Mitch zippered poked, sucked, zapped and Fucked!

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Mitch zippered poked, sucked, zapped and Fucked!She lays there face down strapped and snoring after dozens of uncountable orgasms but the good times are not over, the wife smirks and prepares the next torment for Mitch then goes and changes clothes. The wife returns in shorts and a shirt and takes Mitch’s wrists and secures them to her waist band then hands me a crop, I smack her thighs while the wife grabs her hair and tells her “Wake-up Nap Over!”. Mitch groans as the table is tilted and she slides to the floor then pulled by her hair to a standing posture still tipsy half awake, Lets Go the wife commands then Step Up then her collar is leashed to a bar inside a steel pipe rectangle. Gagged and blindfolded her ankles are secured spread and a bosons chair is added and ropes up to a top bar are cinched, slightly bent knees to adjust the chair then she stands and her wrists secured to an overhead bar as she awakens and turns her head to listen. The her hips rotate from the vibrator humming while the wife and I rub our hands around her body pinching to fully awaken her, she squeals as the first clothes pin is applied to her stomach but the third is pinched hard and pulled getting a grand response. The wife gets close grabbing her hair and scolds “This is a Very Gentle time”, Mitch makes an a****l groan inside her chest as the wife pulls her head back by the hair then smacks her thighs with the crop. Several more clothes pins up her chest as the wife swaps vibrators for the Ten’s one and connects it to the controller, Then she removes the blindfold and Mitch’s eyes dart around at the mersin escort pipe structure she is inside. Your gonna see Everything that gets done so look in the viewing screen, Mitch gets big eyes as she see’s the clothes pins but then squeals as the wife shows her the ten’s pads. Her pussy gets several as well as her stomach and arms, all the while the has a devilish grin then hits the pulse button, a wave of jerks consume Mitch as she gets zapped but is controlled by both of us holding clothes pins limiting her movement. I brush her chest then smack with the crop as the wife shows Mitch a needle, deep breathes ensue as the wife zaps her pussy then inserts a needle just above. With flickering eyes the vibrator is turned up more and the wife and I insert a dozen needles then step back, quivering and panting the wife hits Pulse and Mitch jerks and crunches her stomach then shakes through an orgasm. We remove the needles and then grab the string and zipper the clothes pins off her body, posturing and breathing deeply the wife raises the bar stretching Mitch. Tender skin on her back and now her stomach Mitch is beginning to drool as she rides waves, the wife still hitting the pulse button tormenting her pussy and stomach getting her to pant heavily her eyes flickering and batting. Mitch has her head back as the wife turns up the vibe then licks her lips seductively and caresses Mitch’s sides moving upward, arching her back forward as we pinch and rub Mitch rides several more waves. Then the wife unties Mitch’s last clothing item I turn to observe her small cotton top fall escort mersin to the floor, then together the wife and I lean in a suck her large soft nipples topping a flat chest but tasty nipples inside our mouths while still holding her back. Raising on her tip-toes she quivers as we bite softly then trap most of her nipples behind our teeth then release her back, the wife hits the pulse and Mitch moans then jerks emitting a low groan when she discovers backward is not an option her nipples still trapped in our teeth. We cup our hands behind her and release only for the wife to add clover clamps and give then a stern tug and hold, a long squeal then quiet as the wife removes them replaced with suction. Panting her eyes open to see her areloe being drawn into tubes then distracted by the wife’s raking fingers, then the crop causes Mitch to jerk back and a pop as the cylinders come off we lean into suck again there owners panting from the sensation. Then they get put on again and suck those nipples further inside the cylenders as she groans loudly, the overhead bar is lowered down and Mitch gets to sit in the harness as the wife makes her wiggle the pulse button zapping inside her pussy. The wife moves the vibrator in and out then licks her lips leaning over close to me, pushing it in slow the wife grabs my crotch then goes around and kisses Mitch’s cheek and tickles her chest. I slowly remove the vibrator and her hips wiggle to regain its pleasurable vibrations only to realize my pole is rubbing, her whole body undulates slowly as she tries to get more of me inside but then mersin escort bayan the wife removes the suction cylenders. Then I push inside Mitch’s pussy a little as the wife brushes her nipples making her arch skyward, the wife rakes her fingers down and up her chest and as I push inside fully. A loud groan as she tenses as she gets filled but the wife grips her nipples and pulls skyward inducing long pants, my pole feels her cinching stomach surrounding it full so I grip her stomach pinching then once fully inside holding pressure. Little noises and squeaks as Mitch holds posture for several minutes then I withdraw a little and pause, then a loud grunt starts the wife gripping her nipples even harder pulling skyward. My pole has grown harder from the warm cave but as the wife induces her grip I begin to thrust holding when I am fully inside, slow and steadily Mitch groans and gasps my pole feels like it’s inside a volcanic cave. The wife rolls her nipples but hold firmly as she tosses around thrashing through waves while I thrust her legs twitching, I puck up speed as the wife releases and pinches Mitch’s chest and sides just as double my pace. The wife removes the gag and Mitch takes a full open mouth breath then mutters O M G- FUCK ME!!!, I am thrusting deep still holding her breathes grunting then I begin to erupt. Gripping her stomach and up her sides then stopping inside her pussy I feel like a fire hose as I release my load pausing to see it drip on the floor. Mitch pants and calms and I clean myself then help the wife, we grab Mitch and place on the floor and cover her to take a nap for several hours. Then we awaken her to bathe her after her orgasmic ordeal then walk her to a bed to sleep, she finally awakens ten hours later not really remembering but feeling sore and actually craving a repeat. We will see…

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