Mom’s New Family Affair Ch. 18

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I finally finished the last two flower arrangements and looked up at the clock. It was 6:10 and I quickly washed my hands and got ready to go.

Thursdays I usually worked until 7, but today I wanted to leave early so I could get back home to change clothes and freshen up. Fae had told me it was Ok for the early out today so it wasn’t long after I was in my car racing home to introduce the first step of my plan and that was to look more like Mom. After all, that’s what had set him off last Thursday night.

I immediately took a quick shower and started on my hair and makeup. Mom had long hair like mine and used to wear it back like I do but differently. I always tucked my hair behind my ears and she styled hers over the tops of her ears when she wore it back. It didn’t take me long to reproduce her style.

As far as makeup goes, Mom liked to wear eye liner. I use it too but only as a highlight where Mom used it to outline her eyes a bit more, though she used it sparingly. By the time I was finished, I looked in the mirror and said “Oh my god…” as I saw a good rendition of Mom looking back at me which strangely enough, made my pussy tingle in such a naughty way knowing how hot it might affect Dad.

I slipped into my peach colored bra and thong set, not so much for the sexy look of it; I doubted things would happen for Daddy to really see me in it tonight. What I liked though was how it shaped my breasts and the bit of cleavage it created along with the skimpiness of the thong.

First I slipped on another denim skirt that was a bit longer than the other’s I wear which was just below mid-thigh, again very similar to what Mom used to wear then again chose another of her style of tops by choosing a tank top with a bit of a plunge in front, but still very proper for public.

After sliding on a pair of flat sandals, I looked at myself in the full length mirror in Mom’s room and thought with a giggle that I hope I wouldn’t scare him away… because I really did look like her.

I eased into my car and took off towards Walmart. That’s where I was meeting my Dad. I had called him earlier in the day and asked if we could take a drive for old time sake and go to a roadside hamburger stand two towns over that was a favorite of ours when I was a kid.

It was actually quite famous in the area, not only for the good hamburgers but also its name which was officially “The Burger Joint”. The place had opened in the late 50s, and had been passed down through the family for generations. But in the mid-70s, one of the sons put out and advertisement that became quite controversial for the times and actually got pulled, but still lasted to this day with the word-of-mouth crowd. His advertising campaign slogan was simply “Everybody loves BJs” and/or “I want a BJ!”

Needless to say it was a great gimmick which picked up its own momentum which has lasted for years and now generations too. As they say, the best advertisement is free advertisement.

Even with the pun, the food was exceptionally good and we had gone there often when I was young, especially when we camped in the area. The place was still there and as famous as ever for their burgers and he quickly agreed to go there.

Our plan was to meet in Walmart’s parking lot and park my car there while we took his truck out there. I loved that truck. If he ever ended up selling it, I would want to be the one who bought it.

The truck is almost as old as I am. It’s been Daddy’s hobby car for years. About five years ago he had it re-painted using the original colors and was able to also locate replacement OEM seat covers and an overhead liner. The end result is a truck that looked like new even though it was built in 1995 and he keeps it clean, waxed, shined and immaculate. It still remains Daddy’s pride and joy.

The truck was also packed full of memories for me too. It had a large, extra wide console that flipped up to create a full bench seat. When we’d go on a trip or camping I’d sit in the middle and on the outbound trip, Mom would put her arm around me and I’d sometimes fall asleep as my head rested on her breast. But… on the return trip, I’d often lean against Daddy. He’s put his arm around me too and I often fell asleep with my head leaning his chest, and sometimes when I was really young and smaller, I’d even put my head innocently in his lap.

I wondered if I was going to add new memories to the truck tonight.

I pulled into the corner of the parking lot where we planned to meet and sat there with the engine running to keep the air conditioning going. In the direct sun, it was hot, but the forecast was for it to cool down considerably as the sun set and become a comfortable, cool summer night which hopefully come in handy if my plan succeeded.

While I waited, I was typing my adopted Mom a text just to say hi and said I was a bit excited since I was now waiting on Dad to arrive. I never got a chance to send it though because just as I was bahis siteleri finishing, his truck pulled up next to my car. I waived, shut the car off and grabbed my purse. Once out I opened the passenger side door to the truck and said “Hi Dad!” in a cheery voice.

Dad’s eyes went wide for a moment in surprise as he saw me and I knew I was successful reminding him of my real mom. But he smiled a big smile and said “Hey, Sugar!… Jump on in!”

Dad had removed the old step up railings he had on the truck since they were getting old and had ordered new ones that had not arrived yet. This made me grab the handle over the window and I lifted my right leg to step up into the cab. Doing so caused the hem of my skirt to rise high as I momentarily had to spread in making the step.

Sure enough, I caught Dad’s quick glance as his eyes suddenly shifted down for the view and then shifted to my face as he leaned back in his seat trying to look nonchalant. I had to grin, knowing he got a good shot and once in my seat, I leaned over the console and gave him a kiss on his cheek and said “Hey there, Daddy… So how was your day?”

“Not bad and getting better now that you’re here… I’ve been looking forward all day for one of those BJs after you called. That was a good idea” said Dad with a hearty chuckle as I buckled in and we took off.

I had to struggle to keep a straight face, even though a grin did sneak through. I knew when he said BJs he meant the burger, as I thought I had a taste for one too… but of a different type. However, I managed to cross my legs as I placed my elbow on the wide console and entwined my fingers as I let my arms relax, taking the position and body language I knew Mom had used over the years. Though I was intentionally mimicking my mom’s old ways on purpose, it felt comfortable doing so and I realized how much of her mannerisms had apparently inherited.

I think Dad also thought the same. Out of the corner of my eye I’d catch him glancing me each time he checked his rear view mirror. His eyes went first to me, the mirror, back to me and then the road. My dressing up like Mom was seemingly having my desired effect.

As we drove along, we talked about work and I even asked how Eleanor was doing. Occasionally I would look over at him and often as he talked; he’d be staring ahead as we took the two lane highway north to the burger joint. When he did, I’d often glance down to his lap for any indication of him getting a chubby at all.

Of course I didn’t see anything, I would have been surprised if I had since there had been no chance to seem sexually suggestive from either talk or sight.

I then started talking about the truck and how it brings back so many memories. We talked about the memories of camping trips we used to take or the road trips we’d take to see his sister, my Aunt Susan.

I could see Dad was getting all reminiscent like myself but thought maybe he was getting a bit melancholy too so I decided to cheer him up so I said cheerily “Dad, would you mind if I lifted the console up and sat next to you like Mom and I did years ago? I’d really like that.”

His head turned to me with his eyebrows raised as he asked “Really?” and after a slight pause added “Sure, I’d like that too” as he gave me a soft smile.

We both lifted the forward edge of the console and I started scooting over as I dug the center seat seat belts out from between the cushions, knowing he’d give me a hassle if I didn’t. As I unrolled the one nearest to Dad, I scooted close to him allowing both my thigh and my hip to contact his.

Sitting in the center also meant my feet were on the hump in the center of the floor. I kept the knee of my left leg closest to him straight up but let my other foot side to the side of the hump as I leaned my knee into my left leg. This position also meant my skirt’s hem lifted a bit higher, but it didn’t look overly so, so I left it were it was.

As I finally settled in so closely, it was only natural for my arm and hand to lower down to where it landed on his thigh. I waited in anticipation to see if he would make a move to resist it. He didn’t though and I thought there for a second that he might have relaxed is leg more against mine instead.

As we drove on I let my fingertips move side to side in an innocent caress on his thigh. I noticed the sun was just touching the tops of the trees to our left as we continued to head north and I said “Look at the sun, Dad, I bet we’re going to have a beautiful sunset tonight. How about we eat outside on the picnic tables instead of inside at the counter when we get there?”

I saw Dad’s head turn to his left as he checked out the sun at the tree line as he said “Yeah, that’s a good idea. It hasn’t been a good year for mosquitoes so it might be nice.” As he did I glanced down quickly and noticed what I hoped to see. Yes, I could see a faint outline of a lump that as growing from his crotch sideways in the direction of his left canlı bahis siteleri hip. It was mild, but I was sure it was there.

This all happened very fast because Dad added a comment as he came out with ” You’re full of all kinds of good ideas today, aren’t you…” with a chuckle and he patted my knee, allowing it to rest there before suddenly moving it back to the steering wheel as if he forgot who I was or something.

I replied with a “Hmmmm, I hope so!” and a giggle and then reached for his hand and steered it off the steering wheel and placed it back on my leg where his fingertips were on my knee and the palm of his hand was on my thigh just above the knee itself. I then added “Oh don’t run away, I like it there. I won’t bite. I promise!” I said with another giggle to make it sound more innocent…

We were just passing through the second town now and BJs was only a mile or so from where we were. I patted his hand to stay in place and then returned mine to his thigh. He didn’t say anything, but he sure didn’t pull his hand away either.

Nothing had happened, but I was definitely satisfied on how we had broken the ice a bit by allowing ourselves to combine our personal space as we pulled into the parking lot.

Dad had his idiosyncrasies about his truck. Rarely did I ever see him park it nose in, he only did that when he had to load things in the back. Otherwise he’d back into a parking spot. Another thing was if the parking lot was congested in one section but farther out it was empty, that’s where he would park saying there was less chance in getting nicked by someone’s door.

Tonight was no exception. He backed into a space at the far corner of the lot and we got out. As he met me in front of the truck I noticed he had his hand in his left pants pocket of his khakis as if he was looking for his keys but I didn’t draw attention to it. I hooked my arm into his and let my breast rub occasionally against his arm as we walked to the picnic table area where we chose a table.

I moved to sit as Dad took my order, reminding me the burgers were a bit on the small side, but I only wanted one along with a small order of fries and a diet Coke. He went to the order window for the picnic table area, gave the order and then returned, sliding into the table across from me.

Dad had this faraway look in his eyes again like last time as he looked at me at the restaurant last week. Then he came out and said “You remind me so much of your mom, Sweetheart.”

I gave him a gentle smile and said “Thank you Dad, I really love thinking I remind you of her…”

Dad took a breath as if he was getting ready to say something when the woman at the order counter called out that our order was up.

Dad quickly returned with a tray of food which we quickly distributed between the two of us and started to slowly eat. He had ordered the same as I and we basically nibbled at it as we talked.

He asked me about John and the living arrangements at his Mom’s house. I had already told him we were back together again but this time it seemed different. I told him neither one of us wanted to separate again and that from now on and there would be no dating others.

I went on to explain that his mom was just as anxious for us to be together and get married someday as he was and has said I always will have a room at her house even when John continues school for his master’s degree. I knew he felt a bit guilty about me not living at home, so I told him how I really enjoyed living with John and his Mom and spun it that I would always be close to him and just a few doors down the block.

In a way I was surprised when he asked outright if I was sleeping with him. I answered him truthfully and said yes, I sleep in his bed and that if we had gone to the same college, we probably would be sharing an apartment anyway. Then added with a giggle that if he also meant having sex, I said yes, we had a very good and healthy sex life and that we were very much attuned to each other’s desires, thoughts and fantasies just to see his reaction.

He kind of chuckled and said “Oh I remember being your age. Your mother and I seemed to be always at it…”

I giggled and commented back “I know! I was there to hear a lot of it!” and quietly laughed. “You and Mom definitely loved your booty time. Seeing that now makes me feel comfortable opening up sexually so someone I love, like John. But I don’t think it was just a thing in the past, I bet you’re still that way” I said with a knowing grin.

“I know Eleanor loves you and takes care of you, I sure hope she’s doing the same in the bedroom” I said with a wink and implying it being a redundant statement.

Dad looked a bit surprised and laughed a bit as he dipped one of the last fry in some ketchup. “I guess you would have” giving me an appraising look with a half-smile. He then continued with “Oh I can’t complain. Eleanor is an important person in my life, but so was your Mom. güvenilir bahis They’re just different and sometimes I miss your mom a lot.”

“So do I Daddy… You don’t know how it makes me feel to be told by you of how I remind you of Mom. It makes me feel like I’m really part of her and a bit of her remains in me.”

“I can definitely see that…” said Dad and then to my surprise he added. “If I do anything… improper(?)” he paused to gauge if that was the actual word he wanted to use and then continued “where my old mannerisms come out physically like an old habit when being with your Mom, please don’t be offended, Kitten, Ok? Just let me know if I go beyond any limits and I’ll understand. But… I may need time to learn some new habits now that we’re seeing more of each other.”

Since we were finished with our dinner, I pushed my burger wrap out of the way as leaned forward, outstretched my arm and placed my hand it on his as I said “Daddy, don’t ever worry about that again. There’s nothing like that you could do that would offend me. It would just make me feel like Mom… and I love that feeling so much.”

We looked at each other for a few more seconds. A look of wonderment came over Dad’s eyes as if his mind was somewhere else again yet very much here at the same time as if he might be thinking or even fantasizing of what that actually meant. I hoped he caught the full meaning of what I said and took it as a hint and not just a promise not to be offended.

He broke the gaze and looked off to the side and said “Look, it’s just like you said, it’s going to be a beautiful sunset.” I agreed and then he asked in an upbeat tone, “Hey, how about a cone? We used to get them for dessert here all the time, remember?”

“Yep! I’ll take a single scoop!”

Dad went up to the window and returned with two small ice cream cones. By now I was leaning forward on the table with my forearms crossed beneath my breasts as I cupped each of my elbows with my opposite hands. This made me scrunch my shoulders together causing my upper arms to press my breasts together more and plumped them up even further as they rested on my forearms which were tucked beneath them as if they were on a shelf.

When he returned I saw his eyes immediately lock in my cleavage as he attempted to ease into his seat holding the cones. I gave him a playful grin, so he would know I noticed and said nothing hoping he’d get the impression it might be Ok to look.

He kind of blushed as he handed me mine and I said “Thanks” watching him as he took his seat opposite me. I realized my position was a favorite of Mom’s she used to do the same and I could only imagine what I looked like since I was wearing that peach bra from Victoria’s. I remember how when she relaxed like this, it increased Mom’s cleavage and when I was young I noticed it often and wished that I would have boobies like that too someday.

In a way I was just surprised. It was another thing that came natural for me to do. Here was another example of Mom coming out in me and it made my pussy tingle to think there might be other things we would have in common doing in a sexual sense.

We sat there eating our cones and chit chatted about the weather and how nice the summer was this year. At one time I actually naturally licked the drip of my cone in a very provocative way which froze my Dad’s expression as if he was in awe.

I giggled “Daddy!” I said in a sing song tone and quickly added “It’s only a cone!” I said with a giggle.

Dad just gave me a hearty chuckle and said “Ohhh you are your mother’s daughter” of which I replied with a “Thank you!” and we both laughed.

I thought ‘Finally! My first sexual innuendo from him!’ and that familiar warm feeling swept through me again.

After finishing the cones I collected all the paper and cups and dumped the tray before I returned it, thinking if Daddy might have a chubby, I didn’t want him to try to reduce it by getting up.

It was twilight now and getting darker in a few moments the lights would be coming on around the burger shack as we made our way to the truck, arm in arm as before. Dad didn’t break our contact as we reached the front of the truck; instead he guided me to the passenger side and opened the door, which just happened to block anyone’s view of us.

As our arms slipped out of each other’s I turned and looked up at him and said “Daddy, could I have a good hug please?” with an innocent voice.

“Sure, Sugar” said Daddy with a soft smile. We embraced each other but I immediately noticed he resisted any contact with the front of his pants by bending his chest more toward me as we hugged. Instead I hugged him harder and arched my back a bit to press my lower body into his and I immediately found out that he did have a chubby. It seemed larger than last week’s and was also getting harder by the second.

I felt him try to move his hips back again but I followed and whispered in his ear “It’s Ok Daddy… I don’t mind… I love you!” and I kissed him on his cheek.

The hug lasted a few moments more and we finally disengaged, but not before I felt him relax and press his stiffness back into me. I kissed him again on the cheek as I whispered “Thank you…”and then turned and climbed back into the truck.

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