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More from my diaryOne morning while I was on holiday and I felt particularly randy and I hadn’t got anyone around to help me out, so what else do you do but go out on the pull and see what you can find? I went to a local beauty spot which is a car park on the top of some cliffs where there are some toilets that sometimes there are some tasty morsels to be found and I don’t mean food snacks !!I pulled into the car park and there was only one car there with someone sitting in it on his own. I couldn’t see who it was properly but I thought I’d take my chance anyway and parked on the other side of the car park and went into the toilets. The car park has a gravel surface so I was sure that if anyone approached I’d hear them. I went in and one of the cubicle doors had a hole in it just below waist height, you can guess why can’t you? The hole was about two or three inches in diameter. I got sat down, dropped my trousers and briefs and started to stroke myself. Sure enough within a few minutes just as I had got nice and hard I heard a car door slam and someone walking across the gravel. Thru the hole in the door I saw someone come in, although I still couldn’t see who it was and then he went to the urinals which were right in front of me. He stood with his back to me for a minute or two and I could see that he was getting his cock out then he started to turn round with it in his hand……nice one too, about eight inches long and nice and hard. He rubbed it a few times and then came over to the door and bent down and looked thru the hole and saw me rubbing my own hard cock. He watched for a moment or two and then he stood up and that lovely cock suddenly appeared at the hole and slipped thru towards me. Well, what is a guy/girl to do? I took hold of it and started to stroke it and I heard him gasp the other side of the door as I gently pulled on it. I was feeling so randy I couldn’t resist it, I slipped off the seat and got down on my knees right in front of it. I licked it and then took it in my mouth and started to suck on it slowly. I could hear him moaning on the other side of the door and could feel him pushing against the door as if to get further in my mouth. Then there was a long deep groan from the other side of the door and I felt his cock give a jerk in my mouth and he was pumping lovely thick spunk in my mouth. It took me so by surprise that I almost choked at first but I soon recovered and swallowed it down and then sucked the rest out of him. When he’d finished and I felt him beginning to get smaller I stood up and opened the door and stood there with my cock rock hard in my hand. Then I realised that I’d met him before and infact he was a guy who liked to dress up as I do and have fun. I’d actually spent rather a lovely afternoon with him about a year ago. He’s in his late twenties, married though but has a terrific body and as I’ve already said, a gorgeous cock. I said hello and then told him that it was my turn to cum now. I stepped out of the cubicle with my trousers down and moved over to where the wash basins are. I hitched myself up on the shelf that the wash basins were fitted in, kicked my trousers off and opened my legs wide and he moved over infront of me. He got down on his knees and cupped my balls in his hand and then down went his head and I slid inside his mouth. I always remember that he was a great sucker and he certainly hadn’t changed. It was great and I lifted my legs up and hooked my heels over his shoulders and put my hands on the back of his head to encourage him. I was so horny that it didn’t take me long before I could feel myself beginning to cum and I gasped and told him I was cumming and held my hands on the back of his head so that he wouldn’t stop. He went to move away at first but I held him there and let my spunk pump deep down his throat. When I’d finished and he’d got up again he said something about it being nice to see me again. I said that the same applied and asked him if he wanted to get together and dress up and have some fun like the last time. He said that he’d love to and we arranged to meet the following evening because his wife would be away at her mothers for a couple of days. So, I told him where the flat was that I’d got and arranged for him to arrive about six oçlock.In what I suppose you could call anticipation of a good evening I decided to spend the whole day relaxing just so that I wouldn’t be too tired for him but, at about 10 o’clock in the morning I’d gone into town to get a bit of shopping and called into a café for a cup of coffee afterwards before heading back to the flat. Must have been my time for getting lucky this holiday I guess because after I’d had my coffee I went into the back of the café to the toilet and while I was having a pee I was peeped on by an elderly guy who was in one of the cubicles and looking over the door. So, I turned around and let him get a good look after I’d finished peeing and then I stood there stroking myself. I don’t think he could believe his luck from the look on his face. So, I stepped back against the door that led into the café and leaned against it so that we wouldn’t be disturbed and started to wank myself properly for him and I knew that he was doing the same the other side of the door. It’s quite a horny thing I’ve always found putting on an exhibition for someone and it didn’t take me long to cum and I was shooting spunk all over the floor. As soon as I’d finished though I zipped up and left the toilet. Then I went back to the flat.I got back there and in the mid afternoon I went and got into the bath and had a lovely soak in some perfumed bubbles. When I’d got out I started to get dressed up for my ‘guest’ or should I call him my ‘sex slave’ ? I thought I’d start off by getting him excited as soon as he came in so I picked out a white blouse, short black wet look skirt, my black thigh boots, blonde wig, red and black satin basque with matching panties and some sheer black stockings. With all that laid out I then sat down and startedt to get made up. Blue and green eye shadow, pink lipstick and blusher, powder, foundation etc and a few dabs of perfume strategically placed, on my neck, at the top of my thighs in my groin , just at the top of my thighs at the back and just in the top of the crease of my buttocks. Well, I like someone to smell nice so why shouldn’t I smell as nice too in all of the places that I was hoping that he’d ‘go’.Just before six o’clock there was a ring on the bell and I clip clopped down the hall on my high heels and opened the door for him. It certainly knocked his eyes out when I opened the door and he saw me standing there like). He came in and as I turned round to shut the door behind him I felt his hand on my bottom over my skirt squeezing my buttocks, nice to be appreciated. I turned round looked him up and down and moved up close to him and gently pushed him back against the wall I moved up close to him, pressed my body right up against him grinding myself up against his cock and planted a deep kiss on his lips and slipped my tongue down his throat. He groaned and his arms went round me and I felt his hands on my bottom and his hard cock inside his trousers pressing up against me. I managed to get out of his clutches again and almost dragged him into the flat. Strange flat, the lounge and kitchen are upstairs and the bedrooms and bathroom were downstairs. But, I’d got most definite plans for him so I led the way up the stairs, knowing that he’d got, what should I say…..a pretty uninterrupted view up my skirt. That became quite apparent when I was almost at the top of the stairs and I heard him say, ‘Wow, that’s nice”. Then as I stopped to look over my shoulder I felt his hand slide up the back of my boots and up inbetween my legs. I really did fancy him and remembering what he’d been like the last time I knew that he liked to have fun and be teased, so I said, ‘Like it’? and spread my legs a little and leaned forward with my hands on the top stair. His response was immediate his hands slid right up and held my hips gently and then his head went forward and he planted a soft but firm kiss right in the centre of my panties right where they were pulled over my crease. I let the kiss linger against me and then I straightened up and carried on into the lounge. He followed me and I sat down on the settee with my legs crossed and invited him to sit down next to me. He plopped down next to me and I asked him if he’d be willing to do as I asked and he said that of course he would. So, I asked him to stand up and get undressed for me.He stood up, stepped about six feet in front of me and started to undress until he was completely naked and I could see that lovely cock sticking out rock hard and ready for me. I asked him to turn around and got rock hard when I saw those lovely round firm buttocks without a mark on them. I asked him to bend over and touch his toes and he went down and grabbed his ankles with is legs wide apart. As he did that those lovely cheeks seemed to just spread apart for me so that I had a perfect view of his lovely tight little hole. Can you imagine how much I was throbbing inside my panties ? I just couldn’t resist it, I leaned forward and reached over and ran my finger right down gently between his buttocks and lingered over that entrance and he wriggled and said that it felt nice. I didn’t want to linger too long though otherwise I’d have lost my control completely. So, I got up and told him to come down to the bathroom. He followed me and stood there while I leaned over the bath to check that the water that I’d put in just before he arrived and swished the water around to get the bubble bath circulated and I nearly lost everything then because he stepped up behind me. I felt his hands on my hips, my skirt was pushed up over my hips and he up behind me and that lovely cock was pressed hard up against the back of my panties and he was rubbing himself against me. He gasped, ‘God, I want it’. I almost let him go ahead right then but it was only his pushing and the fact that I almost fell into the bath that brought me to my senses.I got up and told him to get into the bath and wash himself while I went and got him something to wear. By the time I came back he was washed and drying himself and ….oh! what can I say about him. He looked terrific standing there with the stark naked except for just the towel round his shoulders. I got him to follow me into the bedroom and then helped him to get dressed. I put him in a black bra, panties, stockings and suspenders and a clingy wool and lycra figure hugging dress. Then I sat him down infront of the dressing table and started to make up his face. As soon as the make up was on I put him in a dark shoulder length wig, brushed it and finished it off with a pair of black high heeled shoes and he was ready. I told him to go up into the lounge while I got changed and as soon as he’d gone I changed into a beige short skirt with a chain belt, türkçe bahis white blouse, white bra and panties, suspender belt and tan stockings and a pair of white high heels and another auburn wig. Then I went up to join him. He definitely liked what he saw and got up to come and get me. But I held him off and asked him what he’d like to do. He said that he wanted to suck me and then have a long fucking session, my sort of girl ! But, I had plans for him and asked him if he liked an adventure. He said ‘Yes’ but wanted to know what I meant. So, I took hold of his hand and told him to come with me and almost before he knew it he was being taken down the stairs again and to the front door. He pulled back when he realised that I was going to take him outside but I told him that it was alright he wouldn’t have to walk far. He followed as I took him just down the road a little way to my car and we got in it. He asked where we were going and I told him he’d have to wait and see, but if he wanted to suck me hen he was going to do it somewhere different.Driving thru a town full of people when I’m dressed up has always excited me and I could see that it was exciting him too. I drove us to the car park where we’d met earlier and pulled up next to the toilets. We got out of the car and he said, ‘what here’? and headed towards the Gents. I stopped him and took his arm and said, “No, a female doesn’t go into a Gents toilet” and turned him towards the Ladies. There were no other cars in the car park by the way.The Ladies had a lamp standard outside so it was possible to see slightly in there. I took him in and over to where the wash basins were and turned him round and pushed him back against them, pressing myself against him and letting him feel what I’d got under my skirt, hard and ready. He pushed back against me and put his hands on my bottom and started to squeeze me and pull me against him. We kissed deep and long and then I broke away from him and turned him quickly round so that he was facing the basins. I held him there and told him to spread his legs and lean forward. He did as I told him and I crouched down behind him and slid my hands up his skirt pushing it up over his hips and then pulled his panties down below his buttocks. I stroked my hands over those lovely mounds and spread them wide apart and proceeded to send him up to heaven. I darted my head forward and kissed each buttock softly and then licked right down between them. He moaned and pushed himself back towards me and I kissed the sweet smelling wrinkled hole and then licked at him and he groaned again and crouched slightly pushing himself back against me even harder. I really went to town on him then, licking him and tongue fucking him driving my tongue deep inside him and I knew that he would be biting his lip to stop himself from screaming out with pleasure.From experience I knew what he was feeling, if you haven’t experienced it before you’ve just got to get someone to do it to you, it is absolutely an amazing feeling. I kept doing it until I knew that he wasn’t going to be able to stand it anymore without cumming . I could tell by reaching between his legs and holding him. Then, when I knew that he was really ready I moved back and quickly spun him around. The view that greeted me was wonderful his cock was so hard and swollen that in the faint light it almost looked ‘alive’. It was certainly ready to be sucked and that’s just what I did. I licked at the head slowly tasting the juice that was seeping from him and then when my lips were wet I opened them slightly and let him slide very slowly into my waiting mouth. His hips went forward towards me pushing more of his cock into my mouth as I sucked slowly on him. Then almost before he could take anymore he was suddenly, delightfully, pumping his thick hot salty spunk into my mouth. I won’t say that I was exactly ‘ready’ for him, oh, what the hell yes I was ready, more than ready and I swallowed every drop out of him and kept on sucking until he was completely finished.But then I have to say that I wanted ‘my share’ and to give him his due, he wasn’t afraid to let me have it either. As soon as I got up off my knees and stood infront of him he stood there panting with his skirt still pulled up and his panties still pulled down just looking at me. Then suddenly it was like he was ‘on me’. He grabbed me by the hips and spun me round and said, ‘Now, you’re going to get it like you’ve never had it before. Bend over’. I was so horny that I was only too willing to do as he asked me and leaned over the basins. I felt him almost rip my panties down and pull them off over my feet, then he pushed my legs wide apart and I was being tongue fucked like I hadn’t been for years and years. His tongue made wet licks at me and then he had me spread apart and the hot wet flesh was driving it seemed so far up inside me that I thought I would die with pleasure. I had my head right down on the wash basin with my rear pushing up against him and I almost thought that I was going to cum, but he must have known what he was doing because he suddenly stopped, gently turned me round and lifted me up so that I was sitting on the ledge and then spread my legs wide and was devouring my rock hard cock in that hot mouth of his. As he pulled me into his mouth his fingers slid underneath me between my legs and then to add to my pleasure I felt his finger sliding into me making me at first push up towards his mouth. I laid back in heaven with him sucking me and my legs up on his shoulders when I suddenly froze for a few minutes when I heard a car drive into the car park. I heard it pull up and the door slam and then someone walking across to the toilets. As nerve-wracking as it was to think that someone may have decided to come into the toilet and catch us it was so exciting that I couldn’t help myself and I was quite suddenly erupting in that lovely hot mouth. He just swallowed and sucked with me holding his head deep down on me and I heard whoever it was going into the gents next door. I kept cumming for what seemed to be an age and was just beginning to relax again when I heard the person next door leave the toilets and get back into his car. I sat back panting when Julie (oh that was the name she called herself) got up with a little smile and asked if I’d liked it. In reply I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply putting my tongue in her mouth and tasting my own juice. Then we decided that we should leave, so we got tidied up again and were just about to step out when I saw the car next to the gents with a man sitting in it. We went back into the toilet again without being seen as I could see the concern on her face. I said that one way or another we were going to have to get out of there because I wanted to get her back to my flat and have some real fun and she agreed, so I asked her if she was brave enough to walk past the guy in the car. She said that she thought she was and it’d be exciting but what if he spoke to us. So, I told her just to leave it to me and follow my lead. I’ve found that the older I get the deeper and huskier I can make my voice, and that if approached, providing it isn’t too light I can get away with it and I don’t think that anyone has ever suspected. So, I said that maybe we could make it ‘fun’ was we went out, depending on what happened. So, we finally walked out arm in arm. To get to my car we were going to have to walk within about six feet of the guys car and as we came out of the toilet it was quite apparent that he’d been looking for someone obviously because he’d seen the empty car and it was also apparent what he was doing because he’d got his courtesy light on and you could see the way that he was hunched down in his seat that he must have had a book or a magazine and he was wanking. As soon as he saw us though his head came up, we must have been something of a surprise to him two ‘girls’ in high heels and short skirts striding out of the ladies towards the car arm in arm. He wound down his window and when we got closer he said, ‘Good evening girls. Pushing your luck a bit being up here all alone aren’t you’? I stopped and turned towards him, legs straight and slightly apart with a hand on one hip and said in my best sexy husky voice, “Why”? When he saw he’d got our interest he sat up a bit and said, ‘Well anything could happen up here. But why would two sexy women want to bother going into a toilet all the way out here’. As if he suspected what we’d been doing. So, I thought here comes the fun and said, “We may have been doing what you’d have done in the Gents if there’d been another man in there”. I almost laughed out loud at the look on his face. His jaw dropped and his eyes almost came out of their sockets. Then he asked what I meant. So I stepped to within about four feet of his car, taking Julie’s arm and taking her with me and said “Well, I dare say that if there’d been a man in the Gents you’d have both been having some fun together wouldn’t you”? He said, almost unbelieving, ‘What you mean that the two of you were doing that in there? Wow! I’d love to have seen that”. I turned and smiled at Julie and took my arm from in hers and slid it down behind her and squeezed the back of her skirt and smiled at her, she smiled back, getting my drift so I whispered to her, saying lets see how far we can go without him finding out and she nodded. By then the thought that this guy obviously fancied us and didn’t know was beginning to get really exciting. So, I slid my arm round Julie’s waist and pulled her closer and said to him, ‘Would you really like to see”? He gasped ‘Yes, love to”. So I said that maybe we could show him a little but he wasn’t allowed to touch as we weren’t interested. He said ‘OK’ and I could see that his hand was moving up and down below the level of the window, so I asked him if he was playing with himself and stepped suddenly forward. He’d got the front of his trousers pulled down and he’d most definitely got his cock in his hand and not a bad looking one either. Not huge, although it was hard, but very thick and I could see the light glinting on his juice seeping from the tip. I said, “Why don’t you get in the back of the car”. He got out and we stepped back and I told him to sit on the back seat with the door open, take his trousers off and lie down and we could see him too then. He did as I suggested and laid back with a coat or something under his head and his feet just resting on the ground outside the car and his legs open. I stepped forward, by then I was really feeling horny and leaned in and pushed his shirt up above his waist so that I could see better and as I moved back again I sc****d my long red false nails right down across his belly, just missed his cock and down his thighs making him groan. I then pulled Julie gently over and got her to stand just infront of me almost in the doorway facing him and I moved behind her. She stood with her legs apart and I put my arms youwin giriş round her and slid my hands up under her skirt and covered the front of her panties with my hand so that he couldn’t see what I could feel a very hard bulge. I then started to rub my hand over it as if I was stroking a pussy and at the same time I pushed myself up against her bottom while looking over her shoulder at him lying back and stroking himself. He was pumping away like mad and I heard him throatily ask if he could see her pussy. I said ‘No. But, I can feel it, she’s so wet’. I then saw that he was not far from cumming so I whispered in Julie’s ear to lean in the car and sc**** her false nails over his thighs like I’d done. Could just see as she leaned in the car and of course as she did her bottom pushed back further and harder against me, almost in the perfect position. I heard him moan as she scratched him and his voice saying ‘Oh yes, go on I’m going to cum’. She must have done it again from the noise he made, but I wasn’t watching because I couldn’t resist the temptation and as he couldn’t see I pulled the back of Julie’s panties down a little way, pulled my own down and slid my rock hard wet cock right down between her buttocks so that it was rubbing right across her opening. I felt her push back against me and at the same time moan and knew that she wanted it, but I didn’t want to spoil it by doing it there. Then I heard a deep groan from the guy and quickly leaned forward into the car myself over Julie’s back and saw him cumming. A really thick jet of thick spunk shot all over his belly and then began to pump in a steady stream down over his fist and down his cock as he carried on rubbing himself until his cock started to get smaller. I could hear Julie breathing hard and feel her pushing back against me more and wriggling her bottom. But then he was finished and I thought that we’d better get out of there before he got his strength back and started to insist on more. So, I pulled Julie back and said quickly come on lets go quickly. We stepped away from the car and sure enough the guy started to get out, asking us to stay as he wanted to see us do more. But Julie got scared then and we rushed over to my car, got in and drove quickly out of the car park.As we got onto the road she said how sexy it had been and how much she wanted me to fuck her right there and then just as the guy started to cum. I said that it would be nicer to wait until we got back to the flat and we could really enjoy ourselves and then stopped as I realised that there was a car behind us and it was flashing it’s lights. It was the guy, he’d followed us and seemed intent on not letting us go !! So, I stopped, got out of the car and went back to him and he asked if he could come back with us. I said an emphatic ‘No’ and went back to the car. But when I pulled away he followed us. It meant that we’d got to loose him before we could go back to the flat, which annoyed me because he stuck to us like glue until in the end I realised that maybe there was only one thing to do. I drove right across the other side of the city to the main Police Station and drove into their car park. Ha! That got him, he quickly drove past, must have thought we were going to report him. We could see him disappearing down the road and quickly reversed out and headed off to the flat.As you can probably appreciate, by the time we parked and got out of the car, it was two very randy girls that almost ran down the steps into the flat and almost before I’d got the door shut and locked we were on each other, pawing and groping each other like two demented sex maniacs which come to think of it we were. We didn’t bother with doing anything else we just went thru into the bedroom and almost tore each others clothes off until we were both down to our underwear. I asked Julie what she wanted and she just said, ‘Fuck me, please. I can’t believe how much I want it’. Well now, I’ve never been one to refuse a partner, and I turned to the bedside locker to get a packet of condoms and some KY and by the time I turned round she was lying on her back on the bed, still in bra an suspender belt but with her panties off, a couple of pillows underneath her lower back and her legs wide open, waiting for me with a huge great hard on sticking up. I got up on the bed, slid the sheath on my aching shaft and then leaned over, lifted her legs up and with the tube of KY squeezed plenty of gel up inside her. Then I was in-between her legs and she was lifting them up and opening them wide for me, pulling her lovely bottom up off the pillows and almost bending her body double. I lowered myself down and put the head of my cock against her and got a surprise. She really was horny because instead of her entrance being puckered and shut tight so that I’d have to push my way past it I felt her seem to cup the head of my cock because she was open and ready. I started to push and she moaned as it slid in her and then she suddenly gave her body a jerk and she seemed to lift up suddenly, open up and push herself right on me so that my cock slid easily right up to the hilt inside her.The evening had obviously been very erotic in one way and another and to have such a sexy partner under me who wanted nothing more than to feel my rock hard cock sliding in and out of her was almost too much to bear. I was like a dog on heat and just lost all sense of, what do I call it, decorum? I got hold of her thighs and wrapped my arms around them so that I could pull her up against me so hard that I was lifting her up off the bed and went at her like crazy. It didn’t take long before I could feel myself starting to cum and I gasped it out to her and she moaned back for me to do it hard. Even if I’d wanted to take it easy with her I’d have had difficulty in doing so because I was feeling so horny. I looked down at her face as I drove my rock hard shaft up inside her deep expecting really to maybe see some pain on her face because I was doing it so hard, but there wasn’t any sign of it, just pleasure. Her eyes were on mine all the time and gleaming and her lips were curled back in what I can only describe as a look of lust. Then I felt that lovely feeling building up inside me and knew that I was going to cum like it was going to be the last thing on earth. I told her it was cumming and she gasped ‘Yes, let me have it all, don’t stop” She must have known though that I couldn’t have stopped if I’d wanted to when she said it though from the way that she lifted herself up high towards me and by putting her hands behind her head against the head board and pushing hard against me. It built up like a volcano and then it erupted making me cry out it was so intense. I seemed to pump spunk so hard that I though I was going to explode completely. She locked her legs round me and held me tight while it pumped out of me until I felt completely drained and totally exhausted. It was only the fact that she’d got her legs wrapped round me that kept me upright and stopped me collapsing . I knelt there with sweat dripping off me and panting for breathe and with her humping up against my cock until she finally let me go and I collapsed, fortunately not ontop of her but beside her. I lay there face down panting for breathe for about five minutes with her lying there beside me knowing that I needed to get my strength back and stroking my back and buttocks while I did just that. Then when I had finally recovered and lifted my head up and turned towards her and said ‘Wow’. She smiled and said, ‘That was what I was thinking too. But, I need some now. Is that alright”. As she said it her hand slid down my back to my bottom and she stroked gently running her fingers down my crack. I felt the way that her fingers slipped between my buttocks and then felt them touching me ‘there’ and I felt the familiar tingle and knew that I wanted just what she wanted to give me. I couldn’t help my legs from opening as she touched me, it was so gentle and I went to roll over, but she said “No stay still” and got up. I looked round at her as she slipped a sheath on that beautiful cock and then I felt the tube of the KY as it touched me and the cool gel oozing inside me. Then I felt him as he moved astride me and ran his hands over my stockings and up to my buttocks spreading me apart. I was on fire inside and wanted him so much. Then I felt him as the head of his rock hard cock touched me and I tingled. I lifted my buttocks up slightly pressing myself back towards him. I felt the pressure increase against me then their was that lovely pain as I felt him open me up. Then, with a rush, as I got used to the pressure it seemed to go up inside me like a torpedo as he spread me open. I felt the thrill of it as it moved deep inside me and spread my legs wider and lifted myself up higher towards him pushing him deeper. He moaned as he slid inside me and I felt his hands on my hips as he held me. Then he gripped me firmly and began to move in and out of me very slowly taking his cock almost all of the way out and then slowly sliding back inside driving me crazy, the feeling were so intense I almost thought that I would cum just from the feelings inside me. He pressed his lovely cock deep down inside me and then I felt him move as he slid his legs down and laid across me with his body on mine pressing himself against me and then he began to move slowly up and down, in and out of me. I could feel his whole body against mine, his hard cock sliding deep inside me and his breathe on my neck as he began to pant. I heard him grunting and groaning as he moved in me and I knew that it was going to be the most fantastic fuck I was ever going to have. I can’t even begin to describe how it felt or all that happened because my head began to spin and my whole body seemed to exist right inside me as thrill after thrill coursed thru my body. It seemed to go on forever until after I felt him beginning to move faster and his breath began to pant harder. Then suddenly he groaned, his back arched and I felt him press deep down inside me as his cock swelled up and then began to jerk and I knew that he was cumming like he’d never cum before.He finished with a long drawn out moan and then his body went limp on mine and I felt his cock still twitching inside me. When he eventually lifted up from me and I felt his cock slide out of my burning hole he laid down beside me stroking the backs of my thighs and he whispered in my ear that he wanted to stay the whole night. I managed to get up from where I was lying and gently pulled the covers out from under us and cover the two of us up with them. We cuddled up together and I reached over and switched the light out and we went to sleep. I woke up again about three o’clock in the morning with him curled up on his side and with me curled round his back and my cock resting in the crease of his buttocks and I realised that I still had the condom on !! I felt the warmth youwin güvenilir mi of his buttocks against me and it made me start to swell filling up the condom and making me throb.. As I’d gone to sleep I’d thought that it would take me ages before I could get hard again but you know what a cock is like, no conscience ? The damned thing was rising up like it had a life of it’s own until it was at full stretch inside the condom and I felt that old familiar tingle underneath my balls and realised that I wanted him again, oh, how I wanted him. I moved back a little and reached down to smooth the rubber over my cock and then I moved back behind him and let it rest in the crease of his arse again and pressed against him. He was deep asleep, I could hear him breathing but I wanted him and couldn’t resist it. I moved back a little way and moved myself into the right position and then moved back forwards again until I felt myself touching him. I felt the tip of my cock slide over the entrance that was still wet from the KY that had seeped out of him and I pushed against him gently. I slipped inside him gently and I heard him grunt in his sleep as I moved again and slid deeper inside him at the same time sliding my arm right around him and running my hand down his belly until I found his cock which was semi hard. I moved a couple of times slowly in and out, feeling myself get harder and harder from the heat inside him and then I felt the soft cock in my hand beginning to grow as he slowly came awake and realised what was being done to him. I knew that it would happen soon and sure enough I felt him move back against me and then his hand reached over behind him and he cupped my hip in his hand and pulled me tighter up against him, saying sleepily, ‘Mmmm! That feels nice. But do it gently’. I was gong to because it was such a lovely feeling to wake up and find someone wet and warm against me like that. I held him against me as I moved my hips backwards and forwards sliding in and out of him and with each movement I felt myself throbbing more and more and getting harder and harder. Eventually he was wide awake and moving more with me, then he said, “Oh yes! Now, do it to me. Love me honey, let me make you cum” and with that he began to clench and unclench his muscles around me until I was really panting as the thrills ran through me. Then I lifted my leg up over his hip to pull him back towards me more and then I was humping that lovely arse as if my life depended on it. Being totally relaxed it took a lot longer than before to cum but when I did, I felt every quiver going thru me as it suddenly burst inside him. I held him with my leg and my hand and jammed myself hard up against him ramming my cock deep in that lovely hole as each spasm of a lovely orgasm pulsed thru my body making me groan with pleasure. He squeezed me tight with his muscles as the last drops oozed out of me until I was completely finished. As my cock slipped out of him he slowly turned round and gasped, ‘That was lovely I could feel every part of you then it was total sex”. I felt his cock touching my thigh as he cuddled up against me an knew from the feeling of how hard it was that he wanted to cum too. So, I slowly slid down the bed, running my hands down his body as I went until I was level with his groin. I worked purely by touch as I took him in my hands and gently stroked that lovely erection, smoothing my hands up and down the sides until I could feel with the tip of my tongue the juices beginning to ooze from him. Then I rubbed it over my lips so that they were coated in his juice. I pressed my lips to the tip and planted a kiss there and then I slowly let him push his way inside my hot mouth. I heard him make a noise as I gently sucked him in and then held him there with my tongue rolling around him. Then I slid my hand between his legs, eased my finger in where my cock had been earlier. I felt his tight hole close over my finger as I began to move my head backwards and forwards slowly, loving the taste of him and the heat of him inside my wet mouth. He moaned and lifted his leg up and open so that I could gain easier access to his tight hole and worked my finger in and out. I had my fingers around his cock and worked them up and down it feeling the pulse in it throbbing under my fingers and along my tongue and from the way that the lovely thing was jerking now and again in my mouth I knew that he wouldn’t be long in cumming and I wanted him to cum so much I almost ruined it by loosing concentration in what I was doing. But I got him back again and sucked gently on the hot shaft until I felt it jerk again in my mouth and then it seemed to swell in my mouth and I was rewarded when he suddenly went still and I felt him pumping his lovely thick spunk into my mouth . I gulped down the first load and then pushed myself harder against him taking more of him inside as he carried on jetting so much of the thick spunk down my throat. I drank down every drop of the wonderful tasting stuff and after he’d finished I didn’t stop although I slowed down my sucking until it was just as if I was holding him loosely in my mouth and caressing him with my tongue. I caressed him gently like that for what seemed to be ages until I finally slid back up the bed again. Damned me, he had found it so good that he’d gone to sleep again !!The next morning though before he left he made up for what he called an insult when, just before he left he had got undressed and showered and had come down into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee naked. I was stood pouring the coffee and wearing a short pink satin dress with white underwear and white stockings when he walked in and seeing him I said how lovely and sexy he looked. He said then that he felt guilty because he’d gone to sleep while I was sucking him the night before. I tried to tell him that it didn’t matter and I didn’t mind as I was enjoying doing it. He took the coffee off me as I handed it to him with one hand and with the other reached down and stroked his cock which was hanging down a bit soft. He stood placidly as I held him softly in my hand and smiled. Then he said, “Can we do it before I go”. I asked him what he would like and he slid his hand up slowly under my skirt and cupped my cock through my panties and said very boldy, “Can I have it”. With the tingle and sensations going up my groin I felt myself getting harder and knew that I would do as he wanted. I said, “Let’s do it here” and he turned as quick as a flash and moved over to the table and leaned over it. I went over to where I’d left the handbag that I’d had over my shoulder the night before when we went out and took out a condom and a small tube of KY and then moved up behind him. I stroked that lovely backside enjoying the feeling of his soft skin and the firmness of his and then I spread them apart and applied a little of the KY to that gorgeous ring, then I stepped back and slipped the condom on over what was a really hard cock that I’d got. I moved up behind him and with it a fraction of an inch from his hole I stroked his buttocks gently. Then, I asked him if he was ready and I heard the tremble in his voice as he said “Oh Yes”. I moved a little more until I was just touching him with the head of my cock until I could feel the heat of him against me. Then I eased my hips forward slightly and felt the pressure as he resisted me at first and then suddenly I was past the entrance and sliding beautifully inside that gorgeous tunnel of heat. As the head of my cock went past his outer entrance and I felt the true heat of him I paused loving the feeling and a tremor went thru me making me tingle. I slowly started to push forwards into him with my hands on the lower part of his back and then using my hands to steady myself I began to move in and out of him. He moaned on the other side of the table and I started to move faster and deeper slowing down when almost all of my 9” was inside him and until I heard him grunt and I felt myself reach right into his depths. I held myself deep in him like that flexing myself and feeling the head of my cock swell against him. Then I slowly drew back and pulled almost all the way out of him and began to move faster. I felt him tremble under me as I moved and leaning over him I reached around him feeling his hardness in my hand. I worked my hand up and down the hard hot shaft and began to wank him as I moved myself in and out. Then, I began to speed up my movements until I could hear and feel his buttocks as they slapped against the front of my thighs. I wanted so much to fuck him and make him remember that moment for the rest of his life, so I held him tight in one hand and with the other jerked my hips backwards and forwards as hard as I could until I felt my orgasm beginning to build up inside me, then with one last massive heave I plunged deep inside him and felt my spunk pump out of me. When I had finished I stayed deep inside him and still leaning over him and holding him in my hand I worked my hand up and down his lovely cock until I felt him shake underneath me and I heard his cum pumping and splashing all over the tiled floor. Only when I felt him beginning to go soft in my hand did I slowly ease my cock out of his lovely hole. He very slowly turned around, leaned back against the table with a small smile on his face and said, “Wow, that was the best. I’m so glad that I met up with you again”. I followed him back up the stairs for him to get dressed and while he did we made arrangements for him to come and see me again before I left to come back here, which, I’m pleased to say he did. But, because he couldn’t manage to make it for a whole day and a night as his wife was by then back home, he called me twice and we arranged for him to come round twice more, once in a morning about 9am when we romped until mid afternoon and on the second occasion one evening when he’d told his wife that he was gong to the pictures and we had a whole evening of about four hours sucking and fucking each other. The last I saw of him was on the day that I left, because he had managed to get an interview for a job in about a hundred miles away and I agreed to give him a lift up there. Of course we left far too early for his interview, and because I knew of a place within a forest that I knew I could get up with my car we stopped off for a ‘break’. Some break that was. I knew of the track in the forest because I’d been there before some years ago when a friend who was a bird watcher had taken me there and shown me a hide which we’d spent a few hours in watching some eagles nesting before we sucked each other off. On this visit though I had someone with me who was more adventurous than to just want to suck and with the place being totally enclosed it was warm enough with our two bodies in there to almost strip off naked so that we could fuck at our leisure. We managed to fuck each other once and then suck each other off before he had to go for his interview. We’ve made arrangements for me to leave him a discreet message in the toilets where we met the next time I was in the same town that we could meet again. That happened a few times and we’ve met up and had some terrific times together

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