Mommy, I Love Ya Ch. 03

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A brief recap, incase you have not read the first two chapters.

Wilson Butterworth III, started an incestuous relationship with his mother. He has penetrated the vagina of his sister Naomi. His Mom keeps referring to Wilson’s father being killed by an “IUD’ in Iraq. Actually a roadside bomb is known as a “IED”. His Dad’s personal effects, returned to the family by the military, included his shriveled penis and a hank of hair, DNA certified. Also a box of army medals and a diary in which Butterworth II documented his sexual affairs, his extra marital affairs and his own incestuous relationships.

Wilson, his son, had a sexual experience with his kissing cousin Janis. An interfamilial orgy between Wilson, his sister Naomi and her boyfriend, a Nubian, and their mother took place. The Nubians anatomy attracted Wilson’s mommy. The Nubian’s cock was as big as a baby elephant’s trunk. Thereafter, Wilson’s brother Arthur returned to the nest after a 7 year absence. Arthur is now Arisa, a gorgeous female sex changed escort. Wilson hesitates to explain to her that he is fucking Mommy? Wilson, feeling a sexual desire to bed Arisa retires to the family library to read Dad’s diary.

All characters are over the age of 18.


Feeling out of sorts, Wilson sought contact with his dead father, a manly man he respected. Having learned of his father’s assorted escapades with a large assortment of women, including his sister and mother, it only increased his respect and admiration. Wilson went into the family library to search for the journal or diary his dad had written, never suspecting that after his death it would be shared with his wife and family. He found the slim leather bound digest behind a glass cabinet where assorted salacious titles were housed. Once he found the book he carried it to the large oak table and turned on the green reading lamp. He sits down, opens the diary and starts to read.

Dear Diary,

I am fearful to put this down in writing. I went to visit my Dad’s mother, Mrs.Butterworth the first. My grandad, Butterworth I, is deceased. He was an avid equestrian who died in an accident in the paddock with his favorite stallion, Dandy Dan.

When I arrived at the Sunny Shadow’s Rest Home the head nurse stopped me. She took me into her office to report that Gran Mama was having a sexual relationship with an elderly gentleman of the Rickerbach family. The nurse reported when they checked her bed in the morning, and found Andy Rickerbachpersuade in Gran MaMa’s bed. In addition there was substantial evidence of sexual activity. I was asked to try to intervene with the old lady, to persuade her to stop having these trysts.

The head nurse remarked, “Andy was very happy every morning.” Her was not Andy’s happiness, but his mental acuity. He had no trouble arriving at her bedside during the night. In the morning he didn’t seem to remember where he had been or what he had done. Was Andy losing his memory or was he faking it?

I brought nice red roses for the old lady. When I knocked at her door she shouted out,

“Come in Andy.”

I entered and was pleased to see her looking well. She was surrounded with family photos and had her own furniture in the room that I’m sure made her feel at home.

“Who are the flowers for? I’m not sick,” she shouted.

“They are for you Gran Mama.”

“What’s that, speak up? Well, come in. How are you today Andy? A little early?”

I tried to tell her I wasn’t Andy, but she just chattered on.

“Did Andy get a good fucking last night? My God, for a man your age you must have a prostate of a 20 year old.You certainly scrubbed my twat as clean as a Fuller Brush man.”

I didn’t know what she was talking about.

“Here I am,” said Gran MaMa, “covered in cum from my belly to my thighs. Did you shift your cock at some point. Not that I mind. I know how important it is for a man to ‘get his rocks off.'”

“I guess Andy did,” I responded, but Gran MaMa, I’m…”

“Well, Andy, I must say you are looking younger every day. Come closer my dear boy.”

I approached the bed. She reached out to pat my cheek, but her hand quickly grabbed onto my cock which she tightly squeezed.

“Gran MaMa, you are getting me aroused,” I said.

My dick swelled up like a rubber football.

“I must say Andy, you must be eating your Wheaties, you cock seems in excellent health. Come a sit a little closer.”

No sooner than I came closer, the old biddy unzipped my pants and was playing with my dick like it was a mouth organ. I have to admit the octogenarian was a skilled cock sucker.

“Here, climb on top young man and put your dicky right her. Oh, Oh,” she cried out, “I can feel your cock inside me, it is so big, ah ah, oh yes.”

I couldn’t believe how she had maneuvered herself so quickly. My cock was now inside her. I was surprised how warm and moist her vagina was, I guess the frequent oiling by Andy was the reason.

“Fuck me you jackass. Why else do you think I stuck your cock inside me?”

She started paddling my ass. I’m embarrassed to say I shot my load rather quickly.

“Ok, Andy, mobil porno you got your squirt in. The cum is so hot, it’s like young cum. It’s burning my innards. Time to get off. You had your fun. I’m expecting Dr. Peters to be here within the hour. Poor man. His wife won’t give him a decent fuck or blowjob. Thank God I’m here to correct her oversight.”

Now free of her amazingly strong grip I went into the small bathroom and washed off my cock. Thank God, no one had interrupted us. I dried my dick on a small face towel and went back into the room. That was when I noticed a camera that took in the whole room and might have given someone in security a view of me fucking my Grandma.

I walked over to the big picture window and saw a black and white police car entering the parking lot. Maybe it was time to get out of there.

“Ok, Gran MaMa, it was nice to see you. Goodbye.”

“Yes, get out of here, Dr. Peter is on his way for his morning milking. It’s all this testosterone I drink that keeps my face looking young. Just the feeling of a plump dick inside my mouth is enough of a reward.”

“Very good Gran Mama.”

“Growing old my boy ain’t for the weary. I know God Damn well you aren’t Andy. You are my grandson Butterworth II. It’s about time you gave your Grandma a good Butterworth fucking. I’d know that big cock anywhere”

I back peddled out the door shocked by her clarity. Yes, it was April 1, I hadn’t even noticed but the old lady was right on point. When I looked down the staircase I could see the head Nurse and a Policeman heading for the elevator. I figured they were going to Gran MaMa’s room to arrest me. I ran down three flights, two stairs at a time and raced out of the parking lot. I made my escape. I knew there was no way I could explain what happened. For all I knew my incestuous act with Gran Mama was on the security tape and the images probably would end up at trial.

…(Wilson now finishes reading his Dad’s journal)

Oh my God, it wasn’t enough that Dad fucked his sister, but he also fucked his 80 year old grandma and documented it. Grandma surely made the fool out of Dad. How was I going to compete with fucking your own Grandma?

Meanwhile, I had other fish to fry. How was I going to explain to my sister Arisa, that my cock was frequently squirting inside Mommy?

I realized it was imperative that I spend time with my sister Arisa.

I asked her,

“Would you like to go bar hopping tonight?”

“Sure, can we go to some of the gay bars in West Hollywood?”

“Ok,” I joked, ” I might find a gay boyfriend.”

That perked up her ears.

“Did you ever fuck a gay guy?”

“Not that I know of.”

“How about trannies or sex change girls?” said Arisa.

“That sounds more interesting. I do prefer a femme male to a hairy gay guy. Muscle men are not what I dream of when I’m massaging my weenie.”

“So you find the idea of ‘sex change girls’ interesting?”

“Yes, Arisa, that is more up my alley.”

“Then may I ask, do you find me attractive?”

“You my dear bro-I mean sister. I think you are fantastic. I’d fuck you in a second.”

“Let’s go bar hopping first. You can flirt with some trannys and when we can come back home we can keep it in the family.”

“How so?”

“I will let you fuck me,” said my sister.



“I’ve had so many cocks in me, I could qualify as a urologist.”

“What is that?”

“It’s a cock doctor.”

“Oh, I thought it was a proctologist?”

“Oh no, that’s an ass hole doctor. But I might qualify for that too,” said Arisa, “based on where the guys stuck their cocks before I had my vageegee custom built.”

“You’re terrific.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because you have no problem talking about all this stuff.”

So off we went, to West Hollywood. There is a fab club on Santa Monica Boulevard called “Pistola” where the dance music could knock you over if the Margaritas don’t. They offer free mini tacos and a skilled Spanish guitarist plays Flamenco music in the last call hour when the thumping disco music is over.

We were standing together at the bar. When I turned my head, Arisa must have wandered off. I was approached by an attractive young inexperienced tranny. She smiled at me with a big set of shiny white teeth behind her thick red lipstick and touched my hand.

“Hello sweetheart. I’ve had my eyes on you ever since you came in the door.”

“Really, and what is your name,” I asked.

“Me, I’m Mario.”

“Are you kidding?” I said. “A tranny named Mario?”

“Oh you mean you want to know my girl name?”

“Yes, what is your girl name?”

“I like Peaches.”

“Yeah, that ok. But if you are Hispanic, why not choose Carmen?”

“Is that an Armenian name?”

“No sweet idiot, it is a famous opera and the name of the central character”.

“Oh, that sounds good.”

“Do you have plans for later?” said Mario-Peaches-neeCarmen.

“Yeah, unfortunately I have to go home with my sister.”

“Your sis?”

“Yeah, well she’s a sex change, she’s pretty cool.”

“Oh alman porno yeah, that is cool.”

“Would you consider changing into a real girl?” I asked.

“I’d have to think about it, I’d hate to lose my cock. I like fucking guys.”

“But if you are a tranny don’t they fuck you?”

“Not always, lots of guys want a good fucking in the ass when they date a tranny.”

“Your cock…”

“Oh it pretty long. Anyway I’ve got to find a date for later. Her is my number, call me one night we’ll have some fun.”

“Sure,” I remembered it is rude not to look at a business card, so I studied it for moment and tucked it in my wallet.

“What was you name hon?” said the tranny.


“Like the governor?”

“Actually, he was the President, but a pretty nasty guy. I’m told.”

“Yeah, but I can see you’re sweet.”

“You don’t know me well enough yet.”

“I’m hoping to get good taste of your sweet juice.”

At that moment Carmen or Peaches let her hand ride south on my trousers fondling my cock. She was quite expert a cock massage and moved her fingers back and forth below my balls. I realized if she continued I’d wet her hand with a juicy cum squirt.

“You’ve got a nice long piece of sandwich meat,” she said looking intently into my eyes. That was when I realized her hazel eyes were enhanced by contact lenses.

“Oh my,” she said, ” Your pants are already wet, you little fucker.”

“It’s not my fault. You are quite good with your fingers.”

“Call me, Wilson. I’ll show you how good I am with my mouth and ass. I’ll let you exorcize all your demons. Just wear a rubber.”

“I never do.”

“With me you will have too, if you wanna fuck my pussy.”

“Ok, no problem, I’ll make an exception. I never fuck strange people. I mostly fuck family members.”

“Really? Don’t forget to call. We’ll have some fun.”

I smiled as she hurried away to the crowded dance floor to look for a date.

That was when Arisa came back.

“Lets go babe, its almost 11:30 and we need a half hour to get home.”

“Sure, let me just finish my drink. I’d like to piss before we go.”

“Yes,” said Arisa, “me too.”

We walked down stairs to the bathroom. There were guy blowing guys and tranny’s sucking cock and eating ass. I’d never seen so many guys going at it.

I went into an unoccupied stall to take a quick piss before anyone could grabbed my cock.

“Hey buddy,” a voice came out of the next bath stall.

“Would you do me a favor?”

“What is that?”

“Before you piss in there, could you come in here and piss on me.”

“Oh sorry, it’s too late. I just finished pissing. I gotta go.”

“Scatts ok too.”

Without dignifying that remark, I quickly pushed my damp cock inside my underwear and headed out to the hall where Arisa was waiting.

“Any action in there?” I asked.

“No pretty quiet. The action is all in the boy’s room.”

“Yeah, that I know. I could have been blown or fucked at least 10 times.” . “Sorry you missed out.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I’m saving it for someone special.”

“Who is?”


We walked past a hundred cars, not quite remembering where we’d parked. Then there it was, our little blue Mercedes. We entered, I leaned over and kissed my sister on her cheek.

“I’ve always loved you. I respect this momentous decision you’ve made. I can’t tell you how excited I am at the thought of fucking you.”

Arisa smiled and reached out to fondle my cock as I drove us home. She was gentle. Her aim was not to bring me to climax but instead to keep me stiff and on the edge.

About 15 minutes later we arrived home. Her fondling had excited me to no end.My cock was fully engorged. Even my balls were swollen to a larger size.

She accompanIed to my bedroom. I closed the door quietly and turned the small night light on. We both undressed. Even in the grey light I could see her. My God, her tits were fantastic and large. A little bigger then I’d have advised, had she asked me, I’d have said go smaller, it so easy to find lingerie and cute sexy outfits, but no. Her nipples were not the large ones that Mama had, they were smaller but filled with nerve endings. I thought they were tiny, too small for the big swollen mammaries.

“Why are your tits so big?” I asked her.

“I figured,” Aria said, “if you went the high tit road you might as well get all the business that big tits get.”

“Did it turn out that way?” “My dear brother, these tits are client killers, big money makers. The men are crazy for these. They can’t stop touching or sucking them. Sometimes I have to say stop when they begin to chew and hurt as my nips will swell up.”

“I’m sure you know best,” I commented, “You do look fantastic.”

I turned on the radio to a late night station that played soft music and few commercials. We both were nude. I went into the bathroom and washed my cock under the faucet. There’d be no piss taste if my sister sucked my cock.

I returned to the bed room. We went at it for a long time. I wasn’t alexis texas porno in any rush. I kissed her all over her. Her face, her lips, her ears and then I licked her vagina. It was as beautiful as an Easter Lily. She lay passive and let me exhaust all possibilities. I even ran my tongue from her vagina through the crease between her legs to the apple core of her beautiful ass. Licking that button as if my life depended on it excited her. It was as if she awoke. Her hands moved all over my body. My face, my back fell victim to her long nails and in the pain I discovered pleasure. She pulled my hair, she squeezed my cock and then swung over me like an acrobat. She sucked my dick with her tongue pumping the underside. Not wanting yet to cum I asked,

“Can I fuck you now, dearest sister?”

“Of course, my brother. Tonight, tomorrow and forever, my cunt and ass are yours.”

“You mean I can start in your vag and finish in your ass?”

“Of course, Wilson, whatever you like.” She rubbed some silicone lube on my dick.

I started fitting myself in her vag. She had applied a little lube there as well, just enough to facilitate a smooth entry. Hew vag was spacious enough for my cock and yet tight enough that I could feel her pressing around the entire shaft. I believed her vagina was custom made just for me.

She shifted her hips ever so slightly.

“I didn’t hurt you did I.”

“Oh no. not at all, dear Wilson, your cock feels so good. Give it to me hard.”

I put on leg outside and one between hers so I might rasped her vagina from a different angle. At the same time I massaged her as she had taught me. I wanted to excite her digitally as I plowed her. A sex change’s sexual hot points are a little different from one might expect on a real female vagina. Some of the penis plumbing moves the nerve endings a bit to the side.

I fucked her for a long time but when I felt ready to cum, I whispered,

“I wanted to finish in your ass.”

I asked her to lift legs and she put a little lube between her ass cheeks on her anus. I’m no expert on ass holes but I’d never seen one so clean and as beautiful. There was a clear demarcation, a red outline, where the rectal tissue broke though. I couldn’t help myself and started licking it. That wetness and her lube made it easy. She assisted my penetration and guided me to make a precise entry.

I plunged headlong into her asshole as if a minor descending to the center of the earth. My cock was a shovel and the room seemed to shine a golden light. I had no control, I was wild. She began to vibrate her hips, her ass, she contracted and held my cock tightly and moments later I could no longer resist and my cock deposited a good sized cream pie deep inside. I lay motionless, my dick pumping cum inside her. Even after the spasming the cum still percolated out of me.

“Oh God Wilson, I can feel your cum oozing into me, don’t stop, give it to me.”

“I am giving it to you and it’s delightful, I can’t give anything more.”

“It’s so good to be in your arms, your cock inside me. I dreamed of this for so many years, even before I knew what any of this was.”

“I love you Arisa,” I exclaimed, I didn’t know why or how, but the words came tumbling out like stars falling from the summer sky.

“I love you too my dear brother. I’ve always loved you. Even when you’d come home from college wrestling, your outfit covered with sweat, I’d take it from where you’d dropped it in the bathroom and carry it into my bedroom. I’d fall asleep holding it tightly to my face inhaling your odor.”

Although I’d come like a steam engine, I wasn’t sure if I’d made her cum. I reached down between her thighs and continued to play at the side of her vagina. She began to moan and move her graceful legs as if trembling. She snapped her legs straight out and came explosively.

That was when I knew I had satisfied her. As I held her in my embrace a strange thought invaded my mind. How was I going to explain my actions to MaMa?

MaMa didn’t say much for the next few days. I wasn’t sure if she knew what the two of us had done? I wasn’t sure if my sister Arisa’s return had any thing to do with Mom’s lack of communication.

Sadly, it turned out that Arisa was the cause of MaMa’s frustration. Not because of our sexual performance, but because Mom had championed Arisa’s position in the family when she thought the child was the result of Martha’s peccadillo. When she had familiarized herself with Dad’s journal entries detailing his affair with Martha, our maid, she realized Arisa was Dad’s bastard. This made her adjustment more difficult. Fortunately Martha was no longer with us. She had retired a few years earlier and was living in Costa Rica on a pension Dad had generously provided for her.

I was aware that since Aris’s arrival, my attention to Mommy’s sexual needs had fallen off. Instead of servicing her 4 or 5 times a week, it was once or twice. I was now fucking Arisa at least two or three times a week and feeling tiredness when Mom would ask me to come sleep with her. If I’d had two penises, I would have happily fulfilled the vaginal needs of both these women. My mother and my sister were putting a strain on my testicles. Still, I realized it was up to me, the titular head of the family to strike a bargain that would keep us all united and at the same time keep our sex lives thrillingly satisfying.

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