More of What Friends Are For Ch. 02

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The following totally fictitious writings and are intended for the sole readership of those of LEGAL AGE. The ADULT ONLY material contained within is also for personal use only where local standards permit scenes of violence and sex. Please do not read further if any of these subjects offend, or if you are not of legal age.

This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone violence of any sort.

The following is under Copyright and is for your sole enjoyment. Your cooperation in not using the material in any other application without the express permission of the author is requested. Thank you.

* * * * *

In contrast to our silent transport in each direction the first trip to the cabin, we chatted back and forth a bit. There were periods without conversation, but it was pretty normal. We didn’t discuss either the previous weekend or the upcoming one, except that early on we each allowed as how we were looking forward to it.

We arrived at 11:20. The traffic had been light, as usually on a Saturday morning in the off season, and we’d made good time. The timing would be just right. I grabbed Laura’s bag and we went inside and opened the place up. It was going to be a nice warm day.

There is an old clock that hangs on the wall and doesn’t keep very good time, but it can be seen from anywhere in the room. I went over and set it from my watch. It would be good enough for the next couple of hours which was all I cared about.

Laura immediately noticed the unusual padded horse in the middle of the room. It was really just a tall sawhorse with a vinyl covered pad on top and especially wide legs.

“That one of the surprises?” she asked indicating the horse.

“As a matter of fact, yes it is” I told her, “but we’ll get to that a little later.”

I scurried around and did the few things I needed to in order to get the place ready. Since I’d been there so recently it didn’t take long.

Laura was just looking around, putting her stuff away and was making herself comfortable.

Once I was done with my chores I said sternly, “Undress!”

“Not wasting any time, are you?” she giggled, but was already doing as instructed.

Even though it wasn’t quite as novel as the first time, I almost gasped as she stripped. She really is beautiful and has such a gorgeous body. And those tits, they are so big and firm and just seem to beg for punishment. Large, dark areolas and prominent nipples that when hard are about half an inch long.

“Come over here” I said sitting on the bed.

She did

“Turn around”

I cuffed her hands together behind her back, then moved her to the foot of the bed where I attached her ankles to the two legs. As a final point I laid her back on the bed. She was now pretty immobile and spread wide. I had perfect access to her pussy.

Her breathing was a little heavy already, probably not having anticipated such a quick start and certainly wondering what I had in mind first. It would be a surprise I was sure, but one that was crucial to my plans.

I knelt down and started to attend to her already wet box with my mouth. Once I had her worked up a bit I started to probe her with a finger until I found her G spot which I then started to rub.

By that point she was trying to hump my face and moaning with pleasure. I removed my slick finger and replaced it with my thumb as I inserted the slippery digit in her back door.

She gasped and started hump even harder. I knew she was getting close. I slowed way down, ignoring her clit for the moment and barely moving my thumb against her G spot.

She groaned loudly, “Oh please don’t. More. Let me cum!’

I looked up at her and said, “Give me your safe word.”

She looked at me clearly confused, which was what I wanted.

“Give me your safe word, you know give it back so you no longer have one” I said plainly.

She let her head fall back and simply shook it from side to side.

“You’ll change your mind” was all I said as I went back to her pussy, moving my thumb and finger more vigorously and starting to suck on her clit again.

She let out another loud groan and soon was humping my face the best she could in her situation.

I took her right to the edge and then for a few minutes I backed off enough to hold her there but not let her cum before stopping altogether.

“Give me your safe word!” I said quietly, but firmly.

Her voice was raspy, but she said, “No.”

I knew that being the slut she was, she’d soon give-in in order to be allowed to cum.

I let her calm down a little bit more and started up once more.

Soon she was begging, “God Scott, please make me cum, please!”

When I figured it would be just another instant and she’d cum, I stopped completely.

“NO! PLEASE!” she yelled.

“I’m just going to keep doing this all day and never let you cum until you give up your safe word” I said in an even voice I wanted to sound sincere.

“Fuck! Tipobet Alright you bastard you can have my safe word back, just make me cum, NOW!”

And I did. I gave her the best oral workout I knew how, which is pretty damn good if I do say so.

“OH FUCK YES, SOOO GOOOD!” she screamed.

I kept at her until she stopped cumming, which took quite a while.

As I let her recover a little I undressed myself, freeing my cock which had been straining against my fly rather fiercely.

“Oh fuck that was good Scott!’

“Then you’ll love this” I said as I climbed on top of her and started to insert my fully erect cock in her cunt.

She was so wet and the muscles warmed by her cumming, that I was able to bury the whole thing quickly, being balls deep in a matter of a stroke or two.

I knew I wasn’t going to last long, but I wanted to be sure she came at least once more before I did. I needn’t have worried. She was cumming again almost instantly. She came again a couple of minutes later and then a third time since I’d entered her when I started pinching one nipple rather hard while nibbling the other.

That was all I could take and I explode my load deep inside her as she continued to shake with her orgasm.

Spent, I laid inside her as my cock softened. One thing most women enjoy about my very large cock, and I find rather pleasurable myself, is that even as it goes soft it is still big enough that it doesn’t slip out after sex, like evidently most guys do. Women tell me they like that continued full feeling as they enjoy the afterglow.

When we both had recovered I got up and untied Laura.

“You really are a son of a bitch, you know that!” she said with some obviously honest anger.

“Why did you make me give up my safe word, that wasn’t fair!” she went on.

“You had a choice, you could have kept it. I didn’t MAKE you give it up, I asked you to!”

“Bullshit!” she spat.

“Knock it off. It’s done. Besides you lived through last time without one!” I said acting pissed, but I really wasn’t. I’d tricked her and it was bordering on breaking the rules, but I didn’t intend to abuse the situation, it was simply necessary to introduce John to the equation. After that I fully intended to give her back her safe words.

Trying to make peace I offered to fix lunch, sure that like me she hadn’t eaten that morning. I set out a light meal of cheeses and deli meats, plus some fruit. Even though there was some beer left from the day before and even a couple of bottles of wine I thought we might enjoy that evening AFTER we were done playing, my no alcohol rules still applied strictly until then, so I offered her a soda too.

We ate slowly, in silence.

“Still mad?” I asked breaking the ice.

The smile I got gave me the answer, but “No, not really. Besides I trust you, really I do. Just take it a little easier than last time, please!”

“I will, I promise” I said meaning it, but for different reasons than Laura would ever guess at that point.

It was 12:30. I knew I was checking the time too frequently, but I couldn’t help it. For one thing the timing of John’s arrival was critical.

“I need to check the well. Want walk over to the pump house with me? It’s beautiful out and it will only take a minute.” the water came from a well and I needed to check the filter, but it could have waited. I was using it for a timing excuse.

“Sure. Uh clothes?”

“Nah, we won’t be long” One of the things I enjoyed about the seclusion was walking around naked, even when I was alone. When I was with Laura I enjoyed it substantially more.

I looked at the filter. It was fine. We got back to the cabin at 12:43 exactly. Perfect.

“Okay my little toy, time for some fun!”

She groaned, but smiled at the same time.

“Now I’ll show you about the horse” I said.

“Is that what you call your little surprise?” she asked.

“Yup. Come over here and I’ll show you. Put one foot just outside these two legs” I said indicating a padded place on two of the legs.

I took some straps and fastened them around her ankles. Her feet were now quite widespread.

“Now, bend over the top of the horse”

She did and the height was perfect. It supported her waist and abdomen at exactly the right height leaving her head and chest dangling free. I took the strap that went over the top of the horse and tightened it snuggly over the small of her back. She was now bent over with her feet wide apart and unable to move except her head and arms, and I was about to fix that.

I glanced at the clock again. 12:48. Still perfect.

Her pussy, and especially her ass were fully exposed and exactly the right height. Just a couple of more things to do.

“Hands behind your back”

I tied them together being sure they were secure, but not cutting off the circulation. Then I tossed the rope up over a beam and pulled until her arms were pulled up and straining Tipobet Giriş her shoulders, but not too much. This bent her over a little further putting her mouth at the exact height I wanted too.


“Now your blindfold” she hadn’t expected that.

“And a final little touch to encourage you to hold still” and with that I attached two of the weighted nipple clamps to her tits and some wicked little weighted alligator clips to each of her cunt lips.

“Oh Fuck that hurts!” she yelped involuntarily.

“You think that hurts” I said as I picked up an old fashion ping pong paddle.

“Watch what happens when you move” I added as I brought a good hard smack down squarely on her right bun.

Naturally she jerked and then immediately screamed.

“Better learn to hold still” I said as I landed an equal blow on her left side.

Amazingly she was much more still, but still cried out.


“Now sweetheart, I’m going to let you suck my cock. I really love fucking that mouth of yours. The better you do, the easier I’m going to be on your ass after I cum. But if you do a poor job you will pay dearly, got it?”

“Yes” she said meekly, obviously in some significant discomfort already.

I started to feed her my half hard cock. She sucked like a pro, clearly trying to spare her ass as much as possible.


“Laura,” I said as I started to pump slowly, my cock growing with each stroke “I have a story to tell you. This week I was having a beer with a buddy of mine and we got to talking like guys do. It turns out he has never fucked a woman up the ass.


“I was telling him what a sweet little tight ass you have and how I was going to be fucking it this weekend. He was so jealous that I offered to share you with him.


She started to scream, or at least tried too around my almost fully hard cock. Of course that was impossible, but I could tell she was trying to yell RED. I pretended to not understand, “Trying to say something slut? Anyway he should be here any second now”


The door opened and in walked John. He took one look at what was going on and stopped dead in his tracks as his mouth fell open.

“My and here he is. Hey buddy, good you could make it! I was just telling this little slut that you’d be here soon to stuff cock up her ass and she seemed pretty excited about it.”

Laura could tell that someone had opened the door and tried all the harder to scream.

I’m not particularly into other guy’s cocks, but I’m comfortable enough with my sexuality that I’m not put off by them either.

I was observing John’s to see how he was going to react. He was obviously somewhat shocked, but that didn’t keep him from starting to undress. Once he gathered his wits, he started to smile and he started to harden too.

“Come on over buddy and dip your wick!” I said loudly, exactly according to our plan.

Laura was trying her best to scream and escape, but she had no chance the way I had her secured and I had a good grip on her head and just kept slowly fucking her face as I carried on this banter. It was a little bizarre even for me.

John approached her ass with what I assumed was a full hard on. It looked pretty normal sized to me, maybe even on the large size. He certainly wasn’t lacking in that department.

“She is such a slut she’d probably like it if you dry fuck her ass, so have at it!”

John was carrying a small tube of lube which we’d agreed he coat himself with, but Laura had no way of knowing that.

He moved into position and started to shove his cock up her chute.

The screaming was even louder.

“Look bitch, you are doing one lousy job on my cock. Your ass is going to really pay if you don’t get to sucking!”

I didn’t expect she would pay much attention to that, and I was right.

Soon John and I had a good smooth rhythm going. We were both going in and out at the same time.

To my absolute astonishment the fucking slut had stopped trying to scream and was actually sucking my cock. Having learned her body signals pretty well by now, she was getting turned on!

Since I hadn’t made up the part about John being an anal virgin, I knew in that tight little tunnel he wouldn’t last long, and I was right. In a few minutes he started to groan and shake and he rammed her to the hilt as he came hard.

Soon he pulled out and was catching his breath.

“Hey pal, start slapping her ass for me will you. She isn’t sucking worth a God damn”

And as John started spanking her ass with his bare hand, way too softly of course, but it was still having an effect, especially given the weights I’d added.

“And you, you little cunt-whore had better start giving me a decent blowjob or I’m going to have my friend pick up that paddle and really lay into you, then when I finally do cum in your sorry mouth I’m going to get the crop and blister your ass Tipobet Güncel Giriş some more!” I said in my most menacing tone.

Evidently that was enough. She started to exhibit the cock sucking skills I knew she had and I was soon racing toward a massive orgasm, though it took a little while since I’d come so recently.

At last my balls got tight and I started squirting cum down her throat, stream after stream.

She swallowed and sucked for all she was worth, spilling only a few dribbles.

When I finally stopped cumming, I pulled my cock from her mouth.

Able to actually speak for the first time since I’d stuffed her mouth full she started to scream at me.

“You God damn dirty fucking bastard! HOW could you do this. You motherfucker, how can you betray me like this. How can you betray John like this!” and she was sobbing as she screamed.

I let her go on for only a moment before I screamed as loud as I could “Shut the fuck up and listen!”

It did no good, she kept on. I picked up the paddle and laid a really good one on her and repeated “I said SHUT THE FUCK UP!”

She screamed with the pain and at least paused.

Quickly I indicated for John to kneel in front of her so they were face to face.

“Here, meet my friend” I said as I removed the blindfold.

She was stunned, but silent.

Working fast, I removed the weights, then freed first her hands then the straps on the horse.

She still hadn’t moved or spoken.

Softly, “This is the real surprise Laura. This is why I took back your safe word.”

For the first time she turned her head and looked at me, then back at John.

“John?” she said, as if she wasn’t sure it was really him.

“I, I, I’ don’t . . . I don’t understand?” she stammered.

I helped her stand and then guided her into a chair.

John and I had agreed I’d be the one to try and explain.

“With a little coaxing from me, John has decided to join us for the weekend. Laura, you and John have to handle this need of yours inside your marriage if it’s going to work. I think we all have known that from the beginning. You guys mean a great deal to me and I think this is the only way it’s going to happen.

“And Laura, I give you back your safe words now. This has to be your choice.”

I didn’t bother to tell John how or that it was so easy to have extracted them from her.

She still had the stunned look on her face, “John, are you sure you are really okay with this?”

“Laura, I love you. Scott’s right, if you have to have this, we have to be in it together if our marriage is going to survive. Besides, I think I might just enjoy this more than I realized!” he said lovingly at first, but braking out a smile at the end.

Laura was just nodding as he spoke, but started to smile as he did.

“You sure?” she asked, still uncertain.

“I’m sure” replied John, “If you’re game that is?”

He still wasn’t quite comfortable taking charge, which of course was exactly what she wanted him to do.

“She’s game, aren’t you slut?” I barked, trying to get us all on track and teach John something at the same time.

“Can I ask one thing” Laura said apprehensively.

John was still not quite ready so I answered, “What?”

“Well, what exactly is the game plan for the rest of the weekend?”

“Like I told you, you have your safe words back. Other than that, you now have two wonderful gentlemen to use and abuse you just the way you like. We will fuck every hole you’ve got, repeatedly. And punish those lovely tits, that fine round ass and your dripping cunt any and ever way we can think of. I’d think it will be your idea of a perfect weekend!

“In the process, I’m going to teach John some of my finest techniques and at the end of the weekend, I’m going to send you two home to a whole new marriage. One I think that will make you both even happier than before, although one which I believe you Laura will regret from time to time.

“Now, if you’re done with you stupid fucking questions, lets get started.” I laughed, feeling like things were back the way they should be.

“Yes sir!” said Laura by way of agreement.

Starting to warm, John said, “So, what fun little thing shall we do with this toy of ours now?”

“I’m glad you asked that. Since you’ve never been here before I want to show you around a little. Let’s take a walk down to the lake.”

“Oh shit” muttered Laura.

John looked puzzled, especially by Laura’s reaction.

“You’ll see soon” I explained, “It’s a special walk!”

“John, you and I will wear shoes, shorts and shirts. Laura on the other hand will only wear shoes” The meadow had grown up in the intervening weeks and barefoot wasn’t a good idea any more.

We were already to head out when I, as if I’d just thought of it, said “Wait. This just doesn’t feel right. Laura looks so plain. Perhaps a little something. I know, wait here!”

And I went and got the rope I’d carefully cut and set aside for this very reason. I brought it back to curious looks from both of them.

* * * * *

To be continued…

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