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I am sitting on the edge of the bed, my skin damp and hot from my shower, hair wet. I take the bottle of lotion and begin to apply it to my legs, starting at my ankles. You are sitting across the room watching me as I rub my calves and thighs. I let me towel fall, exposing myself to you, as I apply the slippery emulsion to my stomach, my arms and shoulders, my breasts. I use both hands to rub my skin, caress my thighs and abdomen. I can see you are getting hard. “Come here and help me out,” I say, smiling.

As you walk toward me, I am spellbound by the heavy sway of your erection. My mouth is watering and I can feel myself growing damp between my thighs. I hand you the lotion and turn around, lying on my stomach. “Do my back.” I say. You kneel on the bed, straddling one of my thighs and apply the cold lotion directly to my skin. The cool creaminess against my hot flesh causes me to jump slightly and you laugh a little. You begin to massage my back, rubbing a generous amount of the lotion on me. Your hands are firm and it feels delicious. I sigh softly, relaxing under your attention.

Your hands are moving down my back, over my hips, up and down in deep circles, before sliding to my buttocks. Your thumbs slide against my crease and make their way up to my spine. You follow my spine the length of my back to my shoulders. As you are leaning over me, I feel your hot cock rub against my lower back. Slowly, you make your way back down my spine and move to kneel between my thighs, spreading them apart.

Your hands return to my cheeks, massaging easily, then stroke down to the tops of my inner thigh. I moan softly, raising myself slightly, in hopes that you are going to focus your attention on my now fully aroused pussy. You use your thighs to open me wider, to give yourself full view of my labia and clit, and the shaved skin of my mound. My thighs are resting on top of yours, hips lifted off of the bed. You can see everything you want.

You resume massaging my bottom and thighs, working your hands close to my juicy lips, but not touching, yet. I moan again, pressing back, raising my hips into your hands. I feel you touch me with the head of your cock, as you begin to rub it against my ass, sliding it along the crease and then dipping lower to give a whisper of a touch along my pussy slit. I press down to rub my clit against you, but my thighs are spread too wide, prohibiting my movement in that direction. You pull the object of my affection away. “I want it,” I moan softly.

I hear you laugh and you begin to tease me softly with your hands, sliding bahis siteleri them under my pelvis on either side of my mound. You make deep circles, causing my lips to squeeze together and rub against my swollen clit, just enough to antagonize me. I moan, pressing against your hands. My hips are moving in slow circles, showing you what I want.

You grip my hips with one hand and I feel you place your hard swollen head at the mouth of my pussy. Now gripping my ass with both hands, you pull my slick body back, impaling me on your pulsing cock. I gasp in pleasure, tightening my moist walls around you. You open my thighs as wide as they can go and begin to slide me back and forth on your dick.

With my tight pussy full, my clit is begging for attention. I move to slide my hand beneath me, wanting to roll the hard little button under my fingers. You pull forward grabbing my wrists, forcing them over my head. You are lying on top of my back now, ramming your dick in and out of my hot little cunt. I groan in pleasure and frustration. I cannot move, except to lift my hips up to receive each thrust.

You pull my arms under my chest and pull me up, so that we are upright, my thighs straddling yours, spread wide. You hold my hands, crossed against my chest and I begin to ride your cock, up and down, my head thrown back against your shoulder. Harder and harder, I pump your cock, my pussy burning for more, for release.

I open my eyes and I see us in the mirror over the bed. I can see my clit, hard and throbbing. I can see your dick sliding in and out of me. I cry out wildly. My skin is aching, my orgasm just out of reach. You lean us forward so that I am resting on my knees and elbows, your chest and stomach pressed against my back. My thighs are quivering with arousal and I am making wild animal sounds with each thrust of your body. Mercifully, you slide one hand down and begin to strum over my clit. That soft touch sends me over the edge and I cry out in pleasure, my body racked with ecstasy. You grunt as my pussy grips you tighter, wave after wave of orgasm coursing through my wet tunnel. My body is shaking wildly beneath you. You continue stroking my clit, thrusting deeply into me until my body begins to relax.

I collapse beneath you and you slowly pull your still rock hard cock out of my satisfied pussy. I turn to look at you and I smile knowing what you want. You sit back on the bed, legs spread. I slowly crawl between your thighs, lowering my head to your sticky crotch. You love watching the way my ass wiggles when I crawl. I keep it high in canlı bahis siteleri the air, knowing that my hips will undulate with pleasure as I suck you into my watering mouth. You can see my still soaking, swollen pussy lips in the mirror. I push you gently onto your back. I slowly slide the tip of my tongue over your head, tasting my pussy juice there, before gliding down the length of you. I gently flick your balls with the tip of my tongue, tasting your sweat mingled with my juices. Hungrily I suck one into my mouth, moaning softly. You groan, as I move my attention to the other. Your balls are hard and pulled tight against your body. I know that you will cum soon.

Eager for you, I move up, taking you into my mouth, sucking hard, moving my head up and down. As I draw you out, I swirl my tongue around your head. I use my hands to gently tug your balls and then to firmly rub the shaft of your cock as I focus my attention on the sensitive head. You are pushing your hips up off of the bed, moaning with pleasure. I rub and suck harder, loving the taste of you on my tongue. Suddenly your hips begin to jerk and I pull back a bit so I can fully taste the first shot of your cum. I suck greedily, hungry for the thick strands. I moan, as you unload shot after shot in to my hot wet mouth. I swallow deeply. As you lay limp, I continue to suck and lick softly, wanting every drop. When there is none left, when you are dry, I rest my head on your thigh, lazily teasing your balls with my fingers. You reach down, caressing my face and hair, before pulling me to you, kissing me deeply.

You ease me onto my back, stroking my body. I am open to you, and you begin to lick and kiss my heated skin, making a slow path down my body. You are kneading and rubbing me, worshiping me with you hands, your mouth, your tongue, and your teeth. You make your way to my breasts, to my nipples, sucking them gently, then harder. I moan and arch into your hot mouth.

Your lips resume their southern path, your hands stroking and caressing me. I open my thighs, and my hips press upward against my will. My eyes are closed and I am smiling. The pleasure you give me is powerful, deep, intense. I want you.

You find your way to the tops of my thighs, breathing in the scent of my arousal. It intoxicates you and you delve into me, unable to wait, unable to prolong the experience. You taste me, touch me. I moan as you lick and nibble my clit, thrust my hips up as your tongue plunges into my dripping tunnel. You drink my juices as if they were the essence of life, tonguing and licking, canlı bahis sucking my swollen flesh into your mouth.

I am writhing beneath your mouth, rapture closing in on me. I am rubbing my breasts and nipples, thighs spread wide. I open my eyes, and see myself in the mirror, the delight on my face, my body moving snake like, your head between my thighs. I open wider, running my hands over my skin, through your hair, watching us, hypnotized by the beauty of our act. I feel myself beginning to cum and I want to see myself, want to see my face, my eyes, as ecstasy takes me.

My eyes widen, my lips part as I pant and cry out. My hands grasp my thighs, nails digging in, spreading myself wider. My hips thrust upward, as my drenched pussy trembles and pulses. I surrender to it, allowing myself to be carried away as pleasure courses through my body, blazing a fiery path from the soles of my feet, to the palms of my hands, to the top of my head. I am open, elated, elevated.

As I reach completion, I feel enthralled, but powerful. I stretch languidly, like a great cat, purring. You are resting your head on my stomach, looking at me, with your hands on my lower back. I see hunger in your eyes.

You move up, over me, resting with your arms over my head. Your lips assault mine as you slide into my warm pussy. As we move together, I wrap my arms and legs around you, holding you close. You press into me and I rise to meet you, like the ocean meets the shore. I am looking into your eyes and I see you clearly, your need and your want. Over and over we rock together, and you begin to kiss me again.

Your hands move to caress my body as you drive into me again and again. I stroke your back, kneading your muscles, scratching lightly. When our bodies meet, we gasp and moan into each others mouths.

Your hands slide under my shoulders, up through my hair and you grip me tightly. We are trembling together and I feel another orgasm rising from deep inside of me. I grind my hips into you and you quicken your thrusts, pushing us toward the height of bliss. I erupt against you, the world around me becomes a haze and I only know the pressure of your body against mine, the feel of your hard cock entering me again and again. The depth of my delight stuns me and I feel as though I am trying to push you out and pull you in simultaneously. I am keening with the joy of it.

You press your face into my neck and I hear you groan and gasp, I feel your shaft jump inside of me, the eruption of your thick cum deep inside of me. I cling to you, as we descend the mountain together, until we lay pressed together, you softening deep inside of me. We kiss passionately, then softly, as we roll onto our sides, face to face.

Your smile is the last thing I see as I drift off into perfect sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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