Mistress Marisa’s Estate Pt. 30

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I am one of several slaves my Mistress Marisa keeps in her household. I am completely owned as are the other slaves that serve her. These episodes are written with her permission. It is my, our story…


“Mary, I’d like you to stay an extra day or two, maybe even for the rest of the week. I have plenty of room. Is that something I can talk you into doing?”

You are sitting on a couch in your living room, my mother across from you. Ilsa is in a chair to your left.

“Can’t tell you how much I’ve had to digest, think about, process in just the past twelve hours, but I can tell you I’m more than intrigued with you, Marisa. And the gala! I have never had so much fun, never felt so naughty and girly, once the initial shock was gone. You know, I’m not a prude, never have been.”

She looks at you over the top of her glass, winks. Ilsa catches this. You smile, raise your glass.

Mary savors the sights of the decadent and kinky orgy she not only observed last night but took part in. Swept up in the evening she wound up in your bed, serviced you orally, licked your pussy for over an hour. You did not return the favor by design. You sensed a submissive side to her and exploited it beautifully. You even spanked her lightly. It was a wonderful ‘first date’.

You also took her way beyond concern for her son being your number one submissive sissy slave. You comforted her with knowing that it’s mutually consensual, his choice. Her son ‘Ethan’ is now ‘Princess’, full-time. And will not be dissuaded on any level. Being your ‘dirty little boy’ 24×7 slave is his life’s calling. Both you and he made that abundantly clear to Mary last night.

“I have to ask you something, Mary. And please feel free to tell me to fuck off, all just girls here. I’m going to ask you this with Ilsa present.”

You lean forward to the edge of your seat.

“Tell the truth. Your son, owned by me, does that bother you in the slightest? I do own him, could sell him if I chose to do so. I sold him last night, rented him out anyway. We’ve been at this for years. Does that bother you in the slightest?”

You stare into her eyes.

“This is getting good now.” Ilsa chimes in, giggles.

“Not at all, I think that he’s where he belongs. He’s a big boy, makes his own choices. If he were not a willing participant I’m sure he would have left a long time ago. And it doesn’t sadden me in any way. I was so hugely turned on, after I got over the shock of what I was part of, watching it all. When you left, when you walked away from me at the stage, me just standing in front of him, watching for what seemed like hours, seeing him and other gay boys fucked over and over, well I was wet to say the least. I don’t think it was the alcohol either. You knew that. I don’t think I’ve been that turned on in long time, Marisa.”

She knocks back the last of her drink. You stand, walk to the bar at the side of the room, look to her.

“Another? Ilsa?”

They both nod, you pour out three more drinks.

“Mary, I want to ask you something else. And again, don’t hold back, girlfriend. Did you have any fun licking my pussy?”

Silence in the room. She looks to Ilsa then back Tipobet at you.

“Don’t be nervous, Mary, we are all grown women here, friends. Nothing leaves this room. Nothing.”

“I did. I had a lesbian affair in college, loved it. I have not played with a girl since. You struck a chord in me last night, Marisa.”

She just blurts it out. She looks toward Ilsa again, who just stares back at her.

“It’s okay, Mary. It is. You’re among friends.”

Ilsa says that so softly, comforting, as if she wants to hold her, comfort her like a child.

You look at her.

“I don’t usually play with women, at least not sexually. I love women. I think we should rule the fucking world. But don’t get the 100% lesbian thing at all. Sexually I like the man thing. A real lot, as in my lover’s huge cock. That man fucks like no other.”

You laugh when you say that.

Ilsa laughs.

“I’ll say she likes men. Fucking little nympho at times, that one.”

“But I do like what I had you do for me, what you did last night with your mouth, Mary. You made me cum hard, a lot, girlfriend, gifted little tongue to say the least. I hope you don’t find that offensive, crude. I liked the way I made you do that to, toward the end, holding your hair, making you be a good girl. Remember getting your butt slapped real good? I saw how hot that got you. I like submissive girls that know their place.”

You giggle, hand her and Ilsa their drinks, walk back to the bar and take yours in hand.

“Marisa, I’m not sure I’m ready to be your slave girl, if that’s what you mean.”

She laughs, girlish, nervous.

“No, of course not. At least not yet.”

You laugh, look toward Ilsa. Quickly before she can respond to your comment you talk to her firmly.

“But you did get off on that, I know you did. I felt that wet tongue, you were not holding back, Mary. And when I spanked your ass while you licked me I had you dripping, purring like a cat in heat.”

You walk to her. Stand next to her chair.

“Mary, stand up.”

You look down at her. She looks up at you.

“Stand, Mary!”

She stands and looks to Ilsa. She feels the other woman in the room, wants to do as told but has never been here before, never been to this place you have taken her in her head before, all so new. She’s afraid.

Ilsa stares at her.

“Do what you’re told to do, Mary!”

You take her arm.

“I’m not going to hurt you, Mary. For god sakes, you trusted me this far.”

You put your hand on the back of her head, take her hair in your hand, tight but not so tight as to hurt her. Firmly you hold her in place.

“Mary, look at Ilsa. Just look at her, stare at her. I want her to see you.”

She feels your other hand reach down and go up under her skirt. Feels your hand reach up under her skirt and run up her thigh to the waist band of her panties, your hand pokes in at the top.

“Uhhh, oh, please…”

“Mary, trust me, this is for you, not me. I know you want this. I saw that last night. Tell me you didn’t like licking my pussy. I dare you. If you’re honest you won’t be able to.”

Your hand tightens in her hair at the back of her Tipobet Giriş head. She feels you take her pussy in your entire hand, cup it, squeeze it up into your closed fingers, she moans, swoons, her eyes close.

“I dare you, Mary, tell me you didn’t like that and I’ll take my hand away. Tell me Mary.”

You stare at her, inches from the side of her face, lean in to her ear.

“Tell me girl, and I’ll stop.”

You feel her push back against your hand, melt. She’s wet. You feel her drip into your hand, hear her moan, see her writhe.

“I knew you couldn’t.”

You run your index finger up her slit, spread the lips of her pussy wide open.

You look to Ilsa.

“Told you so. Can I pick them?”

You smile, push your finger into her as you tighten the grip on her hair. She cries out, whimpers.

“You can, always said that about you.”

Ilsa raises her glass, toasts you, takes a huge drink from her glass.

You push your finger in and out of her, several times. You finger fuck her slowly, look back to her face. You kiss her cheek. Then you pull your finger out, hurry and pull your hand out from under her skirt. She looks at you, shock on her pretty face, her eyes open wide.


She’s begging, surprised, wonders why it all ended.

“I’m not going to make you cum, at least not yet. We’ll get to that. I told you I don’t do girls. But I do make girls know their place. So does Ilsa. And I reward good girls that learn their place. And I have to admit, it wasn’t all bad having you be the submissive little good mother you were last night on your hands knees, face to my pussy while your son was sent away to serve the ones that bid for him at my slave auction. I haven’t had this much fun in years, Mary.”

You wipe your finger across her cheek, gentle, almost loving. Releasing her hair, you go back to the couch and sit.

She’s stunned, stares at you, looks to Ilsa. She quickly rubs away what you put on her face. She straightens her hair, her skirt. She sits.

“I suppose this is a joke. At my expense, some kind of fucking joke.”

She’s hurt.

“No, god no, Mary, far from it. The furthest thing from it! I like you. If that wasn’t good for you what is? That was fucking hot! If I didn’t think you were hot we wouldn’t be here doing this. Please, Mary, this was no joke.”

You look into her eyes, lean in toward her.

“Please, Mary, you’re one of the girls now. But I want you to be more than that. I want you to be one of the girls that will lick my pussy when and if I tell you to. You loved that, right?”

You lean up close to her face, stare at her very cold, matter of fact.

“No room for error, no room for being hesitant, girl! I know what you want. Lick my pussy when I tell you to, right?”

“You know I will, already did that.”

She looks at you, sips her drink. She looks defiant, not submissive, still slightly hurt. She loves the dirty sex of it all, though. You can see that. You can see her doing all sorts of dirty things at your bidding. You have found a winner.

“Ilsa won’t lick me. But you will. If I asked Ilsa to do that she’d slap me silly.”

You Tipobet Güncel Giriş look at Ilsa.

“But you will, Mary.”

Ilsa looks at you, back at Mary.

“Yuck! I don’t do girls. I whip girls if needed. That’s as far as I go, honey.”

She laughs, looks at Mary. You turn back to Mary, stroke her cheek.

“But Mary will. Mary will lick my pussy.”

You are rubbing it in, testing, probing. Ilsa giggles. She knows what you are up to. You lean over and put your hand on Mary’s hand.

“I really would like it if you’d stay, just for a day or two at least. I’d like you to be a fly on the wall with Ilsa during her matron duties in my kennel, just watch, see what she does with my stable. I’d like you to get to know about all of this. And I can guarantee you that I’ll have some very nice company for you when we go out. Me, you, my lover and the man he sets you up with will with go out on the town, we’ll have a ball. Trust me, Mary. You’re going to have a real good time. Please, be my guest. This shouldn’t be uncomfortable, should be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.”

You pet her hand. You raise your glass, Ilsa follows.

“Mary, I love showing off my skills. And the pets are always so much more in their place with another woman watching, helping out. You really should at least check it all out for a day or two. Who knows, you may even want to play with one or two of them, yourself up to you. I want you to enjoy it all.”

Ilsa smiles at her.

“Okay? Mary, you won’t regret it. Please stay for a while.”

You look at her, smile, pat her knee. Mary looks at you, smiles.

“How could I say ‘no’. But you have to promise to take up where you just left off.”

You squeeze her hand, giggle.

“Count on it, my little sex kitten.”

Mary laughs.

“I can’t believe all of this. But want to know more, I really do. Marisa, I masturbated in my room last night after it all ended, came several times. And I could not get the picture of my son being led out the door by the two men that bid for him, him in that ever so sexy little black dress and heels. He really looks like a girl. I had no idea. And I was more shocked that it didn’t bother me at all that I was at the scene I saw last night. I actually got turned on by it all. Yes, I want to know it all, all of it.”

She raises her glass to the both of you.

“And given what we just did, fuck Marisa. I was so turned on. If you want, I’ll go down on you right here. Ilsa too.”

She laughs loud, knocks back her drink, looks deep into your eyes, smiles at you. You pat her hand.

“Ladies, let’s go to lunch. I’m hungry. Let’s go into the city.”

Ilsa stands and moves to the door, says she’ll bring the car around. The two of you follow her to the door. You put your hand on Mary’s rear end as you move toward the door. You feel the crack of her ass with your fingers through her dress.

“Mary, this is going to be a good thing. You are going to fit in well around here. I can tell that already.”

You smile to yourself. Ilsa was right. You can not only pick them, you can groom them too. She will be your lesbian slave in no time at all. You think to yourself, ‘Tonight, have her lick my ass, maybe introduce her to her first semi hard paddling.’. You keep your hand on her rear end, squeeze her through her skirt as the two of you walk out the door.

You have this woman and know it. Soon she will be saying as I say so often,

I am your slave.

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