Morality and Immortality Ch. 02

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This is a continuous story. In order to understand it fully it is best to read it in its entirety, starting with Chapter 1.

Chapter 02 – Mandy

After a week in the house it was time for Josh to test his new body. And he knew exactly were to start. Josh went to the University lunch room were everyone hung out. Josh got some food and a drink and walked around looking for a place to sit.

“You can sit here if you like.” Said a feminine voice.

Josh turned around and smiled when he saw it was one of the two girls he had seen a year before talking about the cute guy on the other side of the hall. Josh sat down and said thank you.

“My name is Mandy.” She said as she reached out her hand to shake. Mandy was very sexy about 5’5″ blonde hair and nice size breast. She was exactly what you thought of when you thought of college girls.

“My name is…” Crap, how could he have forgotten to give himself a new name to go with his new body?

She laughed. “Did you forget your name?”

Josh remembered one of his favorite actors. “Just for a moment, my name is Ethan.”

“I like that, Ethan is a cool name.”

Josh and Mandy spent the next two hours talking. Josh felt confident, liberated and aware of how his new body affected Mandy. After another hour he had asked her if she would like to go out for a drink tonight at a local bar. Mandy agreed and gave him her number.

Using a fake ID he had created. Josh walked into the bar and immediately noticed some of the girls eyeing him. He smiled to himself and started to look for Mandy. He saw her sitting at small table in the corner. She looked hot. She was wearing a plaid miniskirt and a white blouse. Going for the schoolgirl look apparently and pulling it off well.

“Hello.” Said Josh.

Mandy looked up smiled and motioned for him to sit down. There were two Corona’s on the table, which was fine with Josh. Since he didn’t want to get drunk on hard liquor and not remember the night. They spent the next three hours talking and drinking. Josh telling her he was from out of town and in Galveston on business selling medical supplies to the university. After about the fourth beer she was starting to loosen up. Mandy was now talking only a few inches from Josh’s ear and kept placing her hand on his leg. After one more Corona Josh decided it was time to go for it.

Josh Sivas Escort placed his hand on her thigh and asked her if she wanted to go to his hotel room. Bracing himself for a possible slap across the face, he boldly looked her in the eye and smiled.

Mandy gave a mischievous grin of her own, “We’ll have to take your car. I came in a taxi.”

Josh paid for the drinks and they both went out side and to Josh’s car.

“This is yours?” Exclaimed Mandy.

Josh was standing in front of a red Porsche Boxster. He had gotten the car as part of his new persona.

Josh smiled “I sell a lot of medical equipment.”

When they finally got to his hotel room, Josh was beginning to get a little anxious. He had only had sex one time before so was not sure where or how to begin. This turned out to be no problem at all. Josh sat down on the sofa in and Mandy sat right on top, straddling him. Josh couldn’t believe it.

Josh looked her in the eye and said, “You are the sexiest women I have ever seen.”

Mandy smiled and said,” You haven’t seen everything yet.” Mandy slowly undid the three buttons holding together her blouse and slowly took it off. Then she undid her bra and slid that off as well. Mandy had the most perfect tits. Clearly fake they held a nice tear drop shape.

“Touch me Ethan.” Whispered Mandy.

Already use to being addressed as Ethan, Josh began to run his hands along her breast. He could see her nipples getting hard as his fingers made circles around them. Mandy began to moan with pleasure. Josh then put his lips to her breast and played with her nipples with his tongue. Sliding his hands under her short skirt and on to her ass he alternated between rubbing and squeezing. This was easy for him. Since she was wearing a thong there were no panties to get under.

Mandy moaned even more as she grabbed the back of Josh’s head and pushed her breast harder into his mouth. At the same time she was grinding her pussy into his very erect cock. After a few minutes Josh could feel the heat from her pussy coming through his jeans.

Mandy leaned back and gently pushed his head away from her tit. “What would you like me to do? I want to hear you say it.”

Josh swallowed hard. He couldn’t believe this was happening. “I would like you to get on your knees in front of me, undo my Sivas Escort Bayan pants and then suck my cock.”

Mandy grinned, “I thought you would like that. All guys do.” She said as she got to her knees and began undoing his pants.

He was shocked at what he had just asked her to do, and even more shocked that she was so willing to do it.

“Ohhhhh, Nice.” said Mandy as she grabbed Josh’s cock.

Josh had been fortunate that the Frenchman he had cloned had been endowed with a large ten inch cock.

With Josh’s jeans and boxers now completely off, Mandy began by licking up and down the shaft, then down to his balls where she would lick and then place one of them completely in her mouth. This was clearly not the first cock that had been in her mouth and Josh was in heaven.

Mandy continued the oral assault on Josh’s cock. After a ten minute tease of licking his shaft and sucking his balls, Mandy grabbed the bottom of his shaft and placed his cock in her mouth. Josh leaned back enjoying the wet warm sensation of his first blow job. Mandy continued the blow job expertly, jerking off the bottom half while sucking on the top, making a slurping sound when she got to the tip of his cock. Josh could tell he was not to far from coming and decided he wanted to extend this encounter as long as possible.

Josh gently lifted her head off his cock. “Now it’s my turn.”

Josh got up off the sofa and laid her down at an angle on the sofa so that her head was on the arm rest. One of her legs was on the sofa and the other off on the side. Josh ran his hands up and down her thighs, going underneath the skirt she was still wearing. He than began rubbing her pussy through her thong panties which were soaking wet.

Anxious to see more, Josh slid off the wet panties. Mandy had a nice pussy, completely shaved except for a little strip of hair at the top. He ran his fingers along the lips, she was so incredibly wet. With a hand on each side, he used his thumbs to spread her lips and got his first up close look. Josh inserted his left thumb in to the hole, while using his right thumb to message the clit. He had seen enough porn to know where it was suppose to be located and when she arched her back he knew he was dead on.

It was now time for a taste. Placing both hands on her thighs, Josh put his face an Escort Sivas inch away from her. He was pleasantly surprised, there was no smell at all, completely neutral. Josh began licking her lips and clit.

Josh then placed his mouth over Mandy’s clit and began sucking while at the same time inserted two fingers into her.

Mandy used the back of her leg, close to her heel to push Josh’s head harder into her and arched her back even more. “Ohhhh god, yes, that’s it.”

Josh could no longer take it. He pulled his mouth away, grabbed Mandy by the hips and flipped her over. Mandy was now kneeling on the sofa and leaning against the arm rest. Her skirt, pushed up from earlier was only covering half her ass, giving Josh a perfect view.

With his left hand firmly planted on her ass cheek, Josh used his right hand to guide his cock in to her. Josh teased her by just putting the head in and out of her. He could feel Mandy trying to push back and get more in her. After a minute of teasing her, Josh slammed all ten inches into her.

Mandy screamed, “Oh yes, that’s what I want. Fuck me. Fuck me hard”.

Josh pounded her relentlessly driving his cock all the way in and out of her. He loved the sensation of both the heat and the wetness.

“Is this what you were hoping for, when you saw me at the University? Hoping I would fuck you.” Said Josh, as he got lost in the moment.

“Yes.” Breathed Mandy. “As soon as I saw you, I knew I wanted to feel your cock inside me.”

With his left hand still on her ass, Josh grabbed a handful of her hair with his right and pulled back slightly.

“That’s it Ethan. Fuck me. Fuck me until I can’t walk straight. I want to feel you cum deep inside me.”

Josh, increasing his pace, found that Mandy was pushing back just as hard. Trying to get every inch she could.

“Oh god, I’m coming. Please… Don’t stop. Keep…Oh god.” Mandy cried out.

Mandy began to quiver. Her back arched even more. Even if she hadn’t told him she was coming, Josh could easily tell she was having an orgasm. This also sent him over the edge. Years of no sex and only self gratification culminated into a huge explosion. Josh emptied into her what felt like an ocean.

Exhausted they both got off the sofa and went onto the bed. Josh would wake up Mandy twice more during the early hours of morning and found that she was more than willing to satisfy his urges.

Josh enjoyed Mandy’s eagerness and enthusiasm. He continued seeing her every couple of days, gaining knowledge and insight as to what women want. Always eager to please, she was the perfect teacher.

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