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Monique, my lovely neighbor, called to me over the back fence, thru the bamboo curtain that separated our yards.

We said our ‘hellos’ , I threw her dog a packet of new tennis balls, and we chatted about nothing for a few minutes, when she asked if I had any beer, and if so, she would be right over for a cold one.

I told her “of course”, she trotted into her house, and I went into mine, so I could straighten up a little.

I live alone, and have become a little… comfortable, in my housekeeping, cleaning up only when afraid that if I died, someone would know I lived this way.

At any rate, about 15 minutes later, she showed up on the porch, but not wearing the jeans & bandana she had on in her yard, but a very slinky long dress.

I let her in, and verbally and visually admired her body, she is a very striking 5’6″ asian lady, almost perfectly proportioned, at least for my tastes, which leans heavily towards Asians, relatively short, and of slight build.

I suppose it’s because they are so ‘child-like’, and still legal to fuck.

At any rate, after holding her hands in mine, at shoulder height, and openly admiring her body, she came into my arms, and hugged me closely, and tightly, I could feel her lovely little tits poking into my chest, and I loved it.

I tried to behave as if I did not really want to ravish her on the spot, so I controlled my hand movements on her back, waist & ribs.


I mentioned I had expected her to arrive in jeans & bandana, she said she showered & changed as a sign of respect.

I should have taken my cue right there, and ran into the shower, but was afraid she would think that a little too weird, and leave, so I just said I could shower, but have showered twice already today, and unless I’m offensive, I was afraid of becoming waterlogged.

She, of course, replied that “You are fine, just the way you are”, and hugged me again.

After a few seconds, or minutes, my mind was lost in a fog of controlled lust so I don’t know how long, really, I mentioned the beer, but she said that beer is bitter to her, what else had I?

I stated I had some nice vodka, and some pretty good burbon, but nothing but cranberry juice to mix, and she opted to have burbon on the rocks, so I pulled down two 4″ glasses, popped some crushed ice in, and accidently filled her glass too full, she took it, tasted it, and smiled, so I simply poured myself an over-full glassfull too.

After setteling down on the couch to chat about everything & nothing, she was intent on opening me up, so I mentioned I miss visiting nudist clubs, because they don’t like single men, and she popped up with “I will go with you to a nudist club”, with the most intense & lovely smile I had seen in a while, so I told her “Great, I’ll set it up”, thinking she would not really.

However, after I walked her home, I did get online, and renew my membership in the AANR, just in case.

We sat together, moved about, I gave her a gentle foot massage, because I found her foot on my leg, which in hindsight, she may not have wanted, because she did protest a little, but moved away so I could manipulate her foot.

I kept it clean, and surprisingly, didn’t motor up her leg to her pussy, and start the massage I really wanted to give her, and I can only say that I simply did not believe she wanted anything from me, she just wanted to be my friend, and help me become more ‘sociable’.

She caught me looking at her lips, and told me that life is too important to not say the things we really mean, she asked me to tell her what I was thinking.

I finally did tell her I thought her lips were delicious, and would love to be kissing them, and her hair was so black and shiny, and smelled so clean, I thought she was one of the most desirable women I had ever met.

I don’t know how, but she let it pass with an appreciative smile, and ‘thank you’ comment, and conversation continued.

It was simply incredibly comfortable being with her, and aside from wanting to bury my face in her pussy, I was totally at ease.

When I mentioned I seldom went to restaurants, or movies, because it was simply no fun doing those things alone, Monique said “I know!”, and that she would love to come over to view video, or go out to eat with me, or to do whatever.

I remember telling her that would be great, and we talked for a couple of hours, I believe, time stopped for me, and all I know was it was dark when she said she had to get home.

I told her I would walk her home, and she accepted with another great smile.

She was full of lovely smiles that night, and when we arose from the couch, she again gave me one of her great, tight, tit-piercing and very long hugs, and I’m afraid I let my hands wander a little more than I should have, and told her I found her incredibly sexy and desirable, to which she again made appreciative ‘thank you’ type comments, and we finally parted, and on the walk around the block, she was on my arm with both hands, all the way.

I still felt she was simply bahis siteleri ‘that way’, a super friendly person, who only wished me good things, and we parted at her walkway, and I came back home.

I have been thinking of her almost constantly, since.

It’s now the morning of the 7th day, and I’ve been kicking myself for not giving her my phone number, and I can’t call her, she IS, after all, married.

I thought great, warm, sexy thoughts of her all week, and this morning, about 7am, I was out in my backyard, just in case, and she did, indeed, pop out to the fence, tell me she had a ride coming in about 10 minutes, I told her to wait, I would give her my cell#, ran into the kitchen, grabbed a pen & notepad, wrote the number & sprinted back to her, gave it to her, and simply admired her breasts, so lovely in the morning light, she finally said “I’m glad to see you”, turned & ran to the house to catch her ride.

I wore the cell all day, hoping she would call during her lunch, but no luck, I began to believe it was simply wishfull thinking on my part, so full of energy, about a call from her, that had been building all day, and it was instantly released when the cell phone buzzed against my hip.

I answered, and her sweet voice told me she was tired, having worked all day, her 13th in a row, and was too tired to come over.

I told her I understood, and didn’t really expect her to, anyway, that it was just wishful thinking on my part, that she would even want to.

She was silent for a moment, then said she would take the dog for a walk, near my place, if I was still up, I could join them.

As quickly as I could, I stepped into the shower, soaped, rinsed, grabbed some medical sweats, respect, you know, and was watering the lawn when she walked up with the dog, I turned off the water, and joined them.

We walked the 2 blocks to the lake, she let the dog off the leash, and he ran into the meadow, chasing whatever dogs chase in meadows at night, then she turned to me, and simply slid into my arms, she wrapped herself around me, and I instinctively engulfed her in mine, she fit so wonderfully well, her tits pressing into my chest, I was surprised to think they were tiny again, and without thinking, slid a hand up to cup a breast, she turned slightly, to better enable my engulfment, and exhaled a long breath, as if she had been holding it a long time, and she moaned, as she ground her perfect little tit into my palm.

I instinctively pulsed my fingers closed around her breast, she moaned again, pulled herself against me tighter, and rotated her shoulders in a way that actually rotated her tit into my hand.

I was so surprised by it all, I simply enjoyed the sensations, never thinking social thoughts at all, cared not that she was another’s wife, the life partner of another person, I was simply being a sexual animal, totally enjoying the feeling of such a wonderful tit in the palm of my hand.

She raised her head to face me fully, all I could see were her wonderfully full lips, I did not think, I simply lowered my lips to hers, pressed gently, caressed them with mine, pinched them with mine, my tongue crept out, touched her lips, ever so slightly, the taste of her was like electricity, it shot thru me, my head, body, into the ground, and seemed to rise up thru her, back into my lips, my tongue again touched her lips, licked as my lips caressed her lips, I think we both moaned a little, I bent further, to enable her entire body to caress my entire body, I straightened, pulling her up with me, her feet left the ground, gently kicked against my ankles, then rose to wrap around my hips, and my only thought was I needed to fuck this woman, this had to be the perfect ‘mate’ for me, I had to possess her, as completly as I could, I needed to fuck her, to feel her pussy grasp my cock, to milk my cum from me, as eagerly as I needed to cum in her tiny body, she moved against me in such a way, I felt she was experiencing the same sensations I was, we moved as one, against one another, rubbing, caressing, pulling, pushing, all in tandem, like a bicycle built for two, we moved in tandem, together, yet apart, yearning to join, aching, moving thru all the motions, yet unable to satisfy ourselves.

We stood, thus, until my legs began to feel the stress of the coupling, and only then, did I slowly bend to deposit her to the ground, her legs loosend from my waist, dropping to the ground as smoothly as any 747 landing, and firmly planted, she reached forward, grasping my cock & balls in her tiny hand, squeezing gently, yet so very urgently, and that, of course, is when her yapping little dog ran up to us, sensing our arousal, he went into protective mode, protecting his mistress from me, knowing he was the only GOD-given instrument valued highly enough to pass on genes… or at least, that was his view of the situation.

Therefor, he began yapping at me, would not take any instruction while I was near Monique, so of course, she had to take him home, still yapping loudly, drawing attention even from the boat canlı bahis siteleri people on the lake.

On the walk home, we dared not even hold hands, as he would loudly proclaim his possession of Monique, and signal to all, that I was simply an interloper.

Since that was essentially the truth, we grinned and bore the burden, promising to, next time, leave the mutt at home.

At her doorway, we did, at last, kiss one last time, she promising to call, when she could.

I jogged around the block, never feeling better than I did, at that time, knowing I was 59, going on 16.

Little did I know, that her husband, Bill, had instructed her to do these things with me, and even though she was obligated to, she was still smitten with my being, she knew she had a better mate in me, then she had with her husband, who was telling her to meet me, an entice me, an arrange to fuck me.

In afterview, we realize he was simply wanting a male to suck his dick, but at the time, I knew nothing about him, and she knew only that he mandated she entice me into a sexual liaison.

Therefor, we met the next night, she walking the dog, me tagging along, but the pooch was a little more comfortable with me, maybe familiarity does, indeed breed contentment, but anyway, the pooch left me pretty much alone, when Monique wrapped herself around me, but he wouldn’t let me take off her panties to fuck her, he would run up & nip @ my fingers, when I pulled her pantie crotch aside, to lick her pussy, as she leaned against the boathouse at the lake.

We knew we would have to arrange a time without the pooch, and she promised she would develop one.

Ok, I am buzzed awake @ 7am, Sunday morn, and wonder what is going on, then realize it is my cell phone, not my alarm.

OK! Excitement is my middle name!, Monique, right?!?


It is, indeed, Monique, she is calling to tell me I should meet her at the fence, and right now!

I arrive within moments, still waking up, she is standing at the fence, between the bamboo, holding it apart slightly, I sight her, step up the bank to meet her, and automatically, my lips find hers, I am as surprised as she is, but neither of us pulls back, we reach for each other, gently, pulling ourselves together, in slow motion, or at least thats how it seemed.

Our kiss lasted a very long time, eventually however, our lips did part, Monique said Bill was going out of town, he had just left, she wanted me to come over, but I hesitated, knowing it was not a smart thing to do.

She tried to persuade me, but I was adamant, I invited her over to my house, and she only accepted when she understood I would not go to hers.

She went thru her house to the street, told Bill I would not come over, this first time, she would have to go to my house, and he was unhappy, but realized after she fucked me once, it might be easier to get me to his house, so he could watch & hopefully join in.

Monique walked around the block quickly, and when she arrived, she again stated we have to get a gate between our yards, and I replied that Bill would have to have a good reason to let me put one in her fence.

She let that pass, knowing that after we had sex, she would tell me everything, and that Bill would probably help put in the gate!

She slid into my arms, on her toes, I bent slightly, so our lips could meet, and simply caressed each others lips, cheeks, nose, entire face, before we moved from the spot, so it must have lasted a while.

She slid back down my body, hugging me again, her lovely pointy tits pressing into the bottom of my ribcage, the top of her head came only to my chin, I could easily rest my chin on her head, like I said, she was built tiny, so very erotic for a ‘dirty old man’ like me.

She raised her face to look at me, I told her that I had not been with a woman for almost 2 years, and I didn’t know how my body might react to her body in my embrace, she said we should hurry and find out, asking “Where’s the bedroom?”, and when I indicated the way, she led me down the hall to the bathroom, entered still holding my hand, pulling me in with her, she stopped by the sink, reach up & kissed my lips lightly, smiled, unbuckled her belt, opened her pants, slid them & her white panties down her petite legs, lifted the toilet lid, and sat down, lifting her left foot and saying “take off my shoes & sox, if we’re going to become lovers, we will have no secrets from one another”

I was still admiring her pussy-bush, but squatted to remove her footwear, and looking up her shapely leg, to her pussy, and seeing this, she smiled, spread her right knee as far as it would go, still encased in her pants, reached down to her pubic bush, and pulled her vulva lips apart, so from my vantage point, I could see her pinkness.

She began to pee, I never tire of watching a woman piss, probably because I love to check out the equipment, so vastly different from mine, so exotic.

She wiped, I finished removing her sock, and removed her pants from that leg, reached for the other, canlı bahis and denuded her from the waist down, I was simply stuck dumb with her loveliness.

She smiled again, reached her arms up, and said “Now the rest of me”, I dutifully leaned forward, grasping the bottom of her sweater, kissed her full lips quickly, and watched appreciatively, as the rest of her body was exposed to my view.

Almost like a child, but obviously, a woman, I thought she must be about 30, all that charm & sociability, would take at least that many years to develop.

I loved the way her small breasts stood proudly from her ribcage, I knew I could suck one entirely into my mouth, and leaned forward to do just exactly that, when she laughed, and said “Now lets get you out of those clothes”.

we stood, she began unbuttoning my shirt, I folded her sweater once, thru it on the counter, and put my hands on either side of her ribs, caressing as far down as I could, she was still trying to get all my buttons undone, I opened my pants, started to slide them down my legs, she pushed my shirt off my shoulders, pinioning my arms, saying “Now I have you exactly how I want you, helpless”.

Just to prove that was not true, I quickly put my lips to hers, surprised, she leaned back, my mouth instantly went for the nearest breast, which I quickly inhaled, tonguing the perfect eraser-nipple, chewing on her breast with my lips covering my teeth, suctioning, relaxing, and as her tit began to exit my mouth, I would clamp my lip-covered teeth on it, then suction again, drawing it again into my mouth, relaxing, suctioning, relaxing, and she said “GAWD, that is soo good, lets go to the bed, I want to put my mouth on you, too”.

She was so slight, I scooped her up in my arms, and feeling very much the ‘ Conquering Hero’, I twisted her thru the doorway, down the hall, into the bedroom.

I knelt on the bed, lowering her to the mattress, she pulled me on top of her, she pulling my face to hers, we kissed, gently, sweetly, and my body became aware of her nude body, touching mine in many places, I moved against her, she wrapped her left leg around behind me, pulling me to her, I was fairly sure she wanted to fuck.

My face nestled between her shoulder & neck, I inhaled her fragrance, she must have just showered, as I had, knowing she felt that a sign of respect.

My lips played with her neck, slid around the front, my lips cupping her throat, my tongue licking without my lips loosing contact with her skin, across her shoulders, back & forth, from one side to the other, eventually passing over her nipple, pausing just long enough to suckle, wrapping my tongue around her breast, caressing it with my tongue, rising slightly enough to lip-pinch her nipple, suck in fully into my mouth, then rising slowly until her breast freed itself from the hot confines of my mouth, I blew cool air over her nipple, saw it harden & rise, then exhaled hot breath over it, she moaned, said “Oh my, you ARE talented, do the other one”.

Not one to disobey a lady, I gave her right breast the same treatment, then continued down her body, in a straight line to her pubic bush, and as my face toucher her hair, she grabbed my leg, turning us both, so she could have something to chew on too, her hand brought my penis to her lips, she rubbed her cheeks against it, then opened her mouth, licked it like a Popsicle, wetting it, making it feel like a board, strong, hard, dense, I just hoped I would be able to last long enough to give this woman all the pleasure she desired, and her lips closed around the under-vein, turning her head to wet the length, I knew if I didn’t do something to take my mind of the sensations she was administering to my dick, I would shoot in moments.

I lowered my face to her pubes, inhaling her scents, rubbing my face in her hairs, grasping her thighs @ her buttocks, I held her to me, as I rolled onto my back, pulling her on top of me, where there was no danger of thrusting my penis down her throat by accident, if it were to happen, I wanted it to be because she wanted it to enter her throat.

Her pussy opening was relatively forward of the center of her body, I liked that, some women have vaginal openings very near the anus, and that makes it difficult to enjoy “69”, Monique was built exactly to my specifications, and as I thanked the Goddess Venus, I parted her pussy-hair with my nose & fingers, running my tongue in the crevice between her vulva & her thigh, making her jump and quiver.

She was devouring my cock, so I knew she was enjoying my licking, I sucked the vulva lips, one at a time, into my mouth, lip-chewed, pulled my head back until her lip snapped back to her body, then did the same on the other side, then running my nose up into her body cavity, as far as it would go, she pushed down on my face, mashing her clit against my chin, and as my nose fucked her pussy, I moved my lower jaw so massage her clit, the texture of her inner pussy lips changing, became more slippery, the taste also changed, I lapped up her fluids as best I could, then she pushed very hard against my face, vibrating her clit on my chin, her mouth left my dick, her hand squeezed it very tightly, I heard her exhale a great breath as an open-mouthed moan, as she came in my mouth.

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