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Brooklyn Chase

The summer after my sixteenth birthday was one I would always remember. It was Tuesday night, my best friend was over, and after our usual hangout of watching tv and wrestling, his mom had finally come to pick him up. We were both on the school wrestling team and liked to wrestle as much as possible for fun.A bit after he left I heard my mom call from downstairs that dinner would be ready soon. I shouted back, “Ok mom.”I continued to stare at the tv, enjoying the wrestling match that was playing. I was so completely zoned in that when my mom started talking to me from right beside me, I jumped.”Oh, honey, I didn’t mean to scare you, but dinner’s ready. Please get dressed and come down,” She said, smiling.”Can I finish watching the match?” I asked her. Wearing only grey boxers, I wasn’t even dressed for dinner and was all too comfortable sitting in front of the tv. I was going to persuade her how important it was Kıbrıs Escort for me to learn techniques from this match, but as soon as I looked up at her, I lost my voice. My mother was always one to keep in shape, and took great care of herself. But somehow until this point, I had never really paid attention to how good she actually looked.She was wearing a sports bra that could barely contain the roundest and biggest set of boobs I’d ever seen and black yoga pants that hugged an ass that could rival Kim Kardashian’s. I was only just figuring out what getting hard meant and what cum was and had no real experience other than a wet dream or two.But still, I stared a good couple of seconds in awe until she finally spoke saying, “I’ll tell you what. If you manage to pin me for thirty seconds, you can have your dinner here in front of the tv, but if I pin you for thirty seconds, Lefkoşa Escort then we go straight to dinner downstairs…””Deal!” I answered, laughing and overly confident.Although I was only sixteen, I had grown considerably that last year. I wasn’t close to my mom’s height yet, but felt like she would surely be an easy win.We got into position facing each other, and my mom reminded me of the rules again:”Remember, the pin has to be a whole thirty seconds, and when I win, make sure to put on some pants and a shirt before coming down to dinner,” she said with a sinister smileLaughing I said, “Sure mom, whatever you want.”And with that, we started wrestling. Very quickly we were both on the carpeted ground, rolling and squirming for a couple of minutes, neither one of us getting ahead. Finally, I made a mistake that would cost me the match. I thought I could roll onto my back Girne Escort and just when she was about to put her weight on me, flip her onto her back and hold her the thirty seconds… What actually happened was that as soon as I got onto my back she swung her legs to either side of me, sitting on my crotch, and also used her hands to pin both my hands to the side.We were both panting and sweating from the effort of the last few minutes, but I wasn’t about to give up without a fight. I started squirming trying to get out from under her when suddenly all the fight in me stopped. I stared dumbstruck at the huge pair of boobies swinging above me, barely contained by her sports bra, like two golden globes shining from sweat.She laughed, saying, “You know what this was easy! I’ll even give you a full minute to try to get up before you lose!”As much as I tried I couldn’t get her off me, squirming under her, and not managing to stare away from the big pair of boobs bouncing above me. Very quickly things took a turn, her boobs did something I never thought was possible, and in an instant, I was rock hard because of my own mother… This was the first time I’ve ever gotten hard other than from dreams.

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