Mom-Son Honey Camping Ch. 02

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Mom and I walked back to the campsite through the woods in a hurried fashion and still nearly naked. Mom walked in front of me with her bikini tong back but covering her breasts with the cum covered scrunched up T-shirt. Mom’s wide hips swayed from side to side as the tong dug into her ass crack but I felt too guilty to enjoy the view – I nearly observed without letting myself enjoy it. As we appeared from the woods on to the campsite, we could see dad facing away from us and unpacking our things. He barely noticed mom brushing past him to enter the large tent in a hurry still topless. She quickly threw out a pair of shorts for me from the tent and then zipped up the tent.

Before dad could register we were back and naked, I put my shorts on. I felt so remorseful that I couldn’t make eye contact with dad as he asked me what happened with the honey. I muttered a weak response as nonchalantly as I could and offered to help him bring the rest of our things from the car. I could hear mom rummaging around the tent presumably changing her clothes. As dad and I walked towards the car, mom exited the tent and shouted at us that she was going to the shower stalls that were near where we parked the car and followed slowly behind us.

After a couple of trips to the car, we had unloaded everything. On the last trip from the car, mom followed behind us having finished her shower. She seemed a lot more relaxed. I guess getting your son’s spunk washed off of you will do that. I noticed that Mom only had a long towel wrapped around her and she carried her dirty clothes with her in her hands.

As I put away the stove and other things I had on me outside the tent, dad looked around worriedly.

“Oh no please don’t tell me… where the hell is it…I’m sure I packed it…” He said as he moved around our things clearly looking for something.

Mom silently stepped into the tent not paying any attention to us. For some strange reason and for a split second I got a vision of my newly clean mom stepping out of her towel naked to get changed in the tent. The thought was only for a split second.

“Errr guys, we have a problem,” proclaimed dad. “I think… well I know …that we’ve left one of the sleeping bags behind.”

“What?” said mom peeking her head out of the tent, still in some state of undress as she tried to keep the zipper to the tent closed around her body.

“Yeah we only have two of the sleeping bags with us. I think I left the other one in the garage this morning,” replied dad sheepishly. “Looks like you and honey boy here will have to share a bag. I’m clearly too big to fit into a bag with you so it’ll have to be you and junior.”

“Errr dad it’s fine I’ll sleep in the car.” I said sensing mom’s discomfort.

“Don’t be silly son, I’m sure your mother won’t mind… besides after what I saw earlier…” Said dad in a sly tone.

“You are right darling, junior and I will shack up.” chimed in mom distracting dad from where he was taking the conversation.

I suspect that she didn’t want dad thinking there was anything suspicious going on. Admitting discomfort will make dad think that there was something sexual to what he saw earlier. Mom looked over at me and forced a smile.

“It’s settled then. Son, get the fire going. Honey, get the cooking started. I’m off to have a shower.” dad said as he left the camp site in the direction of the showers.

“Look son I don’t want what happened earlier to change anything between us. We are very close and what happened… well it was an accident and there was nothing sexual about it.” Said mom assuring me and went back into the tent to finish getting dressed.

Minutes later she emerged in another spaghetti strapped t-shirt sans bra and shorts. I spent the next few minutes apologising to mom and agreeing with her that there indeed was nothing sexual about me coming all over her. In fact we ended up having quite a open conversation about the changes my body had gone through in the past few years. I told mom unashamedly that I had to relieve myself at least twice daily and each time I came like a geezer. We both chuckled at that and she told me that she had never seen so much ejaculate in one go. To further assure her, I even told her that I could cum even without thinking about anything sexy – that me coming was somehow unrelated to sex and just a bodily reaction to simulation – a knee jerk reaction if you will. To drive the point home I told her that although I thought she was attractive, the mom-son thing was disgusting. All the while I was looking down her top and imagining her tits as I had seen them earlier. That conversation ended with mom telling me that I had better relieve myself before bed when I have a shower. She said it so clinically. She also told me that we should probably keep all of this to ourselves as dad wouldn’t understand and will only make things awkward between us all.

Soon dad joined us and it was my turn to take a shower. I took a towel and a change of shorts and t-shirt and went to take my shower. The illegal bahis shower stall was installed by the park rangers and gets water directly from a nearby stream. The stream’s water is heated during the day and stored in a tank above the stall. Having just relieved myself on mom I did get a semi hard-on as I washed my cock but didn’t need to cum again for a while so didn’t jerk off.

On my return to the camp site after my quick shower, we spent time like any other family on a camping trip. We walked, ate and walked some more. By the time the sun was coming down, we all agreed to take another shower. Mom went first then dad and then finally me. In the shower, by the time I had cleaned myself and started lathering up my cock for a quick jerk, the water started to get cold as the others must have used up all the hot water. Reluctantly I got out of the showers and got dressed and headed back to the camp site.

After dinner we talked as a family. My mom was sitting on the ground lovingly between my dad’s legs and me on another chair. Soon after the sun went down and dad having had a few beers, declared we’d call it a night. The two sleeping bags were laid out next to each other but in a large tent, there was ample space between the two. Dad said that he would take the one nearest to the entrance. The temperature had turned muggy and warm so dad took off his shorts and vest to reveal that he was going commando. I had never really paid attention to dad’s gentleman bits but this time I noticed that he was nowhere near as large as me. When dad drinks he gets antsy and is very irritable. Mom and I know not to irritate him or we won’t hear the end of it.

As dad settled in, mom looked uncomfortable about sharing the sleeping bag. Given the temperature, she clearly felt overdressed; I could see she was contemplating removing some of her clothes to sleep in.

Having made up her mind, mom took charge and told me to get comfortable and get my t-shirt and shorts off which I did. I was now in a baggy pair of boxers with a big buttoned up opening in the front. She instructed for me to get into the bag first and that she would slide in next. She had decided to keep her clothes on.

I had a hard time getting into the bag with her. I literally had to grab her and pull myself down into it. As I feared, my dick was pressed into her upper back. I still wasn’t hard thank God. The sleeping bag was just about big enough to take both of us. I faced away from her to begin with but it was clear that we had to spoon each other to fit in so I turned around and she got in facing away from me.

She didn’t say anything as I slid further into the sleeping bag, the whole time with my dick and balls rubbing all the way down her back. She had to wiggle around a lot to get comfortable and as you might have guessed, this awoke the sleeping giant.

Mom hadn’t noticed the cock being thrashed and squashed behind her by her body and in particular her pert apple shaped ass. She settled down after a few seconds and I brought my hand around to spoon her. I pretty much enveloped her upper body but pushed my butt away from her so that my cock wouldn’t make contact with her. After a few more minutes she started to fidget and move around. This annoyed dad who was falling asleep and was disturbed. He mumbled something incoherent and mom shushed me to be quiet.

Mom then decided that she was too hot after all and unzipped the bag halfway. Moving slowly so as not to disturb dad further, she managed to take her t-shirt off. There was some moonlight in the tent and I could see facing her back that she was now topless. She hesitated for a moment and then undid the button on her shorts. In order for her to get the shorts off she pushed her ass into my groin area and then bent her legs and then repeated the movements to shimmy her shorts off. Given the tight squeeze, she whispered to me to help her take her shorts off. I put my hands on the hips of her shorts as she lifted her mid body. I slowly pulled down her shorts, all the while feeling her skin as I pushed the shorts down. When I was half way down to her thighs the realisation hit me that she was not wearing any underwear. Realising that I had reached the limit of my arm’s reach, she wiggled and shook the shorts the rest of the way off. The wiggling had brought about the clichéd scenario: my cock sprung to life and slipped out of the opening of my boxers.

Trying to ignore the predicament I was in as much as possible, we pulled and tugged and got the sleeping bag closed. The bag was almost too small for the two of us but we managed.

I wrapped my arms around her stomach and pulled her tight against me once more. I lay there, pressed against her, listening to her breathing. With each breath her back pressed gently into my chest and her naked ass cheeks rubbed gently against my cock. At first she seemed really conflicted, confused and stiff but after a while she seemed to relax.

Mom’s blonde hair tickled my nostrils and the sweet smell of her potions, lotions, casino siteleri perfume and shampoo all designed in Paris god knows where else to excite the opposite sex was having an effect on me. Naked mom, oblivious to the pheromone attack relaxed and her soft and perfect body melted into my body.

Unfortunately I was experiencing the opposite effect. As she relaxed and I could feel her naked body melt into mine, I was becoming more nervous and my boner was growing to a hitherto unreached size. Noticing how good my cock felt pressed between her ass cheeks sent a flood of heat through my body. I felt my cock stiffening and the sensation of the head of my cock rubbing up against her only made me harder. I lay there, my stiff cock pressed against my mother’s ass, hoping she was asleep and wouldn’t notice.

I tried to pull myself away from her body but there wasn’t enough room in my bag and all I was doing was getting more excited from rubbing against her.

“I though I told you to get that thing sorted out earlier?” mom said in an annoyed whisper.

“I’m really sorry but the water ran out in the shower and I… I didn’t think …” I said apologetically.

She calmed down once more but I was still very tense and aching for release.

“Shit,” I whispered trying to figure out what to do next.

“Honey, it’s okay.” she said.

“God, Mom, I’m sorry.” I said, glad she couldn’t see how red my face was.

“Baby, I understand and I’m not mad,” she said. “We’re naked and really close, it’s only natural that this would happen… like before. There’s nothing sexy… errr… Inappropriate about it.”

“Well, let’s change the subject and maybe it’ll go away,” I said. “How are you enjoying the trip so far?”

“You know I love these holidays. Your dad and I have hit a bit of a rut in our relationship as you know but both him and I get so cheered up after these breaks.” she said looking over at dad and making sure there was a light snore coming from his side.

We then spent some time reminiscing about past holidays and laughing about some of the silly things we managed to do and the scraps we got into to.

“But nothing will top the cum shower you gave me today” she said giggling.

Her body shook as she tried to suppress the giggle. She giggled which led me to giggle and she giggled some more moving her body around. Each giggle made her whole body vibrate and squirm and she rubbed more against me. I tried to ignore her vibrating body on my cock. My mother was being playful as she always has been but all I could think of was her body and how good it felt. My cock was laid neatly pointing down and nestled in between her ass cheeks. Every

jolt from mom just stimulated my cock.

“Mom, stop moving. You are not helping our little situation here.”

She stopped for a second and then her body shook again, this time with laughter. I couldn’t help but join her. The whole situation was completely ridiculous and our laughter seemed to relax us a little. We shushed each other to be quiet and giggled at the same time.

“Sorry, honey.” she said between giggles.

“Sure you are.” I said.

“Honey, we’re going to have to do something,” she said. “You’re leaking.”

I hadn’t noticed but, when she said that, I could feel how wet the crack of her ass was from my pre-cum. My face found a deeper colour of red and I was surprised it wasn’t lighting up the tent from how bright the red felt.

“I could get out… errrr… take care of it outside.” I said.

“That would be the sensible solution but if we wake your father up he’ll be in a mood all night not to mention all day tomorrow.” Mom said resigned to the situation.

“Ok I’ll think of baseball and try and get some sleep.” I said with anguish.

“Honey… this isn’t because of me is it?” mom said wanting a certain answer.

“Of course not,” I whispered correctly with impetus. “As you said, it’s just natural. I get like this when I’m lying on my bed on my own every night”

This relaxed mom and she sighed deeply and putting her right hand reassuringly on my right hand that was on her stomach.

“Ok now try and get some sleep,” Mom said. “Good night darling.”

She held on to my right hand and pulled it across her chest. My heart skipped a beat as she placed it right between her tits. Given her generous tit size my forearm was touching the squished middle of her boobs but not her nipples. I was still pressed tightly against the full length of her body as we lay there spooned.

Every couple of minutes she would move slightly as the cock pressing into her crack was clearly uncomfortable for her. My cock would also involuntarily jerk upwards randomly and deposit more pre-cum with each innocent thrust. One time when she squirmed a little too much, my dick penetrated through her legs and out the other side. That actually felt more comfortable, but made me even harder as it was freer and even more blood could flow to it. As she continued to fidget poker siteleri and move around ever so slightly, I could feel the top side of my cock being covered by her pussy lips. I couldn’t even turn over. I was stuck there with my full hard on poking through.

No works were exchanged but the light moving around continued to get a better resting position. Each time the middle part of my cock would rub around her pussy lips like a small bun rubbing on a large hot dog.

After five minutes passed I guess she could tell I was having a hard time going to sleep. I felt her reach down and she patted me on my hip.

“Honey, you know that’s completely normal, right?”

“Yeah mom, but this is a little embarrassing!” I blurted out.

She laughed and said, “Don’t be silly. You’re a guy. It happens. Would it help if it wasn’t pinned between us?”

I thought about that for a second and had no idea what she had in mind so I said, “maybe”.

As best as she could, she spread her thighs open and arched her back some. He ass rose up some and before I knew what was going on my dick slipped and landed on her upper thigh. She the closed her legs back and said, “there is that better?”

My hard cock was squished between my mother’s warm wet thighs. Wet with pre-cum I had been leaking onto her. This was more comfortable, but felt way too good. Another five minutes passed and my breathing was getting a little fast and instinctively I shifted my hips a little, pressing my dick into her thighs. I could tell the head of my dick was out past her legs and was getting moist with pre-cum.

I imagine that if you could look into the sleeping bag, it would look like mom had grown a penis with the way my dick was sticking out from between her legs.

Another minute passed when my mother said something I’ll never forget.

“Honey, if this morning is anything to go by, you need to release yourself,” She said more quietly than before. “Go ahead. I think it’s the only way we’ll get any sleep tonight but do it quietly. I don’t want your father waking up. Neither of us will sleep with you in this condition so just do it, I don’t mind. Besides, you already released your… pent up juices on me earlier today anyway. It’s honestly no big deal.”

She sounded like she was trying to convince herself as much as me as she ran her hand up and down my hip and pressed her ass into me.

I knew she was right. Tomorrow was going to be an exhausting day with what dad had planned for us and we both needed to get to sleep and no way was I sleeping with a huge hard-on.

Reluctantly, I said, “OK mom, if you’re sure you don’t care. I’m going to need therapy after this weekend.”

She laughed out loud and said, “No I don’t care. Seriously, just do what you gotta do and let’s get some sleep already.”

That was all the convincing I needed. I moved my right hand down to her groin area to grab my dick that was wedged there to give it a good spanking but mom stopped me.

“WHAT are you doing?” She shrieked.

“Trying to… you know… get a hold of it and give it a good beating.”

“Errr… can’t you just do it without you touching me down there” she said a little shyly.

She was right. For me to properly get a hold of my cock I would have to manhandle her down there. The alternative was for me to simply rub against her groin area until I released.

I started grinding slowly against her thigh. My dick slid back and forth between her thighs with my balls pressed against the back of her thighs. On some back and forth strokes, the top part of my cock was semi enveloped by her pussy lips which springily must have been wet as it was sliding so effortlessly. Judging by her smoothness down there I guessed that she was completely bald which I prefer but didn’t matter anyway as this was my mom!

My hand was sliding across her stomach and back up to her tits. To my surprise she tried to help by slowly grinding her ass too. By now the pre-cum was flowing and my dick was now slick with its wetness. With each thrust her pussy lips parted and enveloped the top of my cock and got wetter from her own juices as well as mine.

After about 5 minutes of this I was in heaven but the noise was rattling dad who would occasionally move in his sleep. This made mom anxious.

“Errr honey, what’s taking so long?” she asked.

“I’m nearly there mom. It’s been a long day I guess.” I said sheepishly and all the while still moving back and forth.

“Look, the last thing I need is for you father to wake up. You need to finish now! Would it help if you pretended I was one of your cheerleaders and you grabbed my breasts for extra stimulation?”

“Errrr… I guess” I said completely conflicted.

Mom brought her hands to mine and then moved it over her breasts. My fingers flicked over her nipples and as I heard her gasp I got brave and grabbed her tit fully in my hand and pumped a little faster. I re-started my non-penetrative humping with renewed vigour.

With the pumping back and forth and my dick and her thighs getting slippery, on one of the strokes, my dick slipped and pressed right against her pussy. She gasped. I stopped moving. My hand froze to her tit. Nothing was said for a few seconds. I could tell she was getting nervous.

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