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More of HellenThe next day I was out and about when I saw my neighbour Jim, from a few doors away, ahead of me and soon realised he was following a mum pushing a buggy. She had a good pair of legs, no tights and a nice arse. I walked behind him for a while watching the show and then took the bull by the horns and caught up with him and said “nice arse”. Caught unawares he tried to deny he was looking but I started chatting to him and it ended up us both agreeing she was well worth a wank.We carried on following and chatting and both agreed we’d got a good hard on watching and would probably relieve ourselves when we got home. Apparently this was a fetish of Jim’s, watching babes and wanking off later. We were near the shops when the babe stopped walking and we did as well trying to appear normal as we chatted and watched. Then out patience was rewarded, she bent forward to get something out of her bag and we both gasped, a great flash of thigh and black panties.“Oh fuck” said Jim, “it doesn’t often get this good”. I could see him getting agitated and then he groaned, the dirty bastard had shot his load. He later told me he had no pocket in güvenilir bahis his trousers and had been stroking his cock all the time.Having got his relief he said he was going home to clean up and invited me back for a coffee. I had nothing planned so went with him. He showed me the kitchen and told me to get the kettle on while he cleaned up. He was back and we took our coffees into the lounge and had a chat. Jim was 60 and had been watching babes like this for several years and usually managing at least one successful wank a week if not more. I told him how cool he was and that I’d think about losing a pocket in a pair of my trousers as well. We had a laugh and he said that if he wasn’t having much luck he often resorted to watching the babe a few doors away from him. “You must have seen her” he said, “hot divorcee with a son”. I knew immediately, he was talking about Helen and told him her garden backed on to mine.That got him interested, “Oh fuck, you must see her in her garden and stuff”.“Better than that mate, I can see in her bedroom window from mine”. After a bit more chat I eventually invited him round one evening and see if türkçe bahis we got a flash. He agreed immediately and we made arrangements for him to come round reminding him to bring his binoculars.The day arrived and I let him in telling him we might be lucky as she was definitely home but that nothing was likely to happen until about 10. We sat and chatted and I told him I often had a wank watching her (I didn’t mention the visit to her garden just yet, not sure how much we could trust each other yet). About 9:45 we went to my bedroom and sure enough at 10 the lights went out in one room and came on in her bedroom and in she walked, lights left on, curtains open, obviously oblivious that anyone could see in. “This could be good Jim I’m going to have a wank, feel free it you want to do the same” I said as I got my cock out. It was getting hard already and wouldn’t be long before it reached its full length of nearly 7”. With that I released my cock and Jim did the same.“Fucking hell Jim, that is some cock, you must have been front of the queue when they were giving cocks out”. Shocked by the size of him, I couldn’t take my eyes off it until güvenilir bahis siteleri he said “Oh fuck, she’s getting undressed”. We were in luck, the dress went and she stood there with her tits hanging out of her bra as she undoing her suspenders and removing her stockings. Jim couldn’t believe his luck and was pumping like mad and as I was gently stroking he groaned and shot his load into the hanky he had ready.He looked at me stroking gently and asked how I managed to hold it back, but I’d been here before, I wanted to watch the full show before I came. As we continued watching I noticed his cock going a bit limp as he alternated between watching her and me eventually asking me if I wanted him to finish me off as we watched. I’d never had a guy do this for me but agreed straight away and he was soon stroking my cock as Helen removed the rest of her kit.“Oh fuck” I said, “look at those tits and that lovely hairy cunt, fuck it, I’m cumming Jim”. The bastard didn’t speed up, just kept stroking slowly as I built up a load of spunk in my balls and then blew. What a fucking cum, it went on forever and Jim kept stroking until he’d got every drop out of me.I thanked him and he said that it was the least he could do after inviting me round for the show and asked if we could do it again sometime. We both put our cocks away and sat and chatted a bit more agreeing to meet again soon.

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