Monday Night

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Monday morning…..Elisa awoke to the sound of the birds chirping outside her bedroom window. Her alarm clock read 10:00am She could remember the dream she was having as she had awoken and it had caused the most intense sensations to run through her body and she awoke sweating. Elisa always slept naked and so, as she lay there staring at the ceiling, seeing not the ceiling itself, but the memory of the dream, she moved a hand down to her moist mound and massaged her clit while trying to remember the facts of the dream.

Her arousal was clear, as her finger dipped into the soft folds of her intimate skin, she found herself dripping on the sheet. ‘wow’, she thought….. ‘some dream….’ And she continued rubbing her swollen clit. Not one for instant gratification, Elisa stopped what she was doing and let her body revel in the feeling of being so turned on that she could barely lift herself from the bed. Finally, she headed for the shower and ran the water until it was warm and inviting in contrast to the chill of the morning.

Stepping into the shower, she pulled the curtain and picked up the soap that Jess had bought her for her birthday. It was shaped like a dick and was about the same size as her dildo. She thought about the coming hours, when Jess would be arriving home after a long absence. She had missed her so much. Elisa could not wait to fall into Jess’s arms and make love. After weeks without each other it would be wonderful to feel Jess’s hands on her body again and have their legs entwined as the morning rolled toward them after a long night of passion.

Elisa felt the water run down her body and trickle away as she stood under the warm shower head. The soap, still in her hand, she began massaging herself between her legs, feeling that intense hotness build up within her again. This feeling was not going to go away so easily. She had spent the last few weeks feeling horny just about every minute in anticipation of Jess’s return and she knew she had to do something about it this morning.

‘Tonight’, she thought, ‘I am going to cum like I have never cum before, at the hands of my love’…. Elisa moved the soap directly to her clit and began rubbing it, firmly. Her knees were turning to jello and she felt her orgasm building. Again, she stopped herself just in time. She wanted to savour every moment of the intensity it created in her. She washed herself all over and turning the shower off, stepped out and reached on to the heated towel rail for her bath robe. She slipped it on and went back into the bedroom to dry her hair.

Monday, late afternoon………..Elisa glanced at the clock in anticipation and excitement. It was drawing toward evening and she had spent the day doing her nails, shaving her legs and getting herself ready for Jess. Ready for her love and ready for whatever Jess had planned.

She would have some food ready in case Jess wanted to eat when she got home. She prepared a salad for them both and put it in the crisper section of the fridge. A bottle of rosé was chilling on the bottom shelf. Elisa recalled the first time that Jess has kissed her with a mouth full of rosé. The cold of the wine and the warmth of Jess’s tongue as their mouths mingled gave Elisa the sweetest of sensations through her body. Tiny shocks of electricity rolled over her skin and her clit stood to attention along with her nipples. ‘Sweet memories, my Jess’ she thought.

Monday evening…………..Elisa decided not to bother dressing. There was no point if she was going to keep her clothes on for only minutes after Jess’s arrival. She slipped a robe on and sat down at the table and had a light supper at around 7 and waited for the phone to ring. No sooner had she finished eating when the ringer on the phone started its familiar tone and she dashed to the bedroom. “Hello?” Said Elisa.

“Are you alone?” Said the deep voice, in an almost suggestive manner. She knew it was Jess. She also knew that she had to play long with whatever Jess did.

“I am alone, yes.” Elisa replied obediently.

“Are you wearing clothes?” asked the voice.

“Just my robe” said Elisa, truthfully. izmir escort

“Take it off.” Said the voice and it waited silently, listening to the sound of Elisa removing the towelling robe form her body….. “Done” said Elisa.

“Good, my pretty. Now, get into bed, turn off the lights and wait…….oh and one more thing…….don’t touch yourself. You are not to cum until I tell you.”

Before Elisa could speak, she heard a click as the phone was hung up. Slightly perturbed by this, she was suddenly flustered. ‘Charming’, she thought….. ‘She couldn’t even say she had missed me’, but as she thought those words, she knew that whatever Jess was planning it would be worth the wait.

9pm Monday night………Still nothing. Elisa watched TV as she laid in bed waiting for Jess. The TV was low, though clearly audible but Elisa was just staring blankly at it. Her eyes started to feel heavy and her body began to relax as she drifted into semi sleep. She drifted deeper as the sound of a chat show bellowed quietly in the background. Presently, she was asleep, dreaming that same dream she had the night before. Jess was there. They were making love. Jess was straddled over Elisa, and there was a double ended dildo joining them……Elisa was getting very seduced by the dream and her sleeping state was aroused rather suddenly by a creaking sound.

Elisa opened her eyes in the darkness. As she readjusted her vision to the light of the TV, she saw her bedroom door had been opened. Standing in the doorway was Jess. She was not smiling, but had on her face a sort of satisfied look. Elisa was about to jump up from the bed and throw her arms around Jess, when Jess raised a hand to prevent the motion. Somewhat confused, Elisa played along and sat back down on the bed, facing the door. Jess stared at her nakedness. Her body glistening in the silver blue light of the TV. Slowly, without taking her eyes from Elisa’s, Jess closed the door. Elisa watched as Jess turned back toward her and stared open mouthed at what vision beheld her. Jess was dressed in a long black leather overcoat, black leather jeans, a black sweater and boots with mock stirrups on them. Around her neck was a black woollen scarf. Elisa was breathless. Breathless and very turned on. She would have given anything for Jess to have taken her there and then without another word, but Jess simply stood there. For what seemed like an age Elisa waited for Jess to speak or even move, but Jess just stared. Finally, Jess broke the silence…… “Hello, my pretty”

Elisa pondered for a second. Should she just say “Hi, honey, welcome home” or should she be more…..into the role? Finally, lowering her eyes a little, “Good evening, Jess” she said, almost proud of her own self restraint. Jess smiled a very wry smile and raised a forefinger to her lips, indicating to Elisa, that words were no longer appropriate. Elisa obeyed again, without remonstrance.

Jess approached the bed and stood directly in front of Elisa, observing her naked frame, lustfully. Jess removed the scarf from around her neck and placed it around Elisa’s. It was cold from the chill of the night and Elisa’s body reacted with goose bumps. This sent a shock straight to her exposed nipples and Jess smiled at the reaction. Elisa watched as her nipples hardened and her looked up into Jess’s face. She could see a longing in her eyes that matched her own. She loved this game and yet, at the same time she wanted it to be over so that they could make sweet love.

Still holding the scarf clasped in her hands, Jess tugged it so that Elisa’s body tilted forward and their faces almost met. Elisa closed her eyes, expecting a soft sensuous kiss, but none came……. All she could feel was Jess’s warm breath on her face as Jess continued staring into her. She could feel the subtle mixture of her warmth against the cold night air, that Jess had brought in, as they blended. She opened her eyes a little and saw such an intense look on Jess’s face that she almost gave up the game and grabbed her there and then. Something stopped her, however and she waited for Jess to make her move. alsancak escort

Jess suddenly pulled the scarf tighter toward her until their lips met in such a hard kiss that Elisa had to catch her breath. The kiss was firm, passionate and searching. Finally, Jess pulled away and stared again at Elisa’s naked form. She still said nothing, but motioned Elisa to open her legs. Elisa obliged, parting her thighs wide, so that Jess could see her wetness. She slid a hand down to Elisa’s hardened nipple and tweaked it between her thumb and forefinger until she heard her draw a sharp breath and let out a deep sigh. Jess felt Elisa tremble and she moved closer to her, until the intoxicating smell of new leather bewitched Elisa’s nostrils. “You like the leather coat, my sweet?” Asked Jess, after what seemed like an age of silence.

Elisa took a deep breath again, inhaling the scent of leather and the scent that was Jess. Jess lowered her hand from Elisa’s nipple and glided it down the front of her lowering still until she reached the wet mound of Elisa. She dipped a finger into the sweet wetness and pushed it inside, deep, lowering her own body as she reached further into her lover’s opening. Jess felt her lovers arms reach out and grab the leather coat sleeves to steady herself and as she did so, Jess withdrew. “You have been very good today, My sweet. You have waited for me.”

Elisa’s look of frustration was fodder for Jess. She revelled in the feeling of control over her lover. “You don’t want to cum just yet, my sweet”, whispered Jess, deep into Elisa’s ear……..her warm breath sending chills down Elisa’s spine and right to her wet pussy.

Jess looked down at her leather jeans and then stared back up to her lovers eyes. “Take them off”, she commanded and Elisa reached eagerly for the belt buckle and began loosening it. She did this with skill and speed and soon the jeans were undone and Elisa was tugging them down toward Jess’s hips. As she did so, she noticed something inside the jeans that felt like a dick…..a hard dick. Elisa grinned up at Jess, who smiled back. The jeans were tugged to the floor and Elisa was aware that underneath, there was no underwear, just the strap on dildo that Jess wore. Her grin widened and the look of anticipation on her face was hard to hide. Jess regarded Elisa silently and then, “Undress me” she commanded again, to which Elisa quickly began removing Jess’s coat. She laid it over the chair and proceeded to take off Jess’s boots. Then came the sweater, revealing Jess’s small, tanned and well formed breasts. Elisa’s hands reached to roam the stiffened nubs of Jess’s nipples, only to feel hands grab her wrists and pull them away again….. “I said undress me, not touch me”

Elisa regained her composure and returned to undressing Jess without another word. When Jess was standing in front of Elisa, naked but for the strap-on dildo, she leant forward and pushed Elisa backward, onto the bed and climbed on top of her, straddling Elisa’s thighs so that the dildo was resting against the top of her pubic hair. Jess watched Elisa lie back and breath in the scent of them both and smile.

Jess let her hands wander over Elisa’s silken torso, tweaking each nipple as her fingers passed over the sensitive areas. She leant down and took Elisa’s right nipple into her mouth, sucking hard and deep, circling the nipple with her tongue and biting gently on it. She leant back again after a short time and slipped her knees in between Elisa’s waiting thighs. She regarded Elisa’s moist mound, running her fingers so gently over it that Elisa’s body arched in eagerness. She slipped a finger straight into Elisa’s wet pussy lips and felt it slide all the way up to the hilt, with such ease. She slipped it out again and then replaced it with two fingers, which slid in just as easily. Elisa let out an involuntary groan, deep from within her throat and Jess watched her closely as she eased her fingers in and out of Elisa’s soaked mound in a rhythmical motion. “Do not cum until you are told to,” ordered Jess, quietly.

No other words passed buca escort between them and Elisa had gone way past the point of caring for the moment. No doubt later would be different and they would lie in each others arms as they slept. However, this was happening now and Elisa wanted nothing more than to feel Jess’s fingers pumping into her, bringing her so close to that bodily explosion of a sweet orgasm. This moment that she had been waiting so many weeks for and she was going to savour every lasting second of her lovers fingers inside her.

Jess withdrew her fingers almost the moment Elisa thought that. As though she could read what Elisa was thinking. Her orgasm was so close that she thought she might scream if Jess didn’t let her cum soon, but Jess did not heed Elisa’s cries of frustration as she sat up once again, away from her slightly. Elisa looked on as Jess repositioned herself at her side. Then, with an adept flip, she turn Elisa on to her front. She helped her to her knees until her bare ass was in the air, her face buried in the pillow and her large full breasts swung free below her.. Then, she ran a finger underneath Elisa’s crotch and slid it the length of her hot wet slit. Elisa’s breath caught in her throat again and Jess smiled.

Then, Jess embarked upon something she and Elisa had never even talked about, let alone tried. She ran her finger along the length of Elisa’s slit again and carried on all the way up to the crack of her ass…….there, stopping and savouring the feel of her anal opening. Jess’s fingers were still wet from Elisa’s slit and she slid one wet finger straight into her anal passage and felt the tightness as Elisa bucked against her. She thought she might protest, but was surprised that she did nothing but groan to say that she enjoyed the experience. She slid her finger deep into her and then out again and in again, rhythmically. Her other hand reached down and she dipped two fingers into Elisa’s now dripping pussy and then pointed the dildo up to her opening. It slid inside with ease and soon Jess was pumping away at Elisa’s pussy, driving that dildo into her right up to the hilt at the same speed her finger worked on Elisa’s ass. It was a thick dildo, of about 5 inches around and at first she was not sure if Elisa could have taken it, but take it, she did and with relish! Jess smiled a private triumphant smile whilst Elisa had her face buried in the pillow. Soon, as she could feel the onset of Elisa’s orgasm as it built to its breathtaking crescendo…….Jess stopped pumping and took the dildo out. Then, she hovered the tip of it at the opening of Elisa’s sopping pussy once more and teetered it there for a time until she heard her lovers muffled cry of “Please….?”

Jess rammed the dildo straight back into her lovers wetness and slid a wet finger straight into her ass hole and probed deeply so she could feel the hardness of the dildo through the thin membrane inside Elisa. She pumped firmly for only a few moments and was then aware of how close she, herself was to cumming. She heard Elisa’s muffled pleas and stopped. “you wish to cum now, My pretty?” whispered Jess. “Yessssss, pleeeease…?” came Elisa’a answer. “Then, cum for me my pretty, Cum for me now!” It took no more than that to free Elisa and she screamed aloud and her cries of passion and her orgasm gushed through her body like a tidal wave of warm water and electricity. Her body bucked and writhed as she rode the wave and Jess let herself cum at that moment, allowing her own orgasm to encompass her body. They writhed and moaned together as they rode the waves until slowly, very slowly, Elisa began to calm as Jess pushed the dildo and her finger further into Elisa’s pulsating body. When the wave had passed over them both, Jess laid on her back as Elisa flopped onto her side, exhausted.

They lay silent for a few moments, each recovering their breath and regarding one another silently. Elisa had the most intense feeling as she lay there. She had never known love like this before and this was the most beautiful feeling she had ever known. She stared at Jess, lying naked, save for the strap-on and she leant over to her, placed a gentle kiss on her nipple and whispered, “welcome home, honey” and then took the nipple into her mouth. Jess laid back and whispered “It’s great to be home again, honey.” Then, not forgetting the game said, “You may please me now, My pretty.”

To be continued………………

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