Mom’s Visit

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Russel lay on the couch, watching his two college roommates, Tina and Gina, cleaning the apartment they all shared. Both were tall and athletic. Gina, nineteen, had long black hair and blue eyes, small boobs and a great butt. Tina, eighteen, had blonde hair, bigger boobs and a small butt. Russel, eighteen, had long, black curly hair, big muscles and a big cock with big balls.

“Are you going to help us?” Tina asked before she started to vacuum.

“Uh, no. I’m watching the game,” Russel replied.

Tina looked at Gina. Tina shouted, “Get him!”

Both girls jumped on Russel. Before he knew it, he had been wrestled off the couch and onto the floor. They tickled him as he tried his best to fight them off. Soon he was stripped naked, having only worn a T-shirt and shorts. Tina and Gina were naked too, their clothes ripped to shreds in the struggle.

Tina and Gina had taken the vacuum cord and tied Russel’s hands with it. Then they took turns spanking him. And that’s when they were caught by Russel’s mom and her friend.

“Well, what’s going on here?” Sue, Russel’s mom asked.

“Oh my!” Patty, Sue’s friend exclaimed with a hand to her mouth.

“Mom, help!” Russel exclaimed.

“He won’t help us clean the apartment,” Tina said and smacked Russel’s bare butt.

“So, we’re teaching him a lesson,” Gina said, also spanking Russel on the ass.

“Russel, is this true?” His mother asked.

“No Mom, they’re lying. You know I always helped clean the house,” Russel said.

“I also know it was like pulling teeth to get you to help. It was always after the game or after this and that,” Sue said, adding her spank into the mix. “So, I think the punishment fits the crime.”

“Mom, no. Come on,” Russel said, trying to pull away.

“Take him to the couch,” Sue said. The four girls wrestled Russel to the couch where he was laid across all four laps. This is when the real spanking takes place. All four women took turns spanking Russel on the bare bottom.

Russel didn’t which was worse getting spanked by his mother and her friend in front of his two hot roommates or the fact that he was starting to get an erection because of it.

“Sue, I never realized Russel had such a nice ass,” Patty, his mom’s friend said, dragging her nails across Russel’s ass.

“Well, it’s been a while since I’ve seen it bare, butt,” she emphasized, “I agree it is pretty nice,” she said and grabbed his butt cheeks and squeezed.

“I can’t believe how red it is,” Tina said.

“It looks like his ass got sunburned,” Gina commented.

All four women laughed at this.

“Russel’s got a sunburn. Russel’s got a sunburn,” Tina and Gina said in a sing-song voice. They all laughed again at this.

Sue ran her nails across Russel’s butt. “How do my nails feel against your sunburned ass, Russel?” Sue asked.

“Mom, stop, that tickles,” Russel said. Then realized his mistake as soon as he said it.

Sue didn’t even have to say anything. All four women started tickling Russel’s ass.

Russel was bouncing all over the place. Then he felt his legs being pulled apart.

“Tickle, tickle,” Patty said, running a nail over Russel’s asshole, causing Russel to jump.

“Hey, Sue, did you know your son’s asshole is ticklish?”

“Well, I didn’t but I do know,” she said, then reached down and tickled her son’s asshole.

Russel couldn’t believe what was happening right now. Did his own mother really just tickle his asshole? Russel then felt something wet sliding down his butt crack. “Is it more ticklish with Mama’s spit?” Sue asked. Russel felt his hard cock get even harder.

“Okay, I think he’s done one this side,” Sue announced, smacking Russel on the ass once more. “Flip him over.”

“Damn, Russel!” Tina said.

“Jesus,” Gina said.

“What the fuck?” Patty replied.

All Sue could manage was an audible gasp.

“It’s fucking huge!” Tina said, stating the obvious.

“Russel, where did you get this thing?” Sue asked reaching out and grabbing her son’s huge cock.

“Mom, don’t touch it,” Russel said, in a half-hearted attempt at a protest.

“I’m going to do more than touch it,” Sue said, stroking her son’s big cock. “Patty, is Jim this big?” Sue asked about her husband’s cock.

“If he was, I wouldn’t be here right now,” she quipped. This caused everyone to laugh, breaking some of the tension in the room, as Russel’s cock was passed around like a hot potato.

They each brought Russel right to the edge then stopped, which both frustrated and turned Russel on in equal measures.

“I have an idea,” Tina said, and the four conspired out of earshot of Russel, with each glancing his way and laughing occasionally.

A naked Russel was then blindfolded. His arms tied above his head to a crossbeam Kıbrıs Escort and his legs apart and tied to posts separating the living room and dinning room. What he didn’t know was that Sue and Patty had gotten naked while he was being tied up by Tina and Gina.

“We know that his butt and asshole are ticklish. Let’s see if his cock and balls are ticklish too,” Tina said. She seemed to be the one in charge. “Ladies, present feathers,” Tina said. After a moment, where Russel could only deduce that all four women were holding up feathers, Tina spoke again. “Commence tickling.”

His balls and cock were attacked with feathers. It both tickled and turned him on. What the fuck is wrong with me? Russel thought. Are all guys turned on by tickling, not only that but tickling by their own mother? Or am I just a freak?

“Let me know when you’re about to come,” Patty instructed. Apparently the only one not in charge today was Russel. But other than the tickling, it wasn’t bad not being in charge.

“Okay Patty, I’m close,” Russel said.

The tickling stopped and Russel felt a pair of breasts hitting his cock. They were way to big to belong to Tina or Gina. They must belong to Patty. He always had the hots for her. He couldn’t believe he was about to come on his mom’s friend’s tits.

Suddenly the blindfold was ripped off and Patty said, “Go ahead and come on your mama’s tits.” She tickled his cock, while Tina and Gina tickled his balls. It didn’t take long for Russel to shoot a huge load all over Sue’s breasts.

“Fuck!” Russel shouted as he blew his load all over his mother’s huge breasts. He noticed she had huge areolas and small nipples, although his mother’s nipples were super hard. She must be turned on too. He looked down and saw she had a patch of public hair in the shape of a triangle. He wondered if her pussy was wet. That caused another shot to explode from his cock.

“Big cock, big balls and a big load,” Gina said. Then she and Tina took turns sucking his cock and cleaning off the cum, while Patty licked his cum off his mother’s breasts, then French kissed her so his own mother could taste her sons cum. Then, Tina and Gina joined Patty in sucking on his mother’s tits. This caused him to get hard again.

“How about you? Would you like to suck on Mama’s titties too?” Sue asked, shoving her tits in her son’s face. All Russel could do was open his mouth and stick out his tongue. He licked around her big areolas and flicked her nipples with his tongue. He tasted his own cum the girl’s had missed, but he didn’t even care at this point. He just shot a huge load of cum on his own mother’s huge breasts while her friend and his roommates ticked his cock and balls.

“That’s enough pleasure, more torture,” Gina cried. And soon eight hands were tickling Russel everywhere. His armpits, his stomach, the insides of his thighs, someone even untied one of his legs to tickle his foot. They tickled him for about a half hour straight. Russel was rock hard again.

“Target practice!” Tina announced. Russel soon found himself bent over at the waist and retied. “It’s simple,” Tina explained. “We take turns spitting at the target, Russel’s butt hole, moving closer every time. Whoever hits the bullseye wins.”

“What do we get if we win?” Patty asked.

“You can do whatever you want with our captive,” Tina said.

“It sounds like this could take a while. I need to make a phone call,” Sue said.

“Me too,” Patty replied.

“I need to pee,” Tina said.

“Oh my God me too,” Gina said. “I’ve been holding it forever.”

“Too bad you can’t watch us,” Tina said. “Don’t worry, we’ll leave the door open so you can hear it,” she laughed.

Sue, Patty, Tina and Gina all watched as Russel’s cock twitched and grew even harder.

Sue reached out and stroked her son’s cock. “Turned on by tickling and pee. It’s like I don’t even know you.” Tina and Gina laughed as they walked away.

“Mom, I’m not really a…” Russel started.

“Shh!” Sue scolded. “I’m calling your father to tell him I’m staying here tonight.”

Sue then took Russel’s growing cock in her mouth. “Hi honey. Just wanted to let you know I’ll be staying here this weekend. No, he’s fine, just a little issue with his roommates. Well, you know how big-headed Russel can be,” Sue said looking up and winking at Russel as she slipped her lips around the head of his cock. “Oh, did I say big headed, I meant pigheaded.”

Sue listened for a while, while licking and sucking her son’s cock as she talked to his father on the phone.

“Uh huh,” Sue said then made a gagging noise as she took too much of Russel’s cock in her throat.

Russel’s eyes got big, and gave his mom a what-the-hell look.

To this she gently bit down on his cock. Lefkoşa Escort Russel gasped.

“Oh, sorry Dear, I almost choaked on a banana. David, don’t be inappropriate. You can’t say you wish I was sucking on your cock instead of eating a banana, while I’m at our son’s college,” Sue chided her husband, as she stroked her son’s cock while she sucked on his balls.

Sue heard heavy breathing on the phone. “David, are you jacking off?”

Sue listened for a moment.

“Well, if were going to do this, let’s do it right,” Sue said, then put the phone on speaker. Sue made gaging noises. “Hear that, David? I’m pretending this banana is your cock. I’m deep throating it right now,” she said, taking Russel’s cock into her mouth. She made more gaging sounds as she tried to take all of her son’s cock into her mouth.

“Oh, shit Sue I’m coming,” Russel’s dad shouted.

“I think I came too,” Sue said. “Shit, Russel’s coming, I gotta go.”

“I’m close, Mom.” Russel said.

“Don’t you dare come,” Sue threatened.

“Oh my God, Mom,” Russel said. “That feels so good. I think you’re a little turned on too,” he said looking at her hard nipples.

Maybe she was just as messed up as her son. She just had phone sex with her husband while sucking off her son. She needed to regroup.

“Wow, sucking cock is thirsty work. Think I’ll get a drink,” Sue said, tickling Russel’s balls as she walked away.

“No, Jim we’ll be here all weekend. It’s a bigger issue that I thought,” Patty said, also taking Russel’s cock into her mouth, while talking to her husband. “Mm-hmm. Un huh,” she said. Russel felt the vibrations of her voice through his cock. He had hummers before, but not from someone talking to their husband on the phone.

Then Tina and Gina walked in. They started sucking on Russel’s balls while Patty sucked his cock.

“Oh, is the bathroom open?” Patty asked.

Tina nodded

“Jim, that’s inappropriate. I’m with my friend’s son and his roommates and you want to listen to me pee? Maybe I’ll leave the door open and let Russel listen. Maybe I’ll let him watch. Maybe I’ll invite him inside and he can get a close look at my pubic hair while my pee hits the toilet. He’d probably come just like you do,” Patty said, licking precum off Russel’s cock.

The three then went into the bathroom, but left the door open. Not only could Russel hear everything, he could see everything too. Soon he heard the sound of Patty’s piss hitting the side of the toilet. She must have put the phone on speaker like his mom did because soon he heard heavy breathing.

“Oh my God Jim, they’re sucking on my tits,” Patty said. Sure enough, Tina and Gina each had a breast in their mouth.

“Hi, Jim!” they said in unison.

“We can hear you stroking that big cock,” Tina said.

“Ill bet you wish our tongues were licking your balls right now,” Gina suggested.

“Oh God Jim, they’re pinching my nipples and running their fingers through my pubic hair,” Patty said getting all worked up, or at least pretending.

“Shoot that load! Shoot that load!” Tina and Gina cried.

That’s when Sue walked into the living room, curious about all the noise.

“I’m coming!” Jim shouted.

“Oh, wow that was incredible!” Patty said. Tina and Gina just laughed. Then Patty waved Sue into the bathroom and pointed to the phone.

All four women said, “Bye Jim,” then laughed like mad.

“God, men are so easy to manipulate,” Patty said. All four women looked at Russel. “Control their cock and you control them.”

“Target practice!” they all said.

“Hey, I need to pee too,” Russel said. He thought two things would happen. Well, technically three. He thought he’d be untied, take a piss and find a way to escape. But like everything else that day things didn’t turn out like he thought they would. Russel was untied and retied. His hands were now tied behind his back.

“I’ve never watched a guy pee,” Tina said.

“Me either,” Gina agreed.

Before he knew it Russel found himself in the shower with his two hot roommates, his mother and her friend.

Nothing happened.

“Aww. Are you shy?” Sue asked.

“Can’t tinkle in front of women?”

“Believe it or not this is the first time I’ve been in this situation,” Russel said.

All the women laughed.

“Tickle him!” Sue shouted. Four hands started tickling him and after a couple of minutes Russel started to pee.

Tina reached out and grabbed his cock and said, “Look I’m a fireman.” The others laughed.

She passed his cock to Gina Who passed it to Sue who passed it to Patty.

“It’s so powerful,” Gina said.

Sue got a washcloth ready and when Russel was finally done, she washed her son’s cock. Of course, all the others had to Girne Escort help wash his cock too. Tine and Gina didn’t even use the cloth, they just put soap on their hands. While Sue and Patty tickled his balls, Tina and Gina stroked his cock until he was hard again. They slipped their soapy fingers inside Russel’s asshole too. His mom and Patty Then they rinsed him off. Patty held his butt cheeks apart while his mom aimed the shower head towards it. Then, while one of them licked his asshole, the others sucked his cock and balls, until they all took a turn licking his asshole. Then they took him out and dried him off.

Russel was tied to the couch with his legs apart, bent over the back and his arms tied in front of him. All the women were about a foot away from each other. Tina was the closest, then Gina, then Patty and finally Sue. They all had a turn at each spot, but only the one closest hit his butt but none hit his asshole.

“It’s kind of hard to see,” Tina complained.

“I have an idea,” Gina said. She left the room and soon came back with a blueberry pop sickle. The others looked at her.

“What? It always turns my lips blue,” she argued. After she sucked on the pop sickle for a couple of seconds, she put it against Russel’s asshole, where it did leave a blue mark. “Now just aim for the blue.”

Russel felt spit hitting his butt. Then something cold on his asshole. He couldn’t see what was going on but the girls all seemed to be enjoying it as they giggled and laughed. He didn’t know if they were laughing at him, the situation or both. As long as the sex continued, he really didn’t care.

All the girls used the pop sickle to “paint” the bullseye on Russel’s asshole. Eventually they even pushed it inside, then licked it after they pulled it out.

“Blue berries and assholes. A new pop sickle flavor,” Gina said. Everyone laughed.

When the pop sickle was finished the women started licking Russel’s asshole, while tickling his balls. This made his cock hard again.

“Let’s make him lick our pussies. I’m soaking wet,” Patty said. Sue didn’t want to admit she too was turned on by her son.

So, Russel we tied spread eagle to his bed.

Patty climbed on Russel’s face, while the others tickled him and sucked his cock. Keeping him on the edge. Russel licked Patty’s pussy and it wasn’t long before she came on his face. She had a nice landing strip of pubic hair. Tina and Gina were next. They both came quickly too. Both were completely shaved.

Sue climbed on her son’s face. She took his cock in his mouth. She wasn’t sure what had come over her, but she was going on horniness and she didn’t care if her son licked her pussy or she sucked his cock. This was the most fun and the best sexual experience she’d ever had.

Russel could tell his mom was trying to make him come first. Fine, you wanna play? He thought. Let’s play.

Mother and son each redoubled their efforts to make the other come first. In the end it was basically a tie. Sue came and squirted all over Russel’s face, he would have been shocked but then he started to shoot his load inside his mom’s mouth. Tina, Gina and Patty licked Sue’s cum off Russel’s face. Sue then kissed them all and shared her son’s cum with them.

“Fuck that was hot,” Patty said. “Sue, I’m going to fuck your son now.”

Before anyone could say or do anything, Patty climbed on her best friend’s son’s cock.

“So, how does my friend’s pussy feel?” Sue asked.

“Oh my God mom. Her Pussy is so wet,” Russel said.

“And tight?” Patty said.

“So fucking tight,” Russel said.

It didn’t take long for Patty to come.

Then it was Tina and Gina’s turn. They were tight and wet too. They came quickly too.

“Might as well go all the way,” his mom said. Before he knew it, Russel’s mom had slipped his cock inside her pussy.

“Oh my God, Mom,” Russel said. His mom was either really tight or his cock just got harder and bigger being inside her. Russel couldn’t believe he was actually fucking his own mother. Her tight pussy clamped down on his stiff cock like a vice. He fucked her hard until she screamed and pulled his cock out of her pussy and rubbed her clit to a squirting orgasm. Patty was sitting on his face, again and Tina and Gina were sucking on his balls and his cock whenever his mom got off of it to have her orgasm. After Patty came on his face, his mom turned around to face him so Russel could suck on her huge boobs while Patty went back and licked Sue’s asshole. It didn’t take long for mother and son to come together in a powerful orgasm. Russel felt his mother’s pussy tighten on his hard, throbbing cock. She was sweating and swearing and riding his cock like she was possessed. When she looked into his eyes, Russel lost it. He started shooting load after load of cum inside his own mother.

The girls then proceeded to tickle Russel again. He didn’t care though. He figured his relationship with all four women had just shifted. If they did this when he didn’t help clean the apartment, imagine what they’d do it he did help them clean?

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