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Bobbi shook her chestnut hair loose from the loose bun she wore during work hours before leaving and locking up. Outside the coffee shop, the air felt heavy, oppressive. Ominous black nimbuses blanketed the sky across the horizon blotting out the sinking sun. A flash of lightning in the belly of the clouds, electricity charging the already humid air and Bobbi paused to count the distance till the thunder. She quickened her step wanting to get in before the storm. The fine hairs on her neck prickled with excitement. There would be no need for lights or TV tonight, she would have the best show going on outside her windows when the storm finally hit.

She rounded the corner at the end of the block and slammed to a stop moments before colliding with the woman leaning on the mailbox. Apologies spilled out of her while she back-stepped trying to put safe space between them.

“You’re late.” The strange girl accused. Confusion and fear warred across Bobbi’s face as she tried to remember if there was anyplace she was supposed to be, anyone she was supposed to meet. Her distress worsened as she tried to place the svelte blonde. A long moment passed while she cudgelled her brain trying to think where she knew the blonde from. The puzzlement must have shown on her face because the stern look on the stranger melted into a warm playful smile. Her green eyes flashed with playful mischief and Bobbi gasped.

“You’re the frothy cappuccino with chocolate shavings with extra froth!” Bobbi remembered the viridian eyes, the maroon lips in that impish smile and the tiny flip of her ponytail that had made her blush while fixing the drink.

“And you’re the naughty girl who didn’t give me enough shavings. What shall we do about that?” The blonde stood with arms akimbo pulling her navy silk shirt tight across full breasts. A narrow black nylon strap separated her breasts as it crossed from shoulder to hip, a messenger bag of some sort along her back. Bobbi tried to look away and caught the glint of silver at the girl’s neckline, a slim chain that disappeared into the vee of her collar, into the soft rising chest. Black leggings gave way to cute black flats.

“Well, I’m waiting.”

“Huh?” Bobbi had no answer, no idea what the girl was waiting for. She wasn’t at work. What could she do to help her here?

“My shavings? I think something is in order here to fix this.”

Bobbi stammered a moment, unsure what she should do or say, “if you want, you can have one of our staff make you a new one more to your liking. We’ll pick up the tab.”

The blonde smiled then and Bobbi exhaled, glad she had chosen the right words. Tension flooded from her shoulders as she nodded and prepared to continue on her way when the blonde spoke. “I have a better idea!” A flash of lightning followed by a boom of thunder made Bobbi shudder. In that sudden flash she saw a smile slip across the blonde’s face. Fat warm drops of rain kissed each woman’s cheek, forehead and jawline before the sky opened up and poured forth.

Bobbi ignored the shudder, the shiver that was both excitement and terror as she ran for the cover of her apartment building. She fumbled for her key and pressed into the building before the deluge got worse. The door swung shut behind her and she strode across the foyer to the elevator as it slid open. She stepped in and pressed the button for her floor, turned around and leaned back on the car’s far wall. She closed her eyes and let the sigh escape. A sudden ding of the doors and they reopened. Standing there arms akimbo, flashing green eyes and mischief smile the blonde asked, “Room in here for one more?”

She stepped in, the jaws of the elevator doors slid shut behind her. The car began to move upwards and she pressed Bobbi back against the wall with her body. She pinned Bobbi’s arms behind her, stepped one leg between her two and pushed her thigh up against Bobbi’s crotch. The blonde leaned in brushing her lips across Bobbi’s left ear, she whispered, “Not a sound or you get the red rubber ball.”


“Uhn-unh. No sound. I have no problem giving you the ball.” Matter of fact, no threat, no malice. Bobbi struggled in the blonde’s grip. She couldn’t decide between the fear she knew she should feel and the excitement of possibility. Thunder boomed as another jag of electricity ripped across the unseen skies outside. A quiver ran through her belly. The blonde backed up a step when the elevator doors opened, a tall elderly man stepped in.

Bobbi smiled and nodded at Mr. Thompson, probably the oldest person she knew in the building. He smiled back and winked at the blonde. “Quite the storm, ladies. You want to be out of this elevator in case the power goes off.” He pushed the button for his floor and stepped away a polite distance. If he noticed the girls holding hands, he never acknowledged it.

Seconds ticked by like years before the elevator opened on Bobbi’s floor. She waved shyly at him as the blonde led her comment backlink down the hall. As the doors closed again, she caught Mr. Thompson winking and smiling, shooing them off to their private adventures. A squeeze on her left hand brought her attention back to the hall, the blonde a half step ahead of her and the pending doom that she was sure was coming. She won’t kill me, Bobbi thought. She won’t hurt me. Silently, she repeated the mantra to herself when she felt a tug telling her to speed up.

“That was very good, naughty girl. You deserve a reward. Where is your suite?” She slowed, letting Bobbi take the lead. Instead of following in step, she stopped, pulled Bobbi back around and steered her backwards to the nearest wall. Quick small hands pinned her against the panelled wall. Again, the blonde stepped in close one leg between Bobbi’s and breathed hot on her collarbone. A gasp escaped Bobbi. She bit back the whimper in her throat. Heat blossomed in her cheeks as she felt warm lips along her neck. A tingle ran down through her body, a lightning strike of excitement that touched all her nerves at once.

And just as suddenly, the blonde pulled away and pushed Bobbi forward aiming her down the hall. She stumbled the first step, her knees unwilling to support her. She knew she was wet, or going to be soon. Fear faded to the background as she fished again for her keys with one hand, the other tethered to the blonde still. When she got to her door, her hand shook as she tried to get the key in the lock. She took a deep breath to still the tremor and tried again. Unbidden, a gentle but firm hand reached and held her steady, aiming the key home. A snick of the deadbolt, a turn of the handle and they were inside the apartment, the door closed shut with finality. Bobbi felt her breath quicken as she reached for the light switch. That same confident hand that guided the key stayed her wrist against the switch, keeping the two in darkness. She felt the woman press into her, breasts pushing against hers, pinning her to the wall. A throaty whisper in her right ear, “Aren’t you going to welcome me in?”

A note of terror crept into Bobbi’s voice as she stammered, “Welcome, make yourself at home.” A flash from outside caught her guest’s face for a moment. She saw that smile again and icy fear locked her body. The blonde edged closer to her, near enough to kiss and pressed a finger against Bobbi’s lips.

“Why are you such a bad girl? One would think you wanted that red ball.” Her other hand rummaged in a pocket of the pack behind her. “Turn around.” it was a command, polite as “pass the sugar, please” but brooking no other response.

Bobbi’s heart raced. Fear poked icy fingers in her belly again, but she turned, afraid of what might happen. A second later, the other girl pushed her weight into Bobbi. First one knee then the other intruded between her legs driving them apart. One hand snaked spread fingers up along her neck into her hairline. The fingers curled around her dark hair and pulled her head back from the wall. “Open wide.” Quiet, not a whisper, a demand, simple and polite. Bobbi wanted to protest, to scream, to agree, to moan but said nothing afraid she had been wrong after all. Something jammed against her lips, pushed her jaws apart with insistence. The blonde invaded her mouth with the foreign thing, moved with deft fingers, pulling a short nylon strap around behind her head, cinching with a longer strap.

“Too tight?” Polite again, caring even as fingers tried to slip between cheek and strap.

Musk invaded Bobbi’s nose, a salty scent wild with promise. Her tongue pushed back against the ball between her teeth tasting what must be the blonde’s juices. The heady combination pulled back on the fear pulsing through her. She tried to respond, but even the whimper died, giving way to a moan, inarticulate and low. Hands gripped her, spun her and slammed her back into the wall away from the door, away from the lights and pinned her arms up and behind her head. No pain, but moving them proved fruitless. Outside the window of her living room, Bobbi watched helpless as the rain streamed long rivers down the panes. The rumble of thunder vibrated through her body while lightning crackled across the sky. Her captor sidled up close and pressed a hand between her legs, feeling the warmth, the wet. Unconsciously, Bobbi pushed her hips against the hand. Terror fought with her desire, no idea which would win.

“Good.” The slim blonde smiled that wolf’s grin again and caressed Bobbi’s cheek. Bobbi struggled against the blonde, her arms “Shall we begin?”

“Now, the way I see it, you have a couple of choices here.” In the dark, Bobbi felt cool fingers trace long lines down her cheek, along her jaw to her chin. A press on the ball gag in her mouth as the blonde leaned in kissing it, using the ball like her own tongue and nudging it deeper into Bobbi’s mouth. The fingers trailed down her neck, caressed comment backlink Botu her collarbone and fluttered briefly with her shirt collar. Bobbi felt the tug as the top button came undone, hot breath on her skin as the blonde tasted the top of the valley between her breasts. Fingers teased at the next button for a moment before prising it open.

Casual voice, sweetness in the tone, brazen dare in the words, “You can suffer through what’s about to happen in the dark, with a blindfold on or you can watch helpless and silent. Either way –” a pause as she tweaked Bobbi’s nipple through her bra, enjoying the hardening pebble she felt there. She continued, “either way, I will have to tie you up. It can’t be avoided.”

Bobbi whimpered and shook her head.

“What? You don’t want to be tied up? I can’t do this otherwise, someone might get hurt.

Again, Bobbi shook her head, arched her back this time and strained her arms, trying to pull a hand free while the blonde tugged her shirt out of her pants. She tried to speak, futile with the ball gag so tight in her mouth.

“I’m sorry, naughty miss. I can’t understand a word you’re saying. You want the blindfold?”

Bobbi shook her head again, emphatic, eyes wide in fear.

“Are you sure? You really want to watch what I’m about to do to you? Maybe you mean you want me to leave you untied?”

She took a chance in the darkness, pleaded with her eyes, hoping the girl would understand not to bind her. Fate allowed a flash of light from the storm and she prayed the look had been seen and understood.

“That’s settled, then.” The blonde drew a long “S” down the length of Bobbi’s belly, circling her navel twice before continuing to the waist of her pants. “You can watch.”

The deft hands unclasped her belt, undid her pants and let them drop to the floor. Bobbi squirmed against this new vulnerability. Her feet trapped in the puddle of pants, shoes still on, she felt the coolness of the wall on her bare ass.

She heard a low coo from her captor as the free hand slid over her hips, caressing and assessing her discoveries. “Mmm, a commando girl. You really are naughty. I approve.” A pause in the voice, but Bobbi heard a purr, a hint of content from her captor. “Oh and look!” A gentle tug on her pubic hair and Bobbi squealed with surprise.

The blonde slid her nails back up Bobbi’s torso, tickling her ribs in passing. Goose-flesh rose in the wake of the nails, a shiver quivered up her spine. The fingers drew an invisible line along the underside of her bra around to the front. With a practiced snap, the cups dropped revealing smooth white skin, pebbly hard pink nipples and a shadowy tribal butterfly tattoo that appeared to be landing on one of them. “Lucky butterfly. Tell me you have more such surprises, naughty girl. Any secret piercings?”

Bobbi whimpered trying to relax. Slow desire melted the icy fear in her belly, it’s heat spreading out changing the tension in her. Her guest sensed this, tasted it with her free hand as she kissed a wing on the tattoo.

“We need a chair, a towel and maybe some water. Are you thirsty?”

She nodded with enthusiasm, hoping water meant the ball gag would go away. She heard a low chuckle as she was manoeuvred to the black leather couch under the main window. The storm outside had picked up in intensity. The electricity in the air charged Bobbi’s fine arm hair. Anticipation an anxiety made her nerves sizzle again wondering what was going to happen next. The girl held her from behind, a loose armlock meant to restrain bu not hurt Bobbi. She teetered a moment as she pulled her feet clear of the puddle of pants at her ankles. The heels of her black loafers caught for a second in the cuff. The blonde stepped on the pant-leg so she could kick free the shoe and pants. The other came out easily and she toed the shoe off. Several infant steps across the cool hardwood they faced the couch. Bobbi began to turn, want to sit, hoping for a reprieve.

“Uh-uh-uh. Not so fast.” The girl steered the two of them to one end of the couch and she kneed the furniture around slowly, awkward because of her passenger. The two of the nearly fell when the sofa slid around abruptly. She re-balanced Bobbi and they straightened up. “Sorry, that wasn’t supposed to happen.”

Bobbi felt the girl behind her rummage for a second or three, looking for something in her pack. A long black tie snaked into her periphery and she tensed. Despite the muffle, she squeaked uncertain where things were going.

“I did say I need to tie you up, naughty girl. You need to promise to sit still while I raid your kitchen. Can you do that?” The dangling bra slid off her arms in turn. Agile hands wrapped both of Bobbi’s in an intricate knot behind her back. She tried the bonds; they were secure, but not tight. She felt comfortable yet helpless. Her captor stepped in front of her, stepped her to the center of the sofa and eased comment backlink Programı her back. Leather crinkled under her weight. It stuck to her bare skin, slick with a fine sweat as she shifted, trying to find ease.

In her ear, from behind Bobbi heard a husky warning. “Stay put. I will find you if you try to hide.” A moment later, she heard running water and the sounds of cupboards being opened and closed. More sounds, a pot or bowl being filled a clatter of utensils, a sudden “Fuck, that’s hot!” and more shuffling. Bobbi looked about wildly into the shadows, praying for an answer, an escape to present itself. Maybe the blindfold would have been better. The hints of things outside of her line of sight made her edgy. She shifted again and jolted in her seat when lightning flashed and boomed right in front of her, the windows rattling with concussion.

A second flash and the girl with the ponytail stood in from of her, a silhouette holding two candles and a small bowl of water. Over one shoulder she noted a towel from her cabinet, light against the dark outline of her silk shirt. She hooked an end table with her toes and pulled in closer. She settled the bowl and candles on it. The work of two moments lit each candle and yellow flames danced on either side of the bowl. Light danced on the surface. She swung the small bag around and over her shoulder, dangling it to the floor with a dull thud. The girl crouched down and fished through the contents and pulled out several objects: a leather strap, a small bar of soap, a fluffy cloth , a canister of shaving cream and a straight razor. She arranged the items in orderly fashion on the end table, a surgeon laying out her instruments. She snicked the blade open and stropped it several times on the leather before setting it in place beside the bowl.

“A good girl would promise not to dribble and drip all over the place, but I know you aren’t a good girl.” She knelt in front of Bobbi and with a tender touch eased her knees apart enough that she could edge between them. Bobbi watched as the girl unfurled the towel off her shoulder. Holding it by two corners, she reached under Bobbi and pushed along the sofa, forcing her to lift her hips. In one deft movement, half the towel under slid under her. In that same moment Bobbi thrilled and arched her back. A moan escaped her while she looked down at the ponytail, feeling hot lips and a tongue on her patch of brunette hair tasting her, licking her, breathing in her scent. “Mmmmm, maybe you are a good girl. You do smell good.”

“First, you’re going to have to wash this, get it ready. I know, you’re a little tied up right now. I can help. Here, hold this –” A silver chain cascaded from her hand and she pulled it out to it’s full length between both. She leaned up towards Bobbi, one hand to either side of her neck. Bobbi shuffled forward, leaning as best she could to help. A sudden crack of thunder and lightning jagged past the window and Bobbi gave a small yelp of pain. Instead of reaching around behind Bobbi’s neck, the girl had stopped as far as her chest and clamped little gator clips to each nipple. The silver chain hung in a long “U” to just above her navel. The girl smiled sweet and innocent up at the shock on Bobbi’s face. “It fit’s you perfectly. You’d swear it was made for you.” she tugged gently on the chain and her captive moaned, writhing a bit. “Just right.” She sounded pleased with herself.

The girl settled back on her heels and rolled up her sleeves. She dipped the cloth into the water. With gentle, ceremonious hands she began to wash the patch of hair in front of her, teasing the already damp bits with little pulls, soaking the entire area with warm water. She winced at the first touch of the hot cloth not expecting it despite the sounds she had heard earlier. “Sorry”, the girl apologized, “your water ran warmer than I thought.” For solace, she rubbed gently over the tender area with a feather touch from her finger, smoothing away the discomfort all the while. Bobbi’s hips rolled with the touch, following it as long as she could.

Once she felt satisfied the tuft was wet where she wanted, as much she wanted, she sprayed a mound of shaving cream into her hand and lathered her captive like icing on a small personal cake. She rinsed her hands in the bowl and continued as if this were a spa day and her most recent client had requested a special waxing treatment. “Ordinarily, one does this with a regular razor, but this is special. Remember about the extra shavings and extra froth?”

Bobbi moaned at the memory, the double entendre she had ignored at the time thinking about something just like this. She edged her hips a little closer, tried to lift them a little higher for her barber.

Her shaver reached up and tugged the chain a little harder than before and looked up at Bobbi, serious and stern all hints of play gone from her voice. “Sit still damn it! This isn’t going to hurt, but if you keep wiggling someone will get hurt. Now, do I have your full attention?”

She nodded at the girl with the ponytail, made understanding sounds behind the gag and tried to settle back. All her nerves jangled, each wanting something to happen, something dangerous, something sensual, something totally out of her control.

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