Mommy Mistress Ch. 01

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Mary was comfortably stretched over her couch half watching the television. She was really too focused on the pleasant ache between her thighs to think about anything else. The busty brunette was only wearing an oversized t-shirt and a pair of ankle socks. She had a glass of wine in one hand but she was more interested in looking at it than actually drinking it.

For a woman in her mid forties she was still managed to turn heads wherever she went. Years of dancing and aerobics kept her body firm and attractive. She still had the classic Coke bottle figure that so many worked so hard for. Gravity was starting to take its toll on her breasts though but a good bra was always successful in combating a bit of sag. Mary was blessed with a youthful face and the few lines that did mark the corners of her plush lips and spread from her nearly almond shaped eyes graced her with the sexy MILF look that Morgan Fairchild championed rather than looking old.

She still partied like she was in her teens and that was where the problem was. She had a teen daughter who right now was in the middle of a two day long Dragonball Z marathon. Instead of going out to one of the dozen end of the summer parties in the neighborhood and bringing home a boy, like her Mother had and her throbbing cunt remembered even if he was gone, she had stayed home watching cartoons.

It wasn’t like Jesse was a straight A student destined for a four year university or anything. She was rather average in her grades, not a failure but certainly not good enough for scholarships to begin growing on trees. She was undeniably a beauty blessed with a figure that put her Mother’s to shame. A massive double D rack that needed no support whatsoever and eraser sized nipples that pierced through fabric every time the temperature dropped.

It was a shame that a five star body had to be trapped with such a boring bookworm personality. It was even more frustrating for Mary to watch her daughter sit at home because she wasn’t working. She was just a pretty waste of space; it was Mary who paid for the Mustang her daughter drove. Mary was the one paying the insurance and keeping gas in it. She paid for her CD’s her DVD’s and everything else she had.

Once she’d tried to kick her out but Jesse wasn’t ready for it, she couldn’t get a job, she couldn’t rent an apartment. She could do anything to support herself. Less than a week had passed before she had to come home and Mary had let her in. What Mother could leave her only daughter out in the cold?

It was that day that Mary had decided that something was going to have to change and change significantly. Today was just going to be the beginning she decided standing up and marching to her daughter’s room.

She didn’t knock she just walked right into the room and turned off the television. “Jesse I’ve made a decision. You have two choices you can either do as I say or you can get out of my house. I’m tired of paying for everything in this house, paying for your car, your insurance and you barely going to school without even a plan.”

“But Mo-“

“But nothing I’m going to make you into the kind of girl that can get a man and keep him happy. We are going to make you into a slut.”

“Mom, please.” The twenty year old brunette was wearing a tank top with the Superman logo and a matching set of booty shorts that clearly outlined the shape of her cunt. “I’m going to school right now.”

“This isn’t open for discussion; you either start your slut lessons right now or get out of my house.” She motioned toward the door to make it clear how serious she was. There was a long pause as her Mary’s blue eyes stared into her daughter’s green eyes but she could see the moment Jesse broke.

Jesse’s eyes dropped and her shoulders slumped. “Ok Mom.”

“I want you to understand this sex izle isn’t going to be easy, I’m going to put you through sex boot camp. This is your last chance to just walk away; I won’t be giving you another chance.” Jesse nodded somberly tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

“Lesson one is simple, never speak unless spoken to. A girl as pretty as you is to be seen and not heard. Understand?”

“Yes I du-do.” Jesse sobbed unable to stop the tears from flowing over her reddened cheeks.

“Good, the second is dress to impress. You have way too nice a body to hide the way you normally do. Get up and take off your clothes.” Mary commanded. Jesse sobbed bud did as she was told rising up and hooking her fingers into the sides of her panties and pulled them down over her firm bubble butt. Brown curls framed her sex forcing her Mother to frown slightly. Every inch of her body was blushing a bright red as she crossed her arms over her torso and pulled the top off freeing her tits. Even her erect nipples were blushing as she struggled to capture the jiggling globes of flesh and maintain some sense of modesty.

Mary walked over to her daughter and slapped her hands. “Hands down, you need to start being proud of your body. This is the first thing men are you going to see when they see you. They are going to see this.” Mary reached behind her and slapped her ass leaving a light red mark on her rump. “They are going to see these.” She slapped her tit making her breasts jiggle beautifully. “So you need to be showing it off at every turn. And what is this?” Mary gripped Jesse’s pubes and twisted roughly pulling a small clump free.

Jesse backed away squealing in pain. “Ouch why wou-” Lightning quick Mary’s hand lashed out and slapped Jesse across the face. “Mo-” Again Mary ended the sentence with a sharp slap, this one left her holding her cheek and whimpering.

“Do not speak.” Mary said firmly beckoning her daughter forward with a crooked finger. “Follow me.” Mary left her daughter’s room and headed into the bathroom the tearful Jesse close behind. “Sit.” Jesse sat down on the toilet pressing her shapely thighs together. “Spread your legs.”

Every inch of Jesse’s voluptuous form was trembling as she visibly battled against her own will forcing her legs apart. “Look at me you slut, this is going to help you get a man so you can get out of my house.” She reached over to the sink and gripped a wash cloth turning on the water. She quickly ran the warm rag over her daughter’s pussy, then went for the shaving cream. Jesse trembled as the cool cream was applied all over her twat. When her eyes locked with her Mothers a new flood of tears started streaming from her eyes.

The tears didn’t seem to have any effect on her Mother who was already reaching for the razor. “Most men like a nice smoothly shave cunt, they don’t want all this fur on a girl’s cunt. She started just beneath Jesse’s naval and moved down between her daughter’s legs.

A few minutes later her daughter’s cooch was a bare as the day she’d been born. “Smooth.” Mary whispered leading her daughter back into her bedroom and pushing her down onto her bed.

“Now it is time for you to learn about your body. These are your tits, guys want to look at them, they want to touch them, they are going to pinch them and abuse them so you better get used to it, now what are they?” Jesse remained silent closing her eyes and turning her head to one side. Mary pounced on her daughter her bare bottom pressed against Jesse’s stomach as she gripped her chin in one hand and her nipple in the other twisting. “What are they?!”

“They are my tits!” Jesse shrieked trying to wriggle free of her Mother.

“And what are they for?” She asked twisting her nipple harder.

“Whatever a man want them to be!” She replied and instantly got the fransız porno reward she wanted, her Mother releasing her painfully tweaked tit.

“Good girl. This is your cunt, or your twat, or your pussy men like it when a girl has a filthy mouth so I want you to start practicing saying these things about yourself. So tell me what is this?” Mary slipped her hand between her daughter’s thighs, a pair of fingers moving back and forth over her flesh.

“It’s a pussy!”

“What else?” Her Mother urged her on grinding her thumb against her clit as two fingers massaged Jesse’s hole.

“A cunt!” It was embarrassing enough to have her Mother’s bare pussy grinding against her belly, and her Mother’s fingers digging at her crotch. What made it worse was this unfamiliar but pleasant warmth rising in her stomach, knotting as she was abused.


“A twat!” She screamed at the top of her lungs. She couldn’t help herself; her body was already beginning to betray her mind as a single digit slid into her now wet snatch and started pumping in and out.

“Good you’re a quick learner.” Mary slipped her finger out of her daughter and moved to the floor kneeling between her daughter’s legs and kissing against her cunt.

“Mom don’t!”

“Shh!” Mary bit down roughly on her Jesse’s thigh. “This is your next lesson, whatever any man, or woman want from you, you give. No matter how they want to use which one of your holes you are going to let them.” With that she plunged her lead between Jesse’s thighs. Twenty plus years of pussy eating experience instantly went to work on the young virgin’s cunt expertly teasing her lips and inching toward her clit. “Now part of being a slut is being loud, guys like to hear you begging for more and telling them exactly what you want and where you want it.”

Jesse bit her bottom lip trying to keep from saying anything to her Mother. She knew that the right thing for her to do was get up and leave but where would she go? More than that was the fact that she really didn’t want to go. She wanted her Mom to lick it was making her feel so good. Jesse felt her hips churning towards her Mary’s lips. “Right there Mom! Right there!” Her nails were starting to dig into the sheet, unmaking her bed as she struggled with her feelings.

Mary wrapped her lips around Jesse’s clit lashing her tongue back and forth. At the same time she pushed her own fingers between her legs pumping into her own twat. Mother and daughter were joined, pussy to mouth both of writhing in ecstasy. “Mom, please harder.” She whispered.

“Louder Jesse, men don’t want mousy women they want nasty sluts. If you want something scream about it, claw at things.” Mary said using her free hand to push a finger into Jesse’s cunt wriggling up slightly and amazingly finding her daughter’s hymen intact.

“Harder!” Jesse shrieked this time closing her legs around her Mary’s skull, clamping down as her body experienced its very first orgasm. She had no idea why her pussy was clenching around her Mother’s fingers or why her stomach was twisting. The urge to curl her toes was completely foreign but wonderful. “Please don’t stop don’t. . .” She kept chanting it over and over again like a mantra as her Mother gave her the very first orgasm of her life.

Mary new better than to stop as her daughter’s voice slowly degraded into incoherent mumblings. Finally as Jesse’s body relaxed other than a few mild twitches Mary pulled away from her. “Stay just like that.”

There wasn’t really much of an argument left in Jesse anyway. She couldn’t really feel anything beneath her cunt which still had the pleasant throbbing of her orgasm. A smile washed across her face as her hands wandered down between her legs. For the first time in her life she started to tease her own clit. She had to teen porno be gentle with the supersensitive nub of flesh. Even the lightest touch of her finger sent shocks of pleasure racing up her spine.

The sound of her Mother’s padded footfalls didn’t rouse her from her pleasure. Jesse didn’t even notice her Mother until she cleared her voice drawing her attention up. The first thing that she saw was the huge plastic phallus jutting from her Mother’s hips. “Get on your knees Jesse.” Mary’s voice still had the same urgent sound of a commander.

There was no room for argument in that statement, Jesse did as she was told rolling onto all fours. She naturally put her head down resting it on her arms and spread her legs for her Mother. Mary stepped up behind her gently parting her daughters glistening pink petals with her fingers. “This is going to hurt a bit.” Mary said testing her daughter’s hymen then pulling out and placing the lubed plastic cock at her Jesse’s entrance.

“I want you to bite down on the pillow, if it hurts too much tell me.” It was probably a good thing that Jesse couldn’t see the look on her Mother’s face as she lined the dildo up with her pussy and started slowly pushing it into her. Mary had no intention of stopping; it was the smallest strap-on she owned at only six inches long and a little over an inch around. The combination of saliva, Jesse’s juices and the lube on the strap let it slide easily into Jesse. Mary felt the resistance of her daughter’s hymen and pulled back enough to ram past the barrier.

Jesse squealed into the pillow biting down hard and clawing at was left of her bedding. She felt the slight trickle of blood between her legs and the pain of being stretched the very first time. She was aware of every inch of it, from the mushroom shaped tip torpedoing into her body to the fake veins like ridges inside grinding against her insides.

Mary pushed forward until Jesse was completely impaled on six inches of plastic penis. She let Jesse adjust for a few seconds before slowly pulling out, only the head remaining inside then pushed back into her. Each thrust became easier and easier as her daughter started to relax.

The pain subsided after a few moments giving way to just wonderfully pleasant feeling of being stretched. She found herself thrusting her hips back against her mother’s advances hoping of getting just a bit more of the dildo inside of her. The exact same feeling started over coming her body as second time though this time accompanied by a light whimper.

“Go on Jesse, scream. Beg me to fuck you, that’s what men want to hear from sluts like us. They want to hear us squealing and mo-oaning!” She gasped as she slammed against her daughter again driving the other end butting against her lit and nearly driving her to orgasm.

“Fuck me Mom! Fuck me hard, make me cum! Fuck my cunt, my twat, my pussy!” She squealed thrusting back against her mother as her second orgasm started rising up in her belly. Mary was only a few thrusts behind, digging her nails into Jesse’s hips leaving red semicircles on the otherwise creamy white flesh. She felt Jesse suddenly rear back squealing her second orgasm of the day, and her life raced through her system. At the same time Mary squealed leaning down and crushing her soft breasts against her daughter’s back riding the wave of her own.

Jesse collapsed beneath her mother’s weight the two lying together on the bed in a tangle of legs and sweat. The shirt that Mary had started of wearing was completely soaked through with sweat as the two lay tangled together before finally parting.

“Good girl. There is more for you to learn but it can wait until morning. Go get in the shower.” Jesse glanced at her mother then nodded and got up off the table and walked into bathroom turning on the water. At the same time Mary leaned over and grabbed the phone quickly dialing her best fuck buddy’s number. “Mark, I need you to do me a favor. Can you be here tomorrow night, about six? You can? Good I’ve got a great surprise for you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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