Monica, Simon and Katie Pt. 01

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Monica, Simon and Katie — Part 1

A young wife gets to know the new nanny

(Author’s note: For me the setup is half the fun. I have to have enough of a story to make the events believable. This is what I try to do. I hope you enjoy it and please, share your comments.


“So, how’s the new nanny working out? What’s her name? Kathy?”

“It’s Katie and so far, she’s great!” It was Friday night, Teddy was down, Simon had changed into shorts, a tee shirt and sandals. We were just finishing dinner and relaxing into the weekend after a hectic week.

I said, “I know it’s only been a week but, really, she seems like a remarkable young woman. She seems very ‘giving’. She was here a little early every day. She seems to want to know what our expectations are so she can meet them. She’s cheerful. She seems to love kids. It’s like she doesn’t have a sullen or selfish bone in her body. Not like Samantha was.”

“Well, that all sounds good. Are we waiting for the other shoe to drop?”

“Maybe. But so far, I can’t see it. Shut up in my office as I am, we haven’t had a whole lot of interaction but she’s always appeared confidant, capable and comfortable in her own skin. She’s resourceful. The other day, Teddy wanted zwieback and she didn’t know what he was asking. Instead of bugging me, she opened the cupboards and carried Teddy around till he pointed out the box. Clever, huh?”

Simon looked at me with faint skepticism. “Sounds good. Does she have any drawbacks?”

I paused for a moment and then said, “Well, her attire is a little peculiar. The other day, she had on a little short skirt that seemed a bit risqué. But under it she was wearing shorts. You know, like athletic trunks. So she couldn’t be faulted for flashing exactly but still….

“And I have noticed that she doesn’t wear a bra. In all honesty her boobs are almost non-existent so that’s not strictly a problem. It’s just slightly peculiar. In a sweater or sweatshirt, I would have no way of knowing but the other day, she had on a snug tee shirt and her pointy little nipples were rather obvious.”

Simon, I saw, was paying close attention. “Hmm,” he said.

“It’s not like she’s got movie star good looks or anything. Between her funny shaped nose and those glasses, she looks pretty nerdy to me. But her ‘free spirit’ and sparkling eyes make her an appealing young woman. When she leaves here and goes off to class in the afternoons, I bet she gets some attention from the boys at the college.”

“You mean like this?” Simon got up from his chair and came around behind mine.

“They might try something like this,” he said and pulled my hair back behind my ear, bending down. He licked my ear and nibbled at my neck.

“I don’t know if they would be that forward,” I said with a certain dreaminess.

“Well maybe they would…” Here, he reached down and grabbed my boobs, one in each hand. “Of course, from what you say, their hands wouldn’t be nearly as full as mine. But still, with no bra, they might be tempted…”

While this was feeling really good, I got an idea.

“Wait here a minute,” I said.

I hurried to the bedroom and stripped naked. I rummaged around till I found a white dressy tee shirt in a satiny lycra fabric that clung. I also had a short little skirt, like a tennis skirt. I slipped into just these two things and looked in the mirror. My tits now were a little ‘motherly’ but they still stood out on their own. My nipples were rather large compared to Katie’s but Simon’s hands had them pointing all the same. There was a very slight paunch left over from childbearing but I had managed to keep my weight in check and my legs looked good. I was glad I had shaved everything from my neck down earlier that day.

I went back to the kitchen and sat back down. Simon was just finishing loading the dishwasher. He turned around and smiled.

“So, this is what those college boys are checking out all day long, eh?”

He came around behind me again, reached over and grabbed my boobs again and whispered in my ear, “I don’t see how they could possibly learn anything!”

I closed my eyes and relaxed as he nibbled my ear and made little chills run down my spine. At the same time his fingers were working at both my nipples. After a few minutes he stood up and moved toward his chair.

“Hang on a minute there,” I said and grabbed the waistband of his shorts. He stopped and I quickly undid the button and zipper. The shorts dropped and I was happy to see that he, too, went commando this evening. His lovely cock quickly swelled up to half staff.

He stepped out of the shorts, sat in his chair and said, “So, what should we do now?”

“Well, I’d like to sit in your lap,” I answered.

He glanced down at his rising prong and said, “Be my guest!”

I went over and straddled his legs facing him. This put my breasts at about mouth-height and he got the gist. He leaned in and started nudging my nipple through the thin fabric of my tee shirt with his nose. He grabbed my boob in both hands mersin escort and rubbed his face around the nipple. His scratchy beard sent little thrills through me. Then he started nipping at my nub with his teeth. Looking down I enjoyed watching him enjoy himself. Then he just took as much of my clothed tit in his mouth as he could and sucked and tongued hungrily.

“I hope you’re not getting spaghetti sauce on my nice clean tee shirt,” I said.

He looked up, smiled and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll cover the cleaning bill.”

Then he attacked my other breast in the same manner.

I was staying astride his lap by holding onto the chair back. I took one hand from the chair and reached down between us and found his now-stiff cock. I also found that the head was already wet and slippery. So, I fondled while he sucked.

Slightly curious, I reached under the hem of my little skirt and found that I, too, was getting wet and slippery. I hooked my heels around the back chair legs and scooched forward till my mound was bumping his pecker. He glanced up at me as he realized that I was naked under the skirt and I sensed his approval. I added some grinding to the bumping and we were getting pretty worked up.

I’d had enough of the chair. I disengaged from him and stood back up.

“I could make better use of you if you were lying down,” I said.

He looked at the tile floor doubtfully.

“Here,” I said and dragged a throw rug from the back hallway, straightened it and pointed at it. I grabbed his cock and gave it an encouraging squeeze and he gave in, laying down on his back.

I carefully stepped so that my feet were either side of his head, heels at his shoulders. His view was right up under my little skirt but I couldn’t tell how much he could see. I undid the snap and zipper at the side and let it drop, draping over his head and face. I stepped out of the skirt and flung it aside. Then I resumed my position right above his face.

“This is a picturesque view,” he said. “Where’s my camera?”

With a little side-to-side waggle, I slowly crouched down into a squatting position till my bottom parts were right over his chin. He responded by lifting his head enough to start lapping at my pussy. My balance was a little precarious so I fell forward to support myself on my arms. This gave him a better angle on my goodies so that he could involve my clitoris. With him licking and me twitching forward and backward, it was feeling glorious.

After climbing the hill toward orgasm for a while, my arms and legs were tiring so I relocated to kneeling astride his belly. I slid down to get his slippery boner right under my slippery pussy. Then I slid back and forth on it for a while and we both headed up the orgasm hill. Finally, hands free, I slid him inside me all with one go.

“Ahh…” we both said at the same time. We smiled at each other and I leaned down and kissed Simon. Our tongues dueled each other for a few passionate moments. But there was love in that kiss also.

Eventually, I sat back up and started rocking and bobbing. With me on top, I was grinding my clit on his pubic bone as his other bone bounced around my g-spot.

“I’m really close…” I breathed.

“Me too,” he gasped back.

I came pretty soon and Simon managed to come right along with me. That doesn’t happen very often but it did that night, right there on the kitchen floor.

I stretched out straight right on top of him. With my head on his shoulder and his arms around my back, both breathing hard, we gradually recovered. As his erection subsided, it plopped out of me. We realized there was a wet mess down there.

“Sorry about the rug,” he said.

“Ah, it’s a throw rug. I’ll just throw it in the washer.”

“You have all the answers,” he said, smiling.

“More wine?” I asked.

“Good idea!” he responded.

After scurrying around to clean up ourselves and the rug, we both sat at the kitchen table again, each wearing only our tee shirts.

My thoughts returned to Katie.

“You know, there’s something else about Katie. She’s kind of ‘touchy-feely’. Which is great for Teddy. She plays with him physically and he loves it. Like, she’ll tickle him till he’s giggling madly. He loves it.”

“Do I hear a ‘but’ coming?” Simon said.

“It’s hard to explain. ‘But’ I feel she’s the same way with me. No, she doesn’t tickle me but she is not uncomfortable being physically close to me either. If we’re side by side, looking at something, on the kitchen counter say, our arms might touch and she doesn’t seem to notice or care or…. Oh, I don’t know. It’s as if she’s so happy to be alive she would be perfectly fine with snuggling and hugging me. Or maybe anybody! I don’t know…. It’s not bad in any way. It’s just different. Kind of refreshing, you know?”

“So if I should come home and find you snuggling with the nanny, I shouldn’t make too much of it,” Simon said with a wry smile.

“Well, I’m not saying that it’s sexual.” I thought for a moment. “But I’m not saying mersin escort bayan that it’s NOT sexual either. It’s as if she’s such free spirit that there’s not much boundary between sexual or not. Oh, I don’t know….”

We each sipped our wine and were quiet for a moment.

Simon said, “Monica, Years ago, when we were first dating, you mentioned having a sexual experience with a girl at college. Do you ever think about that?”

I gave him a long look and said, “Very perceptive. I hadn’t given it a thought for years. Until now. What’s going on here, Simon? Am I being seduced? By the nanny? I can’t see it. If I am, it’s the most subtle seduction ever.”

“It may just be my opinion but I do have some good evidence: you can be rather ‘touchy-feely’ yourself. If the last hour or so is anything to go by, you have a great capacity for giving and receiving physical pleasure. If the nanny inspires that, then I say let’s keep her on. At least until Teddy starts college.”

We grinned at each other.

I said, “So if you came home and found me snuggling with the nanny you wouldn’t be upset?”

“Hell no. I’d crawl right in and snuggle with you.”

He said it lightly but I gave him a raised eyebrow. “Oh, you would, would you?”

“Sure. I can be ‘touchy-feely’ too you know.”

Only half seriously I said, “Well, I better not come home and find you touching and feeling the nanny behind my back.

“But seriously, what if Katie and I got carried away sometime? Where would you be with that?”

He thought for a minute and said, “We’ve got a good marriage, a house, a kid, good jobs and a long bright future. Anything that wrecks that would be a tragedy. On the other hand, in the sex-is-fun category, it’s not unheard of to have a little extramarital experimentation if everything is above board.

“But it seems to me,” he continued, “that we are getting carried away. We’re a long way from your arms touching at the kitchen counter.”

“You’re absolutely right,” I said giving my head a shake.

I got up and went behind his chair. I bent down, cradled his head between my breasts, kissed the top of his head and said, “I love you. Let’s go to bed.”

The doorbell rang and I answered the door.

“Hi, Mrs H.!” Katie said with a big smile.

“Good morning, Katie. How are you doing?”

“Couldn’t be better! Can’t wait to see our little guy.”

“He’s in his highchair finishing his breakfast. I have to be on a conference call soon but I had a couple things to tell you.”

“Sure. Shoot.”

“First, you might as well call me Monica. I don’t feel old enough to be a Mrs. yet.”

“Of course, Monica. No problem. And you are not old.” She grinned in an infectious way that involved her twinkling blue eyes.

I smiled back. “Thank you.

“And you might as well just come in the back door. It’s always unlocked by the time you get here. If you don’t see me, just give me a yell when you arrive so I know you are here. OK?”

“Got it!”

“Now, remember last week when you were leaving and I was taking Teddy to play with a little girl named Amy?”


“Well, Amy’s mom and I — Callie, by the way — agreed to standing play dates. Teddy will go over there Tuesdays from 9:00 to noon and Amy will come here Thursdays, same time. So, you will have three Teddy-free hours on Tuesday but two kids for three hours on Thursdays. OK, so far?”

“Sure! Sounds fun.”

“Callie knows I’m working so she’ll do the pick-up and drop-off duty. If you have him ready to go by 9:00 and everything is under control here, you can study or whatever till he gets back. But then on Thursday, you’ll have two little rascals to keep track of. What do you think?”

“Sounds fine! It’ll be fun to watch them socializing!”

“Katie you’re a treasure!”

She grabbed my forearm with both her hands and said, “Not at all, Mrs. — I mean Monica. This is looking like the best job I ever had.”

For some reason, I reached out and squeezed her shoulder and said, “Well, good then. I gotta go…”

Tuesday morning, I sensed an unnatural quiet settle on the house. I ventured out of my office and out to the kitchen. Katie was there wiping down the table. Since she was on the short side, she had to lean pretty far over to get the whole table. I couldn’t help noticing what nice legs she had. She was wearing a shirt dress that buttoned all the way up the front. It was a very light cotton print material and while not really see-thru it wasn’t opaque either. She was wearing some very bright panties — pink or orange — that were hard not to notice through her dress. As I watched her finish, I couldn’t detect a bra strap. Minimalist fashion choices, I thought: panties, a simple dress and two sandals. A braided bracelet, a thin gold chain around her neck holding the word ‘LOVE’ as a pendant and a blue streak in her dark brown hair completed the package. “Darling” is the word that came to my mind.

I shook my head to change track.

“Looks like everything’s under control escort mersin here. Did the hand-off go ok?”

“Yup,” she said, grinning. “We’re running a well-oiled machine out here.”

I put the kettle on the stove and got out a mug and a teabag.

I smiled back at Katie and said, “Good to hear. You’ve got a few hours to rest up for Thursday. Your turn in the barrel.”

“I’m not worried,” she said. “It’ll be fun!”

“I’ll be back when the water boils,” I said and headed back down the hall. Naturally, the phone was ringing as I entered the office.

A few minutes later, my elbows were on the desk, my eyes were closed and I was rubbing my temples.

“Monica, what’s wrong?” I heard from behind me.

Katie set down the mug, a spoon and napkin and put her hand on my shoulder.

“Oh, it’s just work,” I said with a sigh. “I had probably 15 or 20 hours into this proposal due in a few days. I just got a call that the project was cancelled so all that time was a complete waste. Arrrgh!”

“I can feel the tension in your shoulder here.”

With that she started massaging the muscles at the base of my neck. It felt good.

I said, “Working from home, I don’t have the stress of commuting but all the other stress still comes with the job.”

Her hands worked up to my hair line and then down and out toward my shoulders, then down to my shoulder blades. I was wearing a tee shirt that didn’t interfere too much. I gave in to her ministrations and I really did relax.

“Mmm. I’m feeling better already. That stupid proposal wasn’t very good anyway.”

Then she surprised me: she leaned down and gave the nape of my neck a kiss. I was surprised and a little thrilled, but not shocked.

I swiveled in my chair, looked at Katie, smiled and said, “Thanks for the massage but what about the kiss?”

She got a concerned look on her face and said, “Oh, Monica, I’m so sorry. I always do that. I just go too far. It’s just that your neck looked so nice, I didn’t think. I’m sorry.”

I could see she was worried she had jeopardized her job. I reached out and took her hand. I brought it to my lips and kissed the back of her hand, just like a gentleman would.

I could see she was immediately reassured.

“Don’t give it another thought. You’re a lovely girl, Katie. Thanks for the tea and, well, everything.”

She grinned and said, “Ok. You’d better drink your tea before it gets any colder.”

Then she sort of scampered out the door and down the hall.

As it turned out, the rest of the day wasn’t very taxing with the pressure of the proposal gone. But thoughts of our little nanny out there kept intruding…

“What do you make of it?” I asked Simon that evening.

“Well, second hand, it’s hard be very precise about anything,” he said, “But I do know how you like it when somebody kisses your neck.”

I gave him a noncommittal look and said, “Mm-hmm.”

Then he said, “More importantly, what do you want to make of it?”

I thought for a moment. “Like ‘nanny with benefits’?” I speculated.

“I’m sure it wouldn’t be the first such situation,” he said.

“Well, if I found myself in such a ‘situation’, wouldn’t that constitute cheating on my husband?” I posed.

“Well, cheating almost by definition implies that it would not be with my knowledge or consent. So far, I don’t sense much concealment. In fact, this is a clear example of Kiss and Tell.”

I chuckled and said, “I guess I can’t argue with that.”

“But if I check my own anxiety, I don’t find any. I just can’t visualize you running off with the nanny to march for gay rights down at city hall. If you and Katie find a time and place where you want to ‘snuggle’, well, I feel like, good for you,” he said with a faint smile.

“Pretty liberal of you, old boy,” I said.

He looked at me for a beat and said, “I’d be lying if I said the thought of my wife fooling around with another woman wasn’t arousing. If you continue to share with me your contact with Katie, I might find some secondhand benefits.”

Here, he reached over and cupped my breast with his hand. I then reached over and put my hand on the inside of his thigh.

“You might, indeed!” I said. “Let’s go to bed.”

I went into the kitchen carrying an empty plate and soda can. Katie was cleaning up again. I knew Teddy was napping.

“How did it go with Amy today?” I asked.

“Oh, fine,” she said.

I expected a little more and I looked at her. I could see she was preoccupied, conflicted, apprehensive.

“Katie, is everything ok?”

“Oh, Monica, I don’t know what to do! My Granny has had a stroke or something.”

“Katie, I’m so sorry. Don’t worry about us. If you need to go, go. We’ll be fine.”

“No, she lives up in Chicago. But my folks are driving up there tomorrow and want me to come too. See, we don’t know how she is and well, if she doesn’t make it, it may be the last time…”

She sniffed as her eyes filled.

I handed her a napkin and said, “Katie, don’t worry. We’ll be fine. Go!”

“Are you sure? I’d have to leave early tomorrow at noon.”

“No problem at all!”

“You don’t have to pay me for the time…”

“Katie, this is an emergency. Of course we’ll pay you for two little hours.”

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