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Model bhanu priya Fucks 2 Men in OfficeChapter 1It was Friday evening and most of the team at Mumbai Sky Developers central Andheri office had gone home to could get ready for a night on the town. Only Priya and Nandini, two of the more successful sales brokers, were left.”Are you coming, Nandini? It’s nearly half eight.””Not yet, I want to finish the paperwork on the Deol sale.””I don’t blame you. I can’t believe you managed to sell it. You did a good job there, girl. Worthy of a bonus, I reckon.”Nandini laughed. She and Priya knew there was only one sure fire way to get a bonus out of their boss—and it didn’t involve selling houses. “I’ll have to ask him for a private meeting on Monday morning. Is the regular room at the Taj free?””I don’t know, you’ll have to check the diary. Well, don’t work too late. If anybody deserves to party tonight, it’s you.””Thanks. This shouldn’t take me too long.””Don’t forget to lock up after you leave,” Priya said as she left.”As if. I’ll see you at the club later.””Later.”Once Priya was gone, Nandini felt a little strange being left alone in the office. It was dark outside, and with only her tiny desk lamp to light the room, it was a more than a touch creepy. She shivered, shook from her mind the thoughts of what happened to nice girls alone in the dark and returned to the paperwork for the house sale she’d negotiated earlier that day.The Mumbai Mirror had dubbed Shankar Deol “the filthiest man in Maharashtra.” He’d hoarded tons of useless crap in his one up one down terrace in South Mumbai’s least desirable district and when the authorities had found him lying in his own vomit and asked the neighbours why they hadn’t noticed the potent aroma of dead old man, they’d replied that it didn’t smell any different than usual. After the house had been cleared, two elderly cousins from Nagpur, the old man’s closest living relatives, had put it straight on the market to try to recover the clean-up costs. That was almost three years ago.The house had been marketed by a string of estate agents but generated very little interest. It had been on Mumbai Sky Developers’ books for nearly six months, and the elderly cousins were getting restless. There was talk of changing agents again. But now Nandini had sold it. That was something to celebrate. So what if the buyer had been hanging on to that week’s copy of ReadIndianSexStories, Maharashtra’s post visited adult website. And so what if she was the star of the “Local Lovelies” feature that week. It’s not as if she had promised to fuck him if he bought the house. The idea had crossed her mind, but she’d dismissed it. Something told her he wouldn’t go for it. The dimwit actually seemed star-struck by her. If she’d suggested a little horizontal rumba, he’d probably have shot his load in his pants.Nandini hoped that wasn’t how all the men who’d seen her photo shoot would react. If it was, then the whole thing had been a waste of time. Sure, it had been a lot of fun and she’d been well paid for it, but that wasn’t the point. Radhika, an old friend from university, had told her that after appearing in ReadIndianSexStories she’d had to fight men off. She claimed she’d never had so much cock to choose from and Nandini liked the sound of that.She completed the final form and took the papers to the back of the office, where she filed them away until Monday when she’d mail them to the solicitors. As she locked the filing cabinet, she heard the front door to the office open and whipped around to see who it was. The back of the office was dark and she knew whoever had just walked in wouldn’t be able to see her. She strained her eyes and was able to make out two young men that she didn’t recognise—one short, one dark, and both built like sportsmen.The short one flicked on the lights which made Nandini squint until her eyes adjusted.”Who are you?” asked the dark-haired man.”Nandini Singh. I work here. Who the hell are you? And how did you get in?””Oh,” said the man, “Sorry, Miss. I’m Shiv, and this is Pratyush. We’re the cleaners. Everyone’s normally gone by the time we get here.””But we can work around you,” said Pratyush. “We won’t disturb you if you’re still busy.””That’s okay,” Nandini replied. “I’d just finished. I’ll be out of the way in a sec.”She went back to her desk and as she began to tidy up. She could feel the young men’s eyes on her as she bent over to tuck a few things into her handbag. She knew she looked good—she had to in her line of work because the office manager maintained that dressing well put the buyers at ease—so wasn’t surprised they were checking her out.She wasn’t ashamed of her body either, which was why she’d been happy to show it off in ReadIndianSexStories. She closed her bag, picked up her jacket from the back of her chair, and turned to face the two men. Sure enough, they’d been staring. They had the vacant expression that Nandini had come to associate with the penis taking over the main functions of the brain. The only thing missing was that their tongues weren’t lolling out of their mouths. And all I did was bend over, she thought. God, I’m good.”Well, good night, boys. You have fun with the vacuum cleaner and wood polish.”As she passed them on the way to the door, Pratyush said, “You know, I’m sure I’ve seen you before. But I don’t know where.””My picture’s on the wall.” Nandini waved towards the photograph of her receiving the Selling Agent of the Year Award from the company’s chairman at the New Year’s dinner in Delhi.Shiv and Pratyush looked at the photo and then back at Nandini. “Oh, yeah,” said Pratyush. “That’d be it.””Hang on a sec,” said Shiv, pointing at her. “I know! You were in ReadIndianSexStories this week. sarıyer escort I’m sure it was you. I’ve got a copy here somewhere.”Before she could answer, he took his iPhone from his bag and scrolled through it until he came to the Local Lovelies section. “Bloody hell. It is you. Nandini, you don’t half look good. What a great pair of chuchis! Get a butcher’s at this, Pratyush.””Fuck me, it is as well. Jesus bloody Christ! Forget the chuchis though, mate. Look at that arse. I’d love to pound on that.”Nandini coughed. “Excuse me, but I am standing right here.”Pratyush and Shiv looked at her. “Shit,” said Shiv. “Sorry.””Yeah, man. Sorry,” said Pratyush. He turned to his friend. “It’s your fault, dude. I mean, she’s a real person, not a piece of meat. The girls that do these shoots aren’t all come-loving sluts who’ll fuck any bloke with a dick. Just ’cause she’s got her baps out, doesn’t mean she’s up for it.” He sounded as if he was reciting something he’d read in letter’s section of The Mumbai Mirror.Nandini coughed again. “If you’ve quite finished talking about me as if I wasn’t here?” She stared from one to the other and they nodded. “As I was saying before you started getting all apologetic—I am a come-loving slut who’ll fuck any bloke with a dick. And yes, I did get my baps out because I’m up for it.” She shrugged. “What can I say, I’m a real life walking cliché—from my bleach black curls and big chuchis to the sexy undies I wear to work in case I get lucky with a client. And that’s without mentioning my insatiable need for cock.” By now, Shiv and Pratyush looked as if she’d slapped them. “Now, one of you said something about pounding my arse?”Pratyush and Shiv looked dumbstruck. Well, thought Nandini, that’s better than star struck. At least I might be able to shake them out of it.——-Chapter 2″Er … Sexy underwear? Really?” said Shiv.”Oh, yeah. All the time. The sexier the better. Would you like to see?” Without waiting for a reply, Nandini casually threw her jacket over the back of the nearest chair and slowly unbuttoned her white silk blouse. Then she peeled it off her shoulders and tossed it on top of her jacket. “What do you think?”Pratyush stared at her generous cleavage contained within a black lace bra. It was her second favourite bra—she’d been saving her favourite for going out that evening. Shiv blinked several times as if he couldn’t quite believe his eyes.”The knickers match,” she said. “Do you want to see them too?” Again, she didn’t wait for an answer, instead reaching behind to unzip her black skirt, which she slid down, wiggling her hips as she did, to reveal a tiny thong that did indeed match the bra—or at least what there was of it matched. She shimmied her hips again so that the skirt fell to the floor, stepped out of it and flicked it up with her foot. She caught it easily and put it on the chair with the rest of her clothes.Despite what she’d said about being a walking cliché, she couldn’t quite believe she was standing in front of two strange men, who both had to be at least five years her junior, in nothing but bra, knickers, black stockings and high heels. And she knew that before long one of them would have his cock buried in her cunt and in all probability, the other one would have his cock in her mouth at the same time. She was already dripping wet in anticipation.She glanced over her shoulder to make sure that the security shutters were down on the display windows because she didn’t want the local beat bobby to see her as he walked past on the lookout for drunken yobs. He might run her in for offending public decency. She did have some pride.”Well?” she said, standing with her hands on her hips, one leg bent slightly and the other straight in a pose from her ReadIndianSexStories photoshoot.”Fucking hell,” said Shiv. “Shit, you look even better than in the magazine.””Damn straight,” said Pratyush. “He’s not lying. I swear I’ve had dreams about meeting a bird as gorgeous as you.””And I’ll bet meet her wasn’t all you did in those dreams,” she replied. “Well, boys, I’m going to make your dreams come true.””Huh?” said Shiv and Pratyush in unison.Nandini rolled her eyes.”Jesus! Are you two really this thick? Or should I put my clothes back on and try my luck at The Taj?””Eh?”These two had better be worth this effort. Nandini sighed. “Are we gonna fuck, or what? Cause if we are, you better get naked. And quick.”There was a flurry of activity and before she’d drawn breath their clothes were on the floor and they were standing in front of her in just their boxer shorts. And both of them sported the kind of tent that made her quiver with lust.”All the way,” she said, pointing to the offending garments.”Only if you do,” said Shiv with a smirk.They’re finally catching on. She unclasped her bra and slowly pulled it clear of her breasts. Pratyush whistled in appreciation. She threw the bra onto the chair then she raised an eyebrow and looked at the men. “Your turn.”She rubbed her erect nipples while the men stepped out of their boxers. When they straightened up again, their cocks were pointing right at her. Both were long, thick and, as far as Nandini could tell, very much fit for a purpose. That purpose being to make her come, come, and come again. She stepped forwards and knelt between the two. She took a cock in each hand and stroked them. “How’s that feel, boys?””Damn good,” said Shiv.”Yeah, it’s good,” said Pratyush. “But it’d be better if you—” She was way ahead of him and licked the head of his cock before he could finish. Then she did the same to Shiv and got a satisfying groan out of him in return. esenyurt escort She returned to Pratyush’s dick and sucked it between her ruby lips, pumping Shiv’s with her other hand.Shiv put his hand on one of her tits and Pratyush filled his hand with the other and while they played with her breasts, she alternated between their cocks, sucking each with passionate fury and no little skill. Nandini had always won praise for her fellatio from previous lovers. It was something she was quite proud of.She sucked and wanked until both men were bucking their hips, but as much as she enjoyed the taste of come, she didn’t want them shooting off just yet. She was more interested in her own pleasure.She let go of them, stood and pulled off her thong, then sat on the nearest desk and spread her legs. Pratyush and Shiv stared at her neatly trimmed snatch as she ran a finger between her pussy lips and shivered. “One of you better get over here and fuck me pretty damn quick. And just so you know … I never ask twice.”Shiv won the race and he didn’t take his time when he got to her either, ramming balls deep on the first thrust and quickly setting out to prove just how athletic he could be. Nandini sat upright with her feet on the desk but the force with which Shiv thrust prevented her from staying in that position so she lay back, wrapped her legs around his waist and let him fuck her as hard as he liked.The desks in the office weren’t big and Nandini’s head dangled off the end. She lifted her head enough to look up at Pratyush, who was standing watching the copulating pair and wanking. “Pratyush, get over here and let me help with that,” she managed to say despite all the breath being forced out of her body with each of Shiv’s thrusts.Pratyush raced around the desk and none too gently shoved his cock in her mouth. She was now in the very position she’d imagined earlier, one in her cunt and one in her mouth, and that thought was enough to set off her first orgasm. Starting from her groin, it rippled out until her whole body shook. She was only vaguely aware when Shiv pulled out of her cunt and it wasn’t until the orgasm subsided that she realised that the boys had switched places. Pratyush was now fucking her with everything he had while Shiv stood by her head wanking.”Open up, then,” Shiv said. “I’m all but ready.”She opened her mouth just in time and caught most of his first spurt of semen, with some of landing on her nose, eyes and forehead. The second squirt landed in her hair. By the third, he’d roughly shoved his cock in her mouth.He stepped back to watch when he’d finished and Nandini concentrated on the pounding that Pratyush was laying on her. She closed her eyes and let her head loll back off the end of the desk. He was shaking her whole body with each powerful thrust and she could feel her heavy breasts move in circles. She could only imagine what she must look like—a bitch in a porno would be her best guess.When his thrusts increased in tempo, she knew he was close. She opened her eyes and propped herself up on her elbows as he became erratic. She pushed his stomach with her foot and said, “Out. Pull out.”It was close. Pratyush started to spurt just as he decanted and his come landed in her sparse pubic hair. He stepped closer and deposited the rest of his spend on her tight tummy. Nandini rubbed it into her skin with her hand as he stepped away.”Damn, you’re a good fuck,” said Pratyush.”You’re not so bad yourself,” she replied. “Although, I’m not finished yet—if you’re still up for it.” She turned to look at Shiv. “I see you are, at least.”She sauntered over, exaggerating the swing in her hips, and kissed him while she manhandled his cock. He didn’t flinch, even though his semen still covered her face. She pushed her breasts into his chest and rubbed her crotch against his thigh. She didn’t hear Pratyush creep up behind her, but she sure felt his cock poke into her arse. She stopped kissing Shiv, bent over and pushed her arse towards Pratyush. He got the message.While Pratyush slipped into her from behind, she bent down further and took Shiv into her mouth. But not for long.She stood up straight, causing Pratyush to slip out of her again. “You know what I want?” she said. Both her young studs shook their heads. She put her hands on her hips. “I have this … It’s sort of a fantasy, I guess. Something I’ve always wanted to try but never had the opportunity.””So stop stalling and tell us,” said Pratyush.”Well … I saw this porno once…””And?” said Shiv.”The girl looked like she was having such a good time. I mean, it looked painful, or at least, uncomfortable. But porn stars aren’t that good at acting. Are they?””Listen, lady, why don’t you just tell us what you want to do?” said Shiv.”Yeah,” said Pratyush. “Right now, we’d do pretty much anything to you that you want.”Nandini smiled. Eating out of my hands. I’m not just good, I’m great. “Okay. Here’s the deal. I want you to DP me.”——-Chapter 3″You want us to what?” said Shiv.Pratyush grinned. “It’s like in that porno Rob downloaded the other week. She wants one of us to bang her arsehole, while the other—””Fucks my sweet cunt. You got it. So, what do you say?”There was a moment’s silence. Pratyush looked at his friend expectantly. Shiv shrugged. “Why not?”Pratyush grinned. “Excellent.” He looked around the room. “Here on the desk? Or on the floor?””I think the floor would be better. I’d hate to have to explain to the boss on Monday morning why the desk collapsed.””Fine, by me,” said Pratyush. “As long as I get your arse.””You can have it, mate,” said Shiv. “I’d rather my cock didn’t stink of shit, thank you avrupa yakası escort very much.””I’ll have you know, my shit smells sweeter than most. Now get on the floor, Blondie,” she ordered. “Come on, hurry up. I still want to get to The Taj’s tonight.”Shiv threw himself down and held his cock pointing straight up as she straddled him and lowered herself onto it. She sighed as his purple knob touched her swollen lips and moaned as she sank down and her pussy stretched to accommodate him once more.She settled into a comfortable position, rocked back and forth a few times and then looked over her shoulder and raised her eyebrows to Pratyush. She flicked her head in a ‘come hither’ gesture and he stepped forward and grinned. He knelt behind her, his knees on the floor between Shiv’s, and rubbed his prick against her puckered arsehole. She closed her eyes and nodded to signal her readiness for his entry.But as he pushed into her she cried, “Ow. Ow. Fuck! That hurts.” She grimaced and tried to scramble away from the would-be invader, which was difficult because she was trying to keep Shiv in her cunt. “Wait. I said, wait, you little shit. Damn””What? This was your idea.””I know, I know, but I haven’t had anyone back there in a while. I think we just need some lube. Okay? There’s some hand cream in my desk drawer. That should do the trick. That one over there.””Hand cream? Will that be any good?””It’ll have to do—it’s all I’ve got. I might be a slut and I might be a stereotype, but I don’t fucking carry KY in my handbag just in case I feel the need to get fucked up the arse. Now go get the damn hand cream, or put your fucking clothes on and piss off.”Pratyush hurried over to her desk and Nandini couldn’t help but giggle at how his cock bounced in front of him as he ran. He pulled open a drawer and started into it.”Next one down,” she said as she slowly rocked on Shiv’s prick while he sucked on one tit and pawed at the other.He slammed the drawer shut, opened the next one, reached inside then slammed that one shut too. Moments later, he was kneeling behind Nandini and pouring and generous amount of her strawberry scented hand cream on her arsehole. From underneath, Shiv pulled her cheeks apart and she shivered as the cream ran down her crack.”Put some on your dick too,” she said. “Get it nice and slippy.”Pratyush greased up his cock and then set about working it past her sphincter. She screamed as her rear entrance was stretched and filled and gasped for breath when he was fully buried in her anal chute.”Oh! My! Fucking! God! Shit! So fucking full! Give me a sec to get used to this, boys. Okay? Then you pound the living shit out me.”Pratyush and Shiv paid no attention to her instructions. Between them, they fucked her ass and her cunt and proceeded to rock her body through one orgasm after another.She didn’t even notice when Pratyush popped his cock out and shot his spunk over her arse.”I’m gonna come,” muttered Shiv.Nandini was aware enough to know she didn’t want him shooting off inside her. She jumped off him and spun around with the intent of finishing him with her mouth, but before she could engulf him, he started squirting and splattered her face with thick, sticky goo.She sat up and looked around the room. “Sorry, guys.””Sorry?” said Pratyush. “Why are you sorry? That was the best fuck I’ve ever had.””I think I’ve made your job tonight harder, that’s all. This place is a fucking mess now. Oh, well. Never mind, eh?”She stood up, collected her clothes and hurriedly got dressed. She picked up her bag off the chair and nodded to the desk where she’d earlier been spread-eagled. “Be sure to polish the hell out of that desk. It’s the manager’s and he’ll go spare if he finds it stained on Monday morning.” She winked at the two still naked cleaners. “Don’t work too late, okay boys. I’ll see you around. Maybe I’ll even work late one to two nights next week.”She grinned at their stunned reactions, then turned and left, locking the front door behind her as she did. She turned around to walk home and nearly bumped into the local traffic police inspector the very one she’d hoped wouldn’t see her through the office window. “Oh, evening officer.””Evening, madam.” The policeman stared at her.”Is something wrong, officer?””I know you.” His brow furrowed. “Or I’ve seen you before.””Are you sure? I’ve never been in trouble with the law.”He nodded. “I’m sure of it.”Nandini grinned. “I wasn’t doing anything naughty, was I?” She pouted and pushed her breasts together with her upper arms—the initial pose from her ReadIndianSexStories photo shoot. She saw recognition creep across the young man’s face.”ReadIndianSexStories!” he shouted. He looked around at the empty street, clearly embarrassed by his outburst and continued in a quieter voice. “You were in ReadIndianSexStories this week. You were the in the Local Lovelies section.””That’s right.”The officer grinned. “Hee hee, I’ve met a ReadIndianSexStories ‘Local Lovely’. How cool is that? The guys down the station all loved your shoot. They said it was the best one for ages. Even some of the girls agreed you looked good.””And what did you think?”The officer blushed then said in a whisper. “I thought it was the best one ever.””Good answer,” said Nandini.The policeman continued to stare at her. Oh, no. Not another one that’s star-struck, she thought. “Was there anything else, officer?”He nodded. “You’ve, err … You’ve got something on your face. It looks like … Nah, it can’t be.”Nandini wiped a finger down her cheek and then licked it clean. “Hmmmm. I do love the taste of come. But I hate it when they can’t aim properly.”The policeman looked gobsmacked. Nandini was having fun now. She pressed on. “It’s a shame you’re on duty, officer. You could have taken me home and given me an interrogation. You know, pumped me for information.””Err … Actually … I just knocked off for the night. I was on my way back to my flat. If you’re not busy or anything… ?”Radhika was right, thought Nandini. All the cock I could ever want. Thank you,

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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