Mom-Daughter Team Sucks Sleepers

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Mother and hot daughter visit son during parents’ weekend at college and have themselves an oral good time at the frat house with sleeping lads.

My daughter and I had taken a hotel room down the street from my son’s college for parents’ weekend, not wanting to be a bother to him and his friends at the frat. We went out to dinner and hung out together Friday and then Saturday, then he went back to the house to be with his buddies, which was cool with me.

My name is Sally, I’m 52 years old, short blonde hair, dark eyes and a pretty solid body for a broad my age. I stand 5-9 and weigh a solid 135 pounds from years of working out. I have a nice rack, slim hips and long, sleek and fairly muscular legs.

My daughter is Amanda, 20, a drop-dead gorgeous gal with long blonde hair, blue eyes, 5-9 and 110 pounds, a little on the slender side but with a model’s body.

We both love to suck cock. It’s that simple.

Saturday night, my son Bobby and Amanda and I parted company and I said I’d see him Sunday before heading back home. Amanda and I went to my hotel, had a few drinks at the bar and cozied up to one guy who was buying us drinks, but he was my age and did nothing for me, and especially nothing for Amanda

The more we drank, the hornier we got so we figured to pay the frat house a visit and see what was up – literally. We have this thing for sucking off sleeping men, you see.

“Mom, a frat house, it’ll be loaded with stiff cocks waiting for us to blow them, ya know?” Amanda hissed as I drove and she rubbed my pussy under my short tan skirt.

“You know it, honey,” I growled, spreading my legs. “Make Momma cum, I’ll do you later.”

“You got it, Mom,” Amanda growled, bending over and pulling my skirt aside to lick my cunt as I drove, her long, talented tongue snapping me into an orgasm by the time we pulled into the frat lot.

It was 2 a.m. by the time we got there and the place was fairly quiet. The door was unlocked and we walked in, figuring that even if someone were awake, we’d have the excuse that I wanted to see my son and make sure he was all right.

My cunt wettened as soon as I walked in the door and spotted a handsome young stud passed out cold on the couch of the living room, the TV blaring, beer cans scattered around. He was lying in boxer shorts, legs apart, and through the hole of the shorts extended a thick, meaty cock, a delicious-looking hunk of dick that had to be all of eight inches long soft.

“Fuck, me, that’s gorgeous,” I hissed to Amanda. “You take his nuts, I’ll start off on his cock.”

I knelt down quietly next to the couch and licked my lips, feeling my cunt soak my panties. Carefully, I cradled the cock in my left hand and flicked the head with my tongue, delighting to see it instantly stiffen into a 10-inch slab of prick that I then quickly devoured into my sucking mouth. The boy moaned and turned slightly on the couch, but still slept. I stroked his cock gently at first, feeling the head ooze that delicious pre-cum, pulling it out of my mouth and lathering my face with the sticky gel before popping him back inside and sucking earnestly, while Amanda slipped her small hands into his shorts and started gently kneading his balls.

“Christ, gerçek porno they’re huge!” Amanda hissed, eyes wide open at the feel of his nut flesh. “Betcha he cums a gallon!”

He groaned, still asleep, as my tiny but strong hand powered up and down his cock, my throat emitting involuntary moans of pleasure. I slathered his thick cap with tongue, bathing the sensitive back of it, sucking madly now as I used one hand to jack it. Within a minute, the boy stiffened and jetted a huge load of sweet-tasting boycream down my throat which I gobbled eagerly, slowing my strokes to get the last drop of jizz and then pulling it off to sit back and savor his flavor. I ran his thick cum around in my mouth and smile at Amanda as she bent to lick the last dollop from the eye of his now softening prick.

“C’mon, Mom, share,” Amanda whispered frantically, opening her mouth and placing it over mine.

I Bobbye in my panties as I shot the massive load of cream into her mouth and she did, too, shuddering in orgasm as we swapped the cum back and forth before swallowing. I held her small face in my hands and lapped away the fallout that had leaked out of her lips.

“Christ, he DID cum a gallon, huh?” I laughed as Amanda and I got up to walk down the hallway in search of more hot boy cock.

We peeked into one room where two boys lay zonked out and snoring, one naked on his back, the other naked face down, both muscular and gorgeous. The cock showing was small in repose, the other one’s ass was white, creAmanda and smooth.

“Dibs on that rump, age before beauty,” I whispered to Amanda. “See what you can do about getting shortie to grow!”

Amanda giggled and knelt by the bed, absolutely inhaling the kid’s little pecker while I hovered over buttboy and lightly traced my tongue over the sweet meat. I looked over at Amanda whose eyes were bugged wide and her mouth stretched thin as she pulled back and let a foot-long dong plop out of her mouth.

“Fuck, good things DO come in small packages, at least until I suck ’em!” she giggled.

“Shhh, honey, quiet now, don’t want to wake these studs, it’s more fun this way,” I said, gently pulling apart the ass before my face and looking into his tight pink butthole. “Mommy’s hungry so she’s gonna eat a little ass…”

I drove my tongue gently into the asshole of the sleeping boy, spreading his muscular haunches in my hand and flutter-fucking it with a rapid in-and-out motion, my cheeks hollowed and working hard. Amanda groaned as she watched and spit-soaked the massive prong in her hand, stroking it around the bulbous tip, working for the quick come. The girl may be young, but she knows her stuff.

I feasted on my stud’s ass for the entire time Amanda was gobbling her man’s cock, and a few minutes later, her stud stiffened and shot a load high into the air that arched down across my daughter’s groaning face as she hurriedly slipped the spurting prick back into her mouth, filling her cheeks with sweet college-boy spew. She let go of the prick and walked to me, mouth bulging and smiling, a trickle of cum dribbling down her chin. She bent to me and I licked it off.

“Give some to me and the rest is yours,” I said. “I have a trick gay porno I wanna do and I need to lube this stud up.”

Amanda moaned and snowballed a goodly portion of cum from her mouth to mine, gobbling down the rest with a flourish and quick slap of her legs as she Bobbye. I smiled and spread my stud’s cheeks, letting a thin trickle of spew drip out directly into his asshole, tamping it in with a quick probe of my tireless tongue.

“Watch this, honey, gets ’em every time,” I growled, extending a long middle finger to his butt.

“Whatcha gonna do, Mom?” Amanda asked.

I smiled and slowly, as not to awaken sleeping beauty, slipped the finger deep into his asshole, up to the last knuckle. He groaned slightly and his ass lifted as I knew his cock stiffened beneath him. I worked it in deeper and twisted slightly until I found his prostate.

“Milking him, honey,” I hissed. “You find a man’s prostate gland, you’ll get him to cum without laying a hand or mouth or cunt on his pecker. Watch!”

I rubbed and rotated his gland for 30 seconds, finding just the right spot. The boy moaned, stiffened, humped the bed under his taut belly, and then went limp, resuming his snoring. I pulled my finger out and it shone with his ass juices and some of his buddy’s come. I slipped it into Amanda’s mouth and we both licked it clean.

“Let’s have a look,” I said, lifting his hips slightly to reveal a huge puddle of hot cum under his wilting cock. “Yup, works like a charm.”

“Un-fucking-real, Mom!” Amanda squealed softly. “Goddam!”

She snuck a hand under him and scooped out a wad of joy juice, offering it to me.

“You’ve earned it, Mom,” she laughed as I licked her slimy fingers clean.

We made the rounds upstairs, found and sucked off three more suitably sleeping studs, bypassing my son’s room entirely. He’s a stud to be sure, but I wasn’t at all sure he’d embrace the idea of his sister and I sucking his cock. Amanda’s one thing, she’s pretty upfront and open about her sexuality, but Bobby is more reserved.

We made our way to the back of the frat house to the only room we hadn’t been to and looked inside. There was a boy in bed, on his back, jockey shorts packed with a massive soft cock, his upper body and face covered in blankets.

“This is sooo sexy, blowing a guy we can’t even see,” Amanda giggled, walking inside.

We both knelt on either side of the bed, Amanda taking his shorts down slowly and revealing a massive cock even soft, a head so thick around I doubted we could get our mouths around it. I nuzzled his hairy balls with my mouth, bathing them, sucking them one at a time inside my cheeks and lathering it with tongue while Amanda gorged herself on the biggest cock we’d ever seen.

“Fuck, this thing is just enormous, has to be 12, 13 inches if anything,” she growled, slowly wetting it with her tongue and jacking it in her hand which couldn’t even fit around its beer-can thickness.

“Honey, that’s a 15-incher, easy,” I moaned, lapping his muscular young thighs and pulling his nuts, kneading them softly to hurry his orgasm. “I know, I’ve seen enough big ones. Biggest I’ve had was 13 and this one is gotta be two inches bigger than that, evli porno easily.”

“Mom, let’s do the double flicker,” Amanda said brightly. “I love that one!”

I smiled and as each of us held the bottom half of his cock in our hands, we fluttered our tongues rapidly at the head, particularly the sensitive back of the head, a flickering maneuver that no man can withstand. The boy groaned and twitched as we worked the double flicker, his cock head oozing huge streams of pre-cum that we hungrily gobbled down, sharing some on our flickering tongues before resuming our duties.

“He’s gonna blow,” Amanda said excitedly as she clutched his balls. “I feel his balls doing that tightening thing!!”

“You take half, I’ll take half and we’ll swap,” I moaned.

The kid started to shoot just as Amanda popped the enormous head into her sucking mouth, eyes bulging wide at the force and volume of the blast. We pumped his cock in our hands now and 30 seconds later, Amanda was still sucking on his knob like a hungry dog.

“Amanda, c’mon, share, he’s gonna stop coming and Momma won’t get any hot cream!” I protested.

Amanda pulled her mouth off his dick and slipped it into mine. Incredibly, he kept coming as hard as any man has ever come in my mouth, one pumping jizz jet after another, another full 30 seconds of spunk production that had my cheeks at the bursting point by the time he stopped. I looked at Amanda; her eyes were wide as were her cheeks. She couldn’t hold anymore cum in her pretty mouth if she wanted to.

I hurriedly took my top off and unbuttoned Amanda’s, not wanting to make a mess with the snowball party we were about to unleash. Standing face to face and tits to tits, we mashed our mouths together and force-fed each other the biggest load of spew either of us had ever held in our mouths. Seeming gallons of cream shot back and forth between us, our faces were totally soaked and rivers of still-hot boy sauce streamed down our chins, necks and coated our heaving chests which we rubbed together with such intensity it burned our flesh. WE french kissed with the sleeping stud’s cum for a full three minutes, stepping back to look at each other soaked forehead to bellybutton in joy juice, each of us shuddering in orgasm as we did.

“Fuck, that was THE most intense cum ever, Mom!” Amanda squealed.

“Me, too, honey,” I groaned. “Let’s get back to the hotel and eat each other’s cunts and asses all fucking night long!”

“You’re on!” Amanda laughed.

“M….Mom?? A…Amanda??” we heard the boy say, who was now sitting up in bed.

We turned and gasped. It was Bobby. He’d evidently gotten shitfaced and fell asleep in the wrong room.

“Holy fuck,” Amanda said.

“Holy fuck squared,” I said, looking nervously at my son, his enormous pecker creAmanda with his cum laying against his hard thigh.

“Holy fuck to the nth degree,” he said, looking at Amanda then at me, eyeing us up and down coated with his juice.

“Honey, I can explain,” I started to say. “Well, no I can’t. Look, Amanda and I just sucked our way through all the sleeping boys in the frat house and we had no idea that was you in here.”

Bobby looked at us and slowly smiled.

“You’re going back to the hotel to eat each others cunts and asses all night long, huh?” he asked.

“That’s the plan,” I laughed.

“Not without me, you’re not!”

He jumped out of bed, dressed and Bobby with us. A hot as hell night was about to get a little bit warmer…

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