Mom’s New Man – Part 2

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Mom’s New Man – Part 2Mom and I had been enjoying our arrangement for almost two years. I would come home from work and she, more days than not, would be ready for me with dinner and sex or sex and then dinner. I provided her a better living than she ever experienced. She managed the money with terms we agreed to – saving a certain percentage, maintaining the home, paying the bills, etc, and she could spend whatever was left however she chose. We talked and planned all aspects of our lives together just like a husband and wife would do. Yet we never got into a rut. She was always exploring new ways to turn me on (and herself) and we otherwise just enjoyed each other’s company. There were obviously no k**s to distract us and life was more or less easy for us. I rarely had to travel for my job so I was almost always home to take care of the chores and general repairs, mow the lawn and all of the usual mundane tasks that get in the way of enjoying each other in many marriages. But we generally appreciated each other at a very deep level and never took each other for granted.The first challenge to our new relationship arose when my company wanted me to spend a couple of weeks in Germany working on a project for them. I walked in the door that night and my mother greeted me totally naked, dropped to her knees in front of me and immediately worked my pants down to my ankles and began sucking my cock. She didn’t even say hello. She just started blowing me. Just the sight of her always made my big cock rise to full erection and act like a homing device zeroing in on her for action. This time was no different. Sex wasn’t on my mind as I entered because the trip was on my mind, but by the time my pants hit the floor, I was as hard as a baseball bat. I rested my hands on her head and gently began fucking her face. She pulled off long enough to tell me what she wanted.”I want you to cum on my tits this time, honey.” She went right back to working my cock with all of the love and passion a woman could have. I leaned back against the front door as my legs began to feel weak and wobbly. Just a few seconds before I erupted I warned her of the impending cum bath she was about to receive. She pulled off and I proceeded to finish by jacking off aiming my cock at her tits. The first glob shot like a rocket and hit her just above her right tit and and crossed down over the nipple to the inside of the same tit. I aimed the next shot at the other tit and nearly made a perfect “V”. The third jet hit her left nipple and then I proceeded to rub my cock and the remaining dribbles of cum on her other nipple.”That was perfect, baby!” mom cooed as she examined the huge load of cum running down and over her tits.”A perfect shot for a perfect blowjob, mom.” I said with satisfaction and gratitude. Turnabout’s fair play,” I said as I lifted her to her feet, picked her up and headed for the bedroom. “I am going to eat your pussy now and you are not going to believe how we are going to do it.”She had a puzzled but anticipating look on her face. “There are only so many ways to eat pussy,” she said with a giggle. I laid her on the bed. I pulled her forward so that her ass was right at the edge of the bed and told her to wrap her legs over my shoulders and and squeeze them together to help me lift her up. She did as instructed and I put my arms under her with my hands up around her shoulder blades. I lifted her so that my face was buried in her crotch and bahis firmaları then stood up so that she was sitting on my shoulders with her pussy in my face. I walked over to the wall where about eight feet off the floor the room had a stop sign shaped window to let in some natural light. I told her she could brace herself against the wall with her hands and look out the window if she wanted, even showing off her tits to the world if she wanted, while I ate her pussy until she had enough. I could tell she liked the idea immensely because she gushed a little pussy juice on my face before I even started licking it! She grabbed the window frame with her hands and said she was ready. I immediately buried my tongue into her pussy and alternated between sucking her large clit and licking her pussy lips with deep, probing motions. She was moaning and shuddering and using her legs as leverage to buck against my face. I thought I was going to drop her a time or two when she climaxed and nearly lost her grip on the window frame. She calmed down from the first orgasm and I went for round two focusing almost entirely on her huge swollen clit. She was groaning and moaning constantly. I tried to look up once as best as I could and it looked like she had her tits pressed against the window panes. If I knew my mother at all, her eyes were mostly rolled back in her head throughout this encounter. But then I heard her say, “Oh fuck! The mailman just pulled up and I think he sees me in the window. He is looking this way and isn’t doing anything except just standing there looking in my direction.” I just dug my tongue even deeper into her pussy and she immediately went into another face drenching orgasm. Her cum was running down my face, neck and chest. Once she had relaxed, I walked her to the bed and put her down. She laid there like a star fish with arms and legs spread as far apart as they could be. I was getting ready to bone her for the grand finale. Her eyes were closed and did not see my intentions when she said, “Holy fuck, I am exhausted. I don’t think I can even walk if I had to. That was the most amazing head I have ever gotten in my life. You are incredible!” I decided that fucking her at that moment was probably a mistake, so I just laid down beside her and we cuddled for awhile until she regained her strength.We finally got up and went to the kitchen and had the dinner she had warming for the past hour while we were giving each other “face” time.Near the end of our dinner I decided it was time to tell her of my pending trip to Germany. “Mom, in a couple of weeks, my company wants me to go to Germany for two weeks to help with a project they need finished.” Her expression went from one of satisfaction and peace to sadness and what looked like a little bit of fear.All she could say at first was, “Oh.” She turned her face to look away from me and bit her lower lip. I could see her lip start to quiver a bit like she might cry. She looked down at the table and said, “It just occurred to me that I have never been alone for two weeks ever in my life.” She looked a bit ashamed as she said those words and my initial read of her face was on target. She was actually scared by the prospect of two weeks with no one to look forward to seeing each day.”Mom, you need to let me finish.” She looked me in the eyes intently. “You aren’t going to be alone for two weeks. You have done a great job of saving our money, so you are going with me and kaçak iddaa we are going to stay three weeks. The last week will be a vacation for the two of us. During the first two weeks, you can go wherever you want during the day and we will enjoy what we can in the evenings. The last week, we will explore the country and do whatever we want for a few days.”Tears ran down her face in relief and love for the man who was going to show her a small part of the world and for the gratification that I would think enough of the situation to plan such a thing with her needs in mind. She got up and moved over to sit on my naked lap. She gave me the most passionate French kiss I had ever experienced from her (and that is saying something!). “I have already completed the paperwork to expedite your passport and asked the company’s travel service to make arrangements for two of us. They will be calling you tomorrow to get the necessary personal information for airline tickets. All we have to do is pay for your portion of the travel costs. Over the next couple of weeks, you will need to do some shopping for the trip – some new clothes, travel supplies, special lingerie for the trip…”She laughed with self-satisfaction at me for thinking ahead to the fucking we would be doing in a foreign land. “Son, I am going to fuck you so many times in Germany that they are going to have to give you a handicapped seat on the plane to get you home!” Then she leaned back and in a matter-of-fact manner said, “In the meantime, I am going to take you down the hall right now and fuck your brains out!”She skipped along ahead of me down the hall like a school girl with her ass dancing in front of me. I trotted to keep up with her. My steel pipe boner bouncing in front of me zeroing in on that beautiful ass leading me home. She jumped on the bed and rolled over on her back, spreading her legs in one fluid movement. The inside of her thighs were already wet as if she had already had an orgasm skipping down the hallway. I straddled her and in one thrust, I buried my large cock all the way to the hilt in her pussy. She wrapped her legs around the small of my back and began fucking me back wildly like an a****l. We only lasted a few minutes before she screamed her orgasm, yelling “Fuck, oh fuck, oh shit,” over and over again. Just a couple of minutes later, I was shooting jets of hot, thick cum into her pussy. “Let’s see, so far today we have face fucked each other, cum all over each other and fucked like a couple of a****ls. Seems like we still have some unfinished business to take care of,” she said as she tried to catch her breath. “You still have to bury that big b**st of yours in my ass before we sleep tonight. I hope you have the stamina,” she said teasingly.The beauty of being a horny young man is that sexually, there is no challenge that has to go unmet. My dick was already at full hardness and ready for action. Mom pulled the lube from the nightstand drawer along with two vibrators. “My turn for a surprise for you, young man,” she said with a wicked grin. I had no idea why she needed two of them, or even one for that matter. But I had learned to trust her sexual instincts. She never failed to deliver the most mind-blowing orgasms a man could experience.She got on her hands and knees and started swaying her ass back and forth like it was a moving target. I lubed my cock as I watched her wiggling ass and then I lubed her asshole and put some in her ass kaçak bahis with my fingers. She was moaning from me finger fucking her ass a bit, so I could tell she was ready. I moved up behind her and pressed my cockhead into her asshole slowly. My cock is big enough that I know I can’t just pack her in one thrust. I finally got my cock fully buried in her ass and began stroking in and out and she started groaning in a half-conscious way. Then I heard the familiar humming sound as she switched on the vibrators.She was rubbing one up and down over her pussy lips, occasionally brushing it up against the under side of my cock as I moved in and out of her ass. Each time the vibrator touched my cock, the sensation was so intense that is caused me shudder a little. Once I thought I was going to cum uncontrollably right then and there. Then she had me stop and pull out of her ass. She turned over on her back and hooked her legs over my shoulders so I still had access to her ass. “When you cum this time, baby, I want you to pull out and shoot it on me. I want to watch you cum.””Sure, I enjoy cumming on you too, mom.” I reinserted my cock into her ass and began the fucking motions again. She turned on one of the vibrators and began rubbing her pussy with it. She had two orgasms while I was fucking her ass and her pussy juices were running down and soaking my cock and adding to the lubrication. Then she took the longer handled vibrator and turned it on. With a playful, wicked little smile on her face, she reached behind my legs and just below my ass and started rubbing my ass with it, then moved it further between my legs so that is was stimulating my balls and my ass at the same time.I lost all track of time and location. Maybe I lasted 30 seconds. Every nerve in my body was contracting and I was sure my balls were going to explode. The cum was rising in my shaft at a record pace and I honored her request and pulled out just in time. I have to say, I really wanted to fill her ass with my cum. It took all the strength I had to make myself pull out, but the show was worth it! She was wide-eyed anticipating the sight of cum flying and she was not disappointed. The first rope of cum shot the entire length of her body and landed just to the left of her nose with the other end of the cum rope stopping just below her left tit. The second rope laced from her neck to her navel. A third rope landed between her tits and puddled there. A fourth and fifth squirt ran out the end of my cock and pooled just above her pussy lips. “Oh my! I have never seen so much cum from one orgasm in my life!” she said with a satisfied laugh. “I knew the extra stimulation would have you launching your wad to record distances.” She reached up and pulled me down on top of her, kissing me deeply and smearing my cum between our bodies. As the passion finally faded for the evening, we laid together in each other’s arms. We just gazed at each other for awhile and she said, “You have no idea how much it means to me that you would think enough of me to make me part of your travel plans. I feel like you have given me a new life and one that allows me to truly be who I am. I have no idea what our future holds, but I promise you that I will do everything in my power to make you as happy as you have made me.””You already have, mom. You already have.”We got into the bathtub together and helped wash all of the lube and cum from each others’ bodies. Just for good measure, I fingered her to another orgasm in the soapy bath tub before we dried each other off and headed for bed. We went to sleep with her back to me, my arms around her and my semi-hard cock wedged between her ass cheeks.

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