shooting his warm seed into her mouth. She took it all, letting it pool in her mouth, savoring the salty taste of it. Loving the warm juice he had given her and then finally swallowing it down.

“You taste so good big brother,” Guinne whispered, resting her head on his thigh and peering at his cock as it began to soften a little. She had a feeling she could get it hard again if she wanted. Her hand slid up his thigh and she cupped his soft cock in her hand, starting to slowly tug on it.

“I’m glad you think so,” he murmured, amazed yet again by the fact that Guinne really did seem to love the taste of cum. He peered down at her hand as she began to caress him again, feeling his cock rising up to the invitation once again. “Hmmm, looks like you want more.” Art smiled and reached down tugging lightly at Guinne’s arm, until she conceded and let him pull her up onto the couch again. “But first, I have to taste you, I’ve been inhaling that heady perfume you’re making all night, and it’s been driving me wild.” His release seemed to have freed his tongue a little bit and while he did still flush as he spoke, he managed to get the words out in a normal, if a bit breathy, volume instead of a whisper.

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